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   Technology StocksLightwave Logic, Inc.

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From: Paul Lee5/12/2020 8:40:25 AM
   of 1807
Lightwave Logic Provides Corporate Update

ACCESSWIREMay 12, 2020

ENGLEWOOD, CO / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2020 / Lightwave Logic, Inc. ( LWLG), a technology platform company leveraging its proprietary electro-optic polymers to transmit data at higher speeds with less power, today provided a corporate update in conjunction with the filing of its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the first quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Recent Company Highlights:

  • Announced breakthrough test results for the Company's latest electro-optic polymer material, which exceeded target performance at 1310 nanometers, a wavelength commonly used in high-volume datacenter fiber optics.
  • During COVID-19, the Company temporarily curtailed most of its business operations at its facility from mid-March through May 1, 2020; however, a majority of employees continued to work from home, resulting in the filing of four new patents, extensive chemistry and device simulation, review of fabrication procedure with data analysis, and continued engagement with potential customers and partners.
  • Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michael Lebby gave a virtual keynote address at the SPIE Photonics Digital Forum in April 2020, providing an industry perspective on how fast and low power electro-optic polymer optical devices are ideally positioned for the next-generation internet.
  • President Jim Marcelli presented a corporate overview and held 1x1 meetings with institutional investors at the NobleCon16 Investor Conference, hosted by Noble Capital Markets in Hollywood, Florida in February 2020.
  • The full text of the Company's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the first quarter ended March 31, 2020 was filed with the SEC on May 11, 2020 and can be found here.

    Management Commentary

    "The first quarter of 2020 was marked by our continued refinement of our proprietary electro-optic polymers, incorporating feedback from potential partners to drive our technology closer to commercialization," said Michael Lebby, CEO of Lightwave Logic. "We are pleased with our development efforts, notably increasing the speed of our modulators while concurrently realizing breakthrough test results for our latest polymer materials, which paves the way for future integration using our seamless technology, as we work to engage tier-1 customers globally."

    I look forward to continued milestone achievements in the months ahead, working to create sustainable value for our shareholders over the long-term," concluded Lebby.

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    From: Paul Lee10/15/2020 9:06:24 AM
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    Lightwave Logic Announces its Proprietary Polymer Technology Compatible with Standard Integrated Photonics Platforms

    Technological Improvement a Direct Result of Feedback from Potential Customers Under NDA

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo., October 15, 2020 -- Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCQB: LWLG), a technology platform company leveraging its proprietary electro-optic polymers to transmit data at higher speeds with less power, today announced that it determined that its proprietary polymer technologies are compatible with currently available integrated photonics platforms as a direct result of feedback from several of its potential customers under NDA.

    Lightwave Logic’s proprietary electro-optic materials are currently in the prototyping phase and are fabricated onto standard silicon wafers. This advancement, driven by the feedback the company received from potential customers to-date, has allowed the company’s materials to be suitable for additive integration to integrated photonics platforms such as silicon photonics, as well as indium phosphide and other standard platforms – therefore enabling simpler integration by customers.

    “This breakthrough allows a polymer modulator to enhance the performance of existing integrated photonics solutions in the marketplace, enabling higher speed and lower power consumption on foundry-fabricated photonics designs,” said Dr. Michael Lebby, Chief Executive Officer of Lightwave Logic.

    “The fact that our technology is additive to existing platforms such as silicon photonics is critical in today’s data-rich environment, as it means that electro-optic polymers are not actually competing with integrated photonic platforms, but rather enabling them to be more competitive in the marketplace. This improvement, driven by potential customer feedback, is truly exciting as it further validates our EO polymer platform as ideally suited to enable optical networking more efficiently than ever,” concluded Lebby.

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    From: caly1/29/2021 7:35:44 PM
       of 1807
    Lightwave Logic Provides Corporate Update on Strategic Intellectual Property Development EffortsAggressive IP Strategy Designed to Protect All Aspects of the Company's Proprietary Solutions; Continues to Extend Effective Life of Patent Protection on Core & Next-Generation Technologies in Key Global Markets

    January 28, 2021

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCQB: LWLG), a technology platform company leveraging its proprietary electro-optic polymers to transmit data at higher speeds with less power, today announced a corporate update on its aggressive intellectual property development efforts, designed to extend the effective life of patent protection on both the Company's core and next-generation technologies in key global markets.

    "Our technology platform leverages our proprietary electro-optic polymers, designed to help scale existing internet infrastructure by transmitting data at higher speeds with less power, which is absolutely essential as the demand for data continues its exponential growth trajectory," said Dr. Michael Lebby, Chief Executive Officer of Lightwave Logic. "The need for technology like ours became apparent during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, as stay-at-home orders drove immense internet traffic, forcing some companies to throttle speeds and temporarily disable the option for HD video streaming in certain regions. This is the moment when many began to realize the importance of what we are doing at Lightwave Logic.

