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To: scion who wrote (99)1/17/2004 12:10:10 PM
From: scion
   of 137
January 15, 2004 - UPDATED WITH ADDITIONAL DETAIL - The 'Holy Roller Scamsters' Cortes Randell, Joan Randell and Cathie Rowzie playing a major supporting role BEFORE AND DURING LOU PEARLMAN AND GREG MCDONALD'S INVOLVEMENT - This covers
Studio 58,,,, Emodel,
Options Talent Group,
Trans Continental Talent,
Wilhelmina Scouting Network,
Web Style Network,
Fashion Rock LLC

Religious phony Cort Randell and his position as Secretary for Intercessors For America

If you look at Randell's bio at the Prayer site (let's see how long it stays up there) he lists he "entrepreneured"
(NSMC = National Student Marketing Corporation) - hmmmm... seems to be he left out his conviction for that "successful" company.

Oh and Federal News Service, he seems to have left out the forgery of the shareholder agreement. OOPS.

Another day in lifetime scammer Cort Randell and his wife Joan. Nice legacy Cort that will end with a conviction for the largest model/talent fraud in history.

In 1975, Randell was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to stock fraud conspiracy and three other counts of fraud for misrepresenting the earnings of the corporation. The federal government in its indictment accused Randell of causing those who purchased stock in NSMC to lose millions ofdollars while he made $3 million on the sale of his stock in one year alone.

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To: scion who wrote (100)1/17/2004 12:14:21 PM
From: scion
   of 137
January 12, 2004 - BOMBSHELL: Lou Pearlman's crew of scammers linked to Russian "Red Mafia" and major international scam artists, fraudulent film financing, money laundering, stock fraud, embezzlement, prostitution and much, much more

(Pictured: Constipated looking scammer Lou Pearlman, long-time fraudster John Daly with fraud partner Fashion Rock Pres. Mark Tolner AND International Scam Artist Michael Bass)


Why is there a bald man with blood all over his face pictured here next to the scamming trio of Fashion Rock and previously with several dozens others in Web Style Network/ Wilhelmina Scouting Network/ Trans Continental Talent/ Options Talent/ Emodel/ frauds???


That man, Michael Bass, is just one of several new faces our fraud investigation unit will introduce the world to with long and direct criminal ties to
Mark Tolner and John Daly and the Russian "Red Mafia". If you thought this disgusting story could not get more so, hold on to your hats as we expose the long and tangled web of international fraud Mark Tolner, John Daly and many others have engaged in and continue to engage in around the world.

As the government prepares its case against Pearlman and all the others, you can be certain things are going to take a dramatic turn for the worse as the covers are blown off these major scams and the operatives resulting in tens of millions in fraud.


For now we will leave you with the infamous quotes from just a few scammed by John Daly:

From Wall Street Journal Article on Daly:
* "Unfortunately, he cheated me out of $500,000," Mr. Lensi says
* "If John Daly was found murdered," fumes Tom Fox, who produced "Return of the Living Dead" for Hemdale , "there would be 7,000 suspects."
* Charles Roven, has also found dealing with Mr. Daly unsettling. "It's very difficult to pick your way through John 's dialogue to find out what's real and what's not real," Mr. Rovwn says. "I don't think he knows what the meaning of making a deal is."
* British justice once called him "fundamentally dishonest" -- and that wags in England used to refer to Hemdale as Hemlock
* "I can't ever entertain in my life wanting to do business again with Mr. Daly or Hemdale . It was one of the worst experiences I've had in 35 years in the film business."
* Court papers in "Platoon" producer Kopelson's suit include a private investigator's report asserting that "large amounts" of money are transferred periodically from certain Hemdale bank accounts to the Bank of Zurich in Switzerland
* producer Fox, while describing Mr. Daly as "the most degrading person to do business with,"

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To: scion who wrote (101)1/17/2004 12:30:17 PM
From: scion
   of 137
"John Daly"
Latest Filing: 1/16/4 as Signatory
As: Registrant
Daly John [ Officer - Sulphco Inc ]
As: Signatory (Director, Officer, Attorney, Accountant, Banker, Agent, etc.)
List All Filings as Signatory

