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From: Moonray10/25/2021 10:55:30 PM
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Tracking Covid-19 vaccinations worldwide

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From: Moonray10/25/2021 10:56:52 PM
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Q&A: This is how likely you are to get Covid if you're vaccinated

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From: kidl10/26/2021 8:57:40 AM
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Vaccine mandate delay?

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) is set to meet today with White House officials at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for discussions on President Biden's vaccine mandate. The order, which would require businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure they are vaccinated against COVID or tested weekly for the virus, is estimated to cover two-thirds of the private sector. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration delivered its final rule to the OMB on Oct. 12, and the mandate is expected to take effect soon after the agency completes its review.

What they're saying: The ATA is warning that many drivers will likely quit rather than get vaccinated, further disrupting the supply chain at a time when the industry is short 80K drivers. Specifically, the association estimates that 37% of drivers could be lost through retirements, resignations and workers switching to smaller companies not covered by the requirements. Others, like Goldman Sachs, feel the mandate would actually boost employment by reducing COVID transmission and mitigating health risks.

Over the past few weeks, the Office of Management and Budget held dozens of meetings with labor unions, industry lobbyists and private individuals as the Biden administration conducts its final review. Today's meeting at the White House will include dentists, staffing companies and realtors, among others. The Retail Industry Leaders Association has already cautioned that the mandate could trigger staffing problems ahead of the holiday season, while the National Retail Federation and U.S. Chamber of Commerce are asking to delay its implementation until January at the earliest.

Statistics: 30% of unvaccinated workers said they would leave their jobs rather than comply with a jab or testing mandate, according to vaccine data analysis firm KFF. Another 56% said they would get tested weekly, while 12% said they would get the shot. The industry concerns come after a record 4.3M workers quit their jobs in August, the highest turnover in 20 years.

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From: kidl10/26/2021 11:06:00 AM
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45 minute documentary and not Covid unrelated

Minute 17 to 21 is certainly relevant.

China - Surveillance state or way of the future? | DW Documentary - YouTube

China is building a huge digital surveillance system. The state collects massive amounts of data from willing citizens: the benefits are practical, and people who play by the rules are rewarded.

Critics call it "the most ambitious Orwellian project in human history." China's digital surveillance system involves massive amounts of data being gathered by the state. In the so-called "brain" of Shanghai, for example, authorities have an eye on everything. On huge screens, they can switch to any of the approximately one million cameras, to find out who’s falling asleep behind the wheel, or littering, or not following Coronavirus regulations. "We want people to feel good here, to feel that the city is very safe," says Sheng Dandan, who helped design the "brain." Surveys suggest that most Chinese citizens are inclined to see benefits as opposed to risks: if algorithms can identify every citizen by their face, speech and even the way they walk, those breaking the law or behaving badly will have no chance. It’s incredibly convenient: a smartphone can be used to accomplish just about any task, and playing by the rules leads to online discounts thanks to a social rating system.

That's what makes Big Data so attractive, and not just in China. But where does the required data come from? Who owns it, and who is allowed to use it? The choice facing the Western world is whether to engage with such technology at the expense of social values, or ignore it, allowing others around the world to set the rules.

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To: Moonray who wrote (18569)10/26/2021 1:24:08 PM
From: Savant
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Ha.....While I'm not in the 1% richies....I managed to be in the 0.01% of the breakthrough cases..lucky me.

"But more than 99.99% of people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization or death, a CNN analysis of CDC data suggests."

*needless to say, I don't believe those stats.

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To: Savant who wrote (18572)10/26/2021 1:47:29 PM
From: kidl
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Just because you were one of the 0.01% of breakthrough cases doesn't justify you not believing the stats.

Look at the bright side ... You didn't die and, I presume, you didn't end up in the hospital likely because you did your best to protect yourself. If you didn't, the outcome could have been much worse.

PS: I am not aware of a single vaccine which provides 100% protection.

