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To: rogerover who wrote (854)10/26/2010 8:58:46 PM
From: SEC Rule 17(b)
   of 1589
Wow, Dr. Earl Abbott who once ran AMOK?

This guy is sooooo talented. He's been associated with many highly promoted sizzle then fizzle companies I lost count!

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From: peter michaelson10/28/2010 2:55:38 PM
   of 1589
MSLP.ob rec'd 10/25/10

I received 3 of these this week, 2 in hand addressed envelopes.

"E3, and various affiliated companies and vendors have received and managed a total production budget of $775,000 from Taurus Holdings, Ltd.....Joseph Noel received stock compensation of 350,000 restricted shares of MSLP common stock"

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To: peter michaelson who wrote (856)10/30/2010 1:10:43 PM
From: Q.
   of 1589
I also received the MSRP tout in a hand-addressed envelope.

The envelope is disguised to look like an express delivery. It's made a the same kind of material as a FedEx envelope, for example. It has inch-high letters that shout EXPRESS DELIVERY EXPRESS PRIORITY and NEXT DAY PRIORITY EXPRESS, all in colors that mimic USPS packaging. And my address was hand-written.

Inside is yet another handwritten item: a post-it note that addresses me by my first name, followed by "Here's that Analyst" followed by a one-initial signature "S".

Very sleazy marketing indeed.

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To: peter michaelson who wrote (852)10/30/2010 1:14:25 PM
From: Q.
   of 1589
The EFRDF tout arrived here a few days after Peter's.

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From: Q.10/30/2010 1:18:41 PM
   of 1589
CRWG paid mailer arrived a few days ago.

"CFM has received and managed a total production budget of $500,000..."

This one has been promoted for a while now. Back on Sept 1 I received one, also from "Breakaway Stocks" which had a larger dollar amount disclosed. Like the previous one, this one does not identify who paid for the promotion.

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To: peter michaelson who wrote (843)10/31/2010 3:06:31 PM
From: peter michaelson
   of 1589
VSUL.ob 10/30/10 $0.45

John Person, Bottom Line Financial and Futures Newsletter

Investor information (206)381-8614

"Ninth Inning Media has received and managed a total production budget of $750,000 from Seacrest, Ltd..."

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To: peter michaelson who wrote (860)10/31/2010 3:13:58 PM
From: peter michaelson
   of 1589
MBCI.ob 10/28/10 $0.84

Tim Fields, Capital Financial Management, Untapped Wealth

"CFM has received and managed a total production budget of $850,000 for this print advertising effort..."

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To: Q. who wrote (857)11/1/2010 10:21:53 PM
From: Pete Mason
   of 1589
dude I got the same one!!! Yeah the post-it note was a new touch, at least to me. I had to show the whole family that mailer, as usual showing it to the boys and telling them that bad people were trying to trick me out of our hard-earned money... I hope the next generation will be more impervious to this stuff...

-- Pete

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To: Pete Mason who wrote (862)11/1/2010 11:38:25 PM
From: peter michaelson
   of 1589
I got 3 of those ones with the post-it notes. I'm buying 3M tomorrow.

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To: peter michaelson who wrote (863)11/1/2010 11:45:27 PM
From: blebovits
   of 1589
Today's pick is: CPMCF

Hi Everyone,
For all our new subscribers, Welcome!

CPMCF is clearly our best pick ever, as it has run from 0.03 to 0.50, producing gains of nearly 2000% for our members who got in early.

Many subscribers have made $100,000+ so far, and we wouldn't be surprised if someone even became millionaires thanks to CPMCF and our newsletter!

Now who's next?

CPMCF just announced for the first time estimates of what could really be hidden underneath the Santa Rita property...

CPMCF estimates Silver, Lear and Zing reserves in Santa Rita
to be worth at least 1billion dollars!

Everyone figured that there was much more than the 350 million the report showed as proven. Even the 43-101 report itself mentioned that it is a MINIMUM of 350million and that there is a much larger vein that could possibly contain much more minerals.

By CPMCF's estimates, it's at least close to 3 times more!

The street has been buying CPMCF with a mind set on 350million, but this 1billion estimate could change everything!

CPMCF has Major short positions in play at the moment. We believe they will cover this week which could catapult share price to new heights!

CPMCF rose 2000% this past week. If it adjusts tomorrow to the breaking news
of the 1Billion mineral estimate, it could Triple tomorrow!

CPMCF is set to profit from the rising price of Gold and Silver. Many experts say that Gold will be hitting $5,000 an ounce in the coming 24 months while Silver could reach $100.

Buying stock in a publicly traded company is one of the preferred methods of getting into a ‘rush’ such a ‘minerals rush’. You don’t have to own physical bullion, and you can buy as small or as big of portfolio as you want. It is also very liquid and the profit is bigger as when a company excavates Gold for example it could cost say $300 but the price of gold is $1400 so there is a $1100 profit right off the bat for shareholders. Whereas if you buy gold at $1400 your only upside is when it goes up from there.

CPMCF has caught the attention of wall street. It is the most traded company today on OTC with nearly 10,000 individual trades!

The current PPS of 50 cents if adjusted for the newest estimate could
possibly mean that we are looking at 1.50 a share tomorrow!

As you probably all know Barrick Gold is one of the biggest companies in the world in its field with a market cap of nearly 50 billion.

Now, something that is exciting us a lot is that Barrick Gold Corp has a mine in Ontario, Canada with proven Gold reserves of nearly 2billion dollars.

Barrick Gold’s Hemlo Property is located only a few miles away from CPMCF's Hotstone property. We have yet to see a 43-101 report from CPMCF regarding the Hotstone project but everyone knows that the area where the property is has already yielded over 200billion worth of gold in the past few decades. All the big players have mines there, and we are lead to believe by default that there could be a significant amount of gold minerals in HotStone.

We think CPMCF is very well positioned on the Gold front with its amazing property’s location.

You can visit Coastal's website at CoastalPacificMiningCorp . com

What is short selling?

What is a 43-101 report, and why is it important?

We still think that CPMCF is trading at bargain levels!

We strongly believe there is no reason why it couldn’t run past two bucks
in the coming days and almost 8000% since our initial alert!

Happy Trading!
Your PennyStockAdvice Editor.

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