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To: Sr K who wrote (2154)10/6/2017 7:21:02 AM
From: Eric
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And with no moving parts or pollution!

Just PV's.


But... there is also the possibility of a lot of wind based generation too.

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From: Eric10/6/2017 7:44:53 AM
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EVs and storage: Lithium’s wild ride and why it will be bigger than LNG

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From: Sr K10/6/2017 1:11:27 PM
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TSLA is squeezing the shorts, after it broke through 355.00.

Just guessing, it was news coverage of a Tesla team going to Puerto Rico to explore how Tesla Energy and Power Walls and storage can be part of a rebuilding and improvement effort.

Latest, 356.90.
edit 357.30

edit 358.20

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To: Sr K who wrote (2159)10/6/2017 2:00:07 PM
From: kidl
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Kuddos to Elon. He has the “fine art” of promotion down to a science but with everything happening in the EV market, he has a quickly closing window to move from promotional to commercially viable.

All the big guys are chewing on his heels. How fast can he run?

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From: Glenn Petersen10/7/2017 9:49:52 AM
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Musk delays Tesla Semi unveil to focus on Model 3, Puerto Rico

Supplying power to devastated regions comes as new car faces production problems

by Zac Estrada @zacestrada
The Verge
Oct 6, 2017, 5:04pm EDT

Tesla admittedly went into fall with a lot on the to-do list, but CEO Elon Musk, who also runs SpaceX and SolarCity, may be rearranging plans in order to keep everything in order. Musk tweeted Friday the Tesla Semi truck unveiling, once planned for October 26th, would now take place November 16th.

The Semi timing was shuffled, Musk said, in part to get production of the Tesla Model 3 back on schedule. Last week, the company admitted “production bottlenecks” meant only 260 Model 3s had been built so far, off of the 1,500 target. However, there’s also another reason — Musk may be gearing up to have Tesla help Puerto Rico, still devastated by Hurricane Maria, restore power to the island:

“It is important to emphasize that there are no fundamental issues with the Model 3 production or supply chain,” Tesla said in a statement earlier this week. “We understand what needs to be fixed and we are confident of addressing the manufacturing bottleneck issues in the near-term.”

Minutes before the Tesla Semi announcement, the Wall Street Journal on Friday afternoon reported some Model 3 body panels were still being shaped by hand last month, as the vehicle’s production line was still not ready to produce the targeted number of vehicles. In statements to investors, Musk has been adamant about getting the quality of the Model 3 right at launch, learning from the complex and troubled Model X launch in 2015.

In a subsequent tweet Friday, Musk admitted no problems with the Semi project, despite its unveiling being pushed from September to October, and now, to November.

After Musk tweeted he was willing to help rebuild Puerto Rico’s devastated power grid with solar energy, the island’s governor replied, “Let’s talk.” While Musk’s comments seemed vague this morning, his later statements may indicate there are bigger plans for hurricane-affected areas, similar to the company’s current initiative to use Tesla’s battery-making capabilities to Australia with its power grid. But for Tesla, getting the Model 3 out to reservation holders soon is a must. That may mean the Semi may have to wait.

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To: kidl who wrote (2160)10/7/2017 11:35:40 AM
From: Eric
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He is running a heck of a lot faster than the competition.

In fact he doesn't have any serious competition yet with the S and X let alone the Roadster years and years ago.

Again it's all about the battery cells....

Maybe in three to five years.

A lot of "if's" for his competition.

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To: Glenn Petersen who wrote (2161)10/7/2017 5:30:59 PM
From: Sr K
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Who's Zac Estrada?

That story has multiple errors. Musk and Tesla need to negotiate with PREPA and some creditor groups. This may happen fast, 8 days is my guess (by a week from Monday).

Learning from the Australia commitment, Musk knows production capacity to deliver is a component of a "best" deal. That is worth waiting 3 weeks for (October 26 to November 16), and it's part of the negotiation with Puerto Rico.

One party at the table is the U.S. Congress, and Trump who spoke off the cuff and will be cooler in the next days. If I were Musk, I'd get something from the U. S. Congress for saving the U.S. from the maximum giveaways that Trump (almost) and some in Congress are prepared to pay.

Nitpicks: production was 280 and deliveries was 260.

Solar City is 100% owned by Tesla. (I'll check if there are "minority interests".) The exaggeration in a hatchet job was to make it seem like Musk "also runs SpaceX and Solar City".

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From: Eric10/8/2017 1:17:34 PM
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This Is Why Tesla Stock Is Going To $950

October 8th, 2017 by Matt Pressman

Originally published on EV Annex.

Do the analysts on Wall Street really know how to properly evaluate Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA]? Sure, we’ve received some helpful guidance from Gene Munster, Ben Kallo, and the ever-mercurial Adam Jonas. But most analysts have completely missed the boat. What if someone who custom-builds electric vehicles, takes apart battery packs, and tinkers with Teslas could offer unique insight into the company?

Above: Tesla Model S (Instagram: stigtronvold)

Jack Rickard is both a Model S owner and seasoned expert on the EV scene. He also hosts EVTV, a resource for those building custom electric cars and converting gas cars into EVs. The show started in 2009 and caters to EV conversion shops, University build teams, design engineers, and custom EV builders all over the world. Shows typically focus on components and techniques pros can use to convert a gas car into an EV. Special episodes feature Jack taking apart Tesla battery packs, control electronics, drive units, and more.

Recently, Jack decided to try his hand taking apart something different — the Tesla bull thesis. His self-professed “rant” runs for nearly two hours and provides some eye-opening insights into Tesla. After contacting Jack, I asked if it was possible to distill his insights into a half-hour summary video. He agreed. You can check it out below.

EVTV: Here's why Tesla's stock is going to $950 [Highlights]

Above: Our highlights of Jack’s forecast for Tesla (Source: EVTV*)

Jack discusses a wide range of advantages that Tesla has over legacy automakers. However, in order to condense his findings, this video edit focuses on four key areas that I found especially intriguing: Tesla’s Supercharger Network, Batteries, Solar + Storage, and Vehicle Autonomy.

Tesla’s Supercharger Network represents a massive land grab and Jack points out that it’s the only EV network that really works. Yes, Tesla’s Gigafactory is something akin to Elon Musk’s castle, but, according to Jack, the Gigafactory represents battery industry influence far greater than most realize. The combination of solar + storage represents a wholly new direction for a car company, but, Jack thinks in “one fell swoop” this can disrupt multiple industries. Finally, Tesla’s lead in vehicle autonomy alone could justify the current stock price — he explains why.

Above: Another look at the stunning Tesla Model S (Instagram: stigtronvold)

While Jack expresses frustration with Wall Street analysts, it’s important to note that he doesn’t do any kind of “deep dive” into the financials. That said, his insights are unique to someone entrenched in the electric vehicle space. He thinks Tesla’s narrative could play out something like the Apple story. Others have also referenced the connection. Nevertheless, it’ll be fun to revisit this video in 60 months to see if Tesla stock actually approaches $950. After all, a few years ago he predicted, with near-perfect accuracy, that the stock would go from $30 to $350.

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From: Eric10/8/2017 3:25:55 PM
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SpaceX Rocket to Launch 10 Satellites Early Monday: How to Watch Live

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From: Eric10/9/2017 7:51:10 AM
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Tesla Model 3 Production Currently At 1/10th Full Speed – Video

56 mins ago by Eric Loveday

(click on videos to see)

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