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   PoliticsA Real American President: Donald Trump

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From: locogringo6/25/2019 9:33:49 AM
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June 25, 2019

Dems Are Planning to Steal the 2020 Election

By William L. Gensert

Democrats have an insurance policy for the 2020 Presidential election, and it has nothing to do with the eventual Democratic Party nominee. The original policy was initiated by Obama, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Hillary, and their ilk, bragged about by Strzok to his paramour, and paid for by the Democrat/media cabal. The mephitic Mueller tried to cash it in, but the hero Marine got slapped down by Barr.

It’s a plan to “win” the election by any means necessary, even by cheating if necessary. Of its components, the “failsafe,” is most intriguing, if for no other reason than it is so devious, underhanded, clever, and inventive, that it’s surprising it comes from the same left which gave us the ridiculously ludicrous Steele dossier and Smollett hoax.

October Surprise.

Notice how quickly E. Jean Carroll disappeared from the headlines? Or, how the same media, which has a conniption fit when Trump asks for an extra scoop of ice cream, scarcely publicized her rape accusation, and then let the matter drop with nary a peep? Perhaps a sealed indictment of Donald Trump (New York has no statute of limitations for first-degree rape) is being processed as we speak, with the purpose of it being leaked just in time for the election.

Or a sealed indictment of Trump for campaign finance violations with respect to the Stormy Daniel payments will be leaked by the Office of the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York -- remember, Cohen and others are still “cooperating.” And it’s no secret they’ve been investigating Trump.

In any case, expect a leak of a “sealed indictment” for something; the something is immaterial. They’ve been shown the man; they’ll find the crime. It’s common knowledge a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, right? Well, there’s no bigger ham than Trump -- all they need do is make the sandwich.

Mueller made a big deal about not being able to prosecute a sitting president, so much so, one is reminded of a Stephanopoulos’ setup question. Get it out there so when it comes up again and they run with it, it seems fair because, heck, they gave him the benefit of the consideration and if not for the unfortunate leak, the indictment[s] would have remained sealed and secret until Trump was no longer president. In the fashion of Obama with every scandal, “no one is madder” than they about the leaks, and darn it, they’re putting their best team of men on it…

Electoral Shenanigans

Adam Mill had a great article warning that attempts by media, celebrities, and prominent Democrats in 2016 to convince members of the Electoral College not to award their votes to Trump was a mere prelude to the coercion by doxing, intimidation, Tweetstorm, and social media ostracism they will employ in 2020 to impel electors to award their votes to whom they are told.

“[O]nly two people were persuaded to change their votes. These two people, who were totally anonymous and unelected, nullified hundreds of thousands of lawfully cast ballots as they succumbed to a secret campaign of intimidation and persuasion in the weeks after the 2016 presidential election.”

Yet, this was done on the spur of the moment. In 2020, they will have had four years to plan their machinations.

In fact, why not do away with the Electoral College altogether? Fourteen states enacted the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, representing a total of 196 electoral votes. Supporters maintain that once the number of states enacting NPVIC surpasses the 270 electoral votes needed to win a presidential election, the compact will have the force of law and electors will be required to award their votes to the winner of the popular vote, which will almost certainly be the Democrat.

Of course, the gambit is blatantly unconstitutional ( Brian S. Messenger’s article does a superb job of explaining why). Changing the constitution is an arduous process, for which Democrats don’t have public support; the NPVIC simply bypasses it.

Outright Cheating

Importing a new, more “woke” electorate is another tactic. Americans stole the presidency from Hillary Clinton, so the left through their “open borders” policy plans on replacing the electorate with poor people dependent on Democrat handouts who they can suborn to vote illegally for Democrat candidates.

The obstinate American electorate now extant can eat flan…

Democrats seek to facilitate illegal voting by suppressing Voter ID movements, while challenging laws to purge voter rolls of the dead, noncitizens, people who have moved, and those voters who are inactive. Licenses for illegals and auto-motor-voter registration will help.

