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   PoliticsIsrael to U.S. : Now Deal with Syria and Iran

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To: AK2004 who wrote (5938)10/6/2004 4:45:07 AM
   of 22250
Re: LOL, you mean to say that Russia is secretly planting nukes in the backyard of the unsuspecting innocent terrorists?

"Secretly"?! "Stage whisper" is more appropriate to describe Russia's nuclear peddling:

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To: Karen Lawrence who wrote (5946)10/6/2004 4:50:10 AM
From: Crimson Ghost
   of 22250
Excellent post!

The real queastion is how much blood and treasure the American populace will have to shed before they finally turn on the neo-con warmongers with a vengeance.

The neo-cons hands are drenched with the blood of innocent people. Hopefully their ulimate punishment will be proportionate to their monstrous crimes.

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From: Crimson Ghost10/6/2004 5:41:41 AM
   of 22250
The Secret Relationship Between Israel and Oil: What the US Media Hides

By Wendy Campbell

Al-Jazeerah, October 6, 2004


I have found that there is nothing more inspiring than taking a trip, especially to a foreign country where I leave behind my daily routine, including e-mails and the internet, to get to think outside the box and to get a chance to write down my thoughts.

The moment of inspiration for me to start writing this article on my latest trip (to Baja Mexico) came moments after I stepped into the Alaska Airlines jet and picked up the complimentary issue of The Wall Street Journal. Generally I avoid mainstream media these days since I know it is mostly pro-Israel propaganda as well as blown-up sensationalist stories, such as the case of Scott Peterson, which are meant to distract people from the more important issues of our time, such as the US foreign policy, for example.

The article in the Wall Street Journal, dated September 21, 2004, that rankled me into finally writing this article, which has been brewing in my mind for some time, was one by Jeffrey Ball entitled “As Prices Soar, Doomsayers Provoke Debate on Oil’s Future”. The sub-title was: “ In a 1970’s echo, Dr. Campbell (no relation to me!) Warns Supply Is Drying Up, but Industry Isn’t Worried”.

Now let me explain to you that I have already come to the conclusion a while ago that this controversy about the “shortage of oil” is being pushed forward by mostly pro-Israel forces for their own narrow agenda that has nothing to do with the vast majority of the American people’s interests.

Even in this article, it is explained that: “Dr. Campbell is at the center of a small but suddenly influential band of contrarians known as the “peak oil movement”. Their general thesis is that the world is running out of oil and quickly. They have been saying this for years, yet most experts believe that there is no need for panic, noting that new sources are constantly being discovered. Some experts even claim that oil supplies are self-renewing.


Is it a coincidence that Dr. Campbell is “suddenly influential”? No, it is not. Even the Wall Street Journal is playing into the game of making Dr. Campbell “suddenly influential” with this article.

Why is the US media pushing Dr. Campbell, a man who lives in a tiny Irish village, into the limelight? Because the media, which is run by pro-Israel forces, want people like Dr. Campbell to be in the limelight is why.

And you may ask, why is that? Well, because Dr. Campbell’s views help support the pro-Israel agenda of that other “suddenly influential band of contrarians”, known as the NeoConservatives. The NeoConservatives are mostly Zionist Jews, headed by Paul Wolfowitz, who qualify as Israeli-Americans, and who are now openly directing US foreign policy almost completely. Christian Zionists such as Bush and Cheney have jumped on their bandwagon. Of course, it looks even more convincing when a non-Jew such as Dr. Campbell, puts forward claims that will lend support to the pro-Israel agenda.

People whose voices the US media wants you to hear will be heard. Conversely, people whose voices and actions the US media want to hide, will go into the memory hole. It’s only an illusion that we have a free and democratic press here in the US. Personally, I think it’s about time to press for the right to vote for affirmative action laws with regards to specifically the US mass media and our US foreign policy department, both of which have a hugely disproportional percentage of Israeli-Americans in them.