Search Recent Filings (as Signatory) for "John Daly"

"John Daly" has been a Signatory for/with the following 7 Registrants:

Entertech Media Group Inc

TVC Telecom Inc [ formerly Talk Visual Corp ]

Humana Trans Services Holding Corp [ formerly Steam Cleaning USA Inc ]

Sulphco Inc [ formerly Filmworld Inc ]

Viastar Holdings Inc [ formerly Clubcharlie Com Inc ]

Daly John [ Officer - Sulphco Inc ]

Tara Enterprises LLC

"John Daly" has/had a Signatory interest in the following 3 Registrants:

Entertech Media Group Inc

Hemlock Federal Financial Corp

Sulphco Inc [ formerly Filmworld Inc ]

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To: scion who wrote (99)1/19/2004 8:26:25 AM
From: ringmaster
   of 137
I stand corrected about the Options Talent statement. It had been a while since I had spoken to the guy I know who was involved. He lost a lot of money on this. I was in his office a few times and I did not see any of the stuff that the Dateline story showed. I think some of the individual offices were run by honest people who were also duped.

It's definitely a small world. I came here looking for information on a guy who was a director of USGA (Ian Rice) and end up finding out about a scam in my own backyard.

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To: ringmaster who wrote (103)1/19/2004 7:01:19 PM
From: scion
   of 137
It's a small cap world full of scamsters..

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To: scion who wrote (104)1/19/2004 10:39:51 PM
From: ringmaster
   of 137
Thanks in part to your posts, I've put together some information on Ian Rice.

I've found four different companies with a similar pattern: U.S. Global Aerospace (USGA, formerly Caring Products Inc.); Global Diversified Acquisition Corp. (GDAQ.OB, formerly Sutton Online, Ikon Ventures, MyWeb, Inc., and Asia Media Communications); Wall Street Strategies Inc. (WSSIQ.PK, formerly Vacation Emporium Corp., Rising Sun Capital); and Power2Ship Inc.(PWRI.OB, formerly Jaguar Ventures).

The pattern is this: setup or purchase a shell, or "blank check" company. Find a startup or struggling company to merge with. Complete the merger using a stock swap, possibly issuing additional shares after a reverse split. Step down and appoint a new CEO. Then within 1-3 years the stock price has been pumped up and then crashes, sometimes in bankruptcy.

USGA is still in the "growth" stage, so the crash hasn't happened yet.

What I haven't been able to find is how Rice is profiting from this. I would think that if he had shares left after stepping down that he would have to file with the SEC to sell them. I haven't been able to find any significant transactions.

What is the mechanism by which he makes his money? I'm curious because perhaps there would be signs in USGA that would signal its fate. Is there any evidence, other than the circumstantial evidence, that points to Rice's involvement in pump and dump schemes?

Another interesting thing, the name Stephen Kerr of Corporte Communications Network comes up in relation to USGA (144 transations) and Global Diversified Acquisition Corp. (he received 23,500,000 shares or 48% of the company, in exchange for $23500).

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To: ringmaster who wrote (105)1/20/2004 6:39:38 AM
From: scion
   of 137
Glad to be of help. I'm still putting the pieces of this jigsaw together, but you have covered the main pieces.

I want to find the missing pieces and will spend a little more time doing that...

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To: scion who wrote (106)1/22/2004 11:17:24 AM
From: ringmaster
   of 137
Here are some RB posts for reference:

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To: ringmaster who wrote (107)1/22/2004 6:58:40 PM
From: scion
   of 137
There is another interesting coincidence here. Corporate Communications Network, headed by Stephen Kerr, purchased 23.5 million shares of stock in Global Diversified in February, 2003, in an insider transaction for $23,500. Both Kerr and his company come up in the list of Form 144 insider transactions of USGA’s stock. Over 630,000 shares were registered for sale by Kerr and Corporate Communications Network in the fourth quarter of 2003.

Corporate Communications Network and Stephen Kerr would make interesting research subjects.;


Item 2 Management's Discussion and Analysis or Plan of Operation.


