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To: Alan Smithee who wrote (751841)10/15/2021 12:49:19 PM
From: miraje
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In effect, what this 2020 determination and settlement created was an inability of half the nation’s truckers from picking up anything from the Port of LA or Port of Long Beach. Virtually all private owner operator trucks and half of the fleet trucks that are used for moving containers across the nation were shut out.

BINGO! I wish I could rec that post a hundred times. It would be a national news headline if the MSM would do their job.

I came across an article earlier (can't find the link now) detailing how much air pollution was being released by all those container ships jammed up offshore with their engines (powered by bunker oil fuel) constantly running. Idiocy is an over worked term, but it certainly applies to the bone head policies responsible for clogging up the ports.

As an aside, an interstate trucking outfit I had dealings with a few years ago, cancelled all of their CA routes and contracts because their trucks were no longer CARB compliant.

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From: skinowski10/15/2021 12:51:22 PM
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“”” The tech elite displays an arrogance that puts to shame Rudyard Kipling’s idea of a “white man’s burden.” It believes that it can change human nature by melding man and machine through artificial intelligence, and that its success in spellbinding young Americans through entertainment portends a new sort of humanity brought about by social engineering.

Many of its doyens believe that human consciousness can be downloaded onto computer chips, achieving a sort of silicon-based immortality. Its arrogance and pretensions exceed those of Alexander and Caesar. It has contempt for the homely values of family and nation that knit the lives of ordinary Americans.

That is why China is likely to emerge as the dominant force in the world during the 21st century. It isn’t that the Chinese are smarter or more innovative. America’s virtual empire has become a sinkhole for the country’s enterprise and talent, and its spectacular profitability derives from activity that enervates and corrupts the American character.

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To: D. Long who wrote (751844)10/15/2021 12:53:34 PM
From: DMaA
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I was listening to Rogan interviewing Shellenberger. And it occurs to me that people like us can't save the country alone. We are going to have form alliances with liberals (not leftists) who get it like those guys.

Out hope is that liberals shake off their delusions and stop supporting the Marxist leftists who are the enemy of us all.

This is not an original thought. Prager has been saying something similarly for a while.

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From: THE WATSONYOUTH10/15/2021 1:59:47 PM
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Trafalgar poll of Virginia: Youngkin 48.4, McAuliffe 47.5


Trafalgar Poll: Youngkin 48.4%, McAuliffe 47.5%

Youngkin has razor thin lead in #VAGov race: 48.4% @GlennYoungkin, 47.5% @TerryMcAuliffe, 1.3% Third Party/Write-In 2.8% Undecided, According to @trafalgar_group #poll Conducted 10/11-10-13. See Report:

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From: Joachim K10/15/2021 2:44:13 PM
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UK: Muslim migrant linked to ‘Islamist extremists’ stabs MP to death

OCT 15, 2021 1:45 PM



Good thing the British government is so vigilant in keeping foes of jihad terror out of the country, and vilifying and marginalizing those who live there. Otherwise this Somali may have been impeded in his jihad, and that would have been “Islamophobic.”

“David Amess stabbing – latest: Counter-terror police leading probe into death of ‘kind, committed’ Tory MP,” by Jon Sharman, Independent, October 15, 2021:

…However, The Independent understands that the suspect is of Somali origin, and the murder is being treated at this point as a probable Islamist terror attack….

“David Amess stabbing: Terror police investigate extremism link to MP’s death,” by John Simpson, Oliver Wright, David Brown, Fiona Hamilton, and Billy Kenber, The Times, October 15, 2021:

Counterterrorism police are investigating possible links between Islamist extremists and a knifeman who stabbed to death the Conservative MP Sir David Amess.

The suspect is believed to be a foreign national, a source said. However, they added that it was “entirely possible” a terrorism motive would be ruled out.

The source said the knifeman did not use phrases often associated with an Islamist attacks to indicate a terrorist motivation. Police will examine his telephone to establish if there are links to extremism.

The suspect, 25, who is reported to be Somalian, calmly waited for police to arrive after the fatal attack. He was arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder and is being questioned by police. Investigators are working to establish a motive for…

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To: Joachim K who wrote (751850)10/15/2021 4:07:34 PM
From: garrettjax
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Geez - and here I thought those Amish kids were acting up again...