The over-representation of Israeli-Americans in US newsrooms tends to undermine journalistic integrity. When the news media consistently manipulates public sensibilities with a bias favoring a foreign country such as Israel, American democratic values and institutions are compromised, as well as Americans’ ability to objectively and independently access the situation. America needs more non-Zionists (ie. people ineligible for Israeli citizenship) in high news and government positions to safeguard our own national interests against foreign interests. Whoever shapes public opinion has an unfair advantage politically. It serves as the government’s propaganda mouthpiece, but only when the government does as the media wants. Conversely, it has to power to bring politicians down who are not pro-Israel enough, often simply by ignoring them or by pulling out something unsavory from his or her dossier to suddenly put into the limelight. It’s works kind of like blackmail, actually.

The news establishment is termed by some to be “The Fourth Estate”, meaning the fourth branch of American government, after the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. This mighty, and in many ways, secretive, consolidated collection of media networks manages the American mind, shaping public opinion. American public opinion is the world’s second most powerful super-power, but it’s too bad that it is managed by the narrow interests of the elite controllers of the “free” and “democratic” media. Thank God for the internet, although “they” are franticly trying to control this last bastion of liberty as well.


First of all, I’m sure many of you are aware of the notion put out there by political pundits (who are most likely pro-Israel) that the US somehow needs Israel in the Middle East to be its stationary “aircraft carrier” to act as the “tough cop” looking out for American interests in that region, specifically with regards to oil.

Let me ask you these few revealing questions.

When has Israel EVER sent any troops in to lend us a hand in ANY war the US has waged in the Middle East? Pretty amazing, especially when you consider that any wars the US has waged on the Middle East has been at the prodding of Israel and Israeli-Americans, particularly the NeoConservatives.

Have you ever noticed that bottled water is actually cheaper than gas?

Have you noticed or read the reports that the price of gas has not risen in keeping with inflation? Adjusted for inflation, gasoline today would have to sell for around $3.50 a gallon to the match prices Americans paid in 1981. And this does not factor in the additional savings in consumption we enjoy since today’s cars get nearly twice the gas mileage of cars produced only 25 years ago.

Do you realize that the Arab world needs to sell its oil even more than we need to buy it from them?

Did you know the US gets oil from many other countries including Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, etc. besides a few Middle Eastern countries? Actually, both Russia and Canada supply the US with quantities of oil comparable to Saudi Arabia. And what about the fact that there are more and more discoveries of new oil resources throughout the world? And that many geologists say that oil is actually a renewable resource? Even this Wall Street Journal article that sparked my writing this article gave many examples of how geologists scoff at Dr. Campbell’s prediction of an “oil crisis” looming ahead.

Even in Michael Moore’s Arab-bashing, misleading, “daring” documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11”, he made it clear that the Saudis are heavily invested in some sectors of American business, and that the Saudis are and always have been very cooperative with the US government, with the exception of the “oil crisis” of 1973, which I will discuss later in this article. It is well-known that the despotic Saudi government caters to the US government, so much in fact that the Saudi government is not popular with a vast majority of its own people, who see their government as selling out to the American government, which supports Israel’s brutal persecution of the Palestinian people. In fact, the Saudi government risks being overthrown by its own people because of their government’s relationship with the US. Osama bin Laden was thrown out of his country Saudi Arabia, his assets frozen in banks there, and he was ex-communicated from his family, because he advocates the overthrowing of the Saudi government for cooperating with the imperialistic, materialistic, Zionist-dominated US government, which has thousands of American troops stationed on Saudi soil, a key sticking point with bin Laden.

By the way, did you notice how Michael Moore didn’t even mention the word “Israel”? Or “Zionism”? Or even “NeoConservatism” in his documentary? Not surprising. His agent is top Hollywood Jewish Zionist Ari Emmanuel whose brother is Rahm Emmanuel, who served in the Carter administration, and is currently a hyper pro-Israel senator in Illinois.

