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From: hubris3312/31/2012 2:56:03 PM
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What do we need to see from COT in order to support a price hike in POG? .... ...

Friday's OI - 425K

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From: hubris3312/31/2012 3:11:11 PM
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*** Happy New Year! *****

How Many PM Stocks Did You Look at this Year? ...................... .................

Ugh! Just finished assembling notes on a slew of PM companies that have crossed my path, for some reason or another. Some are great plays, many dogs. I ended up ranking 17.5% as a "A", 7.5% got a B, 27.5% a C and 5% a D and 42.5% an F! Some are large established miners with great growth potential, some are exploration plays. Quite a few dead shell companies. Found these from various sources. Sometimes one company has common leaders with another, other times the names crop up on those comparison charts in the corporate presentations, some times they own shares of each other? Now there are a few (well many) that are on the GDX or HUI that aren't on my list - though I have looked at them, just not overly interested. Of course there will be more added as time goes by. I'll probably take a look at the rest of the GDXJ list of stocks, but note about 26% of those companies are NOT listed on a North American Exchange and thus relatively inaccessible - so why bother?

So if anything strikes your fancy... let's get some comments going? Who wants to trade DD?


Abcourt Mines Inc


Agnico Eagle


Alexco Resource Corp

Alicanto Minerals Ltd


Allied Nevada


Almanden Minerals

Argonaught Gold

ATAC Resources Ltd

Atna Resources Ltd.


Aurcana Corporation


Aurico Gold


Aurizon Mines

Avnel Gold Mining



Banro Corporation


Brigus Gold


Callinex Mines Inc.

Candente Gold Corp

Carlise Goldfields Ltd

Carnac Resources


Caza Gold


Claude Resources

Cobriza Metals Corp


Coeur d'Alene Mines

Colossus Minerals Inc.

Corona Gold Corp

Corvus Gold

Crocodile Gold


Crosshair Energy

Dalradian Minerals Ltd

Duluth Minerals Limited

Elgin Mining Inc.


Ely Gold & Minerals

Endeavor Mining


Endeavour Silver Corp

Geologix Explorations


Gold Mountain Mining


Gold Resources Corp



Golden Predator Corp

Goldgroup Mining Inc.

Gran Columbia Gold

Harte Gold Corp




Kimber Resources

Lexam VG Gold Inc.

Lone Star Gold

Lydian International ltd


Manson Creek Resources


Metanor Resources

Midas Gold Corp

Minera IRL


Newmont Mining


Northern Abitibi

Osisko Mining

Pacific NorthWest Cap

Pacific Rim Mining


Palladon Ventures

PC Gold Inc

Premier Gold Mines Ltd


Primero Mining Corp

QMX Gold Corp


Rambler Metals & Mining

RatelGroup Ltd

Revolution Resources


Richmont Mines

Rio Alto Mining


Rochester Resources

Romarco Minerals


Roxgold Inc.


Rubicon Minerals


Sante fe Gold


Satori Resources

Serabi Gold


Shane Resources ltd

Silver Predator

St. Andrew Goldfields

St. Augustine Gold & Copper LTD

Sulliden Gold


Takara Resources Inc.


Tanzania Royalty Exp

Torex Gold Resources

Troy Resources Limited


Trueclaim Exploration

Vista Gold Corp

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To: hubris33 who wrote (11607)12/31/2012 4:59:05 PM
From: loantech
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Hubris thanks for your hard and intelligent work. The intelligent part leaves most of us out.

I like another Nevada play that I picked up just a couple weeks back or so. VG.t.

The old Queenstake. Recent share rollback and financing clobbered the price so may have some value and they project good growth for 2013. May happen as they changed mine management a couple years back:

Vancouver, BC -- December 7, 2010 -- Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. (the "Company") (Toronto Stock Exchange: YNG; Frankfurt Xetra Exchange: NG6) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Guy Simpson as the General Manager at Jerritt Canyon, Nevada.

What I really like is the roaster worth a billion or so to reproduce. They can rent out capacity to bring their gold cost down:

?6,000 Tons/Day Roaster Mill at the Jerritt Canyon Mine - Valuable Strategic Asset

?Replacement cost of US$1 billion. No new roasters have been permitted in the past 12 years and none are planned.

?Toll milling opportunities - numerous companies with refractory ore in Nevada and surrounding region.

?The only roaster in Nevada and surrounding region with near-term excess capacity.

?Roaster permitted capacity of 6,000 tpd (5,400 tpd factoring in availability).

?Jerritt underground production of 3,000 tpd from current mines leaving approximately 2,400 tpd for toll milling ore processing at full permit capacity.

?Current terms being considered for toll milling agreements include:

?Start @ 1,500 tpd by Q2 2013 and up to 2,400 tpd of excess processing capacity by 2014.

?Batch processing ores with metal delivered as recovered, or VGC to retain a portion of 3rd party gold as upside.

?Structured similar to smelter concentrate processing agreements.

?Potential to initially generate $50 - $75mm, cash cost target of US$550/oz and ultimately as much as $125mm in annual revenue credit, with possible cash cost reduction to ~US$400 - US$550/oz. >>>>>>>>>>

With some luck maybe VG becomes a TO target with that roaster. Not sure why ANV did not buy them out but time will tell. ANV may be building their own.

