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From: HBrooke11/24/2021 9:44:47 AM
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The Minera leadership never really had a choice but to hold the course they had been on - if the claims of corruption were not true, they would feel deserving of retaining their positions (notwithstanding their lack of performance) and, if the claims were true, they would need to maintain full control of the company to prevent full disclosure and associated liability that would befall them.

It's doubtful that any serious internal review ever took place - leadership would have known the truth of the corruption claims as soon as they were made many months ago. The fact that the company has not issued a denial or engaged an independent forensic audit makes it clear that the Board is working together to keep things from being fully exposed. They may at a future point issue some sort of denial, but I expect it would be vague and unsatisfactory to shareholders.

Interesting to note that the 'new' corporate presentation is devoid of any meaningful plan to get Ollachea into production or any deliverables on which management could be measured.

As for the election of Mr. Mount to the Board, while his mining experience is certainly a benefit (especially to a board with so little), I saw nothing in terms of mine development, leadership or Board experience that would make him the kind of person the company needs right now, and, there is too much risk that he will just become a confederate of existing leadership. I would also be skeptical of any promises he may make prior to being elected - he can say anything at that stage but be under no obligation to deliver since he would be only one vote on the Board.

Obviously, the problem with voting down the three directors on the slate is that it still leaves three existing. If Rio cannot be persuaded to step-up-to-the-plate (as in forcing management to perform an independent forensic audit and the changes needed to get Ollachea into production), then I think the best option for CS voting is to vote against all 5 resolutions - this is a risky proposition but would force real action.

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From: mark_ikn11/24/2021 11:00:57 AM
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We now have the issue down to its essence. We can now win this if we act together. Please consider:

1) MIRL directors speak and tell us "no problems found" they are screwed
2) MIRL directors speak and tell us "yes problems found" they are screwed
3) Our task, from now until December 10th and the cut-off date, is to make their silence impossible to maintain

We report them to RTZ. Whistleblower depositions via their own hotline. We denounce them to the OSC, the BCSC, the CSE, even the RCMP fraud squad if you want. Benavides, Perez, Iannacone and all other board members, contact them and tell them what happens if they do not report on their internal inquiry. Michael Iannacone's mail address is

Ethan Minsky is the MIRL Canadian legal counsel. This is his mail address (ironically supplied to me in the mail Diego Benavides sent to me). Contact him, make sure he understands the trouble he is in. Once we pre-empt their move to authorities (RTZ in particular, they will not dare cover up internally any longer), the MIRL board won't be able to move forward with their plans.

And we must make Martin Mount understand the problems he will invite into his life if he decides to continue with his nomination.

The more of us act, the better.

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To: HBrooke who wrote (1017)11/24/2021 4:11:07 PM
From: DutchGuy
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thank you

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From: mark_ikn11/24/2021 4:23:54 PM
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This morning, I again attempted to contact Martin Mount via his business landline phone: No reply and i left voicemail for him to return my call.

I also phoned him this morning on his cellphone, around 11:15am local time. He picked up. I asked for Martin Mount, i heard a sigh on the other end. I asked again to speak to Martin Mount, he hung up.

I have since phoned the number 15 times between then and now (3:40pm local time), he has not answered and he has disabled voicemail.
I since have sent him a WhatsApp message, which so far he hasn't picked up. According to WhatsApp, the last time he used the WhatsApp channel was November 17th.

I have sent two text messages to his cellphone. No reply as yet.

In both text and whatsapp messages, I emphasized to Mr. Mount that we presume innocence at this stage, but he needs to speak with us the CS urgently. In my opinion, it's imperative that Mr. Mount understands the risks and exposure to legal jeopardy he is exposing himself to if he continues with his nomination for director. He is also a British citizen living in Peru. Therefore, I have made initial inquiries with the UK Embassy here in Peru and without mentioning his name, have learned the embassy has a desk and a mechanism to investigate financial wrongdoings of exactly this type by UK citizens who live in Peru. I have made it clear to Mr. Mount that I do not want to start formal proceedings with the UK Embassy regarding him and his involvement in the alleged fraud at Minera IRL, but if he continues to ignore our attempts to reach him and refuses to withdraw his nomination, I will be left with no choice but to begin proceedings against him.

I also visited his place of business, but was not allowed inside and there was no reply. The guard/housekeeper/gardender first told me that Mr Mount didn't live there, then when refuted facts admitted he lived there, The factotum then became aggressive, told me to leave the private property or he would call the police (i stayed on the road, which was behind an iron gate that leads into the small cul-de-sac and by Peru law, the road is not private property). I answered that I would be very happy for him to call the police and waited. He became evermore aggressive in his words toward me, I eventually left after around 10 minutes. That happened around one hour ago. I told him I would return tomorrow (which I will do)

I believe it important at this point to presume innocence of Mr. Mount, despite his behaviour toward me today. Once again, this is not about being vindictive, it is all about removing Diego Benavides from Minera IRL completely, including from the subsidiary companies, and allowing a full independent audit of all its books. If Mr. Mount steps aside and decides not to impede such an investigation, that will be the end of his involvement. However, if he chooses to put himself between the Concerned Shareholder group and the truth of what's been going on inside MIRL all these years, he will suffer the consequences of his own acts. All the above in my opinion, of course.