Another interesting note about Moore’s documentary: he even pointed out how none of the Saudis could reap any financial benefits from the war on Iraq, unlike American companies such as Halliburton. So his whole Arab-bashing approach basically backfires. It shows how cowardly Moore is in the face of Zionist Hollywood, not to mention how greedy he obviously is to go for the big bucks, which toeing the Zionist line assures anyone in the worlds of US media and politics. It’s ever so convenient and “somehow” politically “acceptable” to scapegoat Arabs and Muslims in Zionist Hollywood and US media.

Consider this as well: does it make any sense whatsoever to spend over $200 BILLION on the war on Iraq to get control of Iraqi oil for US interests? Especially when we could easily buy it, if we needed to? Not to mention the war’s cost in human lives and alienating much of the world in the process? The “War for Oil (for US interests)” fable is a completely ridiculous and outrageous lie!


What is the connection between Israel and Arab oil, and where does the US fit into this picture?

First of all, the ethno-centric Jewish state of Israel is a small, resource-poor country, with no natural oil resources, and is almost completely dependent on US support in the form of not only massive financial support (billions of US tax dollars yearly) but US military and political cover as well. Israel, quite simply, would not survive as the apartheid, imperialistic, war-mongering Jewish state that it is, without the massive support of the US government. Israel is surrounded by well-deserved, self-made enemies thanks to the initial injustice of the UN unilaterally giving away Arab land that was not theirs to give away in the first place to Eastern European Zionist Jews who have been committing ethnic cleansing and persecution of the indigenous non-Jewish Palestinians ever since 1948. Since that time, Israel has continued to aggressively steal even more Arab land and has blatant ambitions to control the entire Middle East, using the power and might of the United States.

If more Americans were truly aware of how racist and imperialistic Israel is, they would most likely demand that our government stop supporting Israel at all until it is transformed into a true democracy for all regardless of religion, race or gender, as the world pressured South Africa to transform from an apartheid country to a true democracy ten years ago. If more Americans knew how support of Israel increases anti-American sentiment worldwide and ensures endless unjust wars, they might very well question their government’s support of Israel. There are many reasons for Americans to question their government’s support of Israel including first and foremost for real financial and security concerns as well as our country’s hard-won reputation as a democracy for all, regardless of religion, race or gender.

The fact is that the pro-Israel, Zionist-dominated US media very rarely even mentions the topic of Israel outside of incidents that involve Palestinian suicide bombers, which then make the screaming front page headlines. The footage of the aftermath of such an attack is played over and over again, back to back on ZNN (oops! I meant to write CNN!) and Fox News and all the other US media. These isolated attacks by Palestinian suicide bombers are thus over-reported while the context in which these desperate acts occur is usually completely ignored. The on-going brutal persecution of the non-Jewish Palestinian people, including the killing of innocent civilians and children, since 1948 by the Israeli army goes almost totally unreported and is generally veiled from view by the American public.


Most Americans don’t even know what Zionism is. In a nutshell, it is a racist, nationalistic, political ideology conceived by Theodor Hertzl, an Austrian Jew in the 1890s, that maintains that there must be a Jewish state in Palestine, although that means and always has meant policies of ethnic-cleansing, apartheid and general persecution of the indigenous non-Jews of that land, the Arab Muslim and Christian Palestinians. In a nutshell, advocates of this racist Zionist ideology are driving our US foreign policy. What ever happened to separation of synagogue/ church and state? Isn’t it time to openly discuss this? Why are double standards allowed for Israel and for Zionists?

However the US media does not want Americans to even think about these things, never mind discuss them! Certainly, the pro-Israel media does not want Americans to question our government’s support of Zionist Israel. That is why there is never any mention in mainstream US media of the Israeli connection to 9-11, to the war on Iraq, to the so-called “war on terror”, and to the subject of Israel’s quest for oil.

This intentional covering up by the Zionized US media of the Israeli connection to anything that impacts the US negatively has been going on for decades.