Growth potential:

Production Growth

?Expected 2012 gold production of 110,000 ozs.

?Currently on 150,000 ozs/year run rate and ramping up to 180,000-200,000 ozs in 2013 (not including toll milling).

?Cash costs declining from average of approximately US$1,600/oz in H1 2012 to an estimated US$1,015/oz Au in Q3 2012 and forecast US$885/oz in Q4 2012, driven primarily by increased throughput. >>>

See roaster renting to lower costs down to a great number IF IT HAPPENS.

Happy New Year,

PS:VG.t has some gold loans....... :-(((

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To: loantech who wrote (11608)12/31/2012 6:29:21 PM
From: hubris33
   of 12175
Thanks for contributing that - looks like some good DD there on a turn-around kind of play!

As always, hitting targets and cash costs will be key.

Good luck!

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To: hubris33 who wrote (11609)12/31/2012 6:30:16 PM
From: loantech
   of 12175
I may need luck with that one. LOL. But as they say a rising tide lifts all boats. So many may have a chance.

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To: hubris33 who wrote (11606)1/2/2013 10:27:02 AM
From: hubris33
   of 12175
COT From Monday - 31st ......................... ..............................

Added 2472 of OA OI to get to 427,991. This in a move up in POG of 19.90.

Maybe not a bad add considering it was nearly a holiday and the big traders took the day off for a long weekend.

Brings the OI to a point above that recent low of 427,200 as indicated by the horizontal line on the chart here:

Message 28635026

Back into the trading range?

Looks like POG needs a close (or two) over 1,700 in order to start to trigger short covering. But hey, is it possible such a move could be a rocket ride up on squeeze buying?

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From: ames1/2/2013 10:43:16 AM
   of 12175
Heads up, FWIW: cheap E&P with 4K+ BOPD and juicy turf in Colombia: adding to position this AM:


Nice to see the loft in POG and HUI today, even if one swallow doesn't make a spring or a MOMO trend.

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To: hubris33 who wrote (11606)1/2/2013 11:21:05 PM
From: hubris33
   of 12175
Preliminary COT data................... ........................

Shows OA OI at 435,808 or +7817 on today's increase in POG of 13.00. We'll see where the final numbers fall out, but looks like a decent gain at least.

Should put us squarely in the old "trading range" zone - see chart on linked post.

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To: hubris33 who wrote (11607)1/3/2013 7:05:36 AM
From: TheSlowLane
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Nice list. I can offer some comments on Alexco. I think the company has good prospects here as an emerging silver producer. The company has been running Belle Keno for a couple of years and while there have been the "learning experiences" and growing pains that are commonly associated with going into production, my sense is that they have done a good job of identifying problem areas and addressing them. That has been their stated focus and the numbers are starting to reflect it.

In addition to Belle Keno they have two mines that are in the permitting process and are expected to get permits in 2013 that will enable production to increase further. Tons of exploration upside on the property as the work they are doing on Flame & Moth and Bermingham is showing.

Operating in the Yukon is not without its challenges. The infrastructure is going to make it challenging for anyone hoping to build a mine there (there is only grid power for one or possibly two more mines) and from what I understand at least some of the skilled personnel required to run mine and mill operations are commuting from eastern Canada (2 weeks on/2 weeks off). The good news is that Alexco is already in operation so they have the power they need and are developing the workforce over time.

Clynt N., the CEO, seems like just the kind of guy you want to see running a mining company, imo. He's down to earth, non-promotional and tightly focused on the task at hand. He has had to deal with a number of hurdles bringing the company to this point but it is a CEO's capability for dealing with issues rather than being able to avoid them altogether (impossible) which is of interest to me. The stock has gotten creamed due to, I suspect, frustration over the production issues. Assuming that it is true that production issues are successfully addressed and margins improve, then the price at this level may represent an attractive opportunity.

Here are some photos I took this summer:

Entrance to the Belle Keno mine:

The view from the Lucky Queen mine portal area:

Drilling at Flame & Moth:

Alexco's core shack:

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To: TheSlowLane who wrote (11614)1/3/2013 12:40:42 PM
From: hubris33
   of 12175
Hey TSL, nice DD and explanation! Thanks for the pics too! I appreciate what you added - good information - THANKS!

So you visited the mine and met the people?

What is your take on the upgrade of the Mill and their ability to keep production levels up? I wasn't able to tell where the bottleneck is in the process [EVERY plant has a bottleneck of sorts], weather milling or mining, nor which one was key to higher rates of production. Do you think they have plans to increase from the current 37K opy to a much higher opy - say 60-100? Or is this about what they expect from the operation over the long-term?

Also, I noted that it seemed like Alexco came into the Bellekeno Mine to do a clear up - they were and environmental company, if memory serves, but stayed to restart mining. Your comments about the CEO meeting the challenges is a good observation. Wondered if there were material skill set differences between environmental and mining that could be in play? You get any feel for that?

Oh and one thing that should be pointed out is that the mine area has some very nice grades [16.9gpt AuEQ] - exceeds my 7.5 gpt level to generate interest.

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