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From: 49thMIMOMander7/20/2006 8:37:10 PM
   of 20773
We will not forget the lebanese in their need,
nor the israelites in their greed,
in these times..

Who said the first third of that??

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To: Machaon who wrote (20677)7/20/2006 8:44:37 PM
From: 49thMIMOMander
   of 20773
Are you a real person, or a computer program(willing)??

Lots of well, great programmed, computers and TV-shows sometimes do that to even regular humans.

However, I noticed even Bush-Boy does not like stemcells, upsetting the silly, unspeakable, unthinkable two-party system of USA.

Note, I still think Ali Been Semite-Nadine too is a well programmed computer, things happen within silly two-party systems, especially the only one still in existence.

I am sure you have noticed Israel does not have a two-party system, funny,silly, pre-programmed stuff..

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From: 49thMIMOMander7/21/2006 12:53:41 AM
   of 20773
bwahahahahaaa, USA and its voting act, acts..

No wonder Bush-Boy is attempting all those lame jokes ..
(what else could he..reaping the harvest..hoping for his true faith entering from behind..)

C-SPAN should be banned, in Africa too..

However, he claimed he had been told that evil still lingers in USA. (just as he hopefully was told by Barbara, with low expectations)

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From: 49thMIMOMander7/21/2006 1:13:01 AM
   of 20773
Why is it that a supposedly intelligent nation still lingers with a president like this latest Bush-Boy??

Is it just because he claims he still strongly believes in intelligence??

I just heard there was some similar case somewhere in darkest Africa, another former, but smaller, UK colony.

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From: 49thMIMOMander7/21/2006 1:22:50 AM
   of 20773
Any Blastula knows that it will eventually evolve into a brain and a behind.

Why do them all Blastulas claim Bush-Boy never evolved correctly??

What is worse, they claim it is not his fault, but the fault of all USA blastulas who elected him once again.

Brain-less two-party gerrymandered stuff, as they all say, them USA blastulas
(the USA twoparty Blastula system has served USA well, although the army had to be ordered out to start it all)

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To: GUSTAVE JAEGER who wrote (9349)7/23/2006 8:03:16 PM
From: Cyprian
   of 20773
Anti-Judaism is mainly an American fantasy

Not so. Many holy Fathers of the Church have written treatises against Judaism and the Jews over nearly the last 2,000 years. All Christians ought to oppose current expressions of Judaism because they are antichrist and all of them set themselves in opposition to Christ and His Holy Church.

Christianity in Europe is much more of a culture, a moral attitude than a religion.

Precisely why it is not Christianity you are describing, but apostasy from Christianity. I trust you can recognize the difference.

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To: Mr. Palau who wrote (20680)7/26/2006 11:48:01 AM
From: Thomas M.
   of 20773
You can't make this stuff up

<<< "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread." Anatole France, 1844-1924

On April 14 a federal appeals court ruled that the Los Angeles Police Department cannot arrest people for sitting, lying or sleeping on public sidewalks on Skid Row, saying such enforcement amounts to cruel and unusual punishment because there are not enough shelter beds for the city's huge homeless population. Judge Pamela A. Rymer issued a strong dissent against the majority opinion. The Los Angeles code "does not punish people simply because they are homeless," wrote Rymer. "It targets conduct -- sitting, lying or sleeping on city sidewalks -- that can be committed by those with homes as well as those without." >>>

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From: tsigprofit8/1/2006 10:54:28 PM
   of 20773
ARMs were supposed to be a way to realize the American dream of home
ownership. But, like much else in American life, that dream too has been
hollowed out.

For two reasons. The first is "declining marginal utility." The more you
have of something, the less each additional unit is worth to you. A little
defense is precious. But add more soldiers, weapons...more office workers,
consultants, crony contractors and pension programs, the less real defense
you get for your dime. And eventually, if you spend enough, you get a
negative we have in the Middle East today. There, once, only a
few extremists hated us. Now, a couple of hundred thousand soldiers and
two wars later, whole countries and civilizations hate us. And, we are
less secure than ever. The marginal utility of defense spending has fallen
below zero.

The second reason for the hollowing of America is that the horde of
parasites aging institutions, picks up managers, hangers-on, hustlers,
opportunists - who pursue their own agendas, and subvert their clients'

And so it is with the American home. People fantasize about the peace of
mind, the security, and the independence they will get from owning their
own piece of earth. Even if things go against them, they tell themselves
wistfully, at least they will have a place to rest their heads...a castle
of their own where they will be king, emperor, tyrant, and elected
chief-of-state all at once. Home sweet home.

But look what they actually get. Peace of mind? Security? Independence?
Only if they are comatose enough not to notice the incessant barrage of
property taxes, zoning laws, building codes, and mortgage payments that
rains down on them from the first day they become owners. In fact, with
today's mortgages, they never actually own their house - it owns them!

The kings of today's castles are not independent; they're chained to the
grindstone of work to meet mortgage payments. And they're not secure: miss
a payment, and their houses are snatched from them. They have no peace of
mind; the dream of free and clear ownership swings perpetually just beyond
their grasp, like Tantalus's grapes. Our kings switch from one mortgage to
another like galley slaves trying out oars.

And well they know it. People may be slow to think, but they are fast
enough to feel. In surveys of American attitudes, pollsters have
discovered that people already have a vague feeling that they are not as
well off as their parents, and that they expect to be even less well off
in the future. Of course, social scientists and economists dismiss these
sentiments in favor of the numbers. Per capita consumption, they claim, is
way up over the last half century. People have two and a half times as
many cars and watch a lot more television. They earn more money. They have
about three times as much house per person and graduate from college more
often. They can now go into supermarkets and select from as many as 200
different kinds of breakfast cereal. How's that for a great country?

Thus the number crunchers prevaricate. But behind the dissembling numbers
are the sentiments that tell the truth. People feel worse off because
their real quality of life is falling. Real earnings - after inflation and
taxes - have been falling for the working stiff for the last 30 years.
Highway traffic moves more slowly. It's harder to find a parking place.
People spend more on education and health care - with less to show for it.
They work more hours than before, only to have more shopping malls than
high schools. They use vastly more energy than the rest of the denizens of
the planet and make more per hour, but they live in a way scarcely
better...and perhaps much worse.

All institutions age, decay, and collapse, we observe. Even the American

(From today's Daily Reckoning)

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To: tsigprofit who wrote (20690)8/3/2006 4:17:03 PM
From: xcr600
   of 20773
I'll try and dig it up for you this weekend. I'm gone too much and don't have pc access when in Canada.

try this on for size.. very long but damn interesting:

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From: tsigprofit8/4/2006 10:07:11 PM
   of 20773
They twisted the word conservative, and rebranded their radical agenda for change as "conservative"

The crowd of Republicans now in charge in 2006 is no more conservative than 60s hippies were conservatives.

The have co-opted the name to make it more appealing to the masses who soak up the pablum liquid in between watching what Paris Hilton or Jessica is doing this weekend.

(OK I admit both are more interesting to watch than Mr. Bush...)

Real conservatives need to retake their own agenda, and kick these radical losers to the curb. Their bankrupt ideas have been total failures, and deserve the bin.

Is conservatism finished?


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