And nothing proves to me that the US media has been covering for Israel and still covers for Israel (refusing to show the negative effect for Americans of the US government’s “special relationship” with Israel) more than this article about the “oil crisis”. Here is a specific case in point:

Does anyone remember that time during 1973 when there was such an “oil crisis” that there were really long lines at all the gas stations and when gas was actually rationed out at the gas stations so that you could only get gas every other day, depending on whether or not your license plate ended in an even or an odd number?

I do remember that time vividly. I didn’t know why it was happening at the time, but I know exactly why now. And it’s not because I got “enlightened” by the pro-Israel US media.

Here is how this Sept. 21, 2004 Wall Street Journal article by Jeffrey Ball (who obviously passed the required litmus test of being pro-Israel enough to work in the US media) presented the “oil crisis” of 1973, in such a manner that still puts a veil of the Israeli connection to that event even today. Here is a direct quote:

“Then in 1973, the Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) tightened their spigots, and the world panicked. The result: high prices, long lines and frequent shortages at gas stations across the U.S. and Europe.”

There was exactly no mention of the context of why OPEC “tightened their spigots” in 1973. No mention at all.

Are you ready for the Israeli connection to this crisis that is almost uniformly covered up by the pro-Israel US media?

Here it is: In 1973, Egypt went to war against Israel in order to win back the Sinai Peninsula, which Israel had stolen six years earlier in Israel’s infamous pre-emptive “Six Day War” in 1967 against her neighboring countries.

In that pre-emptive 1967 war, Israel not only stole the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, but also part of southern Lebanon, which Israel has since relinquished, and the Golan Heights from Syria, which is still being occupied to this day by Israeli forces, as well as The Palestinian Territories: the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, now generally referred to as The Occupied Territories. Pro-Israel forces generally prefer to refer to the Occupied Territories as the “disputed territories”.

Egypt appeared to be winning its retaliatory war against Israel in 1973, so Golda Meir, the American-Israeli Prime Minister of Israel at the time, worked with American-Israeli Henry Kissinger to pressure the US government to come to Israel’s rescue, which it did.

Therefore in a show of solidarity with Egypt, the Arab countries of OPEC “tightened their spigots” of gas and oil for export to the U.S.

There you have it: the real reason for the “oil crisis” of 1973. But the pro-Israel US media does not want Americans to realize that support for Israel has many negative effects on the lives of Americans, which includes potential politically induced “oil crises”, such as was obviously the case in 1973.

Pro-Israel forces in this country and around the world want to minimize the power of Arab countries which is mostly due to their oil resources. Therefore the pro-Israel forces are relying on the US government to directly control these resources primarily for Israel via wars, campaign contributions and a manipulative media. Pro-Israel people detest going to the gas station, because every time they pump gas into their cars, they angrily believe they are helping Arab Muslims (“terrorists”), whose land and resources Zionists view somehow as rightfully theirs. But of course, they don’t want the non-Zionist or unaware-of-it-all Americans to resent their US government’s support for Israel which can possibly mean paying more for gas in a future politically induced “oil crisis”, as it did in 1973.

Another example of the Israelization of America: have you been to the airports lately? The kinds of procedures at the US airports that you have been experiencing lately have always been the “norm” in Israel. This is a prime example of how Israel’s “war on terror” has SOMEHOW become America’s “war on terror” and how it directly impacts the lives of Americans. The “war on terror” is NOT about democracy. It’s an imperialistic war which will have no end if the Zionists (anyone who is pro-Israel) have their way, because it is unjust and breaks International Laws.

There is another aspect of the Israeli connection to the war on Iraq, which many people wish to believe is all about oil for the US, rather than the Zionist ideology that is actually the driving force behind the push for a war on the entire Middle East, which began with Afghanistan, and moved onward to Iraq, and threatens to expand to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and even Syria, which is not an oil exporting country (which just goes to show once again: it’s not just about the oil!)