The Company commenced operations in May 1999, initially focusing on
providing direct access software developed by others to retail clients to effect
securities transactions online. In November 1999, the Company transitioned to
become an application service provider (ASP) of its proprietary platform,
GlobalDAT (TM). Through its Sutton Online, Inc. ("Sutton") subsidiary, the
Company provided until July 2002, individuals, broker-dealers, and other
financial institutions with direct access to global markets via stock exchanges,
market participants, and electronic communication networks (ECNs) through a
seamless and simple Internet interface.

The Company offered two principal software solutions: SONIC 2000 (TM),
a third party US direct access trading platform, and GlobalDAT(TM) (Global
Direct Access Trading), a proprietary global direct access trading. The Company
offered these products in the role of an ASP, allowing business-to-business
(B2B) clients to outsource much of their transaction infrastructure on a
cost-effective basis, maximizing clients "hard" and "soft" dollar return on
investment. The Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Sutton Data Services, s.r.o.
was the Company's Prague based software developer that created and
maintained the GlobalDAT (TM) platform and was further engaged in providing
specialized custom solutions for B2B clients.

The Company's revenues historically were comprised of transaction fees,
data fees and software licensing fees that were primarily derived from domestic
and international brokerage firms, banks and financial institutions. The Company
had also entered into interconnectivity agreements, introducing broker dealer
agreements, and technical support agreements. All of such agreements were for an
initial period of one year, with automatic renewal of one additional year.
Transaction fees and technical support fees were billed to the customer on a
monthly basis based on volume.

Under various service agreements, the Company provided technology
support services, including systems administration, internal network support,
and support and procurement for clearance and settlement services. In addition,
certain clients of the Company provided online access to their customers through
use of the Company's electronic trading platform for which the Company received

In July 2002, due to a lack of resources, the Company's wholly, SDS,
filed for bankruptcy protection and Sutton terminated all of its operations and
In addition, the company began depleting its cash reserves and
liquidating its assets in order to satisfy its liabilities.

In February, 2003, the Company sold 23,500,000 shares of its common
stock, representing approximately 49% of the Company's total issued and
outstanding common stock after giving effect to such sale, to Corporate
Communications Network, Inc., a non-affiliated party owned by Stephen Kerr, for
an aggregate consideration of $23,500 pursuant to Rule 506 of Regulation D
promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Also in February,
2003, the Company sold all of the issued and outstanding common stock of its
subsidiary, Sutton Online, Inc., to Link Investment Holdings Inc. Limited, a
non-affiliated party, for an aggregate consideration of $2,500. The Company has
used the proceeds of these transactions to satisfy certain of its past
obligations, as well as to fund its current expenses that consist primarily of
professional fees associated with being a reporting issuer under the Securities
Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act").

On April 23, the Company changed its corporate name to Global
Diversified Acquisition Corp. to reflect that the Company has no operations and,
as more fully described below, its principal activity is to seek a business
combination with one or more as yet unidentified privately held businesses.

On April 24, 2003, the Company effected a reverse split of its
outstanding common stock such that each 400 shares of its common stock, par
value $.001 per share, outstanding on such date were deemed to be one share of
its common stock, par value $.001 per share. Unless otherwise indicated, all
share and per share data included hereinafter gives effect to such reverse stock
split as well as the 100 for one reverse stock split effected on February 13,

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To: scion who wrote (108)1/22/2004 7:19:35 PM
From: scion
   of 137
"Ian Rice"
Latest Filing: 5/20/2 as Signatory
As: Registrant
Rice Ian
As: Signatory (Director, Officer, Attorney, Accountant, Banker, Agent, etc.)
List All Filings as Signatory

Search Recent Filings (as Signatory) for "Ian Rice"

"Ian Rice" has been a Signatory for/with the following 6 Registrants:

Power2Ship Inc [ formerly Jaguar Investments Inc ]

Myweb Inc Com [ formerly Asia Media Communications Ltd ]

Rice Ian

Global Diversified Acquisition Corp [ formerly Sutton Trading Solutions Inc ]

US Global Nanospace Inc [ formerly US Global Aerospace Inc ]

Wall Street Strategies Corp

"Ian Rice" has/had a Signatory interest in the following Registrant:

Power2Ship Inc [ formerly Jaguar Investments Inc ]

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