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To: D. Long who wrote (751837)10/15/2021 4:38:25 PM
From: locogringo
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Just saw this on tv this week:

LAS CRUCES — The oldest known human footprints in North America have been discovered at White Sands National Park in New Mexico.

Researchers identified approximately 60 fossilized footprints buried in layers of gypsum soil on a large playa in the Tularosa Basin in findings published in the journal Science on Thursday.

By carbon dating seeds embedded in the footprints, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the prints were up to 23,000 years old.

The article reports researchers believe humans could have crossed from Asia into the Americas 26,000 to 19,000 years ago, through land connecting what is now Russia and Alaska, during the last ice age. From there, they are thought to have settled a now mostly submerged region called Beringia, but found their way south blocked by glaciers.

The discovery could upset existing theories of how human beings came to populate the American continent, and how long ago.

Research over recent decades suggested people reached today's continental North America by boat at least 16,000 years ago. Before that, archaeologists thought the first human arrivals walked through a corridor between glaciers by around 13,500 years ago.

If the dating of the new discovery in New Mexico is correct, it establishes the strongest evidence yet that human beings reached the Americas thousands of years earlier than previously supposed by archaeologists, the paper states, before advancing glaciers closed migration routes from Asia.

"This study illustrates the process of science — new evidence can shift long-held paradigms," U.S. Geological Survey Acting Rocky Mountain Regional Director Allison Shipp said.

Research teams included scientists from White Sands National Park, the National Park Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, Bournemouth University, University of Arizona and Cornell University in consultation with the park’s Native American partners.

Two historic Apache trails cross what is now the park. The descendants of the original Apache who settled in the area are the Mescalero Apache.

“These incredible discoveries illustrate that White Sands National Park is not only a world-class destination for recreation, but is also a wonderful scientific laboratory that has yielded groundbreaking, fundamental research,” White Sands Superintendent Marie Sauter said in a news release.

'Unprecedented': Dinosaur fossil with 'totally weird' spikes found in Africa

World: Scientists discover first ancient human DNA remarkably preserved from tropical Asia region

Dynamic landscape makes dating difficultDavid Rachal, a geomorphologist based in Las Cruces who was not involved in this project, published a research paper in April warning that the geology of White Sands and the bed of Paleolake Otero are dynamic.

Layers of sediment bearing trackways of humans and large ice age animals, or megafauna, have eroded, moved around and exposed layers over time. The lake itself has risen and fallen and the shoreline has shifted.

On Thursday, Rachal said the dynamics make accurate dating of specific tracks very difficult, as when footprints occurring many thousands of years apart might be superimposed.

Rachal praised the team's work before adding one note of caution about how these findings characterize other trackways at the site.

“You can’t dispute the dates, the prints are amazing, everything lines up, it’s perfect,” he said, noting that the team was working in an area with superior conditions for trackway preservation.

“The only thing I’m concerned about is that it’s not that clean of a landscape,” he added, warning that the landscape at White Sands “has experienced a tremendous amount of geologic change over a short timeframe and you need to interpret these tracks that are exposed in a surface context, as a dynamic landscape.”

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From: THE WATSONYOUTH10/15/2021 4:51:38 PM
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.......just brilliant!.......and what does this remind you of?................anyone have the address of the 2016 Trump election analog to this .......I just can't watch that too many times.

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To: locogringo who wrote (751852)10/15/2021 5:51:05 PM
From: D. Long
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This discovery puts the bow on the anamoly of Monte Verde, a housing compound at the tip of South America dated to at least 13,000, possibly 30,000 years ago.

I studied Monte Verde as an anthropology major in the 1990s and it was controversial even then. Did not match the earliest lithic cultures then known in North America, so there was a lot of skepticism that the site really was that old, at the furthest terminus of the Western Hemisphere.

Now it is a yawner.

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To: garrettjax who wrote (751851)10/15/2021 5:56:03 PM
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Geez - and here I thought those Amish kids were acting up again...'s not all innocence with those sister who has worked in a public animal shelter for over 20 years apprised me of the Amish puppy mills in Pa.............says many are run under deplorable conditions.....she rarely will speak ill of anyone.....but goes off on this.

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