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   Technology StocksIntel Corporation (INTC)

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To: greg s who wrote (186845)1/23/2022 12:26:35 AM
From: waitwatchwander
   of 186882
What makes it great?

Access to water? University looking for a reason d'etre? Gov't funding? Others?

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To: waitwatchwander who wrote (186846)1/23/2022 10:10:55 AM
From: greg s
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Access to water? University looking for a reason d'etre? Gov't funding? Others?
All of the above and more.

To help develop and attract a pipeline of skilled talent from within the region, Intel plans to invest approximately $100 million over the next decade in partnership with Ohio universities, community colleges and the U.S. National Science Foundation. Especially Ohio State.

The state of Ohio certainly lured Intel with financial incentives, not to mention the Feds intention to bring semiconductor manufacture back onshore with the CHIPS Act..

A big consideration was that this is a pure greenfield project where nothing will be displaced with Intel's projected projects. Some of the other sites considered were not pure greenfield.

Intel plans to build green, the new factories have a goal to be powered by 100% renewable electricity and to achieve net positive water use and zero total waste to landfill.

Support companies such as Air Products, Applied Materials, LAM Research and Ultra Clean Technology have already indicated plans to establish a physical presence in the region to support the buildout of the site.

I think it was a very good decision.

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To: waitwatchwander who wrote (186846)1/23/2022 11:12:09 AM
From: E_K_S
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It's an investment in America.

I grew up in Silicon Valley in the late 60's & early 70's where Intel was a dominant influence along w/ aerospace. As the technology grew many other tech companies were created (ie AMAT, LAM, KLAC and others) and more importantly the knowledge base of the Valley.

Last year Intel mentioned they were going to make a large investment in Europe (as large as $60 Bil). It looks like they decided to move a lot of those funds into this US project.

If you want Build-Back-Better, these are the types of projects US needs to do.

One of the concerns the semiconductor companies have had building state of the art fabs in the US is/are the permitting process. It takes twice as long in many parts of the country to get the permits vs a similar plant in Vietnam or Malaysia.

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To: E_K_S who wrote (186848)2/14/2022 9:31:50 AM
From: robert b furman
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Hi E_K_S,

I have spent a lot of time in Dublin Ohio a suburb of Columbus.

Ohio is centrally located in the lower 48 states and many logistcis firms exist there.

Real estate costs are low with lots of land stretching out all four ways (no oceans, gulfs or great lakes getting in the way of suburban sprawl.

Winters do give you all four seasons , but they are very moderate.

It is a very nice place to live, with much of the growth new and clean looking.

Lastly the Midwestern worker has an excellent work ethic and there is a large population of college grads available for hiring.

There is a good base of highly trained computer experts as Reynolds and Reynolds is headquartered in Dayton along with other programer type companies.

Last but not least the politics is very conservative. No tax crazy politicians promising everything for free, no street dweller existence, and lastly NOT a lawless place with deranged attorney generals.

They live within their conservative laws and will stay that way.


Mike DeWine’s story is a true Ohio story. Raised in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Mike DeWine and Fran (Struewing) met in the first grade and married while students at Miami University. They’ve been blessed with eight children and 26 grandchildren. Family is at the core of everything Mike DeWine does, and that’s why he has devoted his life to fighting for Ohio’s families. He knows when families are strong, Ohio communities are stronger, and our future is bright.

Vision for the FutureMike DeWine loves Ohio and cares passionately about our state’s future. He will fight for an Ohio that works for everyone – every person and every family in every corner of our state. From world class cities to some of the best small towns in America, Mike DeWine knows that to build our state into an economic powerhouse, we must have strong schools, a great quality of life, and compassion for those who need our help.

Ohio ValuesMike DeWine’s family started a seed company in Yellow Springs. Working alongside his parents and grandparents, Mike learned early the value of hard work, strong leadership, and fiscal responsibility.

Growing up, he loaded seed bags onto trucks and boxcars, shoveled wheat out of trucks during harvest, worked in wheat fields to help ensure the purity of the seed, and basically did whatever it took to get the job done for their customers. Inseparable to the end, his parents were married for 65 years and died within four days of each other. The values he learned from them still live within him today.

A Lifetime of ServiceOn November 6, 2018, Mike DeWine was elected to serve as the 70th Governor of the State of Ohio. The Governor has had a long and distinguished career in public service, focusing on protecting Ohio children and families. He was previously the 50th Attorney General of Ohio and has previously been elected to serve as Greene County Prosecutor, Ohio State Senator, U.S. Congressman, Ohio Lt. Governor, U.S. Senator.

Last but not least Ohio is the home of the SUPER BOWL CAMPIONS. I attended the Packer vs Bengal football game this fall and Cincinnati was a surprisingly clean and very nice city with very safe down towns at night.


I too think it is a great move to build and expand in an area that is conservative and low on expenses.

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To: TimF who wrote (186844)2/16/2022 6:43:40 AM
From: ibyte
   of 186882
Could this be partly a relocation of the Oregon site?

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To: 60HzEE who wrote (186836)8/4/2022 6:01:30 PM
From: FJB
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AMD's market cap is now $22 BILLION more than Intel.

Political correctness, wokeness, stupidity did it to them. Meritocracy will always triumph over quota systems.

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To: FJB who wrote (186851)8/6/2022 11:45:02 AM
From: 60HzEE
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Market caps a-plenty above INTC:

NVDA $454B

AVGO $216B

TXN $164B

QCOM $163B

AMD $153B

All above INTC at $149B

All from most recent Reuters/Verus Market Cap figures. Only $4B below AMD, at least so far, as of their August 5th data.

And, two of the above, at least, are “dry fabs.” No benefit whatsoever from investment tax credits from the Chips Act. Nice way to address what truly was and is necessary for US national security: More onshore fabs.

And, INTC will get a whopping share, but not AMD nor QCOM.

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To: 60HzEE who wrote (186852)8/6/2022 11:47:49 AM
From: FJB
   of 186882
Chips Act is the only welfare our government passed that I didn't hate. We threw $ trillions at a fake pandemic. Might as well throw more Chinese money at something we need... Our government is basically bankrupt anyway. The people that lent them money are the losers... Fiat currency is about to crack. .223 rounds hitting a buck a pop some day soon.

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To: 60HzEE who wrote (186852)8/6/2022 12:48:39 PM
From: FJB
   of 186882
On the bright side, at least Intel is very diverse now. LOL Those bad white males have really been put in their place.

Disney Corp. might be a view into Intel's future. Woke companies never seem to change course, they double down into self destruction.

They should have some nuts and go crazy with a new RISC V design.

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To: FJB who wrote (186854)8/6/2022 1:25:21 PM
From: 60HzEE
   of 186882
I rather doubt that INTC is another IBM, let alone a cartoon company on steroids. It has plenty of patents and developments to outshine dry fabs, albeit down the road. Did Pelosi's trip wake up anyone here to the vulnerability of offshore manufacturing? If not, it should have.

Perhaps what you said is more applicable to VC firms these days. I won't mention any popular Valley names, but their batting averages haven't been so good, lately.

We just are getting away from the massive damage done by a former, bigoted national leader who wanted to and did scare plenty of very talented folks away from America's promise. Hopefully, that damage will be fixed and the perpetrator will very soon wear orange. And no, not orange face paint.

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