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From: handyman6/21/2019 3:40:43 PM
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Is there a single anal cyst that articulates how Apple was able to takeover and dominate the smartwatch and tablet market? It is the key to their domination in controlling most of the profits in every space they make products.

Google has made its last iPad rival

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From: Doren6/21/2019 5:56:02 PM
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Chip stocks fall after Commerce Dept bars 5 more Chinese companies from buying US parts

Timmy's plaintive pleadings falling on deaf ears.

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To: J.F. Sebastian who wrote (8361)6/21/2019 7:19:01 PM
From: sinclap
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Only if the my pillow dude and Chancellor Jerry Falwell JR of Liberty University would follow the advice to.

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To: Doren who wrote (8363)6/22/2019 2:40:30 AM
From: clochard
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Trump is becoming more eratic as he finds his actions threaten the stock market, which has become the economy itself. So Iran holds the fate of the Western world in their hands. Unlike China they have a high tolerance for destruction.

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From: sylvester806/23/2019 3:11:13 AM
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JUST IN: Philippine telco to roll out Huawei-backed 5G service - The Jakarta Post.

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From: sylvester806/23/2019 3:12:00 AM
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Huawei wins half of China Mobile’s 5G network equipment contracts.

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From: sylvester806/23/2019 3:14:15 AM
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MUST READ: Everything you need to know about 5G conspiracy theories; They stem from the same folks that gave us groovy hits like "Vaccines cause Autism" and "Power lines are a global health threat" and you're too smart to fall for it this time.
22 Jun 2019 12

Have you ever read something on the internet about 5G and haphazardly ventured too close to the comments? Chances are, you quickly saw well-meaning people trying to warn the rest of us that 5G causes harm to our bodies and that there's a big cover-up by telecommunications providers, the general science community, and the media. While those sorts of comments might be well-meaning — I will assume the folks posting them only want to make sure we know how bad this 5G thing really is — they are completely unfounded. More than that, they are being perpetuated by discredited scientists and a media outlet that was found to purposely spread disinformation in order to "destabilize the west".

That's not very helpful after all. But don't blame the messengers, blame the source.

We're being spoon-fed a pile of nonsense under the guise of public safety. Don't fall for it.

Whenever I see a thing on the internet I know I'll want to read but don't have time, I bookmark it in my extra special folder filled with news pieces, funny anecdotes, and 100% legit working 2019 Rainbow 6 Seige hacks. Last weekend, I had time to look through some of the things I've saved and read an article in the New York Times from March that would be the basis for a good political thriller. It laid out all the dirt on how RT America has been spreading nonsense as if it were worthy and factual information in regard to 5G.

Because I'm skeptical at heart and never trust any single source, I followed a lot of the links in the article and watched several of the RT America videos they profiled, and ho-lee-shit. It explains a lot of the tripe I'm seeing posted any time I read an article about 5G in the U.S. I'm not sure of the reason why this misinformation campaign is in place (the Times piece says it's to ensure the U.S. has no dominance in 5G tech) but I can see why a generally unscientific American populace sees or hears it and begins to worry. And why some of us feel the need to warn the rest of us.

I'll be blunt before I continue: according to experts in the scientific and medical community, as well as the World Health Organization, 5G isn't going to be a serious threat to our health. These are the types of people and organizations that have decided that we should pasteurize our milk and stop spraying DDT at mosquitos. I trust them and think you should, too.

On the other hand, we have experts who have been discredited by the scientific communityand others who unsuccessfully sued their neighbor because her iPhone and Wi-Fi router were dangerous. These are the types of experts RT America is courting for segments like " 5G is a Crime Under International Law" and " A Dangerous Experiment on Humanity" — videos with a lot more views than truth.

I don't need to be sure of the reasons behind it to see right through it. You should follow the links and see it with your own eyes, too.

RT America has a sullied past. I'm not about to dive into politics here, but leaders on both sides of the fence are certain enough that the network doesn't have our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, that message isn't in any video pre-rolls so I'm going to assume that most people seeing these types of videos don't know it. What they do see is a slick professional-looking news story stating that 5G is going to hurt our kids and the evil people in charge of everything don't want you to know about it. Naturally, viewers get concerned. I know I would be equally concerned if I weren't familiar with the subject matter.

Long story short — cut the commentators telling us how bad 5G is for our health a little slack. They probably have the best intentions and have been sucked into something bigger than any of us. You or I might get sucked in the next time. Studies do show a correlation between cancer in rats and cellular radiation, but the study used defunct wavelengths and compressed a lifetime worth of radiation into daily doses. Dr. Marvin C. Ziskin, Professor of Radiology and Medical Physics at Temple University Medical School, Director of the Temple University Center for Biomedical Physics, and Co-Chairman of the IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety says "5G emissions, if anything, should be safer than previous generations".

I'll trust the 2011 d'Arsonval Award-winning doctor more than a YouTube news outlet with an agenda to push.

