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To: Lazarus_Long who wrote (70955)11/6/2003 9:32:18 PM
From: Solon
   of 70976
Yes. You can check every sect or tribe from here to Timmy-Boo, and you will find that the Gods always want what we want. It just shows how moronic they are...

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To: Solon who wrote (70956)11/8/2003 10:43:00 PM
From: average joe
   of 70976
I guess the only way to fight it is with equally hard and strong belief systems, attuned the right way of course...

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From: Math Junkie11/12/2003 4:14:39 PM
   of 70976
CNBC says AMAT posted earnings of $0.06 vs. expectations of $0.05.

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To: Solon who wrote (70956)11/15/2003 8:57:46 PM
From: Lazarus_Long
   of 70976
It just shows how moronic they are...
Perhaps sensitive to our needs? :-)

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From: tktrimbath12/31/2003 6:06:10 PM
   of 70976
my informal semi-annual synopsis of AMAT

My semi-annual stock synopses are a task I give myself every six months where I review for myself our stocks. This is not a proclamation of truth but a chance for me to record my thoughts, pass them along, and learn from others who might know more than me. I hope you find these words useful. Note that I strongly believe that for a short while, a stock and the company can have two completely different stories and understanding that difference is where an individual investor can find an advantage.

Market Cap $37B
We've held AMAT as an investment for many years and the only reason I would change that is because it has become our largest holding. The company impressed me with their actions during the downturn. I think they took the time to better position themselves for this next series of cycles. I am glad to hear about their work for flat screen TVs, though I use that more as a measure of their willingness to look to other markets, not as a massive percentage of current revenue. The biggest threat I see is nanotech which can change the entire industry. I know no reason why they can't handle that well too. Their price to sales looks a bit high. Their debt to equity looks good. Based on the stock and company I will continue to HOLD, but personally we might SELL to rebalance our portfolio.

My wife and I are LTBH (Long Term Buy and Hold) with a strong emphasis on the H. Our total churn for 2003 was to buy two or three stocks back in March and haven’t sold anything for over a year. I am NOT a professional investor or an expert in any of the topics I discussed, but that is the nature of most individual investors. I undoubtedly overlooked something great about each company and also missed some warning signal. I invest with the knowledge that no company is perfect and realize that risk and chance determine future performance as much as in-depth analysis. Of course, it has worked so far. I have been investing for over two decades and continue to learn how much I don’t know.

Good luck to all.

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To: Pink Minion who wrote ()5/5/2004 5:01:24 PM
From: Fred Levine
   of 70976
As one who took the position that people who commit crimes against humanity should be punished, I wanted the UN to get Saddam. Given france and Germany's refusal, I was glad that Bush went in and got the person who committed genocide--Saddam. I await his trial. However, I did believe that Saddam held weapons of mass destruction. Bush misled me. Yet, Saddam himself was a weapon of mass destruction.

If that qualifies me as a Hitlerite in your eyes, so be it...

However,I am startled by the ineptitude of Bush and his regime. They ignored our State Dept.'s warnings against looting, and they did not have enough troops to even guard the ammunition dumps--as the State Dept. predicted. They constantly flip-flop over whether to use Baathists to achieve security, and they demonized General Clarke when he said that there weren't enough troops to maintain security.

Worst of all, Bush's rational that Iraq posed threat to the US was nonsense. They have inspired al Quida thruout the Muslim world. Troops that should have secured Afghanistan were deployed in Iraq. Tragically, Bush didn't understand that the war was between moderate Muslims and extremists, and he gave moral ammunition to the extremists by our occupation.

However, I remain startled at the people who failed to protest the failure of the UN to prosecute criminals who commit crimes against humanity. That was what allowed Hitler to press the holocaust, and would encourage future Hitlers.

I am offended that you just hurl labels like, "Hitler-ites" so unanalytically.


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To: Fred Levine who wrote (70961)5/5/2004 5:49:47 PM
From: Pink Minion
   of 70976
Sorry, It's called thinking like an Relational Database.

What's the Role Model? Master/Slave Race?

Who's "acting" like "Who"?

It's "serious" biz learning How to Act.

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To: Pink Minion who wrote ()5/6/2004 5:47:26 AM
From: SI Dave
2 Recommendations   of 70976
Here we have another fine example of what happens when politics are allowed to go unchecked on an investment thread. Since a well-established alternative exists, this one gets renamed and retired to the Politics Forum.

As far as your post goes, it's a TOU violation, politics forum or not.

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To: SI Dave who wrote (70963)5/6/2004 5:00:21 PM
From: marginmike
   of 70976
thanks dad, can I drive the buik tonight?-g-

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To: Fred Levine who wrote (70961)5/11/2004 2:06:50 AM
From: Pink Minion
   of 70976
I hope I didn't "Hurt" your fa-eelings Fraed.

You "Know Thyself". Don't YOU?

hey, my Brother "Margin" Mike made a "Fanny" LogHorn Funny?

Don't you GET IT?
Are you NOT Gettin ANY, Yet?

Dad, "Are you Dumb enough to let "my Friends" get drunk in your Buick, tonight?"

Take some Viagra, Son, sun. Try to follow along, ok, Fred?

Who was HOTTER? Wilma or Betty Rubel?

Aren't we still in the Stone Age, Fred? Aren't those tazmanny Devils still living in CAVES?

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