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   PoliticsIsrael to U.S. : Now Deal with Syria and Iran

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To: Ed Huang who wrote (5925)10/1/2004 3:28:08 AM
   of 22250
Re: So exactly which countries in the "West" or any major country in EU is supporting Israel to attack Iran remains a big question.

Perhaps the best way to answer that question is to ask another question: which countries in the "West" or any major country in EU is able --or even willing-- to thwart an Israeli strike against Iran?

Re: The Israeli propaganda machine ... would do the same wooing job about attacking Iran today...

That means the "Israeli propaganda machine" will have to contrive a smoking gun to frame Iran... The warmongers will have to come up with some serious "evidence" to sway public opinion. The WMD hoax did the trick for Iraq --what will do the trick for Iran? You guessed it: a terrorist strike on the US complete with a trail of evidence leading to Iran...

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To: Ed Huang who wrote (5908)10/1/2004 7:39:44 AM
From: Crimson Ghost
   of 22250

Mordechai Vanunu and Michael Collins Piper Converge:

 The Israeli Mossad Assassinated JFK


by Mark Dankof



The American news media, for all the usual and most obvious reasons, has systematically ignored the most explosive news story in years, made all the more relevant by the countdown to further conflict in the Middle East as credible rumors continue to surface that Israel and the United States are planning an act of preemptive war against Iran in coming months.

The story, which appeared in the Express Newspapers of India on Monday, July 26th, quotes Israeli nuclear whistleblowerMordecai Vanunu as crediting the Israeli Mossad with the assassination of President Kennedy. Even more incredibly, Vanunu states specifically that the motive for the assassination of Kennedy on the part of the Israeli government was related to the American President’s insistence that the Zionist State come clean about its nuclear program at the infamous Dimona plant in the Negev desert.

Vanunu was released by the Israeli authorities in April after 18 years imprisonment for a treason conviction related to the disclosure of state secrets regarding the Israelis’ nuclear program. His sensational public charge about the involvement of the Mossad in the Kennedy murder might simply be relegated to the realm of the utterances of a disgruntled or imbalanced man, except for one additional item.

Michael Collins Piper, the author of Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, has made a previous case for Israel’s direct involvement in the Dealey Plaza murder of John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 that is both plausible and compelling. The Vanunu account simply underscores and corroborates the case Piper made originally over a decade ago. The converging accounts of the two men are most disturbing.

Piper tells the reader of Final Judgment that 1963 proved to be a pivotal year in a publicly unreported conflict between America’s 35th President and Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, principally over Israel’s failure to submit its Dimona operation to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection, and secondarily to a negotiated settlement with the Palestinians. He subsequently proceeds to discuss the principle alleged players in the assassination plot itself in a way which corroborates the research of such respected Kennedy assassination scholars as the UK’s Anthony Summers and University of Texas professor Jim Marrs. Readers of the work of Summers and Marrs will be intimately familiar with names like Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, Carlos Marcello, Guy Banister, William Harvey, William Sullivan, George de Mohrenschildt, James Jesus Angleton, Richard Helms, Alpha 66, and Santos Trafficante. Typically, the demonstrated links of these individuals with organized crime syndicates, the anti-Castro Cuban exilic community of the early 1960s, and an element of the Central Intelligence Agency involved with the first two groups, has resulted in past tentative conclusions that the crux of the plot that took Mr. Kennedy’s life involved a convergence of interest of these three (3) key constituencies involved in a sordid triumvirate deliberately concealed from the American public 40 years ago by the Warren Commission.

Piper does not discredit this conclusion reached by his predecessors in their research of the circumstances that led specific individuals to participate in a plot to kill the President. He simply demonstrates what has been hidden from view before now:that those fingered by the meticulous academic research of Summers, Marrs, and others, have even deeper demonstrable associations with the Israeli lobby and Israeli intelligence.

