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To: SiouxPal who wrote (72693)9/22/2004 7:51:06 PM
From: Oral Roberts
   of 772745
and was caught telling the truth about Bush's military career

Is that what that was? Well you and Dan just keep telling your truths. Your the best damn thing that ever happened for GWB. Funniest part is your both to flippin stupid to realize it.

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To: LindyBill who wrote (72692)9/22/2004 7:51:14 PM
From: unclewest
   of 772745
Submitted With Relish
The H.J. Heinz Co. has announced its "Say Something Ketchuppy II" contest:...
Why not a slogan that pays homage to Teresa Heinz Kerry, the outspoken ketchup heiress and philanthropist?...
"Shove it onto your plate" has possibilities, and "Don't let your food go naked" is promising. But the one we like best is "The perfect match for a weenie."

My entry is: "Made in Mexico"

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To: LindyBill who wrote (72695)9/22/2004 7:51:50 PM
From: LindyBill
   of 772745
Staudt speaks out about Bush memo debacle

By Leigh Jones
The Herald-Zeitung

Published September 22, 2004

Three weeks ago, New Braunfels resident Col. Walter Staudt became a national figure, albeit a silent one.

Ever since he was named in a controversial memo CBS aired purporting to prove that President George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service record was “sugar-coated” due to political pressure, Staudt has been bombarded by reporters wanting him to verify or disavow those claims.

When the phone rings, he does not answer, and when someone comes to the door, he only opens it a crack.

“I counted up to 40 calls last Monday, but I probably got 50 or 60 phone calls that day,” he said. “Lots of them even come to the door.”

Staudt, 81, has only given interviews to ABC and the Herald-Zeitung.

He is not trying to be rude, but he has answered these questions before.

“The subject started when (Bush’s) daddy ran for vice president, and it’s been going on ever since,” he said. “I don’t have much to tell. It’s simple to me. There was no political influence. That’s the truth.”

Since Dan Rather broadcast the memo on “60 Minutes,” questions about its authenticity have been nonstop. CBS executives initially stood by the story, but Rather admitted Monday he could not prove the document was legitimate.

The backpeddling was aided by the discovery that Staudt, named in the document dated Aug. 18, 1973, was honorably discharged March 1, 1972.

As brigadier general of Bush’s unit, Staudt was responsible for enrolling anybody who wanted to enter pilot training.

He maintains no one did Bush any favors — no one had to.

“He was a good candidate, well educated,” he said. “We needed pilots, and he wanted to be one.”

Sitting in his office, surrounded by pictures and paintings of fighter planes, Staudt’s military reserve softened as he remembered his first encounter with the young, prospective guardsman.

“I asked him why he wanted to be a pilot, and he said it was because his daddy was one. That’s a good reason,” he said.

Staudt had no idea the young man he swore into the Guard would one day be commander in chief.

“(Bush) was just another second lieutenant fighter pilot,” he said. “You never know where people will end up.”

After Staudt retired in early 1972, he did not have any more contact with Bush, but he has watched him closely since 2001.

“ I think he’s done a real good job (as president). I’m proud of him. I guess I’m prejudiced, I don’t know,” he said.

Staudt is looking forward to some peace now that CBS and Rather have admitted they cannot prove the memos’ authenticity. Although relieved, Staudt said he was surprised they finally decided to be honest. He never thought they would be.

Staudt said he had no idea why the memos’ author decided to use his name. He claimed he never met Bill Burkett, Rather’s source for the document.

Considering what the formerly unimpeachable network put him through, it is no surprise that Staudt’s television is not tuned to CBS. But that was not always the case.

“I have watched CBS News since Walter Cronkite was there,” he said. “I won’t be watching them anymore. I don’t like it when people lie.”

Staudt indicated a Chinese proverb hanging next to his desk that could have been written about his brush with fame: The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

“That’s true. That’s very true,” he said.

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To: LindyBill who wrote (72695)9/22/2004 7:52:08 PM
From: unclewest
   of 772745

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To: LindyBill who started this subject9/22/2004 7:57:02 PM
From: LindyBill
   of 772745
The Way to Dusty Death
Belmont Club

Michael Totten examines the quagmire that never was. How did Israel achieve the task, regarded as impossible by media analysts and many diplomats, of defeating the Intifada? He quotes the "New Republic".

