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   PoliticsManmade Global Warming, A hoax? A Scam? or a Doomsday Cult?

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To: Don Hurst who wrote (4288)11/7/2015 5:57:57 AM
From: sense
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Liars... accusing others of lying... because it fits their agenda ? Who'd a thunk it ?

But, the ability to reason... makes it not that hard to tell who is lying ?

Did you even READ the crap you linked to ? Or, did you read it and simply not understand it ?

First, a single WEATHER event like a particular hurricane... has NOTHING to do with "the climate"... EVER. Weather... is weather. It is dishonest, and worse, to posture otherwise. Even the article itself makes that clear in noting the specific storm in question was a result of number of statistical anomalies in an unusual overlapping of various events...

Perhaps it would be reasonable to ask more questions about the nature and sources of those anomalies... but, you prefer to simply, and WRONGLY, assume that anything anyone publishes that's talking about anything warm... must be a proof of your erroneous BELIEFS ?
Then: "The other large force at work, the Pacific decadal oscillation, is a long period — sometimes, as the name implies, spanning decades — of relatively cooler or warmer water. Since about the year 2000, the oscillation has been in a cool state, which many climate scientists say has allowed the ocean to soak up a great deal of the heat generated by greenhouse gases as part of climate change."

In other words... variation happens... and when it does... variation occurs... so, the lack of PREDICTED warming... is because... there was cooling instead... and cooling "has allowed the ocean to soak up a great deal of the heat" that OTHERWISE would have been apparent ? LOL!!! Do you NOT realize how STUPID that is ? And, yet, you're posturing that here as if it is a proof of anything ?

"El Nino/La Nina" (etc.) exist... and the fact of the various cyclic variations that occur... is not a proof of anything other than that. If the El Nino event occurring now is "larger than some others we've seen"... that's nice... or not... depending on whether you benefit or not from El Nino conditions. But, it doesn't mean anything other than what it does mean...

The Pacific did not "invent" a new ability to cool global warming in the last decade. The Pacific today works EXACTLY as it has for many thousands of years... with the only change occurring being in our changing AWARENESS of (some small portion) of the facts.

Can you point me to the El Nino prediction center... where they're precisely and accurately anticipating the next event... and the one after that... and the one after that ? No ? But, you think you can predict CLIMATE that is the aggregate of all those other things... like El Nino... that you don't even know enough about yet to be able to say how they work ? And, the "climate scientists"... who were predicting extreme warming events that didn't happen... are now looking to the Pacific "sucking up that heat" to explain why they WERE WRONG ?

The same people, ten years ago... were denying that THE SUN had anything to do with climate ?

They're MORONS.

And, that's what makes it BRAIN DEAD EASY... to call you a liar. The "settled science" crap... is so deep that anyone claiming it should easily be seen drowning in their own bullshit. If it is "settled"... fire the climate scientists and stop wasting our money ?

What is proven... is that your post is a lie. You've tried to argue that WEATHER EVENTS prove your lies about global warming are true... when all doing that proves... is that you are lying on purpose... or are too clueless to know what you're talking about.

"Each of these phenomena operates on a different time scale, but for now they appear to be synchronized, a little like the way the second hand, minute hand and hour hand line up at the stroke of midnight. And the collective effects could be very powerful."

In other words... using your "climate science" logic... when the second hand, the minute hand, and the hour hand all reach 12... that means it is going to be noon FOREVER... and that proves global warming is real ???

Wow... that IS scary... how stupid some people can be...

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To: sense who wrote (4289)11/7/2015 9:28:54 AM
From: Don Hurst
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Yes, I read the article re the Exxon indictment and followed the list of statements by Exxon officials and scientists over the years...interesting that they knew Climate Change was manmade caused in 1980.

And then this statement by the Exxon exec who already in 2008 was aware of your kind of extremist fringe and junk science...

J. Stephen Simon, an Exxon Mobil Senior Vice President
Testifying before a Senate Judiciary Committee on May 21, 2008, Mr. Simon was pressed by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, who suggested that fringe views on climate change were being endorsed and espoused by oil companies. Mr. Simon responded:

“In other words, that we are supporting junk science and trying to make people think that this is not an issue. I think all of us recognize it is an issue. It is how we deal with it – and I think we are dealing with it, and we are doing so in a responsible fashion.”

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To: Don Hurst who wrote (4290)11/7/2015 3:17:06 PM
From: sense
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The climate changes. It always has. It always will. Humans don't cause that.