Final Judgment’s case in this regard is principally built on the key significance of Meyer Lansky as the real power player in American organized crime in the 1950s and 1960s, the superior of Giancana, Roselli, Marcello, Mickey Cohen, Mickey Weiner, Moe Dalitz, Frank Costello, and others previously mentioned as participants in the Kennedy conspiracy. In turn, Lansky’s role as a committed Zionist and fund-raiser for the State of Israel involved direct, palpable links between his criminal empire, his Miami-based banks, and the Banque de Credit International (BCI) in Geneva, Switzerland. This latter entity served as the European-based money laundering center for Mr. Lansky’s global activities. BCI in turn, was headed up by an Israeli banker, Tibor Rosenbaum, former Director for Finances and Supply for the Israeli Mossad. Piper then demonstrates that BCI was a chief share holder in a Rome-based corporation called CMC/Permindex, whose chairman of the board was none other than Louis M. Bloomfield of Montreal, Canada, a major fund-raiser for Israel and known asset for Israeli intelligence. CMC/Permindex, in turn, proves to be a major point of intersection which brings the shadowy Bloomfield into direct or indirect contact with Clay Shaw (the chief target of the Jim Garrison JFK investigation in New Orleans), Guy Banister, James Jesus Angleton, FBI Division 5 chief William Sullivan (who spearheaded the FBI investigation for the Warren Commission and served as FBI liaison and friend of Angleton), ex-Cuban President Carlos Prio Socarras (provable gun-running business partner of Oswald assassin Jack Ruby), Ernest Israel Japhet (chairman and president of Israeli Bank Leumi), Shaul Eisenberg (a key figure in Israel’s nuclear bomb development and participant with Rosenbaum in the Swiss-Israel Trade Bank), elements of the French nationalist Secret Army Organization (OAS), CIA agent Theodore Shackley (the CIA’s chief of station in Miami during the CIA-Lansky assassination plots against Fidel Castro), and Abe Feinberg, New York Jewish businessman used by Ben Gurion as the liaison for secret meetings with President Kennedy to resolve the dispute of the latter two over Dimona. It is thus the BCI and CMC/Permindex players and links which Piper employs to show that the players, alliances, and assets were firmly in place to bring those with motive, means, and opportunity together in a plot which culminated in Dallas.

Secondarily, Piper buttresses his case by showing the results for Israel subsequent to the tragedy in Dallas in November of 1963. The removal of Kennedy brought an end to American demands for IAEA inspections of the Israeli nuclear program, and the ascension to the White House of Lyndon Johnson, whose long ties to Meyer Lansky and Carlos Marcello had assisted the barefoot boy of the Texas Hill Country in his arrival at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. More significantly, Johnson’s arrival in the Oval Office represented a sea change in American Middle Eastern policy, establishing for Piper the Israel-First direction of every American Chief Executive from LBJ onward, to the detriment of the independence of the American government from the undue influence of the Israeli lobby, the maintenance of regional peace and stability in the most dangerous area of the globe, and any vestiges of hope for positive American political relationships with the Islamic world.

The Vanunu-Piper allegations about Israel will not go away. The revelations of direct Israeli connections to key members of the Neo-Conservative foreign policy team of George W. Bush most desirous of conflict with Iraq; the virtual ownership of the United States Congress by the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC); and the sycophancy of John Kerry toward these same interests, will culminate in a political boiling point in the United States if an expanded American involvement in a Middle Eastern war, the re-institution of an American Draft, and further instances of Middle East-related terrorism in the American homeland end up being connected by the public to the interests of Israel and Zionism and not those of the United States. Further exposure and corroboration of the Vanunu-Piper charges that the Israeli government was the driving force behind the death of John F. Kennedy--in conjunction with further exposure of Tel Aviv’s ongoing manipulation of the American government and media in issues of War and Empire–will commence a mass revolt against the policy elites that neither Tel Aviv nor Washington will be able to contain or control.

Between now and the first Tuesday in November, the policy elites will do their best to conceal fair disclosure and debate over who controls the present process and benefits by it. Suppression of information will be their modus operandi. Bush, Kerry, and their respective pals in Corporate America and Big Media will do their best to obfuscate the truth, ignore the discussion of the core issues of War and Peace, and hide the real identity of their financiers and handlers through such information suppression. Suppressing any serious examination or dissemination of the Vanunu-Piper case against Israel is already a done deal. It is a real shame. Pity us, the “free” American Republic, that no one will ask our two Presidential aspirants some pressing questions in the days ahead, including what they think of the following Presidential document from 41 years ago.

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To: Crimson Ghost who wrote (5927)10/1/2004 9:52:59 AM
From: Ed Huang
   of 22250
JFK incident have left many clues, no matter how hard the authority tried to cover it up.

On the other hand, the incident tells who's controlling the power on the top level in US since 1960s

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To: GUSTAVE JAEGER who wrote (5926)10/1/2004 10:33:46 AM
From: Ed Huang
   of 22250
Israel never want to see Iran own nuclear bombs(and I believe Iran is trying to) and threaten its dominant status and long-term goal in the Middle East, that's for sure.

I have no doubt that US neocons power would do anything to fully support Israel's will to attack on Iran's nuclear sites. But the primary factor that forces them to think twice before the attack is whether the risk is too high for Israel when Iran strikes back. The concluding paragraph of that article showed the serious concern.

Without that concern, Israel would have bombed Iran's facilities already, I believe, before they succefully develop the bomb rather than waiting and waiting. Israel know very well time is not on its side on this thing.

