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From: J.F. Sebastian10/14/2019 4:22:20 PM
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POLL: Which streaming device do you use most often for streaming services to your TV, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.?

Votes Cast : 11
Which device do you use *most* for streaming services?
Amazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Google Chromecast
A non-TiVo DVR, like Xfinity X1
My Blu-ray player
My TV's built-in streaming
This poll is now closed (poll closed on 31 Oct 2019).

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From: Frank Walker10/15/2019 5:03:15 PM
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I want to buy a 4K-capable “HDMI splitter” gadget so the output from my DVR or PVR can feed TVs in my 2 main rooms. 2 outputs would be OK but more outputs, like 4, could be useful eventually for a kitchen TV and another room TV.

The splitters with 2 outputs are usually self-powered while the splitters with 3 or more outputs have a small wall-wart power supply.

These splitters seem to be available in 30 Hz or 60Hz 4K varieties.Should I get the 60Hz version?

Initially I will just be using 2K (aka 1080P) video but will likely be upgrading the DVR device to 4K in a few months. I’m expecting the splitters should work with 2K without problems. For 4K I might need to upgrade some of my HDMI cables.

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To: Frank Walker who wrote (234)10/15/2019 5:06:24 PM
From: Don Green
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Check this out if you haven't already

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To: Don Green who wrote (235)10/16/2019 1:54:29 PM
From: Frank Walker
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Thanks. Note that a splitter is for connecting multiple TVs to one source, while a switch is for connecting multiple sources to one TV.

Several specifications to consider in a splitter, and at many suppliers, even Monoprice, the full specifications are not included for all devices. For best future capability I should probably look for 4K capability at 60Hz and 4:4:4 colour. However I’m not sure current consumer devices such as a DVR actually output 4K 60hz 4:4:4 so maybe a lower end splitter would be OK. As most of the splitters are affordable between $20 and $100 I might as well get the best one I can find. HDMI often has connection problems so I will check the reviews for reliability issues.

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To: Frank Walker who wrote (236)10/16/2019 4:03:53 PM
From: J.F. Sebastian
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A 4K splitter sounds like a good idea for making it future proof.

However, I'm not aware of any DVR that outputs in 4K because nothing is broadcast in that yet. You can get 4K on some streaming services like Netflix, but I believe you have to use a streaming box for that such as a Roku or your 4K TV.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

I believe 4K broadcast TV is coming, but I'm only aware of it being available over-the-air (OTA). The bandwidth required for 4K is substantial, so it'll be years before it's available on cable or satellite.

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To: J.F. Sebastian who wrote (237)10/16/2019 10:58:38 PM
From: Frank Walker
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My reference to a DVR was what I thought was the term used in the USA for the set top box (STB) device supplied by the typical TV channel supplier. In Canada here the STB is called a PVR (personal video recorder) if it can record TV programs as well as play live TV channels (that are usually coming in by some non-over-the-air wire source such as cable company coaxial or internet).

The STB and TV channel source I use is similar to what is available with AT&T’s U-verse system. My supplier TELUS might have licensed the technology from AT&T, not sure. The TV channels are transmitted over the internet. With a 50mbit connection 4K is possible. There are only about three 4K channels available here right now, if I sign up. I just have an older 1080P PVR but lots of people have upgraded to a 4K PVR version, it can play back 4K. My supplier TELUS is always trying to get me to upgrade to their fibre connection (fibre cable is in my garage ready to be activated for very little extra cost). I have a couple of 4K TVs but have not yet upgraded to fibre because I know there is not much 4K video available, and I don’t really need more internet speed. Currently have a total of 25 mbit and that is OK for 2 1080P TV channels plus a couple of people websurfing. But the trend toward 4K is clear so I might as well get ready and do some upgrades.

(btw I typed the above post on my new iPhone 8. Painful, it would have been much easier on an iPad or computer)

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To: Frank Walker who wrote (238)10/17/2019 12:14:21 AM
From: J.F. Sebastian
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OK, now I understand. Yes, most of the current STBs can use services for live TV such as PS Vue and YouTube TV, which also have cloud DVR/PVR functionality.

They do offer 4K content on some channels if your connection supports it, just as you say. I don't yet own a 4K TV myself, so when I was using PS Vue I couldn't take advantage of any of that content.

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From: J.F. Sebastian10/26/2019 12:33:48 AM
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Apple is heading into the weekend with a huge $5 movie sale
across nearly every genre. Of course, all of these titles will
become a permanent part of your collection. You’d typically
pay $10 per film, although as much as $20 in some instances.
Each deal is a match of or new all-time low price. Hit the jump
for all of our top picks.

More at: Apple’s latest $5 weekend movie sale covers every genre at new all-time lows

Courtesy of Moonray on the main Apple, Inc. thread.

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From: J.F. Sebastian10/29/2019 7:15:45 PM
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PlayStation Vue is shutting down

The streaming service will go dark on Jan. 30, 2020.

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From: J.F. Sebastian12/13/2019 10:34:18 AM
   of 369
Apple launches huge movie bundle sale: Star Wars, Dark Knight, Harry Potter, more from $5

We’re under a week away from the release of the latest Star Wars film, and Apple is commemorating the event with a huge movie sale today. That includes nearly every Star Wars film, plus markdowns on various bundles including Batman, DC Universe, Superman, and more. All of which will become a permanent part of your library, delivering excellent value along the way. You’ll find all of our top picks down below.

Star Wars deals abound in this weekend’s sale

Apple is offering the original six-movie Star Wars collection for $49.99. That’s down from the usual $90 price tag and the best offer we’ve tracked at Apple to date. You’ll get the first two trilogies here, working out to just over $8 per film.

If you’re looking for more recently-released titles, those are on sale too at 50% off. That brings the price down to $10, which is a new all-time low in many instances.
Many more bundles and movie classics on sale

While the Star Wars deals are certainly notable above, Apple is also rolling out discounts on various other bundles and iconic films. This is a great time to load up your library with fresh content before the holidays.
Bundle deals include:

6-film Hobbit/Lord of the Rings: $40 (Reg. $90)
Harry Potter 8-film Collection: $50 (Reg. $80)
Super-Man/Batman 11-film Set: $40 (Reg. $50)
Dark Knight Trilogy: $20 (Reg. $30)
Ocean’s Trilogy: $15 (Reg. $20)
Austin Powers Collection: $15 (Reg. $30)
Rush Hour Trilogy: $15 (Reg. $30)
Hangover Trilogy: $15 (Reg. $30)

Other notable deals:

Happy Gilmore: $5 (Reg. $15)
Billy Madison: $5 (Reg. $15)
Orange County: $5 (Reg. $10)
Gridiron Gang: $5 (Reg. $10)
Empire State: $5 (Reg. $10)
The Italian Job: $5 (Reg. $15)
Tropic Thunder: $5 (Reg. $15)
I, Tonya: $5 (Reg. $10)

Don’t miss this week’s earlier Apple movie sale with additional deals on Disney films, the latest $1 rental, and more.


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