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To: kidl who wrote (12362)11/11/2019 1:44:53 PM
From: kidl
   of 15578
OT ... Anyone who believes that social media is productive just needs to pay attention to how the supposedly most powerful person on earth is using it.

Elon should use him in his defense of his own social media nonsense / slip-ups. Trump is making Musk look like a “saint”.

Trump Tweets 82 Times In One Day

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From: Eric11/11/2019 2:28:06 PM
   of 15578
Tesla Autopilot detects and avoids family of ducks caught on video, owner says

Fred Lambert

- Nov. 11th 2019 11:44 am ET




A Tesla owner claims that Tesla Autopilot detected and avoided a family of ducks in the middle of the road and the whole incident was caught on the TeslaCam.

At a presentation about Tesla’s latest self-driving and computer vision capability earlier this year, Tesla Sr. Director of AI Andrej Karpathy said that they are currently working to identify and react to corner case scenarios that vehicles encounter on the road.

Karpathy says that they are pooling a lot of different rare events from their entire fleet of vehicles equipped with cameras in order to teach their Autopilot system to react to them.

With the release of TeslaCam, Tesla’s integrated dashcam feature, we are starting to see some more examples of these corner cases.

Earlier this year, we saw a video of Tesla Autopilot stopping for a rabbit on the road.

Now a Tesla owner claims that Tesla Autopilot managed to detect a family of ducks crossing the road and initiated the action to avoid them:
“In this video, the Tesla Model 3 autopilot detects a group of ducks crossing the highway and avoids them. The ducks survive!”
Here’s the video:

Near Miss - Tesla Model 3 Autopilot detects ducks crossing the highway

•Nov 11, 2019
39 4 Share

Kfp Prep

In this video, the Tesla Model 3 autopilot detects a group of ducks crossing the highway and avoids them. The ducks survive!

Electrek’s Take

Like the claims of Autopilot causing accidents, I like to take these with a grain of salt. Some owners are understandably not sure whether or not Autopilot initiated an action or not.

However, it does appear that Tesla is improving in detecting and avoiding objects on the road, which is a very important part of achieving full self-driving.

We have also recently noticed an increase in Tesla owners reporting Autopilot doing impressing maneuvers to prevent accidents.

A Tesla Model 3 owner claimed ‘Autopilot saved his life’ by swerving away in a near-miss on the highway and another similar incident was also caught on video earlier this year.

Later, we reported on a Tesla owner claiming that Autopilot saved his family from a crash in a near-miss caught on video.

The fact that Tesla introduced its TeslaCam feature also helps people record those events.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of near-misses, they will never be as popular as crash videos even though they are most-likely happening way more often.

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From: Eric11/11/2019 4:26:27 PM
1 Recommendation   of 15578
Buy Tesla Stock Because of 'a Clear Trend' of Cutting Costs --

11:04 AM ET 11/11/19

Related Quotes
4:00 PM ET 11/11/19
SymbolLast% Chg
Real time quote.

By Al Root

It's happy Monday for Tesla shareholders. Tesla stock was up 2.7% midmorning, against a 0.3% decline for the S&P 500.

Jefferies analyst Philippe Houchois raised his price target on the maker of electric vehicles from $300 to $400 a share and maintained his Buy rating on the stock (ticker: TSLA).

"Trend cost performance outweighs 10-Q concerns," the analyst said in a Monday research report. The so-called 10-Q is a company's quarterly financial filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It includes more detail than companies include in quarterly earning news releases. After filing its latest report, Tesla bears criticized some balance-sheet items -- such as accounts receivable and warranty accrual. "However, much of the negative commentary ignored a clear trend of cost performance," Houchois said.

Average Model 3 prices, for instance, have come down by $13,500 since the company introduced more-affordable versions of its new midsize sedan. Variable gross profit per unit, however, has declined by only $4,700, demonstrating solid cost control.

Included in the report from Houchois are base case, upside and downside scenarios, which are useful for investors to consider.

To justify the $400 target price, Houchois sees three-year average sales growth of 25%, based on higher Model 3 sales and a successful introduction of the Model Y, Tesla's smaller sport-utility vehicle. That means Tesla sales would be about $47 billion by year-end 2022, up almost 100% over three years.

What's more, he sees upside to $500 if sales grow faster and profit margins beat his expectations. On the flip side, Houchois sees $150 downside if production delays slow the company's march toward consistent profitability. Less profit would mean more capital raising. Tesla has relied on capital markets -- debt and equity capital -- to fund growth. The need for external funds is a big reason the analyst's upside-downside spread is $350 -- about 100% of the current stock price.