Clearly Russia is not supporting Israel's strike on Iran because Russia is actually helping Iran with the nuclear tech and 'Sunburn' missiles (at least we see those helps so far). Whether the major EU nations like France and Germany would support Israel's strike on Iran's nuclear sites is up to speculators' judgment. The question can be: Do they really want to see Israel dominate in the Middle East and buy oil from Sharon in the future? We can see a clearer picture about that before long.

We have arrived to an interesting situation.

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To: Ed Huang who wrote (5929)10/1/2004 1:49:23 PM
From: Crimson Ghost
   of 22250
Everything that we see going on in Iraq today has to be seen in the light of the long-standing Zionist plans for the Middle East

Thursday, September 30, 2004

The essay, 'A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties' (
t_plan.html ), by Oded Yinon, published in 1982, contains the following paragraph on Iraq (italics in original):

"Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel's targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us. Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi'ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north. It is possible that the present Iranian-Iraqi confrontation will deepen this polarization."

The Iraqi-Iranian war failed to accomplish the dissolution of Iraq, so the Americans were tricked by the neocons into the attack on Iraq, largely through the efforts of Douglas Feith feeding erroneous Israeli-prepared intelligence into the American political system. Feith will no doubt someday be honored by a statue in Israel. Israeli or American agents provocateurs currently operating in Iraq are finishing the job proposed by Yinon, as part of a similar ongoing operation against all the Arab states, of breaking the country up into small, unthreatening ethnic enclaves. Everything that we see going on in Iraq today has to be seen in the light of the long-standing Zionist plans for the Middle East.

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To: Ed Huang who wrote (5929)10/2/2004 4:34:33 AM
   of 22250
Re: Clearly Russia is not supporting Israel's strike on Iran because Russia is actually helping Iran with the nuclear tech...

Quite the contrary: Russia is supporting Israel, however cunningly... Russia is providing Judeocon warmongers with the rationale to justify a strike against Iran. Somehow, Russia plays the fink to the American cop: Russia, like a former convict turned informer, infiltrates the Arab mob and offers the Iraqi and Iranian "bosses" some topnotch (nuclear) gear... Later, when the American cops storm the mob lairs, the Russian fink is nowhere to be seen --he's done his job, that is, providing the cops with enough (criminal) charges to frame the Arab mobsters.


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To: GUSTAVE JAEGER who wrote (5931)10/2/2004 2:14:50 PM
From: Ed Huang
   of 22250
Iraqis Condemn Prime Minister After Falluja Raid
Sat Oct 2, 2004 04:57 AM ET

FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - After the latest U.S. air strike on Falluja, enraged residents clasped wounded children and challenged Iraq's prime minister to visit the town to see how bombs were hitting civilians, not "terrorists."
"Is this a terrorist? Is this a terrorist? Iyad Allawi come and show us the terrorists," screamed a man as he fixed a bandage on the head of a small boy in his arms.

A U.S. warplane struck Falluja late Friday night, the latest in a weeks-long campaign of bombardments the U.S. military says are targeting hideouts used by followers of Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most hunted man in Iraq.


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To: Pogeu Mahone who wrote (5924)10/2/2004 5:52:27 PM
From: Eashoa' M'sheekha
   of 22250
Israeli reservist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Margot Dudkevitch, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 29, 2004

Reserve captain David Sonnschein, the head of the Right to Refuse movement, has been nominated as a candidate for the 2004 Nobel Peace prize. Sonnschein, 28, is a software engineer. His name and that of the movement was proposed by two previous recipients of the prize.
The two are Carlos Felipe Zimenes Belo – a bishop from East Timor who received the prize in 1996 for leading his countrymen in a conflict with Indonesia – and Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchu Tum who won the prize in 1992 for her work in pressing for rights for Indians and local farmers
On hearing of his nomination, Sonnschein said he viewed it as a victory for the lovers of Israel and a victory for Zionism, as well as recognition of the movement's struggle, which recognizes the need to defend Israel and at the same time protect human rights and values.
The movement was established in January 2002 when a group of more than 70 IDF soldiers and officers published a letter declaring their willingness to continue serving in the army inside Israel's borders, but refused to continue serving in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Currently, there are over 650 members in the movement, both officers and soldiers, some of who have served jail sentences for refusing to serve in the Palestinian territories.
In 2002, in a statement published in Yedioth Ahronoth, reservists wrote that they would "no longer fight beyond the Green Line for the purpose of occupying, deporting, destroying, blockading, killing, starving and humiliating an entire people."
Describing themselves as men "raised in the lap of Zionism," the petition signers wrote that while they would continue to defend Israel, they would no longer fight in the war for the welfare of the [Jewish] settlements." The soldiers wrote they had "rendered service throughout the occupied territories and received orders and instructions that had nothing to do with the security of the state, and whose sole purpose is the perpetuation of domination of the Palestinian people." This "mission of occupation and repression does not serve this purpose [the defense of Israel]," they said, "and we shall have no part of it."
The soldiers said they had "witnessed with [their] own eyes the bloody toll that the occupation takes on both sides of the divide" and understood "that the price of occupation is the loss of humanity in the IDF and the corruption of the whole Israeli society."