    "Our intellectual property portfolio, designed to strengthen our freedom of manufacturing in the field, now spans over 70 domestic and international patents and patent applications. As we continue to aggressively develop our intellectual property portfolio in advance of future commercial initiatives, we have added and continue to add a number of exciting new patents and patent applications for technologies we developed to address feedback from our ongoing evaluations with potential customers.

    "All of these new inventions over the past year all add to our already robust IP portfolio. The breadth and depth of our patent portfolio is impressive, allowing freedom of manufacturing in today's competitive environment. While prior to today the company has noted publicly that it has over 50 issued patents that support our electro-optic polymer platform, if patent applications and international derivatives are included that number increases to over 70 as noted above," continued Lebby.

    "Our portfolio of patents is strongest in the materials segment, where we maintain over 35 patents enabling unrivaled performance characteristics. As we have noted for the past year, we have been focusing on building strong and defendable patents in fabrication of chromophores with polymer materials and in this segment, we have achieved over 7 patents to-date. Designing electro-optical materials into high performing chromophores, and then fabricating them into modulator devices has allowed us to patent a number of high performing designs and structures. This has led us to build our device portfolio to over 15 patents. Electro-optic polymer modulator devices need to be packaged for operation, and we have also proudly generated over 15 high-performance package patents so that our modulators can be prototyped in data centric applications. In addition, we currently are processing a number of new inventions in the materials, chemistry, fabrication, devices and packaging spaces that are currently under review at the U.S. Patent office.

    "IP efforts such as these serve to further solidify our U.S. and International patent portfolio, protecting our technology platform and strengthening our competitive position in the industry. As we continue to generate strong interest from industry players, our IP portfolio will enable us to consider complementary revenue opportunities as we progress with potential partners in 2021 to address the telecommunications and datacenter segments of the market.

    "I can proudly say that the tireless efforts of our engineers and scientists have created a very strong competitive position for the company. I look forward to continued success on this front as we march ever closer to mass commercialization – a key milestone in our efforts to create sustainable, long-term value for our shareholders," concluded Lebby.

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    From: Fruno6/8/2021 7:45:53 PM
    1 Recommendation   of 1807
    The recent rise in share price is a reaction to the video released on May 27 in conjunction with the annual shareholders meeting. Anyone interested in the company should watch it and peruse the rest of the website.

    My summary of what makes LWLG so compelling that I've held shares for 15 years:
    • 20+ years of development has produced chromophores (dye molecules) that react to electricity by emitting photons (electro-optical effect). The photons can be regulated to encode data in a binary manner to convey information, similar to electrons passing through a silicon chip. Photons are faster and require less energy to produce.
    • LWLG embeds the chromophore in a polymer (plastic) substrate in configurations similar to existing products that use different chemistry, and that are less stable, more expensive, and require more power to operate than LWLG's materials.
    • The potential applications for the technology are numerous, but LWLG is concentrating on modulators for data transmission in data centers. Modulators translate digital information in the form of electrical signals into light to be transmitted through optical fibers.
    • LWLG has proven that it's modulators can transmit data at speeds faster than any other commercially available product. In the recent video, it is made clear that they have materials that exceed the speed that can be measured by existing equipment. LWLG worked with an equipment manufacturer to develop the current 'state of the art' - it must now be extended to higher speeds.
    • LWLG has developed packaging and manufacturing methods that allow their devices to be layered on to silicon chips using existing fabrication technology.
    • The modulators require a laser as a light source. Current products also require a driver, a separate component to provide power to the laser. LWLG's modulators use less power, and are therefore 'driverless'. They don't need the extra component to provide extra power. This is a huge advantage.
    • They are working with chip fabs to develop "PDKs", production development kits. These are specs foundries can use to integrate the tech into their manufacturing processes.
    • All of this tech is well protected by an extensive IP portfolio.
    • Much of the details of the development of the tech has been withheld due to NDAs with potential customers. In the video, it is explained that sometime 'soon' that should change, with joint PRs with NDA partners.
    • When the video was released, LWLG had met all the requirements for listing on the NASDAQ except for share price. The recent rise over $4 meets the requirement. Uplisting to the NASDAQ should be announced in the near future.

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    To: Fruno who wrote (1787)6/10/2021 9:39:47 PM
    From: caly
       of 1807
    It's been a long and winding road. :)

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    To: Fruno who wrote (1787)6/29/2021 3:48:40 PM
    From: Paul Lee
       of 1807
    not getting a lot of love here

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    From: XenaLives1/26/2023 10:26:52 AM
       of 1807
    IMO - Silicon investor is a better option for those who do not want to feed the trolls on IHUB.

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    To: XenaLives who wrote (1790)1/26/2023 2:53:14 PM
    From: greg s
       of 1807
    option for those who do not want to feed the trolls on IHUB.
    Wouldn't want anything to interfere with the insider share-selling scheme.

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    To: greg s who wrote (1791)1/26/2023 5:38:26 PM
    From: XenaLives
       of 1807
    Pure B.S. Insiders are not selling shares

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    From: XenaLives8/31/2023 5:50:42 PM
       of 1807
    IHUB has become a sewer with the recent change in rules....

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