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To: sylvester80 who wrote (8368)6/23/2019 3:45:38 AM
From: clochard
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Only scientific testing can determine whether 5G is safe or not and under which circumstances and frequencies. To say now that its safe or otherwise is premature. It looks like 5G is going to start service before all the evidence is in, which means that the testing will be done on live human subjects.

Never assume that the "experts" that you read about are even experts or that they know what they are doing. All that is sure is that they have a university degree. But what about the Boeing 737 Max? That was a crime of engineering, management, and government on the part of Boeing and FAA experts. Someone should create a website detailing which airlines fly the aircraft so that the public can make an informed choice.

And how long did it take the experts to finally win over in the matters of DDT and smoking when the sceptics were vocal? How long before the government accepted that the world was a sphere? And what about all the experts who don't think that pesticides are killing all the insects everywhere?

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To: clochard who wrote (8369)6/23/2019 4:13:44 PM
From: Doren
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I agree. Its not the tech, its a lack of confidence in techies and corporations who've proven over and over they'll lie and let people get sick or even die... for their profits. Boeings decision to not redesign their 737 Max for the new engines is a pretty good example of spread sheet profits over human safety.

My anti-vax friends never site the Autism study that's been discredited. Basically they don't trust big pharma... and gosh who could blame them when people like Martin Shkreli exist? And the fact that we pay far more in the US for medical care than all other industrialized countries, and for that we have shorter lifespans and more infant mortality. Its corporate greed and corporations are free to commit crimes, people never go to jail, fines are just a spread sheet item.

We've brought this conspiracy problem on ourselves.

My anti-vax friends don't trust multiple vaccines and no less an authority than Dr. Rhonda Patrick, even said she was going to look into single vaccines for her kid. This distrust of multi vaccines has increased mistrust. Forced vaccination has completely increased mistrust as has calls for censoring anti-vaxxers.

I totally trust Dr. Patrick's judgement myself. She's one of Joe Rogan's favorite guests, and her advice has improved my health more than my personal physician. Rhonda is a HARD CORE scientist. She's sharp as hell.


Personally I have no opinions on vaccines or 5G at this time other than I don't care about 5G. I don't watch movies on my phone and I think that's stupid.

5G isn't really about phones IMO, its about AI servers directing smart cars and robots in factories more than phones, but in a depressed phone market it will be a selling point, due to fear of missing out more than anything.

Its also about profits. 5G towers are WAY cheaper to maintain than telephone lines. I just had ATT send out 4 nearly incompetent workers before a 5th one finally fixed the line to my home. I lost DSL and phone service every time it rained for months. One of the first 4 actually showed me a piece of their wire, where the insulation was crumbling off. He replaced 2" first rather than the entire crumbling line. Every time they came out they blamed my wiring which is perfect and not subject to rain.

5G is going to be way cheaper for them over the long run. The jerks. I HATE ATT, for more reasons than the above.

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From: sylvester806/25/2019 10:33:08 AM
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BOMBSHELL: Samsung could fine Apple hundreds of billions of won over poor iPhone sales
Published : Jun 25, 2019, 10:56 am IST
Updated : Jun 25, 2019, 10:56 am IST

Apple issued serious warning over lack of OLED iPhone sales.

The plant is currently operating at 50 per cent capacity.

As of now, things aren’t going that great for Apple as recently it was known that over 1.4 billion iPhones and iPads are at the risk of being exposed. However, this data acquisition needs an authority to approve it which means that if you haven’t committed any crime you are safe. The latest bit of information doesn’t bode well for Apple as they may be facing one of their biggest problems to date.

ETNews has revealed that Apple is facing fines worth up to hundreds of billions of dollars for the brand’s biggest issue — not selling enough of iPhones with OLED displays. The report states that Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung is targeting them and this will pose an interest to every Apple fan out there.

Samsung has targeted Apple with this humongous fine worth “hundreds of billions of won” because the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer “demanded” that the South Korean tech giant build a massive OLED display facility that was exclusive for iPhones. A report by Forbes states, “Overconfidence saw Apple drive its construction based on claims it would require 100M OLED iPhone screens per year from the factory but, rather than increasing sales, demand for new iPhones has subsequently slumped.”

ETNews claims that the said plant is currently operating at 50 per cent capacity along with the arrangement of heavy upfront investment alongside dead production lines has been a prime factor in Samsung Display’s operating profit falling from 5.7 trillion won in 2017 to 2.6 trillion won last year. Another factor that is angering Samsung is that at the start of the new factory, Apple was fast to issue penalties after certain panels suffered from manufacturing issues.

However, there is hope for Apple fans as Forbes reports, “Apple is unlikely to pay the fee but will compensate Samsung instead via additional contracts for OLED panels in new devices. We already know the 2020 iPhone XR will adopt OLED but that is not enough to cover the shortfall on its own, so the additional capacity is understood to be used creating OLED panel upgrades for iPads and MacBooks.”

This would spell good news for customers as, despite the massive price tag, iPads and MacBooks still use LCD displays. Apple has been reportedly working with Foxconn to on Micro LED technology, which is said to be the future of displays that will best even OLED screens.

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