Then there is “no excuse” early voting and absentee voting. Originally devised to let people vote by mail if they had some legitimate reason they couldn’t get to the polls, it has now become a way to vote early and often. It’s easier to manipulate because partisans can fill out the ballots for people who never intended or choose not to vote, aren’t eligible, or are no longer alive -- as well as eliminate particular votes, like those from military personnel overseas.

Yet, vote harvesting is the most pernicious of the voting schemes; it allows partisans to go to someone’s home with a ballot, fill it out for them, and cast it in their stead. Can you say, “voter intimidation?” What could go wrong?

Lowering the voting age to 16 and allowing felons and prisoners to vote are also aspirations.

Those on the left believe they are on the side of all that is right and just. Therefore, anything they do, no matter how illegal, unjust, or just wrong, in service of the goal of winning back their right to govern, is justified. And if they can’t win elections by winning elections, they will cheat, because only with absolute power can they save America from Americans.

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From: locogringo6/25/2019 9:37:22 AM
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Insider Reveals GOOGLE Plan to Prevent 'Trump Situation' in 2020...

Manipulating Algorithm?

YOUTUBE pulls video...

MSM Ignores...

  • Reddit Bans Independent Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Amid Google Election Meddling Exposé

  • Seriously? How Does Google Attempt to Prove They Don’t Censor & Meddle in Elections? By Censoring the Video Proving they Censor and Meddle in Elections

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    To: Joe Btfsplk who wrote (141775)6/25/2019 9:38:19 AM
    From: Mrjns
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    Great Find. He almost got banned on that thread I see ...lmao

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    To: locogringo who wrote (141776)6/25/2019 9:43:54 AM
    From: Mrjns
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    They can try to steal it - but tough to fool the people when Fake News has hit the bottom of Mariana Trench and is still digging

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    To: locogringo who wrote (141768)6/25/2019 9:51:00 AM
    From: Mrjns
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    POTUS called it

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    To: locogringo who wrote (141768)6/25/2019 10:34:11 AM
    From: Mrjns
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    The ICA was probably more ‘salacious and unverified’ than the Steele Dossier

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    To: Mrjns who wrote (141781)6/25/2019 10:51:07 AM
    From: Mrjns
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    Lib heads exploding...NO MORE JOHN KERRY & OBUMMER

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    From: teevee6/25/2019 10:57:29 AM
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    A milestone paper on global cooling. 100's of millions will starve as grain production collapses over the next decade and continues for the next 50 years.

    Imagine no wheat and grain production in Russia, Canada or S Australia, and wheat and corn belts shifting southward in the USA. This will cause massive global economic and political upheaval and has very large implications for the US economy, disruption in food supplies and national security.

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    From: Honey_Bee6/25/2019 10:59:46 AM
       of 389790
    President Trump reacts in three parts to Iran's outrageous verbal attack:

    ....The wonderful Iranian people are suffering, and for no reason at all. Their leadership
    spends all of its money on Terror, and little on anything else. The U.S. has not forgotten
    Iran’s use of IED’s & EFP’s (bombs), which killed 2000 Americans, and wounded many more...

    ....Iran’s very ignorant and insulting statement, put out today, only shows that they do not
    understand reality. Any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great and
    overwhelming force. In some areas, overwhelming will mean obliteration.
    No more John Kerry & Obama!

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    From: Fintas6/25/2019 11:13:01 AM
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    So some in Hollywood have decided to do their version of Congress and read from the Mueller report.

    Perhaps they should brush up first on what is and isn't a crime or obstruction.

    While doing so they can also have a sequel as they read the texts, emails from Page etc.

    And are they not the same folks that were up in arms when they discovered Richard Nixon was listening in on many as well as J Edgar Hoover. Who by the way ol Jay Edgar would be a hit with those who like to wear dresses. Well according to the rumor.

    In any case before I leave let's not forget to get those who do have access to ask NANCY P, CHUCK S.

    What HAVE YOU DONE? Besides obstruct.


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