The fact that American-Israelis in our government are endeavoring to use the war on Iraq as a way for Israel to gain control over oil in the Middle East is rarely reported in the Zionized mainstream US mass media, however it has been reported in Jewish newspapers with Jewish readership as well as in Israeli papers.

A case in point is the fact that American-Israelis in our government want to “re-open” or re-instate, the pipeline that used to exist between Iraq and Palestine, which is now specifically Haifa, Israel. When Israel was created in 1948, that pipeline was re-directed by Iraq to Syria. Now pro-Israel forces are actively seeking to cut off the pipeline to Syria and re-direct it to Haifa, Israel. For more information on this, please do a Google-search using such keywords such as “Iraq oil pipeline to Haifa Israel” and see what you come up with.

Just as Israel’s connection to the war on Iraq has been kept out of the US mainstream mass media (as you may have noticed, Israel has not even been mentioned as one of our “allies” in the war on Iraq !), this choice nugget of information with regards to Israel’s ambition to get a basically free supply of Iraqi oil is also kept out of view for the vast American public consumption.

I could go on about all this (and, yes, there is much more) but I will stop here.

You get the picture, I hope. You won’t get it from the Zionized US mainstream media.


Wendy Campbell is a California-based producer and distributor of political documentaries. For more information, please check out her websites  <>  and  <>  . MarWen Media...ahead of the curve!

Note: Ms. Campbell’s latest documentary “Rosa Remembers Palestine”, featuring an interview with a Palestinian woman who became a refugee when the Jewish state of Israel was created in 1948, will premiere at La Pena Cultural Center on Thurs. Oct. 28 at 8pm. For more information on this and other ground-breaking documentaries, please visit 


Earth, a planet hungry for peace

 Apartheid Wall
The Israeli Land-Grab Apartheid Wall built inside the Palestinian territories, here separating Abu Dis from occupied East Jerusalem. (IPC, 7/4/04).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, like a Python. (Alquds,10/25/03).
Opinions expressed in various sections are the sole responsibility of their authors and they may not represent Al-Jazeerah's.

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To: Crimson Ghost who wrote (5934)10/6/2004 10:07:00 AM
From: Brasco One
   of 22250
Israelis, American Win Nobel for Chemistry
(AP) - Israelis Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko and American Irwin Rose won the 2004 Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for discovering a key way cells destroy unwanted proteins -- starting with a chemical "kiss of death." Their work provides the basis for developing new therapies for diseases such as cervical cancer and cystic fibrosis. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences honored Ciechanover, 57, Hershko, 67, and Rose, 78, for work they did in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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To: Crimson Ghost who wrote (5949)10/6/2004 11:28:32 AM
From: Ed Huang
   of 22250
The article gives a very persuasive analysis about Israel and the oil relating to the Iraq war.

Remember our friend Raymond posted an article about the purpose of the Iraq invasion entitled <<Empire, Oil, Israel>> before the war started? Then I made the "Empire, Oil, Israel" into a multiple choice in order to analyze why the US neocon power was sending hundred of thousands US troops and spending hundred of billions American dollars to invade Iraq.

The choice of the priority is like this:

_(US) Empire, (US) oil, Israel;
_(US) oil, Israel, (US) Empire;
_(Israel) Empire, (US) oil;
_(US) Empire, Israel oil;
_US Empire(under Israeli leadership), US Oil(Israel may share
_Israel Empire, Israel oil(US may share some).

Is Mr. Raymond Duray around?

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To: Crimson Ghost who wrote (5948)10/6/2004 11:36:19 AM
From: Karen Lawrence
   of 22250
After listening to John Edwards last night, I think it's going to be sos if Kerry wins.

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From: Ed Huang10/6/2004 10:17:35 PM
   of 22250
>>Top aide to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Dov Weisglass, said to Haaretz that one of the goals of the Gaza pullout is freezing the peace process.<<

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To: Crimson Ghost who wrote (5940)10/7/2004 5:27:52 AM
   of 22250
Re: If the Zionists persist on their current course, the inevitable backlash and reversal will surprise many by how far it goes.