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To: Eashoa' M'sheekha who wrote (5933)10/3/2004 7:47:21 AM
From: Crimson Ghost
   of 22250
Latest "victory" by the "most moral army in the world".


Iran condemnsIsrael`s `inhuman` rampage of murder in Jabalya

Tehran, Oct 2, IRNA -- Iran strongly condemned Saturday the Israeli
rampage of murder and terror at the Jabalya refugee camp in the north
of the Gaza Strip, calling it `catastrophic and inhuman`.
"The Zionist regime`s escalation of military approaches and its
ruthless massacre of innocent people in the Gaza Strip further
revealed the inhuman nature of the Israeli leaders," Foreign Ministry
spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said.
"The Zionist regime, by continuing its policy of repression,
killing and terror is the main cause of crisis and tension in the
"Continued genocide of the Palestinians and repeated violation of
international laws by the Israeli military requires immediate response
from the international community in support of the defenseless
Palestinians," he added.
On Saturday, two Palestinians died and four others were wounded in
an Israeli air raid on the Jabalya refugee camp.
The two dead were members of the Islamic Jihad, an armed Islamic
group, officials said.
According to media reports, the deaths brought the toll since the
start of the Palestinian uprising four years ago to 4,402, including
3,378 Palestinians and 953 Israelis.
In scenes reminiscent of World War II, the stench of death and
dust coming from destroyed houses, pulverized farms and orchards was
wafting all over northern Gaza Saturday as an Israeli army rampage of
murder and terror entered its third day.
So far, as many as 50 Palestinians, the bulk of them innocent
civilians, have been killed, and as many 200 injured, many maimed by
shrapnel of artillery shells and hell-fire missiles launched by
American-supplied helicopter gunships.
Hospital officials in Jabalya, Beit Hanun and Beit Lahya spoke of
`an ongoing atrocity`.
"This is the most criminal and pornographic killing I`ve ever seen
in my life," said Dr. Ahmed Agha of the Shifa hospital.
"It is clear that an army that targets children with heavy
artillery shells is not an army of soldiers, but an army of thugs
and common criminals."
On Friday, a tank shell fired at a crowded street in Gaza, killing
eight civilians including six children.
The children reportedly cowered inside a shack fearing an attack
from Israeli helicopter gunships hovering above them.
The Israeli army didn`t even regret the wanton killing. Instead,
Israeli press reports quoted Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz as
instructing his troops to `kill as many Palestinians as possible`.
In the past, the phrase was understood to mean targeting
Palestinian civilians in order to `make them suffer`.
Publicly, the Zionist regime says the aim of the current rampage
is to prevent Palestinian resistance fighters from firing Qassam
missiles on nearby Jewish settlements.
Last week, two Jewish settler children were killed when a homemade
Qassam missile hit a home in the nearby settlement of Sderot.
However, the Israeli media has argued that the real purpose of the
killings and destruction in Gaza is to make sure that any Israeli
withdrawal from the Strip would look victorious, not under pressure.
Meanwhile, the almost completely powerless Palestinian Authority
(PA) has made desperate calls to the international community to
intervene to stop the massacres.
PA official Nabil Abu Rudeina told reporters in Ramallah it was
unacceptable that Palestinians civilians were being slaughtered in
Gaza while the international community did nothing and said nothing.
The EU did issue a denunciation of the latest carnage in Gaza,
particularly the targeting of civilians.
However, the Zionist regime has indicated that EU criticisms were
of no effect on Israel, which nearly completely depends on its its
guardian ally, the United States, for political, military and economic
Last night, a US State Department spokesman appealed to the
Zionist regime not to target Palestinian civilians.
One Zionist official, who spoke on condition of anonymity,
criticized the Americans for their hypocrisy.
"We don`t accept lectures from the Americans who kill many more
civilians in Iraq every day."

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To: Brasco One who wrote (5919)10/3/2004 8:42:25 AM
From: servan
   of 22250
Here go again,
Israel state terrorism is in action again.
Thanks to US tax payer money!.

Witnesses: Israelis Fire Missiles at Crowd

Sunday October 3, 2004 12:31 PM

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - An Israeli aircraft fired two missiles Sunday at a crowd in the northern Gaza Strip, witnesses said.

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