"Israel's triumph over the Palestinian attempt to unravel its society is the result of a systematic assault on terrorism that emerged only fitfully over the past four years. The fence, initially opposed by the army and the government, has thwarted terrorist infiltration in those areas where it has been completed. Border towns like Hadera and Afula, which had experienced some of the worst attacks, have been terror-free since the fence was completed in their areas. Targeted assassinations and constant military forays into Palestinian neighborhoods have decimated the terrorists' leadership, and roadblocks have intercepted hundreds of bombs, some concealed in ambulances, children's backpacks, and, most recently, a baby carriage. At every phase of Israel's counteroffensive, skeptics have worried that attempts to suppress terrorism would only encourage more of it."

The most remarkable thing about Israel's campaign against the Intifada was not it's adoption of new warfighting concepts, like Europe's Human Security Doctrine, but its reversion to the oldest method of all: winning by fighting back. Social historians in the future, should we ever attain it, may endlessly wonder how it was possible for Western European and liberal American intellectuals to forget 5,000 years of military experience in favor of the slogans, some composed facetiously, of the Peace Movement of the 1960s. However that may be, Totten concludes that Israel is a test case, the pathfinder to the America's future in the war on terror. "Israel's present may be our future. Best get used to it now."

The necessary corollary is if Israel is to America then Palestine is to the Islamic world: a bleak landscape of impoverished, poorly educated people living on a diet of fantasy: the least necessary tragedy in history. The Jihad like the Intifada is the highroad to vacancy. But the Left encouraged Yasser Arafat to hold out for more at every turn; solemnly assuring him by whatever gods of historical determinism they worshipped that the Intifada was unstoppable; the wave of the future. What they forgot to tell him was that it was unstoppable only for so long as it wasn't stopped. To listen to the Left is to share it's epitaph. Time to stop listening.

a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

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To: Captain Jack who wrote (72667)9/22/2004 8:01:23 PM
From: Ish
   of 772745
<<After Kerry returns to the tomato fields where Threasa sends him >>

He never resigned from the Senate. When he does he'll become a professional wind surfer.

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To: SiouxPal who wrote (72686)9/22/2004 8:02:02 PM
From: Tom Clarke
   of 772745
I love you brother. Now crawl back to your cave...

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To: LindyBill who wrote (72700)9/22/2004 8:02:07 PM
From: LindyBill
   of 772745
Kerry Retreats
Captain Ed

The AP reports this afternoon that the Kerry campaign has canceled planned ad buys in four states previously considered to be up for grabs:

Bowing to political realities, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has canceled plans to begin broadcasting television commercials in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana and the perennial battleground of Missouri. ...
Ads were scheduled to begin airing Oct. 5 in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri as part of a $5 million investment through Nov. 2, but campaign advisers concluded Kerry isn't doing well enough in the states to justify the cost.

The campaign, which has reserved commercial time in 20 states through Election Day, notified television stations in the four states that Kerry would not follow through on his plans for the first week of October.

Plans are still in place to air ads starting the second week of October, campaign officials said, but those will likely be tabled, too.

Many people have been saying that the polling done so far this month has been anomalous, with the growing lead of Bush either an illusion or simply a momentary bounce. But with Kerry's internals falling like a rock and the debacle of the Killian forgeries still reverberating, Democrats show that their own pollsters see much the same results as Time, Newsweek, Gallup, and CBS: Kerry is in a free fall. They need to consolidate their money on states in which they have a chance to prevail, and as this new strategy shows, that list keeps getting smaller and smaller.

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To: LindyBill who wrote (72703)9/22/2004 8:04:44 PM
From: LindyBill
   of 772745
Meta-meme: The forgery is John Kerry and John Kerry is the forgery
HUgh Hewitt

Posted: September 22, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2004

John Kerry had already been hurt by Rathergate even before the Lockhart-CBS connection occurred. The scandal has indeed hurt him – badly – and not just, as some talking heads suggested, by denying him even the possibility of traction with the electorate at a moment when his campaign is foundering.

