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   PoliticsErr America: They Report, They Decide

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To: American Spirit who wrote (1453)6/3/2008 3:29:39 AM
From: Neeka
   of 1513
Will you PLEASE shut up and find something else to whine about. O'Reilly beats all of them even in the show that replays at 11............look at his numbers.......they are incredible. And FOX gets more than twice the viewers in Prime Time than any other cable news show. Hannity and Colmes just blows the errrrrrrr competition ggg away.

Americans watch FOX because they know they aren't going to get lied to or have to endure a bunch of biased propaganda.

Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for May 19, 2008

P2+ Total Day
FNC – 885,000 viewers
CNN – 515,000 viewers>
MSNBC – 440,000 viewers
CNBC – 251,000 viewers
HLN – 253,000 viewers

P2+ Prime Time
FNC – 1,781,000 viewers
CNN – 755,000 viewers
MSNBC- 729,000 viewers
CNBC – 129,000 viewers
HLN – 511,000 viewers

25-54 Total Day
FNC – 215,000 viewers
CNN –158,000 viewers
MSNBC – 200,000 viewers
CNBC – 92,000 viewers
HLN- 112,000 viewers

25-54 Prime Time
FNC – 390,000 viewers
CNN – 238,000 viewers>
MSNBC – 325,000 viewers
CNBC – 65,000 viewers
HLN – 222,000 viewers

Morning programs P2+ (25-54)
FOX & Friends – 955,000 viewers (267,000)
American Morning- 383,000 viewers (142,000)
Morning Joe – 439,000 viewers (162,000)
Morning Express w/ Meade- 256,000 viewers (115,000)

6PM - P2+ (25-54)
Special Report with Brit Hume – 1,333,000 viewers (319,000)
Situation Room- 749,000 viewers (192,000)
Race to the White House- 559,000 viewers (156,000)
Mad Money – 273,000 viewers (96,000)
Prime News- 172,000 viewers (61,000)

7PM - P2+ (25-54)
Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith – 1,294,000 viewers (295,000)
Lou Dobbs – 1,009,000 viewers (211,000)
Hardball – 713,000 viewers (317,000)
Kudlow & Company- 240,000 viewers (83,000)
Glenn Beck – 368,000 viewers (129,000)

8PM - P2+ (25-54)
The O’Reilly Factor- 2,247,000 viewers (507,000) [O'Reilly on vacation this week]
CNN Election Center– 692,000 viewers (183,000)
Countdown w/ Olbermann – 1,081,000 viewers (477,000)
Fast Money- 137,000 viewers (78,000)
Nancy Grace – 672,000 viewers (258,000)

9 PM - P2+ (25-54)
Hannity & Colmes – 1,794,000 viewers (396,000)
Larry King Live – 852,000 viewers (284,000)
Verdict w/ Dan Abrams – 584,000 viewers (266,000)
Conversations w/ Eisner - 123,000 viewers (53,000)
Glenn Beck- 443,000 viewers (187,000)

10 PM P2+ (25-54)
On the Record – 1,302,000 viewers (267,000)
Anderson Cooper– 720,000 viewers (248,000)
Countdown w/ Olbermann – 521,000 viewers (233,000)
Donny Deutsch- 127,000 viewers (64,000)
Nancy Grace – 453,000 viewers (228,000)

11 PM P2+ (25-54)
The O’Reilly Factor (repeat) - 1,158,000 viewers (279,000)
Anderson Cooper – 552,000 viewers (188,000)
MSNBC Investigates- 346,000 viewers (182,000)
Mad Money- a scratch with 105,000 viewers (59,000)
Showbiz Tonight– 379,000 viewers (232,000)

P2+ = viewers over the age of 2

(25-54) = Adults 25-54 viewing

Prime Time = 8-11pm

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2008 Nielsen Media Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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To: American Spirit who wrote (1453)6/3/2008 3:37:59 AM
From: Neeka
   of 1513
Speaking of McClellan...

Courtesy LB from the PfP thread.

Shocker of the Day: Scottie McClellan's Book Proposal Defended Bush, Attacked the Liberal Media
But the trouble with such a book is that people with far more credibility and talent have been pumping them out for years.

The best Scottie McClellan could hope for with such a book -- assuming some soft-hearted conservative gave him a break and bothered publishing it all -- would be mostly heavily discounted "sales" basically given out freely to people who attended his mostly-skipped speeches at conservative conferences. "Sales," mostly at a bargain-basement practically-giving-them-away price, that would number in the tens of thousands... if it was a halfway decent book.

