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To: Tim Lento who wrote (1346)3/13/2015 1:37:16 PM
From: StockDung
   of 1589
re: ADEC / Eric Dickson

May 8, 2012, a number ofmicrocap promoters began touting AEDC across multiple media outlets, including the mass-mailing ofa 16-page newsletter to 1.2 million U.S. residents (the "AEDC Mailer"), along with e-mail blasts and internet website advertising. The AEDC Mailer made grossly exaggerated claims about the likely success ofAEDC' s oil exploration and the

potential value of AEDC shares.

36. For example, the AEDC Mailer contained unsupportable and false claims such as "Just $5,000 in AEDC [could] fetch a fast $110,550!," "AEDC could very well be a Billion dollar company by summer," "AEDC is already sitting on a massive play where just one of their wells is a proven $800 million gusher!" and "we could see shares hit $4.26 fast, and upwards of

$27.63 when all is said and done." The AEDC Mailer also encouraged investors to purchase

AEDC stock through statements such as "Take Action Now!" and recommended that they do so

at a price of under $4 per share. In addition, the AEDC Mailer falsely claimed that the Michigan

wells it invested in were in close proximity to other wells owned and operated by companies


including ExxonMobil when in reality, at the time, major oil and gas companies such as ExxonMobil were not the owners ofany oil or gas wells anywhere near the wells that AEDC invested in.

37. According to the AEDC Mailer, Themis Partners paid $1.6 million to a U.S. marketing company to conduct the promotional campaign and "approved for public dissemination" all statements within the document. Unbeknownst to the recipients of the AEDC Mailer, however, was that the Cravens used Themis Partners as a conduit to disguise their funding ofthe ,AEDC Mailer:

a. On March 17, 2012, D. Craven instructed Langold's broker to wire $510,000 from Langold's account to Themis Partners, referring to it as a "payment concerning a market awareness program on [AEDC]." On March 22,2012, Themis Partners used this money to fund its $500,000 wire to the marketing company as down payment for the AEDC Mailer.

b. On March 17, 2012, Arliss International, Inc., the Swiss account for which A. Craven is listed as the "settlor" (i.e., the person who creates the trust identified as the account's beneficial owner) and D. Craven had signatory authority and served as the sole director, wired $204,000 to Themis Partners. On March 28, 2012, Themis Partners wired that $200,000 to the marketing company as the second payment for the AEDC promotional campaign.

c. On May 5, 2012, Montafon's Swiss account, which is beneficially owned by A. Craven, wired $922,500 to Themis Partners. On May 8, 2012, Themis Partners


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From: Tim Lento5/18/2015 11:38:45 AM
   of 1589
GROG $150K weekly promotion first received on Sunday, March 1, 2015

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From: Tim Lento5/27/2015 12:03:50 PM
   of 1589
FLSR $700K promotion first received on Monday, March 2, 2015

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From: beaute-club.fr6/12/2015 2:58:27 PM
   of 1589
Disclosed budget: $1,200,000
Promoter: The Moskowitz Report / Charles Moskowitz / Tabius Sway Media Inc
Paying party: Chesh Medial Ltd.
Shares outstanding: 28,334,535
Previous closing price: $2.34
Market capitalization: $66 million


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From: StockDung6/18/2015 7:08:24 PM
   of 1589
Securities and Exchange Commission v. Norstra Energy Inc., Glen Landry and Eric Dany, Civil Action No. 15-cv-4751 (S.D.N.Y.)

U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Litigation Release No. 23290 / June 18, 2015 Securities and Exchange Commission v. Norstra Energy Inc., Glen Landry and Eric Dany, Civil Action No. 15-cv-4751 (S.D.N.Y.) SEC Charges Microcap Oil Company CEO and Stock Promoter with Defrauding Investors The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a Texas-based oil company and its CEO with defrauding investors about reserve estimates and drilling plans, and charged the author of a stock-picking newsletter for his role in a fraudulent promotional campaign encouraging readers to buy the oil company's penny stock shares.

The SEC alleges that shortly after becoming Norstra Energy's CEO in March 2013, Glen Landry began making false and misleading claims about business prospects on Norstra's website as well as in press releases and SEC filings. Landry and Norstra Energy misled investors about the location of the company's property in order to make the wells appear more promising and twice disclosed an inaccurate date to begin drilling operations to make the potential for oil riches appear imminent.

The SEC's complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan alleges that promotional materials issued by Eric Dany falsely proclaimed that "Norstra Energy could be sitting on top of as much as 8.5 billion barrels of oil!" and said the planned wells had a 99 percent chance of profitability. After the exaggerated statements about its property and prospects caused Norstra Energy's stock price to increase nearly 600 percent in a three-month period, the SEC suspended trading in June 2013.

