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   Gold/Mining/EnergyZentek Ltd.

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To: Sam who wrote (32672)1/9/2022 10:04:53 AM
From: Steakhouse
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Very true Sam if they go the GO route. But their are many ways to skin a cat as they say.


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To: Garth who wrote (32662)1/9/2022 11:14:53 AM
From: George69
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Thanks for that updated spreadsheet Garth. Very interesting and realistic. Of course just napkin math but very well done.
...what is most striking and not really a surprise is your path to 100M profit highlighted in the green. Once ZEN gets up to full production of our magic ink late this quarter hopefully , we are needing more mask manufacturing capacity. Does not look like Trebor alone will be even able to get to 300M masks per month which is your lowest path to 100M profit@.05 per mask. Again no surprise to us.
...Anyway thanks again and hoping we get some news tomorrow on International sales as hinted by Scott and maybe even some news on another PPE partner soon.
PS. Looking at the Vital Health site I see they are showing the Trebor Pro+ with replacement Zenguard filters butt not yet for sale. Would be nice to have an update on these which could be a huge seller especially in hospitals

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To: Grapheneman who wrote (32664)1/9/2022 11:24:24 AM
From: rennie69
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Hey GM, I do not disagree with you, 3M is a great company. I can’t imagine they do not know about our ink. Companies like 3M are in the know when it comes to their competitors. Either 3M dropped the ball on this one or they do not perceive an immediate threat to their sales.

If we receive HVAC approval I think you’ll see 3M stand up and pay attention.


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From: rennie691/9/2022 11:26:02 AM
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I received this great article from Scott at VitalHealthSupplies, a buddy of his provided this info, a very good read.
N95: Worth the Cost?

?Recently, much has been published praising the benefits of an N95 respirator, and rightly so. On the other hand, little has been said about the testing requirements needed for wearers to benefit from paying top dollar for the it.

?First, to gain the full benefit of the N95 it must be correctly fit tested on the wearer. The test consists of:

1. Selecting from a variety of N95 manufactured respirators to find the ‘best’ fit for your ?facial structure. Not just any N95 will do.

2. Place the N95 on a clean-shaven face (no stubble or beard can be worn to attain the ?N95 standard) (NIOSH 2018).

3. Perform a negative and positive pressure test.

4. Perform a hood or taste test. (Wearing no respirator, a hood is placed over the head and a distasteful substance is sprayed inside the hood. Typically, the hood is immediately pulled off to alleviate the nasty taste. Next, wearing the N95 the same taste is performed. The N95 is a good fit if you do not taste the nasty substance when sprayed inside the hood a second time).

?Many people wonder what’s the big deal about fit. Isn’t it enough just to wear the N95? However, without a proper fit test it is very difficult to determine if the seal or fit N95 is adequate and whether it is performing optimally. A peer-reviewed study completed by O’Kelly et al (2021) indicated that out of 35 N95 self-fit tests, participants believed that 18 did not fit and 17 did. In fact, out of the 17 perceived fits, only 6 did. This assessment led the researchers to state that only 35% of wearers may be able to identify a good N95 fit.

?Owing to the poor level of self-fit assessment, abundant caution is required by self-fit tested N95 wearers. They may feel over-confident and thus enter an unsafe environment (crowded bus, small shop, etc.) where they falsely believe they are protected so they relax their physical distancing practices. Unfortunately, this uninformed, over-confident, non-fit-tested wearer is at a higher risk of catching a virus than if they had their N95 properly fit tested. On the other hand, the wearers of a medical/surgical mask who do understand its limitations, typically would not put themselves in such a position, therefore limiting their vulnerability to catch a viral infection. Knowing the limitations posed by both devices is essential for optimal protection.

?It has been said that even if a fit test is not performed, wearing the N95 is still a good choice, but in reality, it would no longer effectively provide the N95 protection standard; but would offer the wearer protection similar to that of a high quality medical/surgical mask. O’Kelly et al (2021) observed that poorly fit N95 respirators offered a range of protection comparable with surgical and cloth masks. A Health Canada authorised, high-quality ASTM Level 3 medical/surgical mask will cost around 40 to 50 cents as compared to approximately two dollars for a single N95. Clearly, affordability for optimal protection is a consideration.

?The choice is yours: if you regularly find yourself in high-risk settings, then wearing a fit tested N95 may be the way to go. Otherwise, a cost effective, high-quality surgical/medical mask will provide adequate protection for your typical daily living excursions (Bartoszko et al 2020).

?Which type, therefore, is worth the cost for you?

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To: Grapheneman who wrote (32669)1/9/2022 11:42:54 AM
From: panamax
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Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing is what 3M was named long ago

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To: panamax who wrote (32677)1/9/2022 1:46:16 PM
From: Grapheneman
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It started out as a mining company like us and moved into a different business pretty successfully. That was the part that caught my attention. I just copied and pasted the paragraph I read. I see it's lacking the part you point out.

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From: Reflection1/9/2022 2:17:32 PM
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Boys and Girls, please be patient with the Nasdaq listing. Zen is again dealing with a bureaucratic system. We all should all know by now, how that system functions.

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To: Reflection who wrote (32679)1/9/2022 2:32:35 PM
From: musicfan
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As much as I understand the desire to trade in the States via Nasdaq, we could and should have been on the main TSX by now imo.

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To: musicfan who wrote (32680)1/9/2022 3:04:07 PM
From: George69
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Being on the vulture exchange means no attention from the media. The Globe and Mail weekend business section , which I just read , does not mention or cover stocks on the venture anymore!

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To: Reflection who wrote (32679)1/9/2022 3:21:05 PM
From: Grapheneman
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With all this built-up anticipation of the up listing I hope I don't burst the day it happens. :) I'm trying to keep my expectations in check on the day it happens knowing that it will be followed by a series of news reports which should drive the stock up also. A rocket launch that day wouldn't be so bad either. lol
I never personally experienced a true stock rocket launch. I'm usually a day late and a dollar short.

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