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To: kidl who wrote (18573)10/26/2021 2:21:51 PM
From: Moonray
   of 20338
Just because you were one of the 0.01% of breakthrough cases doesn't justify you not believing the stats.
I suggest people read the whole Q&A story:
It has good questions, answers only 3 day's old and numbers.
I'm in the camp that says the numbers are only ball park and
we don't know if they are from CDC or guys like Sanjay Gupta.
I do NOT think CDC means 40% for early inoculation when saying:

Q. What “underlying conditions” put people at higher risk of bad outcomes with Covid-19?
A. More than 40% of US adults have at least one underlying condition
that can put them at higher risk of severe complications, according
to the CDC.

Those conditions include obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
heart disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease, according to the CDC.

People who have cancer, an organ transplant, sickle cell anemia, poorly
controlled HIV or any autoimmune disorder are also at higher risk.

Covid-19 patients with pre-existing conditions — regardless of their age —
are 6 times more likely to hospitalized and 12 times more likely to die from
the disease than those who had no pre-existing conditions, CNN Chief
Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay
Gupta said.

While young, healthy people are less likely to die from Covid-19, many are
suffering long-term effects from the disease.

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From: Moonray10/26/2021 3:35:24 PM
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USA Today's Update coverage:
New infections drop more than 50%
as delta wave wanes:
COVID updates

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From: Moonray10/26/2021 3:45:53 PM
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abc NEWS' coverage:
COVID live updates:
Unvaccinated Americans continue
to drive infection, death rates

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From: Glenn Petersen10/26/2021 6:58:10 PM
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October 26th COVID-19: 30 Days till Thanksgiving; Need to Get Daily Cases Down Before Holidays

by Calculated Risk on 10/26/2021 04:06:00 PM

The CDC is the source for all data.

According to the CDC, on Vaccinations. Total doses administered: 414,302,192, as of a week ago 408,797,942, or 0.79 million doses per day.

COVID Metrics Today / Week Ago / Goal

Percent fully Vaccinated57.4%57.0%=70.0% (1)
Fully Vaccinated (millions)190.7189.3=232 (1)
New Cases per Day (3)65,95378,197=5,000 (2)
Hospitalized (3)46,77752,815=3,000 (2)
Deaths per Day (3)1,1591,242=50 (2)
1) Minimum to achieve "herd immunity" (estimated between 70% and 85%).
2) my goals to stop daily posts,
3) 7 day average for Cases, Currently Hospitalized, and Deaths
??) Increasing 7 day average week-over-week for Cases, Hospitalized, and Deaths
?) Goal met.

IMPORTANT: For "herd immunity" most experts believe we need 70% to 85% of the total population fully vaccinated (or already had COVID). Note: COVID will probably stay endemic (at least for some time).

KUDOS to the residents of the 4 states that have achieved 70% of total population fully vaccinated: Vermont at 70.9%, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine at 70.1% .

KUDOS also to the residents of the 12 states and D.C. that have achieved 60% of total population fully vaccinated: Massachusetts at 69.4%, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, District of Columbia, Colorado, California and Pennsylvania at 60.1%.

The following 20 states have between 50% and 59.9% fully vaccinated: Delaware at 59.6%, Minnesota, Hawaii, Florida, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, South Dakota, Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, Alaska, Utah, North Carolina, Ohio and Montana at 50.0%.

Next up (total population, fully vaccinated according to CDC) are Oklahoma at 49.7%, Indiana at 49.6%, South Carolina at 49.6%, Missouri at 49.5%, Arkansas at 47.7%, and Georgia at 47.6%.

This graph shows the daily (columns) and 7 day average (line) of positive tests reported.

Posted by Calculated Riskon 10/26/2021 04:06:00 PM

Calculated Risk: October 26th COVID-19: 30 Days till Thanksgiving; Need to Get Daily Cases Down Before Holidays (

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