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From: GermanyBoy11/24/2021 10:13:14 PM
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Dear Concerned Shareholders, our valid claims are being turned into a puppet show. I was refraining from making any comments while waiting for any type of communication from the company on this whole issue; I have to admit I am a bit disappointed but I still don’t want to fall prey to someone’s ego and obsessions. I want to believe that there is still people here who don’t take Mark Turner seriously.

He just provided a detailed description of the harassment he’s inflicting on the candidate for a director’s seat by constantly calling him on the phone, sending text and whatsapp messages, going to his place and basically threatening him with prosecution. Bloody hell! This is not only insane but also a felony!

Mark had already admitted sending death threats to the Minera team in August and even though he apologized we can clearly see that he’s continuing with some disturbing practices.

Once again, I am asking everyone here to come to their senses. We can not continue like this. Anyone who has a different view or opinion ends up falling prey to his obsession. He’s not leading us to the light at the end of the tunnel but actually deeper into it.

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To: GermanyBoy who wrote (1021)11/24/2021 10:40:32 PM
From: mark_ikn
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Absolutely false! Complete rot, poppycock and piffle from the increasingly desperate Game Boy. Oyez muchacho! Me no send no "death threats" to anyone and challenge you to prove otherwise. In fact, on reflection your statement is actionable. Thank you for providing more evidence of your criminal mind at work. It's just another in the long line of lies and falsehoods from Game Boy (Benavides and his pinche Valdez).

As for Martin Mount and the messages sent to him today, it was made 100% clear to him in both WhatsApp and texts that the purpose was not to threaten but to save him from jeopardizing himself, with a clear emphasis on assumed innocence. My repeated attempts to contact Martin Mount are for his benefit, to get him to understand what he would be letting himself in for if he became a member of the board of directors.

You're sounding particularly desperate this evening Game Boy, quedando en el ridiculo, de hecho.

If the company wants to be taken seriously, it should answer the litany of simple questions that multiple shareholders have posed to it. Instead, we are all met with a wall of silence regarding:

  • The appointments of Gabbie/Ngatai/Valdez
  • The internal inquiry
  • The misuse of funds out of the wholly owned subsidiaries,
  • Payment made to family members of Diego Benavides, all done behind "consultancy fees" to anonymous 3rd party accounts that add up to millions of dollars in secretly diverted funds

etc etc, to a near ad infinitum level. But whenever we ask simple questions of the company..

  • We have an Investor Relations manager who refuses to relate to investors
  • We have a Communications Manager who doesn't know how to communicate or even pick up the phone
  • We have a CEO whose only way of communication is to make baseless accusations about people trying to uncover the truth, all behind a Bulletin Board handle
  • Again, this is another list that can get longer very quickly and unfortunately, it's not just me who gets the silent treatment; this company refuses to talk with any of its shareholders and answer the most straightforward of questions.

We would like to know the results of the internal inquiry. Did the board find something against Diego Benavides, or did they not? A simple question that deserves an answer. Shareholders are unable to make an informed decision regarding his re-appointment otherwise.

As for the word "felony", I'm of the opinion it will be used against people connected with this sorry story soon. Not against my person, however.

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From: mark_ikn11/24/2021 11:43:31 PM
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Here is the WhatsApp message I sent to Martin Mount this morning. The only change I have made is to scrub out his photo (at this stage, unfair to him I believe). I added the letter "P" next to his name for "phone". The text messages sent to him were of a similar ilk and I can show them, if required. I'm not the one with things to hide, Game Boy.

Please explain how this is a "felony", Game Boy:

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From: ian.s11/25/2021 4:18:32 AM
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Get lost GermanyBoy. You are a joke.

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From: Alias6311/25/2021 11:58:08 AM
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I believe the report will be published before the AGM. I also believe that the report will only contain minor wrongdoings of DB. In the end - I believe - the report is going to legally acquit DB of the accusations. Is anyone expecting anything else?

This still leaves us shareholders with the devastating performance of the company, which for me is the main reason to vote against the current mgmt. I still havent read or came up with a better idea than scorched earth.

I also believe that MIRL has shifted their strategy for Ollachea: they no longer intend to build it but they are looking for a M&A-deal.

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From: mark_ikn11/25/2021 2:58:59 PM
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I'd like to remind the CS group that we presume innocence of Mr Martin Mount. In fact, the only poster making wild accusations on this board is GermanyBoy (aka Benavides and his pinche Valdez) and his "felony" claptrap. Hardly the first time his desperation has shown, GermanyBoy is the same handle that claimed to be an ace investigator, then took private information from mails sent into Minera IRL by Walter Zaverucha, posted it on this public board and accused him of being a land-trafficker at the same time (without a shred of evidence), all while confusing him with a different poster, "andrewlong". And GermanyBoy still hasn't explained how he got Mr. Z's name and private information. Nice person! Great DD!

Worth pointing out that I also have ample proof that Pedro Valdez illegally spied on my personal WhatsApp activity. Valdez still refuses to say a word about that, but has managed to keep his job at Minera IRL.

So we continue to allow Martin Mount the assumption of innocence, until such time as he enters into conversation and hears the CS side of the story. He is over 18 years old and at that point, he can make his own decisions but if I were Mount, I'd at least want to hear the other side of the story before continuing with this nomination for director. I will, therefore, continue to reach out to him.

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