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   Gold/Mining/EnergyGold and Silver Juniors, Mid-tiers and Producers

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From: LoneClone11/22/2021 3:10:35 PM
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I-80 Gold aka IAU released an update on McCoy-Cove, one of four gold properties in Nevada they are advancing towards production. They have owned this one the longest and know it the best, which makes today's announcement exciting. Early next year a contractor will start building a 1000M+ long decline which will be used to conduct a 40000M drilling campaign whose purpose will be to upgrade the existing resource, one of the highest grading in North America, through infill drilling. As the ore is refractory, what makes this development work is the deal they have with Nevada Gold Mines to use their facilities while IAU recently purchased of infrastructure at Lone Tree is upgraded.

Message 33585771

Riverside Resources aka RRI has been a successful project generator in Mexico for years, so it was unexpected when in August last year they announced they had staked three properties on a little known greenstone belt near Kenora in Ontario. But given their history, I shouldn't be surprised that they have already found a buyer for the properties. They will receive $125k and retain NSRSs when they complete this deal with Golden Retriever Resources, a presumably private company I had never heard of.

Message 33585812

Impact Silver aka IPT released its Q3 results, as the company continues to wake up from a long period of somnolence. They have several mills and multiple mines, producing and non-producing, at their adjoining Zacualpan and Mamtla properties in Mexico, producing silver and various byproduct metals. Q3 was a transitional quarter focused on development of areas for future production, so Ag production was down a bit and costs crept up, but they were still able to generate positive cash flow and a net profit, increasing their cash stash of $21.5M with no debt.

The best new is that they are remaining ambitious. They are ramping up exploration and have bought a fourth drill, and are looking at bring the Capire open pit, which used to be a money spinner even at lower metal prices, back into production.

Message 33585845

Queen's Road Capital aka QRC, who are different from the usual royalty/streamer company in that they issue debentures which generate cash flow used to pay dividends, released an update today, aannoincing that 74% of the shares opted to used the their recently instituted DRIP programme, taking shares rather than cash as their dividend. They are going to take the cash that would have been paid out in dividends absent the DRIP and use it to establish a share buyback programme. There was no indication as to whether this would be continued for future dividends.

The dividend has not yet shown up in my TDW accounts so I don't yet know whether I have received money or shares. I am hoping the latter, and will be bugging TDW if I get cash instead. TDW normally make these decisions on a stock by stock basis, which they then apply to all shareholders in their accounts.

Turning to Minera IRL aka MIRL, things are coming to a head in the attempt by shareholders to oust the corrupt CEO in the upcoming AGM. Just when you think the saga can't take another turn, it does. You can follow the details at this board.

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To: LoneClone who wrote (77718)11/24/2021 3:18:06 PM
From: LoneClone
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You wouldn't know it by the share prices, but Teuton Resources aka TUO and its JV partners today announced the discovery of a 4th gold deposit on their Treaty Creek property in the Golden Triangle of BC, with a headline assay of 1.30g/t AuEq over 53.9M within 155.5M of 0.82 g/t AuEq. This year's exploration is now complete and the camps have been closed, but there are still a number of assays pending which will give us a better picture of this new zone, which has been named Calm Before the Storm or CBS. The area was until recently cover by glaciers, and highlights the potential for even more discoveries as the melting, alas, continues.

As we wait for the remaining assays, we can contemplate which the share price is so low. I sold some shares at double the current share price not so long ago, and there have been many positive developments since.

Message 33589644

Sandstorm Gold Royalties aka SSL announced the long awaited results of the FBS on the Hod Maden gold/copper project in Turkey. (SSL holds a 30% net profits interest plus a 2% NSR.) The numbers look very good to me, delivering an NPV of over $1B and an IRR of 36% at copper and gold prices much lower than the current levels.

Their Turkish partner is processing apace. Permits have already been submitted and are expected to be granted by the middle of 2022, whereupon construction will begin aiming at first production in the second half of 2024. I still expect the net profits interest to be sold or converted into a larger NSR, but am glad to know that even if they don't , SSL's share of initial capex is estimated at only $32M.

Message 33589680

FWIW, in response TD issued a new analyst report which calls the FBS results slightly positive but keeping SSL at Buy with a target of $12.50

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To: LoneClone who wrote (77719)11/24/2021 5:43:57 PM
From: kidl
   of 77824
SSL / Hod Maden … If Erdogan goes, it may become an asset. If Erdogan stays or another Erdogan takes over (not an unlikely scenario), it’s a waste of time and money.

Current Hod Maden value: Zero IMHO.

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To: LoneClone who wrote (77719)11/24/2021 8:44:42 PM
From: Pianoman1997
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I just acquired some AMK below 20 cents and also TUD. I am in no hurry will wait for the return of gold bull.

I have a feeling that AMK might be the first one to be taken over. Will TUD try to control even more of TCreek or will TUO try to grow its share? Or will SEA go for it as well? Majors will probably wait for $2000 GOLD Grades are not fantastic but you can plan a large operation there and dig all your life and still find gold.

The price for any of the 3 partners is hard to resist if one keeps a mid-long term view.

