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   Non-TechNSOL - Nuclear Solutions, Inc.

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To: jmhollen who started this subject1/24/2004 12:59:40 PM
From: jmhollen
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Company Overview:

Nuclear Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: NSOL) is dedicated to developing advanced nuclear technologies and solutions for the environmental, commercial nuclear and defense industries.

Our goal is to develop the underlying technologies that empower industry partners to address outstanding issues more efficiently and to provide safe, new options in nuclear technology.

The company is developing solutions in the following areas:

Nuclear Waste Remediation
Nuclear Energy Solutions
Defense-Related Technologies

Combining our broad-based scientific expertise with creative approaches, Nuclear Solutions is developing innovative solutions to:

Nuclear energy has the potential to supply our society with clean, limitless energy. However, the power of the atom must be harnessed in such a way as to ensure that our safety and our environmental integrity of our surroundings are not compromised.

Our TWR remediation technology and our photon-based nuclear transmutation process are two examples of Nuclear Solutions’ pioneering work in the industry.

Nuclear Solutions believes that our goals are attainable through the right combination of existing and over-the-horizon technologies. We are committed to exploring, developing, and commercializing viable solutions.

Poised to lead a revolution in thinking about nuclear energy, Nuclear Solutions is blazing a path to revitalize the world of nuclear science through entrepreneurial innovation.

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To: jmhollen who started this subject1/24/2004 1:02:46 PM
From: jmhollen
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01/22/04 - 08:12 Ceragon Networks(R) Awarded WCA's Annual Industry Award for Underserved Business Uses Requiring High Capacity Category
Company Recognized for its Northern Colorado Deployment with Anyware Network Solutions, Inc. PR Newswire

01/12/04 - 10:49 Network Solutions and Register.Com Sued for Infringement of Key Internet Naming Patent Nizza Group Claims That Registration of .Name Domain Names and E-mail Addresses Infringes Newly Issued Patent PR Newswire

11/13/03 - 10:01 Nuclear Solutions Business Update - Highlights Patented, Principle-Proven Nuclear Micro-Battery Business Wire

10/02/03 - 08:50 Nuclear Solutions Appoints Jack Young as Vice President of Development Business Wire

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To: jmhollen who wrote (3)1/24/2004 2:55:28 PM
From: Chuca Marsh
   of 13
Hi Bud, yes...this is very intesting. Inter...resting...resting( testing - testing ) ...over the weekend I hope...RUN Babe Run. Forcast on a no nonsense run on TA we need MORE FA.
90 % of this WEEKs buyers bought on TA and have no FA clue ...encapsulate my nuclear images LOL
Chucka80CENT I trust sooner..90 % on TA and FA LOL 80 % on a buck WE all want. More IF ..HOLD LONG I think when FA is in I hope4
PS - THERE is no relationship I know to NSOL cept the names...NUKE sold off all tech last year SLVO( R/S and Name Change of NUKE Rhombic )( I do PR there at SLVO end 1-1-2004) info I disclosed in 2003 :
Link to OLD Due Dilly here at SI i put up on similar( you tel me DIFFERENT ) NUKE TECH on raun of 1999 Spring 2000 wow that was neat from 25 cents to $5 then it SAM: Ooops, JohnnyH
Subject 15210
From a Mr Anders Post in PRIOR GROUP of old news READ :
On April 14, 1999, Rhombic announced a six weeks feasibility study being
produced by three major computer corporations on the applications and
economic viability of Rhombic's diamond technology.

The Nuclid Battery
The nuclid battery which is a more advanced version of the nuclear battery,
owned 100% by Rhombic Corporation, produces energy from the breakdown of
unstable isotopes of a number of basic elements such as Krypton, Strontium,
and Cesium. The battery's single purpose is to provide a generation or more
of constant energy for both manned and unmanned space flights to nearby
planets and eventually outer space.

Dr. Reinhard Hopfl of Germany, represented Rhombic Corporation's nuclid
battery at the Geneva, Switzerland June 12-14, 1999 summit meeting of
International Computer and Communications. Initial contacts have been made
among the top producers of satellites during the IC&C summit. The Russian
Academy of Sciences was among new members being sponsored. Rhombic
Corporation soon will have the honor of being considered as a member.

Special Update - On April 9, 1999 a special report was released on the
Battery which stated, "Recent planning among the Russian and German
co-inventors of the Rhombic Radio Nuclid Battery (Dust Plasma Battery)
includes information about extensive experiments by the Russian Academy of
Sciences with anticipated new runs on the MIR Space Station.

Members of the forthcoming International Space Laboratory, after docking its
third module, and scheduling astronauts for the year 2000, will provide a
priority experiment in space to be performed by the Rhombic Dust plasma

The last experiments in the MIR space station were continued throughout
January 1999, and are still being evaluated at present. One of the first
experiments in the manned flight in early 2000 will be on dust plasmas. A
Russian team will cooperate in the experiment with a team from the Max Plank
Institute in Germany.

Dr. Heinrich Hora, representing Rhombic Corporation, recently initiated
contact with the International Computer and Communication Corporation (IC&C)
in Reston, Virginia in order to promote the Battery for use in the low
orbital communication satellites being launched in the near future to
accommodate the quickly expanding cellular and internet business.
development and mass production of the Battery may necessitate the
involvement of a large satellite company or a consortium of them. Doctor
Hora's contacts with communication companies, in particular IC&C, may help
Rhombic in these developments.