Which it probably wouldn't be.

But a purported takedown of the president... a tale of duplicity and impeachment-level crimes and misdemeanors from a "Bush insider"... well, that would sell like gangbusters on the left, wouldn't it?

SCOTT McClellan could not easily sell his book to conservatives, who basically considered him, at best, an amiable incompetent, far removed from any serious policy decisionmaking and with nothing terribly interesting to say. It's not that we wished him ill. It's just that we pretty much regarded him precisely the way the liberal media regarded him, as a nebbishy dunce who could barely string three talking points together, nevermind a whole book.

But change the audience, write the exact opposite of the book you first pitched to publishers, and you've got a chance at a bestseller.

[I]nstead of whacking the press for not digging deep enough into the Bush administration's rationale for war, as he does in his memoir, the proposal dings the press for a left-wing bias. "Fairness is defined by the establishment media within the left-of-center boundaries they set," he offers. "They defend their reporting as fair because both sides are covered. But, how fair can it be when it is within the context of the liberal slant of the reporting? And, while the reporting of the establishment media may be based on true statements and facts, is it an accurate picture of what is really happening?"…

"I will directly address myths that have been associated with [the president], some deliberately perpetuated by activist liberals and some created by the media, and look at the reality behind those myths," he writes. His book, as published, would seem to indicate that after looking behind those myths, he apparently decided many of them were accurate.

McClellan also promises to "get into the influence of activist liberal reporters, like Keith Olbermann, Nation Editor David Corn, and Washington Post blogger Dan Froomkin, and activist liberal media personalities like Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Al Franken, Bill Maher and Arianna Huffington."

Instead, he did a 50-minute turn with Olbermann on his MSNBC program Thursday night — an interview in which Olbermann described McClellan's book as the "Rosetta Stone for understanding the last seven years of American history."


McClellan promises plenty of material on the media and even offers a chapter on NBC correspondent David Gregory. "I will take a look at notable personalities in the White House Briefing Room, including David Gregory and Helen Thomas. I anticipate an entire chapter about the former," he promises.

So, Scottie's book proposal promised an attack on Olbermann and a (qualified) defense of Bush. Instead, it was, um, "tweaked" to rip Bush and give Olbermann a Matthews-level thrill up his leg.

And it sold, of course.

Conservative publishing houses are very cheap, from what I've heard, and very focused on the bottom line. Liberal publishers -- by which I mean all other publishers not expressly conservatives -- have a lot more money to just give to liberal favorites whether or not their stupid books will sell more than a couple of dozen copies.

I guess we need a big, big publisher that can afford to pay shameless incompetents like Scottie McClellan sizable advances for books that won't sell. That will at least immunize them against the blandishments of the deep-pocketed liberal media machine.

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To: American Spirit who wrote (1452)6/3/2008 8:48:35 AM
From: TideGlider
   of 1513
LOL You keep saying FOX is number TWO. Who is number ONE on your spaced out list?

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To: Neeka who wrote (1456)6/3/2008 10:13:34 AM
From: Bill
   of 1513
That's incredible.
Has McClellan no integrity?

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To: Neeka who wrote (1455)6/3/2008 10:19:46 AM
From: Bill
   of 1513
But you left out Olbermann's prime demographic: viewers UNDER 2...

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To: Bill who wrote (1458)6/3/2008 1:53:10 PM
From: Neeka
   of 1513
Apparently not!

What a legacy he's going to leave. Hope his kids and further generations are proud. It would be like being related to John Wilkes Boothe.

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To: Bill who wrote (1459)6/3/2008 1:54:16 PM
From: Neeka
   of 1513
Sorry! -gg-

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To: Neeka who wrote (1460)6/3/2008 2:07:10 PM
From: Alan Smithee
   of 1513
Watched him a little last night on TV

The guy is a real weasel.

I'd like to see him become unemployable, but some leftie will probably give him work.

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To: Alan Smithee who wrote (1462)6/3/2008 2:11:35 PM
From: Neeka
   of 1513
I caught site of him sitting there making excuse after excuse and turned the weasel off.

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To: Neeka who wrote (1463)6/3/2008 10:40:13 PM
From: Alan Smithee
   of 1513
He deserves to have his books consigned to the $1.99 remainder bins and to become a pariah, unemployable by either Dems or Republicans.

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