Message 19832544

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To: Ed Huang who wrote (5953)10/7/2004 6:21:17 AM
From: Crimson Ghost
   of 22250

American Politician’s Moral Blind Spot Toward Israel: Kerry, Edwards, Bush & Cheney

By Sam Hamod

Al-Jazeerah, October 7, 2004


John Edwards, in his “debate” with Richard Cheney, made many good points, Unfortunately, he like Kerry last week, have a moral blind spot when it comes to Israel and the killing and maiming of hundreds of Palestinians every week. This killing has been going on for months, but none of our vaunted politicians or media have screamed with outrage about this ongoing massacre of Palestinians in their own land.

Let’s get some points straight for the sake of history.

The series of suicide bombers from Palestine did not begin until Israel invaded Palestinian lands, killing and maiming people and destroying water, electrical and hospital works. All of this is illegal under international law.

Yes, some Palestinians did commit moral crimes by attacking civilians. This was bad, but they used the only major weapon they had, their bodies as human bombs. Remember, Israel has, as gifts from America, F15s, F16s, Abrams Tanks, Apache and Blackhawk Helicopters which they use, on a daily basis, to kill and maim Palestinians.

How is it that an Israeli death is worse than the death of 30 or more Palestinians? That’s what’s going on. How can this be called “defending Israel” when Israel is the one doing the major killings and maimings?

Obviously, Kerry, Edwards, Bush and Cheney prefer not to see the illegal, immoral and brutal acts of Sharon’s Israel—they keep glossing over these actions with, “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Kerry’s crocodile tears about the Israeli kids was too one-sided; how about the hundreds of Palestinian kids and mothers who have been butchered by Sharon and his storm troopers?We all agree, Israel may have a right to defend itself, but it does not have a right to invade and brutalize the Palestinians. It has gotten so bad, that even Kofi Annan has called for a halt to the Israeli brutality and invasion of Palestine—but America keeps getting in the way and supports all the illegal and immoral acts of Israel—the US gives Sharon carte blanche.

Interestingly, America has adopted the Israeli method of brutality in Iraq. How come we changed, or did we? I remember the carpet bombing of Viet Nam. I remember Agent Orange and the deaths it caused. I know that the depleted uranium shells we are using in Iraq have a half life of 4.5 billion years—yes, billion, not million. So, many Iraqis will die from cancer because of the DU; many American troops will die of the same DU; many children will be born deformed, to Iraqis and to Americans from the DU—yet, thought there are no Iraqi tanks or planes, we keep using DU shells and bullets—ignoring all the science that says there are hundreds of times more DU in the ground of Iraq and that we should stop poisoning the country and the people in this way.

Finally, it is apparent to all except the most ignorant that Bush, Cheney, and if they get into office, Kerry and Edwards, if they follow their plans for more troops in Iraq and continued support for Israel, will all be guilty of war crimes. But, of course, being the biggest bully in the world right now, allows America to get away with these evil acts. Some day, and it won’t be too long, China will be the biggest kid on the block, then we’ll see what the neo-cons and their children will do when we get our face slapped and we are threatened with annihilation or the destruction of most of our country and its infrastructure and population.

Europe and Asia are now having more joint continental talks, moving toward closer alliances, with America being left out. Even South Korea has become wary of American interference in its attempt to re-unite with North Korea, not to mention the Muslim nations that are now putting distance between themselves and the United States. These nations know that America has gone berserk and is already the biggest terrorist in the world. Their unification of plans, and possible military and economic might will isolate America in time, and perhaps its cousin in crime, England. This is something that most Americans are not aware of at this time, but these meetings have been taking place at an increasing rate since America went into Iraq and has increased its brutality and violation of international laws in the Middle East and elsewhere.