The SEC's complaint charges Norstra Energy, Landry, and Dany with fraud and seeks final judgments ordering permanent injunctions, return of allegedly ill-gotten gains with interest, and financial penalties. The SEC also seeks to bar Landry from serving as an officer or director of a public company or participating in a penny stock offering. For further information, please see Press Release Number 2015-126 (June 18, 2015).
Modified: 06/18/2015

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From: Tim Lento6/25/2015 10:31:19 AM
   of 1589
ENZB $100K promotion received on Monday, March 9, 2015

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From: Tim Lento7/21/2015 10:58:38 AM
   of 1589
RLMD $964.4K promotion received on Friday, March 13, 2015

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From: Tim Lento7/28/2015 10:59:42 AM
   of 1589
PTRA $5K (undisclosed total budget) promotion first received on Monday, March 16, 2015

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From: Tim Lento8/3/2015 11:01:08 AM
   of 1589
GRSU $250K promotion first received on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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To: StockDung who wrote (1497)2/19/2016 10:23:47 AM
From: StockDung
   of 1589
Tobin Smith Claims About IWEB: "In short: I cannot say it LOUD enough or STRONG ENOUGH: you SHOULD be buying shares of IceWeb (IWEB) NOW Under The .25-.30 per share valuation!"
  • "NOW that you understand just a little about what's happening in the world of Cloud Storage and Big Data Analytics...and the impact on data storage from the petabytes of data they understand ALL you need to know to make a damn FORTUNE from this under 25 cents stock/ tiny $20 million market cap company." [emphasis in original]
  • "As a micro cap publicly traded company they have ZERO coverage by IT analysts on Wall Street--that is the story for most EVERY IT stock under $500 million market cap. But it's exactly this LACK of visibility that allow you and I to purchase shares NOW at a ground floor valuation JUST as their fundamentals are about to EXPLODE."
  • "Look...I've been a tech nerd and research analyst for 20 years...and only a very FEW times have I found a company in the EXACT right place at the EXACT right time and the EXACT right value for me to make a 10X profit IN MY SLEEP over the next 9-12 months...MORE if they hold out for the next 18-24 months and wait for the REALLY ENORMOUS payday."


    FINRA Bars Broker For Market Manipulation - Supervisor Barred From Supervising, Suspended And Fined - Additional Broker Sanctioned Date 19/02/2016

    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) announced today that it has barred broker George Johnson from the securities industry for engaging in a manipulative trading scheme to artificially inflate the market price and trading volume for the common stock of IceWEB, Inc. (OTCBB: IWEB). FINRA also sanctioned Christopher Wynne, Johnson's supervisor, suspending him for two years in all capacities, barring him in a principal capacity, and fining him $25,000. Joseph Mahalick, another broker who worked with Johnson and Wynne, was suspended for six months and fined $20,000 for falsifying firm records and has been barred from the securities industry in a separate action. Johnson, Wynne and Mahalick all worked for Meyers Associates L.P. in that firm's Chicago branch office during the time period of the misconduct.

    FINRA found that over an eight-day period, Johnson manipulated the market for IWEB by recommending that certain of his customers buy at increasingly higher and artificially inflated prices while also recommending his other customers sell their shares, frequently matching trades between the customers. FINRA found that among Johnson's motives for manipulating the stock was the fact that he wanted to obtain business from the issuer for which he would anticipate receiving compensation in connection with a future private offering. Johnson coordinated a campaign with a stock promoter to attempt to increase the stock's share price to a level that would allow for the exercise of certain warrants.

    Brad Bennett, FINRA's Executive Vice President and Chief of Enforcement, said, "Any broker engaging in manipulative activity poses a threat to market integrity and has no place in the securities industry. The branch office manager, who was the first line of defense in supervising George Johnson's activities, completely failed to supervise his transactions to ensure compliance with securities laws and FINRA rules."

    FINRA also found that Johnson and Wynne sent customers IWEB sales materials that omitted information concerning material conflicts of interest and material risks concerning IWEB's business, and contained misleading, exaggerated and unwarranted information. Moreover, Johnson disclosed confidential information to potential purchasers concerning another offering.

    In addition to the IWEB scheme, FINRA found that Johnson committed fraud by recommending that certain of his customers purchase shares of another penny stock without disclosing to them that he was liquidating his own personal positions of the security from his own brokerage accounts.

    In addition, FINRA's investigation found that to cover up Johnson's violations of state securities registration requirements, Johnson, Mahalick and Wynne agreed to the practice of entering false information on more than 100 order memoranda, indicating that Wynne or Mahalick was responsible for the account or transactions, instead of Johnson.

    In settling this matter, Johnson, Wynne and Mahalick neither admitted nor denied the charges, but consented to the entry of FINRA's findings.

    Investors can obtain more information about, and the disciplinary record of, any FINRA-registered broker or brokerage firm by using FINRA's BrokerCheck. FINRA makes BrokerCheck available at no charge. In 2015, members of the public used this service to conduct 71 million reviews of broker or firm records. Investors can access BrokerCheck at or by calling (800) 289-9999. Investors may find copies of this disciplinary action as well as other disciplinary documents in FINRA's Disciplinary Actions Online database. Investors can also call FINRA's Securities Helpline for Seniors at (844) 57-HELPS for assistance or to raise concerns about issues they have with their brokerage accounts and investments.

    FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is the largest independent regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States. FINRA is dedicated to investor protection and market integrity through effective and efficient regulation and complementary compliance and technology-based services. FINRA touches virtually every aspect of the securities business – from registering and educating all industry participants to examining securities firms, writing rules, enforcing those rules and the federal securities laws, and informing and educating the investing public. In addition, FINRA provides surveillance and other regulatory services for equities and options markets, as well as trade reporting and other industry utilities. FINRA also administers the largest dispute resolution forum for investors and firms. For more information, please visit

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