The forged docs have hurt Rather and CBS because he and it ought to have seen through them. They shouldn't have been fooled because the docs were so obviously inauthentic.

Which brings us to John Kerry, the candidate who is defined by his inauthenticity.

Kerry is one of the most liberal members of the United States Senate – the most liberal member if you believe the National Journal – but Kerry has tried to portray himself as a centrist.

At heart an opponent of the war in Iraq – openly in 1991, after the fact in 2003/4 – Kerry has tried repeatedly to protest his resolve in the war on terror and to avoid condemning his own vote to authorize the war while condemning the war that has actually been waged.

Kerry says he is against same-sex marriage, and that he would have voted for the Missouri initiative amending that state's constitution to ban the change, but he was one of the few senators to vote against the federal Defense Of Marriage Act.

Kerry has said he believes life begins at conception, but he is an ardent supporter even of late-term abortions, also called partial-birth abortions.

He portrays himself as a regular guy /sports fan, but the undeniable humor in FootballFansforTruth flows from the absurdity of the claim.

The memories that were "seared, seared" into him of his Christmas Eve in Cambodia in 1968 were made up, and many suspect his tale of a magic hat from a CIA man he ferried into Cambodia, and of running guns into Cambodia, are also fables. Whether or not you believe the Swift Boat Vets' entire indictment, they have been targeting Kerry's truthfulness from the first day of their campaign.

The aroma of opportunism is all around Kerry's anti-war activism, and all around his maneuvering these days when he discusses his statements from that era 30 years ago. Did he or did he not believe the things he said then? Has he or has he not released his entire military record? Will he or will he not attack the president's national guard service? Does he or does he not keep company with Michael Moore and the fever swamp Democrats?

Is there anything real about this guy at all? Or is it just John Kerry 5.0?

A great national scandal involving forgery and blasting the folks who got fooled has had effect of alerting us all to the embarrassment of getting duped just as John Kerry's "reporting for duty" convention was sinking into the collective consciousness as a giant head fake to get our eyes off his 20 years in the United States Senate. What was he hiding, anyway?

And then he drops from site of reporters asking questions, just like Bill Burkett, who is now speaking through a lawyer, but never on camera in response to questions. It has been 51 days since the cameras rolled with John Kerry taking a series of questions from a Russert or a Wallace or a Hume? Dr. Phil? You can throw in a Dr. Phil, but you can't substitute Dr. Phil for Brokaw or Jennings or one of the heavies. Not, at least, if you are a real presidential candidate – an authentic candidate.

Authenticity is the precursor to trust, a necessary though certainly not sufficient condition to trust. Clinton was authentically an amusing rogue, a gifted political grifter; Carter a Sunday-school teacher; and Reagan an actor with an optimism as great as the West he came to represent. The first Bush was authentically a public servant of the old East, and his son a Texan tough guy with faith and charm. But Kerry ... he's a lot of things, and none of them appear to be authentic. Like Gore. Like the Rathergate docs. Manufactured, not created.

The blogosphere is hell on the inauthentic. It has been hell on the docs, on Christmas in Cambodia, on Jayson Blair and his mentors and on Trent Lott's defenses of his remarks in honor of Strom. It would have been hell on Gore and the cost of his dog's arthritis medicine, his trip to Texas with the FEMA director, etc. It is going to be hell on every answer Kerry gives to reporters next week and every phrase he uses in each debate. Kerry's got to be looking at the burnt-out husk of Dan Rather's reputation and wondering how the campaign gets through the next 30 days.

What he may not know is that it is already over. You can't run for president as someone you are not, at least not anymore, and especially not in the wake of a forgery scandal. Daschle's got the same problem in South Dakota, and Boxer and Murray may have the same problem in their states as well. You can't pretend to be a centrist, or smart, when you are the spokesman for a party in the left ditch, or when you win, place or show in the dumb contest in the Washingtonian.

Rather's pratfall didn't create this new environment. He just added lighting. Very bright lighting, and John Kerry isn't playing well under the glare.

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To: aladin who wrote (67362)9/22/2004 8:11:40 PM
From: TimF
   of 772745
How about this hypothetical -

Its back in the cold war. The USSR has launched a massive nuclear strike against the US. The missiles are already on their way. Do you launch a counterstrike?

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