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To: kidl who wrote (77720)11/25/2021 5:10:07 PM
From: LoneClone
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IMO you fail to understand the power of SSL's partner at Hod Maden. Even Erdogan would think twice before messing with them. In any case, according to my Turkish friends, there is huge anger building at Erdogan for the way he is mishandling the interest rate/Lira exchange rate fiasco. He might be gone sooner than anyone expects, though it is sure to be a messy process.


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From: LoneClone11/26/2021 3:47:15 PM
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Yesterday we had some not so great news from Teuton Resources aka TUO and Silver Grail about drilling on the JVed assets in BC's Golden Triangle. Assays from 4 holes on Konkin Silver encountered plenty of alteration but it was all pyrites with negligible PM content, while the hole on the Midas property had to be abandoned before reaching the targets. And due to winter closing in early, the drill programme on the Eskay Rift property has been postponed to next year.

Message 33591014

B2Gold aka BTO has revealed some news that makes it less likely for me to buy back in, that they are weighing the acquisition of gold assets in Zimbabwe, one of the most corrupt and chaotic countries in Africa. That would not be a good move IMO. They just managed to reduce their country risk by selling some assets, so why increase it again?

Message 33591719

Gold is holding up pretty well today in the face of the recent failed breakout and the big down day on the markets. What's next? Who knows?

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To: LoneClone who wrote (77723)11/26/2021 4:15:11 PM
From: Clark Kent
   of 77824
And then yesterday insider Barry Holmes buys a few SVG shares . What's he doing?

Filed 2021-11-25 18:38 Tx date 2021-11-25 $SVG
Silver Grail Resources Ltd.
Holmes, George Barry
4 - Director of Issuer
Direct Ownership

Common Shares
10 - Acquisition or disposition in the public market
+33,000 vol
$0.15 each

Yesterday we had some not so great news from Teuton Resources aka TUO and Silver Grail about drilling on the JVed assets in BC's Golden Triangle. Assays from 4 holes on Konkin Silver encountered plenty of alteration but it was all pyrites with negligible PM content, while the hole on the Midas property had to be abandoned before reaching the targets. And due to winter closing in early, the drill programme on the Eskay Rift property has been postponed to next year.

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From: LoneClone11/29/2021 1:48:04 PM
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We had news from Orsu Metals aka OSU about its Sergeevskoe property in Russia. Sergeevskoe has always been portrayed as a gold project, but today we hear that they have discovered three copper/gold porphyries of two types, two with molybdenum values, one without. There are not the giant porphyries one finds in BC or Peru, and the assays are not that high, but this development certainly add meaningfully to the suite of metals on the property, depending on how exploration and metallurgical tests proceed.

Message 33595188

Nova Royalties aka NSR published its Q3 financial results today. This was a significant quarter for MSR as they pivoted increasingly to copper, including the acquisition of their first cash flowing royalty on Aura Minerals' Aranzazu Cu/Au/Ag mine in Mexico. Interestingly for a financial report, this PR contained almost financial information, which you have to go find on their quarterly filings. But of course NSR right now, in spite of the Aranzazu royalty, is all about potential, i.e. how soon the companies they had advanced to can bring their assets into production.

Message 33595301

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To: LoneClone who wrote (77723)11/30/2021 3:22:39 PM
From: onepath
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Outstanding results for TUO on Treaty creek today.TUO being held down by some tax loss selling maybe.
Going to add more before year end.

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From: LoneClone12/1/2021 3:15:11 PM
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Teuton Gold aka TUO and its JV partners on the Treaty Creek Au/Ag project in BC's Golden Triangle released another set of drill results. These numbers covered 7 holes on the northern side of the Goldstorm deposit and steadily increased in strength as the drilling headed northwards, leaving Goldstorm still open for expansion in that direction. The results included the longest intercept to date at Treaty Crrek, 1320.0M @ 0.97 g/t AuEq in a hole that ended in strong mineralization. It is also interesting that Cu values are getting stronger to the north, and TUO president D. Cremonese also noticed that the minerlization is very similar to that which will mined by block caving at the nearby Red Chris mine.

This set of deposits is turning into a monster.

Message 33597256

It is interesting to note that Amarillo Gold aka AGC and its Brazilian gold properties are being bought by Hochschild for 40 cents a share. I sold my last shares of AGC many years ago for $1.12.

Message 33598608

B2Gold aka BTO announced they had lowered their country risk by completing the sale of the Kiaka and Tooga Au deposits in Burkina Fasi to WAF.AX. (They did not put it that way, but...) There has been no further update on speculation that they are going to increase that country risk even higher than it was by acquiring gold assets in Zimbabwe.

Message 33598616

In February prospect generator Riverside Resources aka RRI, which usually operates only in Mexico, announced they were selling a recently-stake set of gold prospective properties in the Geraldton-Beardmore Greenstone belt in Ontario to IMetals. Today they announced that the sale will not be competed, taking care to emphasize that the situation has changed since the sale was first trumpeted. Equinox and Orion announced the start of construction of the nearby Hardrock mine, while exploration has kicked up across the region. In the interim RRI has carried out more exploration, and I expect them to either bring in a JV partner or find another buyer.

Message 33598635

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