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To: Gib Bogle who wrote (997)11/22/2021 4:56:06 PM
From: LoneClone
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Let me say that Gib has been posting on SI for many years and we are also in e-mail contact. His Peru credentials are authentic and his question was serious.

But I also take Mark's point that one has to be very careful what one says about legal issues, particularly in a country with a, shall we say, fallible justice system like Peru's.


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To: LoneClone who wrote (998)11/22/2021 5:06:35 PM
From: mark_ikn
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Thanks LC and I didn't want to sound out of turn, Gib, hence the pre-emptive apology. If you're okay with LC, we're good.

It's been a horrid few days having that perv on my back. Knowing somebody is spying on you and having to act relatively normally with loved ones on WhatsApp (we use it a lot) was more nerve-wracking than I imagined. The only silver lining was that MIRL filed its proxies a day earlier than expected. And a sigh of relief I could tell others to watch their backs at last, as well.

That creep Valdez needs to explain himself. Disgusting. Un asco total.

Now, who wants to claim board post #1000? :-)

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To: Kiwi Pom who wrote (987)11/22/2021 5:42:05 PM
From: marcos
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Quien calla otorga* <-- Rio Tinto needs to meditate on this sentiment for a bit ... sure the capital they have in play here is insignificant to them, but just the same they are involved, and there's reprehensible behaviour going on

Consider the situation of the community around Ollachea, who were promised responsible development and good jobs, years ago by Courtney Chamberlain ... and yes, by Benavides Norlander as well, ahem

* - loosely in english, 'silence is consent'

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To: Gib Bogle who wrote (993)11/22/2021 7:54:26 PM
From: Turtle_named_mack
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Search with the term "How to spy on a whatsapp number".


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From: andrewlong11/22/2021 9:00:33 PM
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Yes, it is a fair question from Gib Bogle to Mark and ended up in a very decent conversation.

Given the current state of this particular incident, being silent on some aspects is good.
Sometimes a Private Message may be an avenue of communication.

The point I am making is that back in August there was a general understanding that we CS would be transparent. The bad 'guys' knew every move we were about to do etc.

Mark is the main target. What is happening to him (and his suggestion to us) can happen to anyone. So our guards are up. But also shows how low these 'guys' will stoop to make themselves look good.


p.s. note to bad guys, I am going to the bathroom, I will be back soon, do not take your eyes off the screen.

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From: waznot11/23/2021 12:52:04 AM
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Mark, sorry to hear of the spying on your third-party app. You are right to take actions as you have stated.

I think you are correct as to the person that could be spying on you as:

1) Posts from GermanyBoy:
2) Post 837 – “founder of an IT and digital research company in Canada”;
3) Post 934 – “close to Andrew Long, I will reveal his true identity”;
4) Post 948 – “ I love investigation “;
5) Post 954 – “Five years ago, my Development Manager”

Of course, first read of the above is that it is B. S. On second read it is still B.S. but now he is bragging. Above is an indication of a connection between GBoy and the ‘spy’.

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From: idamexusa11/23/2021 8:10:30 AM
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Electronic proxy received last night and voted this morning. Good luck to the CS Group.

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To: idamexusa who wrote (1004)11/23/2021 9:41:52 AM
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As a concerned shareholder do I just vote against all 5 items? Will someone be keeping track of our votes? If so, how do we report our share count and votes? Sorry to put the burden on someone else. I do appreciate everyone's work in trying to do the right thing here.

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From: DaveAu11/23/2021 10:18:21 AM
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Is anyone attending? I don't like to appoint "Gerardo Pervez, Diego Benavides" as my proxy but unless I have another name, that's my only choice (using

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To: JGCGI who wrote (1005)11/23/2021 10:20:39 AM
From: andrewlong
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Can I suggest we all hold off from submission of our votes, we have a few weeks.

Initially, I was going 'against' all items, still may do so, but with the new proposed director of Martin Mount, maybe I will vote for him. I do not know enough about Mr. Mount as yet.

Your suggestion of 'keeping track' is interesting. As far as I understand Mark received and created a list of CS and the amount of shares for each ( to get to that approx 30 million).

First, if anyone else has idea, please share.
Second, I think Mark will respond with ideas (he is dealing with some serious stuff now), we will eventually read his thoughts.

Original strategy was to vote out Benavides, still is.

Our actions going forward:
1) vote against everything, or
2) vote against all except 'yes' for Mount

we have the time before final voting


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