That's not saying humans have no impact... or that there are not other good reasons to seek to obviate our use of fossil fuels as fuels... but, the CHOICE that has been made, to approach that goal in a particular way, was a POLITICAL choice... to structure particular "enemies" and particular political arguments... that happen to array along particular POLITICAL lines... having NOTHING to do with facts or science... but everything to do with politics and $. Which businesses fail, and which succeed, it turns out, when there isn't a proper free market function... is a function of politics. And, the flows of money into politics... and the flows of policy out of politics... depends on the politics of those who are made the winners and losers. There IS an agenda... and the idiots who are prosecuting that agenda as "global warming"... have deliberately chosen an untenable position... which the REAL science is rapidly proving to be bullshit. Reality is not going to cooperate with their choice... just because they insist it must.

The political reality... is that it was a known, at the time the choice was made... that there was a finite amount of time in which the political argument had to be won... in order to NOT have the weight of reality, with accumulating evidence, tip hard against those who are arguing, today, the modern equivalent of earth being at the center of the universe.

Why is the "science" settled... when they're repeatedly proven wrong in all their predictions ? LOL!!!

The only reason the science is "settled"... as a political argument... is that those losing the argument with the facts... don't benefit from having more facts proving them wrong. Of course, anyone arguing that the "science is settled"... is NOT arguing about the science... as that argument in itself is anti-scientific.

The goal posts keep moving. And, there's a reason for that... Which doesn't mean those who are being backed up into "adjusting" their arguments as they go... including cooking the data as required to get the answers they desire... are EVER going to admit they're lying ?

The political reality, now... is that the political fraud of global warming has already failed... and the fraud in the science that enabled it is rapidly unraveling... It doesn't matter how many hollywood actresses choose to believe what the left tells them to believe. It doesn't matter how many "scientists" paid through political patronage... support the "error" (in quotes... as error assumes a lack of intent). The science isn't "won" because the church works to enlist more "scientists" to vote against Galileo...

The rest... is social engineering and team sports... which is all you're doing. You've demonstrated ZERO ability to understand any science... you're just a political hack and a shill... pandering to those who already believe "oil companies are evil"... which, true or not, isn't in the least bit relevant. Or, it's only relevant in the political construct... proving, again, that what you are doing is politics, and not science.

"Global Warming" is a political creation... that has been enabled for political purposes... having NOTHING to do with "science"... other than in relation to the $ that is used in CO-OPTING "science" to support the political agenda... using a checkbook... as politicians continue assuming whores will be whores. There is no moral superiority that exists in any competition between Exxon's whores versus Al Gore's.

What that leaves, still, is the obvious in the claim humans are THE cause of change... which is total bullshit.

The evidence (real science... not political opinion) also shows no reason to think CO2 has any causal influence on any changes that are occurring. But, perhaps there are other things humans are doing that might have vastly more influence than CO2 ? If that were true... wouldn't it be really, really, really important to understand what those things were ?

The evidence shows CO2 has always been a LAGGING factor with a warming planet generating more CO2 following the fact of warming events. The only CAUSAL link that the DATA can be used to generate (and I'm not saying that would be a valid conclusion to draw, only because the "cause and effect" do occur in the proper sequence)... shows rising CO2 levels, following global warming events, PRECEDE subsequent cooling events...

To "win" the global warming argument... the advocates of anthropogenic warming are going to have to prove that over millions of years of history, dating long before humans were around... the climate has always warmed up in ANTICIPATION of higher future CO2 levels... to show the warming occurred because of the CO2. Don't think they won't try.

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From: sense11/12/2015 1:14:14 AM
   of 4325
Cold sun rising

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To: sense who wrote (4292)11/12/2015 7:53:01 AM
From: J.B.C.
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Yep, the earth will get colder as a result, the current CO2 levels will begin to decline as a cooler ocean will have a greater ability to absorb so called greenhouse gases ( just like a can of soda does). And the cycle will begin again...lather - rinse - repeat.

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From: d[-_-]b11/17/2015 12:20:43 AM
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To: d[-_-]b who wrote (4294)11/21/2015 3:35:58 AM
From: sense
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It left off the corkscrew... for the economy...

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From: sense11/27/2015 1:21:07 AM
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The Consensus That Matters: 97 Percent Of Americans Aren’t Worried About Global Warming

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To: sense who wrote (4296)11/27/2015 4:06:29 PM
From: Hawkmoon
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Right now in my town it's 13 degree F with an expected high of 20F

Last year it was in the 60s, according to the historical data..

And there's also nearly 1/2 a foot of snow on the ground from the past 3 days..

All with a El Nino that is supposed to be making this a warmer than normal winter.. (Idaho)..



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To: Hawkmoon who wrote (4297)11/29/2015 2:05:17 PM
From: Sdgla
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Annual trip up to Lake Topaz in Cali. Left Tuesday and was snowed in until yesterday. Chains, Snow and low teen temps.. Winter wonderland. Off to visit my granddaughter who just got started at BYU in Idaho and she's telling be to bundle up.

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