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From: Eric10/4/2017 2:42:55 PM
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Morgan Stanley Predicts 10 Million Tesla Vehicles On The Road In 10 Years

3 hours ago by Steven Loveday


Tesla Model 3

It seems Morgan Stanley gets more bullish regarding Tesla on a daily basis.

This may come as no surprise to some since the electric automaker’s stock has risen a whopping 63 percent thus far this year. Morgan Stanley analyst, Adam Jonas, has gone so far as to say that there could be some 32 million Tesla vehicles on the road globally by 2040.

At this point, it’s still somewhat rare for most people to see a Tesla on their daily drive. This is especially true if they live outside of areas like California or other CARB states, or major foreign markets like Norway.

If Jonas is even close to correct with his recent estimates, the company is soon to become a household name.

Image Credit: Morgan Stanley Research via Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, Adam Jonas, head of automotive research at Morgan Stanley, wrote in a note to clients:
“With the launch of the Model 3, we forecast the Tesla car population to multiply three times by the end of 2019. It has been generations since the investment community witnessed such a high growth rate in the population of a single auto firm.”

Source: Bloomberg

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From: hollyhunter10/4/2017 7:20:25 PM
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Chart is going positive for the next leg up. Long over 389.61,

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From: Savant10/4/2017 8:08:37 PM
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200 mile range added in 6 min of charging

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From: Savant10/4/2017 9:43:22 PM
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RT Senate committee

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From: Eric10/5/2017 6:24:37 PM
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Tesla’s Biggest New Fan Has a Unique Background

Analyst Romit Shah compared Tesla to Intel, and predicted the stock will soar 46%.

Avi Salzman and Evie Liu

Oct. 4, 2017 4:47 p.m. ET

They make look sleek, but it’s what’s inside that really counts, says a new Tesla bull. Photo: Tesla

Tesla may be competing with car companies to sell electric vehicles, but the company has more in common with technology firms like Intel, argues Instinet analyst Romit Shah.

Shah is the newest analyst covering Tesla and he released a report on Wednesday predicting that the stock could soar to $500, or 46% above its Tuesday closing price.

Shah’s background is in computer chips, which he says gives him a special insight into Tesla’s business. Intel, Shah notes, became the dominant chip provider because it figured out how to add multiple functions onto a single chip and then take control of the entire process of making and marketing those chips. Over the years its products got more and more efficient, and it grabbed more and more market share.

Similarly, Tesla will dominate the electric vehicle market by controlling and perfecting every aspect of vehicle production, Shah argues. That starts with batteries, which Tesla produces at its “gigafactory” in Nevada.

“The Model 3 costs $140 per mile of range (versus competitors at $235 per mile) and we believe that Tesla is on track to reduce this to under $115 per mile by 2020,” Shah wrote.

Shah’s $500 price target is based on comparing Tesla, in part, to other technology companies. That may be why he’s an outlier among Wall Street analysts. As seen in the chart below, analysts have actually become relatively bearish on Tesla stock as the stock has risen. Their average price target is $313, according to FactSet, below Wednesday’s closing price of $355.01. The average target price fell below the stock’s price toward the start of this year, as some analysts questioned whether Tesla could hit its ambitious production targets for the Model 3.

(To see chart click on link below)

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From: zzpat10/5/2017 10:24:44 PM
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The surprising ways to cash in on the electric-car boom


This year, Tesla’s stock price has surged 66%. And buying shares in Elon Musk’s company is far from the only way to cash in on the future of electric cars.

Investors are sending the prices of the raw materials used to make lithium-ion batteries rapidly higher on hopes that demand for electric cars surges. The rise comes amid fears that the supply of the metals needed for batteries might not meet the new demand.

Volkswagen, the world’s largest carmaker, said this year that it expects to need 200 GWh of battery-cell production by 2025 and plans to invest €20 billion ($23.4 billon) in zero-emissions vehicles. This would require a huge increase in production because there is only 266 GWh of new battery capacity in the worldwide pipeline between now and 2020, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.

Government environmental initiatives are likely to increase demand. The UK and France are banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 and China says that 10% of cars it produces by 2019 must be zero-emissions. There’s huge room for growth, too: electric vehicles account for six of the ten fastest-selling used car models in the US, where they make up just 1% of total new sales.

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From: Sr K10/6/2017 1:12:02 AM
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Elon Musk says that, if given the green light, he can power Puerto Rico

Published: Oct 5, 2017 11:44 p.m. ET

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From: Sr K10/6/2017 1:23:46 AM
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Exclusive: Tesla leases two big Fremont office buildings where 1,000 could work

By GEORGE AVALOS | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: October 5, 2017 at 2:19 pm | UPDATED: October 5, 2017 at 5:07 pm

caption: Tesla has begun a major renovation of two office buildings in Fremont on Dumbarton Circle that the electric vehicle maker has leased. In a big expansion that could bring several hundred workers into Fremont, Tesla has leased two large office buildings in a section of Fremont that’s perched near the access roads for the Dumbarton Bridge.

FREMONT — In a big expansion that potentially could bring 1,000 or more workers into Fremont, Tesla has leased two large office buildings in an area perched near the access roads for the Dumbarton Bridge.

The maker of electric vehicles has leased offices at 6800 Dumbarton Circle and 6900 Dumbarton Circle in Fremont, according to public documents filed with the Alameda County Recorder’s Office. The buildings are owned by development firm Peery Arrillaga.

The county records show that Tesla is the tenant in two buildings that together total roughly 230,000 square feet.

The building at 6800 Dumbarton Circle totals about 116,000 square feet, according to brochures posted on one of the Peery Arrillaga property websites. The 6900 Dumbarton Circle office building totals 114,000 square feet, the Peery Arrillaga website shows. The county documents also were posted on the entry doors of each of the buildings.

Palo Alto-based Tesla builds electric vehicles at a large auto factory in Fremont, and the buildings the company has leased are located between Tesla’s Peninsula headquarters and the company’s East Bay vehicle factory.

Based on typical zoning and planning regulations, potentially 1,000 or more people could work in the two buildings combined. The 116,000-square-foot building could accommodate 580 workers and the 113,000-square-foot building could house 570 employees.

more at link

“Improvements are to be constructed on the premises,” the county records stated, referring to work planned for both office buildings. The documents, filed in Alameda County on Sept. 19, stated, “The name of the lessee (tenant) of said premises is Tesla Inc. and the name of the party who contracted for the work is Tesla.”

Fremont officials in recent years changed the density rules for an array of sites in the Ardenwood area, to lure companies that might want to occupy top-notch offices between their Silicon Valley or Peninsula operations and the labor pools in the East Bay and Central Valley.

“That would allow Fremont to be able to better compete with Class A buildings for the surge of expansion that we saw spilling over from the Peninsula,” said Kelly Kline, Fremont’s economic development director. “Ardenwood is an attractive place to accommodate these office needs.”

Kline didn’t want to comment directly about the Tesla deal with Peery Arrillaga, but indicated she believes Fremont is a logical place for the automaker to expand.

“We are aware that Tesla has been in the market for substantial office needs beyond their Palo Alto headquarters,” Kline said. “We’re very hopeful that Fremont would be a strong contender for that requirement.”

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From: Eric10/6/2017 7:15:12 AM
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Teslanomics Compares Tesla Model 3 To Competitors – Video

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To: Sr K who wrote (2154)10/6/2017 7:21:02 AM
From: Eric
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And with no moving parts or pollution!

Just PV's.


But... there is also the possibility of a lot of wind based generation too.

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