Houchois is unusual in that he is an auto analyst recommending Tesla stock. He also covers other car makers, including Ferrari (RACE) and General Motors (GM). Tesla is unique because it falls between analysts covering technology or renewable energy and analysts covering car makers such as Ford Motor (F) and GM. For the most part, car analysts don't like Tesla shares, while technology analysts do. Car analysts struggle with Tesla's valuation. GM and Ford both trade below 10 times estimated earnings. Tesla trades for about 65 times estimated 2020 earnings.

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From: Road Walker11/11/2019 6:10:00 PM
   of 15578
Just announced, Tesla Model 6. (just having some fun with y’all on an up day)

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From: kidl11/12/2019 1:08:32 AM
   of 15578
It's pretty obvious that prolific posters on this forum are bought and paid for.

No one can or would afford the time to these endless and completely useless arguments.

Get off your computer and do something productive.

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To: kidl who wrote (12383)11/12/2019 2:36:05 AM
From: Savant
2 Recommendations   of 15578
Considering you're one of the 'prolific' much have you been bought for and paid?

and consider that post of yours the last of attacks on other posters...period

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To: Eric who wrote (12372)11/12/2019 7:21:38 AM
From: nigel bates
   of 15578
More likely they'll be swallowed in large scale mergers, and production will then be shuttered.

It's already started:

The likes of Toyota are still throwing off more than enough cash to buy their way into the new manufacturing, irrespective of anyone's technical lead. And they are no longer in denial.

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To: nigel bates who wrote (12385)11/12/2019 7:51:32 AM
From: Eric
   of 15578
More likely they'll be swallowed in large scale mergers, and production will then be shuttered.

Yes definitely.

Some of us expect over 1/3 of manufacturing and jobs will disappear in vehicle production over the next ten years or so.

ICE engines and transmissions going away, especially all of those parts suppliers becoming obsolete and not needed with electric propulsion. They will all be part of the "dustbin of history".

It's already getting ugly very rapidly for all the legacy manufactures.

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From: Eric11/12/2019 7:53:32 AM
   of 15578
Tesla (TSLA) gets boost from Wall Street as shorts are short on arguments

Fred Lambert

- Nov. 12th 2019 6:20 am ET




Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is on another rally and it is getting a boost from Wall Street analysts as the usual short arguments are starting to fade.

After a tough start of the year, Tesla’s third-quarter has launched a stock rally.

Tesla reported a surprise profit during the last quarter.

It isn’t the first time that the automaker has reported a profit, but it has had difficulties sustaining those profits.

Several analysts are now adjusting their models and one of them, Phillippe Houchois from Jefferies, says that the results were “consistent with sustained profitability.”

He wrote in a report to clients earlier this week”
“Stabilization in 2019 sets a better foundation for a return to growth in 2020 revenue and earnings. We value the absence of legacy issues, net growth in revenue and earnings and persistent technology edge from battery to autonomous.”
Houchois maintained a Buy rating on Tesla, but he raised the price target from $300 to $400.

Jefferies’ Phillippe Houchois is ranked #767 out of 5,642 analysts on TipRanks with a 60% success rate and a 14% average return. He has been maintaining a buy rating on Tesla all year:

Electrek’s Take

That’s the big question: is Tesla going to be able to sustain those profits?

I think they could go back in the red, but if they do, I think it would only be slightly in the red and not the losses we are used to with Tesla.

Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Europe is going to require a significant capital investment, but the bulk of that is coming next year and I have to assume that Tesla is going to wait until it has ramped up production at Gigafactory 3 in China.

That’s why I doubt we will see significant loses from Tesla again, which is taking the biggest argument away from the shorts.

At first, it was “demand is falling’ and then it was “it doesn’t matter if there’s demand because they don’t make money on the cars they are selling.”

Those arguments are going away and now the shorts are resorting to “Tesla is lying and defrauding people.”

Tesla is getting better at manufacturing cars profitably. Once Model Y gets into production in Fremont and Gigafactory 3, Tesla will be producing around 1 million cars per year and the shorts will become extremely quiet.

At that point, they will be able to finance most if not all of their projects while staying in the black.

Full disclosure: I am long TSLA and loving it.

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From: Eric11/12/2019 8:24:04 AM
   of 15578

Tesla Autopilot nears 2 billion miles driven, Full-Self Driving continues to improve

(Credit: Tesla)

By Simon Alvarez
Posted on November 12, 2019

It appears that Tesla Autopilot is closing in on yet another milestone. Just a year after reaching its 1 billionth real-world mile in Autopilot, the electric car maker’s fleet of vehicles appears to have traveled yet another billion miles, providing Tesla’s Full Self-Driving initiative with a total of 2 billion miles worth of invaluable driving data.....

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