Dr. Hora's latest report indicates that the much lighter weight and lesser
cost of Rhombic's Super Compact Battery may prove essential to reduce the
projected cost of the first 400 satellites into space. Former vice
of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Vladimir Fortov, lately reported to
Dr. Hora that there has been "extensive progress" of work on the SRB with
dust plasmas.


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To: jmhollen who wrote (4)1/24/2004 3:15:52 PM
From: Chuca Marsh
   of 13
John and All, a dual symbol exists with NETWORK SOLUTIONS in most data bases, true BUT WRONG now...
NSOL has the TECH as per NSOL NRs nor Network Solutions:
Maybe a picture is better than words to explain NSOL NON SHELVED TECH one on the few :
This has led to the need for studying mirrors that are able to reflect neutral particles. Our interests include studies of electromagnetic mirrors for atoms, consisting of largely detuned strong-field evanescent waves on the surface of a dielectric. In particular, we have considered phenomena related to the use of short laser pulses for the reflection of atoms. Theoretical studies of the dynamics of particles reflected by a short-pulse laser field have been carried out, showing the possibility of slowing down particles in a thermal beam through non-specular reflection. Due to the absence of spontaneous emission, such techniques may be useful for the manipulation of multilevel atoms and molecules.

In addition to the theoretical simulations, reflection of sodium atoms from a pulsed atom mirror has also been studied experimentally. The experimental setup, shown in Figure 5.1, includes a pulsed dye laser, a single-mode frequency stabilized dye laser for fluorescence probing and a collimated atomic beam. The anti-nodes of a standing wave laser field, formed by the pulsed dye laser, are used as atom mirrors. In this geometry, atoms are deflected from the beam because of the induced dipole forces
I saw that movie on DVD THE CORE ...far fetched EM is the laser tech and the atom ..just a way to think I guess...may not be related...
Chucka ( Old BOOKMARKS never die they just fade away LOLaughts )
""01/22/04 - 08:12 Ceragon Networks(R) Awarded WCA's Annual Industry Award for Underserved Business Uses Requiring High Capacity Category
Company Recognized for its Northern Colorado Deployment with Anyware Network Solutions, Inc. PR Newswire

01/12/04 - 10:49 Network Solutions
GO here for the tech:

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To: jmhollen who wrote (4)3/10/2004 11:24:11 AM
From: Chuca Marsh
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I saw this show- " the Elegant Universe " on PBS last night so I thought of NSOL during it : The String Theory of more than 3 dimensions:The first of 3 hours featured Albert Einstein at age 29 in the Patent Office as a clerk pondering a theory...with future hopes of a UNIFIED THEORY...but the OUTGROWTH was the 2 decades long STRING THEORY of today...there are no QUARKS as the Bouncing Small Particulate round things are not round but strings like rubber bands cut and flipped and curved- THINK MUTATION and humme a bar...heads up: 10% PX RISE: NSOL -MUTATE THE PX a curve
Message 19882490
OTHERS above said today:
As I thought someone would search SI:

Shortly after my last post last night, I watched a rerun of PBS's "The Elegant Universe". It was part of a pledge promo, so all three Nova's were shown back-to-back. I had read the book a few years ago, but missed the TV shows. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend them.


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To: Chuca Marsh who wrote (7)3/12/2004 10:16:15 AM
From: Ted M
   of 13
I hope no one minds me expressing an opinion, but on today's news release I decided to look into these guys. My DD consisted of only about 15 min of looking. Here is what I determined:

1. They say they are into 'hot' areas--defense, nano and have a low market cap. Great combo for future gains.
2. I suspect they have 1 or 2 employees. Their 10Q shows virtually no payroll expenses. The biggest expense is for consulting fees. The current CEO and President used to be the CFO and may still be. I couldn't find any mention of the number of ees in the 10Q or 10K. I did see a $150k salary paid a few years ago to the current president.

Good luck here. Maybe it is a case of a company of a handful of people who change the world. I doubt it, but these things have happened before. Personally, the risk is higher than I like.


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To: Ted M who wrote (8)4/27/2004 6:42:47 PM
From: Chuca Marsh
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REWARDS...look again and smile

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To: Chuca Marsh who wrote (9)4/27/2004 6:58:45 PM
From: Chuca Marsh
   of 13
For a Camel...LOL Id Walk a mile for a DOLLAR ...Somethings up...two humps are better than one.

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To: Chuca Marsh who wrote (10)4/28/2004 9:18:27 AM
From: jmhollen
   of 13
Hey Chuck,

I've been watching NSOL for some time, and it certainly seems overdue. I recall from either the PRs or the SEC paper that they were going to apply for a patent (..which unfortunately makes a lot of the technology involved public info..).

Since that hasn't happened yet, I'm wondering if DARPA or maybe Homeland Security is wanting to "..encapsulate.." this technology to avoid having the Wacko's find ways to circumvent it's effectiveness...??? Like "..100mpg carburetors..", it wouldn't be surprising to see the Fed or some huge defense company snatch this up - and put a lid on it, for protection and use in protecting us and our allies.

John :-)

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From: jmhollen10/1/2004 11:11:10 AM
   of 13
NSOL 0.59 +0.09 (+18.00%) 0.59 0.62 1,216,478 continuing to explode.....

Subject 54610

Only $0.25 about a week ago............

John :-)

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