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   Gold/Mining/EnergyMinera IRL

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To: GermanyBoy who wrote (965)11/21/2021 3:12:53 PM
From: Breft
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I'm afraid you are not cutting through GB. It appears you are not credible, and are not believed by the CS group.
I have been invested since 2014 and since poor Courtney's death the company has been a shambles and offered no promise of a return.
I have written and asked for information on how the board expect to move the company forward together with proposed timelines and programmes. I received a reply but, of course, no answers. How any shareholder could be satisfied with this outfit is beyond me. We have been standing still at best for years, with only lame promises, and second rate newsletters intended to keep us happy. It's pathetic, and a disgraceful disrespect of shareholders. The sooner the board are gone the better for me.
Whilst writing I would like to thank other CSs especially Mark and Andrew Long who always provide good insight, advice and commentary.
Looking forward to supporting the next move.

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To: mark_ikn who wrote (981)11/21/2021 4:35:03 PM
From: Alias63
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Their IR-department got mail. The more the better.

I used the following mail from their website

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To: Alias63 who wrote (984)11/21/2021 5:29:22 PM
From: Sredna5
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To: Alias63 who wrote (984)11/21/2021 5:37:46 PM
From: Sredna5
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From me as well.

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To: mark_ikn who wrote (981)11/21/2021 7:28:00 PM
From: Kiwi Pom
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Newbie posting here - but have been lurking since this kicked off and am a long term subber to IKN.

RTZ are quite big when it comes to ESG policy and I think this is a route well worth pursuing. I have already lodged a complaint and publish this as a route in case anyone else wishes to utilise.

Sustainabilty policies are here

Ethics and compliance policies are here

Please note they run a whistle blower programme

"It is available to anyone who has concerns or information relating to misconduct or improper circumstances or behaviours connected to Rio Tinto.

These can include concerns about the business, or behaviours of individuals, including suspicion of violations of our standards, policies and standards, human rights, safety, environmental, financial reporting, fraud or business integrity issues in general. "

I have raised concerns regarding the conduct of the MIRL board regarding the "audit" and other general behaviours that are being enabled by the RTZ investment in Minera.

The complaints can be lodged here

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To: Kiwi Pom who wrote (987)11/21/2021 8:08:53 PM
From: mark_ikn
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Hello Kiwi Pom, it's a genuine surprise and pleasure to see you here.

Other CS people, please pay attention to Kiwi Pom, this person is a very experienced and knowledgeable investor with a deep knowledge of both mining and Peru. Seeing Kiwi Pom here is a massive fillip, in my opinion. The advice given by Kiwi Pom in the post below is excellent, also "in my opinion" (that's a phrase you'll be seeing me use a lot, btw...guess why?)

While here, you may recall that RTZ blew up an aborigine sacred site in Australia a while back and the activist pushback was enough to cause the downfall of the CEO at the time. Perhaps entities such as BlackRock would be interested in making sure RTZ adheres to its new promises on ESG in South America, as well as in other places.

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From: andrewlong11/22/2021 1:50:32 AM
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Thanks for all the great posts and information.
Kiwi Pom: thanks for that link to RTZ complaint department.

Nice easy peasy form to fill out.
RTZ received my submission 6:30 a.m. their time. So in two hours someone will be looking at all of our concerns.


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From: mark_ikn11/22/2021 9:24:23 AM
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Proxies are out. CSE dedicated page

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From: mark_ikn11/22/2021 9:39:49 AM
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I've just spoken to Martin Mount on the telephone. It took a couple of minutes for him to admit he has agreed to be a director (and hadn't read the proxy), but he confirmed to me his wish to be a director. I made sure he understands the type of jeopardy he's opening himself to, and he is aware that there is "some controversy" around Minera IRL. He was pleasant on the phone, so was I, but I made sure he knew there was more than "some controversy" and made him aware he was letting trouble in through the front door. He seems to be happy to do so.

His job title is "Independent Consultant - Mining and Geology"

His firm is "Anglo Latina Consultores SAC"
As a nominated director, he can be legitimately reached by any shareholder of MIRL (please state that you are a SH if you decide reach out to him) on the Peru phone number 4464152 (publicly available number).

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From: mark_ikn11/22/2021 10:48:04 AM
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IMPORTANT RE. PEDRO VALDEZ, PLEASE READ. Here are a couple of things Martin Mount probably doesn't know about his new colleagues. During a meeting on Friday, I learned that Steve Ngatai, Susan Gabbie and Pedro Valdez all live together in the same house and have done so since Gabbie and Ngatai arrived in Peru last July. To be clear, not just in the same building but in the same house.

And on the subject of Valdez, I can also confirm that while Diego Benavides doesn't like people bothering him, he has no problem with his "pinche" spying on others. To be clear, over the last few days I have made several attempts to contact Pedro Valdez by telephone and via social media, but he never picks up or answers my written questions. In short, he has made zero attempt to contact me directly or return my calls or texted messages.

However, I am aware that he is constantly monitoring my personal WhatsApp account on a regular basis

Day after day, he logs on to his WhatsApp account and then monitors my activity without ever trying to reach out. I don't know how he does it, but I know he does it and have come to assume it is with illegal phone tapping software. Every day, he makes it his business and it's very creepy, knowing that you are being spied upon in this way. I've wanted to say something for days and more so considering that mail I received on Saturday, it's disturbing to know your personal social media channels are "chuponeado" (electronic spying) even though I have nothing to hide (i can only imagine what he would do if i had some secrets). All this and WhatsApp is supposed to be safe and private, too. This type of surreptitious activity is illegal in Peru and, rest assured, I have ample proof of his continued monitoring of my private life, day after day, including this very morning. He must be made to answer for this and provide us with the motive for this spying.

It's even more ironic, considering the legal manoever that Diego Benavides decided to use on me this Saturday. All that time, before and after Saturday, Valdez has been electronically watching me. I have been losing sleep over this and proof can be provided of that statement, too.

Summing up, a man who lives with (not near, but under the same roof) the two other Potemkin Village fake employees brought in by Diego Benavides (all close personal friends of his, we recall) is also "chuponeadome", as they say round here, i.e. using electronic media to spy on me and my private life. Somebody should tell Martin Mount.

Now the proxy is out, I can make these two strange and disturbing facts public. Therefore a warning to all shareholder of Minera IRL, especially those who use WhatsApp on a regular basis. You should be extremely concerned about this creep Pedro Valdez, as he may be doing the same things to you (and all from the comfort of the house he shares with Gabbie and Ngatai).

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