* * * *

Why the American people and the American media and politicians can’t see the human suffering being inflicted on Iraqis is a puzzle to me. Our people seem to have gone into a constant state of denial when it comes to Iraq and Palestine; not just the media and politicians, but also ordinary people who treat the Arabs and Muslims in these two countries as less than human and less human then Israelis. It is ironic that Israelis and Palestinians are cousins, both being children of Abraham (a proven DNA and genetic fact).

I lay part of the blame for this denial on the U.S. media; it has consistently portrayed Israel as the good guy, moral, democratic and just, and the Palestinians are “terrorists,” “suicide bombers,” and “uncivilized.” These stereotypes are wrong, but they are repeated so often, that after a while, as Goebbels said, the lie is repeated so often that after a while it gains the credibility of truth. Certainly, our media has to be cleaned up, but as long as it’s owned by the major corporations that own our media outlets, the lies will continue and anyone who opposes our big business brothers, part of the military/industrial complex, will be seen as the enemy and demonized on our media.

What may be a good sign is that more and more people are turning off their television sets and looking for alternative news sources on the internet, or turning on foreign stations on short-wave or getting those stations on the internet as well. This may help, but there is also growing fear that the government will try to control the internet through work with Microsoft and others. Let us hope that won’t happen. But don’t bet on it.

It is time that America recovered from this blind spot toward the brutality and immoral and illegal behavior of Israel. If not, this will ultimately destroy us, for it unfortunately leaves us with “leaders” who are ignorant, immoral and looking for money and votes, not working for justice, peace or for the long term good of our country. Eventually, our bad deeds in the world, and our support for such evil men as Sharon of Israel will backfire. As Chalmers Johnson points out in his book, BLOWBACK, the blowback is certain to come and it won’t be good for America or its people. I hope our media and our “leaders” wake up in time to help save our country and the good people who inhabit it.

Sam Hamod is an expert on the Middle East and Islam; he is a former advisor to the U.S. State Department; editor of 3rd World News; professor at Princeton & Michigan; and edits,  Look for his new book of essays, ESSAYS IN TIMES OF WAR in 2005 (Ishmael Reed Publishing Co.). He may be reached at

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To: Crimson Ghost who wrote (5955)10/7/2004 4:58:07 PM
From: Brasco One
   of 22250
Blast at Egyptian Hotel Causes Casualties

3 minutes ago Middle East - AP

CAIRO, Egypt - A strong explosion damaged the Hilton hotel in Egypt's Taba resort, only yards from the Israeli border, on Thursday night, witnesses said. Israeli medics said they had been informed of "a large number of casualties."

"The whole front of the hotel has collapsed," witness Yigal Vakni told Israel's Army Radio. "There are dozens of people on the floor, lots of blood, it is very tense."

"I am standing outside of the hotel, the whole thing is burning and they have nothing to put it out with," he added. "There is nothing here."

On Sept. 9, the Israeli government urged citizens not to visit Egypt, citing a "concrete" terror threat to tourists in an area.

The blast could be heard strongly a mile from the hotel, said Selma Abu el-Dahab, who works at another Taba hotel. She said a worker from her hotel returned from the Hilton and told of the explosion before collapsing.

Taba is the main crossing between Israel and Egypt and the gateway for thousands of Israelis who travel to the hotels and resorts on the Red Sea. Thursday is the last day of the weeklong Jewish festival of Sukkot, when thousands of Israelis vacation in the Sinai.

Vakni said most of the people at the Hilton were Israeli.

"I was in the casino when it happened," he said. "There was a massive explosion and the left wall came down. People started to run around like crazy."

On Sept. 9, the Israeli government urged citizens not to visit Egypt, citing a "concrete" terror threat to tourists in an area.

The warning, issued by the counter-terrorism center in the Prime Minister's office, identified Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, where Taba is located, as the target of a potential attack.

"Recently a concrete possibility has emerged that terrorists will try to attack tourist centers in Egypt, especially the Sinai," the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on its Web site.

Shame on you for supporting terrorism! SHAME!

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