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To: techtrader73 who wrote (31424)11/4/2018 11:42:53 AM
From: Fintas
   of 39381
Some might say smart money was selling CAT in the 170 area. As you can see in this chart that the buyers kept coming in and hmm continue to do so off the recent low of 112 ish. Perhaps optimism springs eternal for the buyers. However, I will not be surprised to see CAT go lower and into the 90's. IMHO

Oh I could have pulled up many others to support your view of the buy the dippers best be careful.


182.00 182.00
180.00 180.00
178.00 178.00
176.00 176.00
174.00 174.00
172.00 X172.00
170.00 XO170.00
168.00 XOTop168.00
166.00 XO166.00
164.00 XOX164.00
162.00 XOXO162.00
160.00 1OXOXX160.00
158.00 X2XXOXXOXO6A158.00
144.00 XOOOOXOXOXOXO9O144.00
142.00 C4XO5XOXOXXOMid142.00
140.00 XXOOO78XOXO140.00
138.00 XOXOXOXOXO138.00
136.00 XOXOXOOXO136.00
134.00 XBOOXO134.00
132.00 XOXO132.00
130.00 XOO130.00
128.00 XOX128.00
126.00 AOX126.00
124.00 XOB124.00
122.00 XOX122.00
120.00 9OX120.00
118.00 XOX118.00
116.00 8OX116.00
114.00 XOBot114.00
112.00 X112.00
110.00 7110.00
108.00 X108.00
106.00 6106.00
104.00 XX104.00
102.00 XOX102.00
100.00 XOX100.00
99.00 XXX5X99.00
98.00 XOXO3XO98.00
97.00 CXOXOXOXX97.00
92.00 XOOXOXOX92.00
91.00 XOOO91.00
90.00 X90.00
89.00 AX89.00
88.00 XOX88.00
87.00 XOX87.00
86.00 XOX86.00
85.00 XOX85.00
84.00 XXXOX84.00
83.00 XOXOXOX83.00
82.00 XOXOXBX82.00
81.00 X89XO81.00
80.00 XO80.00
79.00 X79.00
78.00 X78.00
77.00 X77.00
76.00 776.00
75.00 X75.00
74.00 X74.00
73.00 X73.00
72.00 X72.00
71.00 71.00
70.00 70.00
69.00 69.00
68.00 68.00
67.00 67.00

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To: robert b furman who wrote (31422)11/4/2018 11:43:30 AM
From: scoot1212
   of 39381
Bob, I believe Trump economics will make Reganomics pale in comparison. Trump is making Americans proud again. The more the socialists fight this movement, the sillier they will look. My take is that the Republicans will do outstanding this week, as the 'real' America supports the movement.

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To: Fintas who wrote (31426)11/4/2018 12:02:05 PM
From: techtrader73
   of 39381
The smart money had already started tipping its hand in stocks like GE housing amongst others before this started....the breath measured by multiple indicators started lagging big time after the top in January...the last run to new highs in the dow and s$P was the ultimate bull em all but a few who saw it this all unfolds now might be a little tricky...key areas to watch is the RUT has been destroyed and the SOX.......continued decline after any bounce...will tell you this drop will be of huge proportions....

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To: techtrader73 who wrote (31428)11/4/2018 12:20:13 PM
From: Fintas
   of 39381
NO argument except I would say the RUT and SOX while down are not destroyed. YET. They have more downside to go.

And yup it will be tricky re how low things go because many do not have the experience to understand how low or how long it takes to work thru an issue. Many forget STEEL was down for years before it turned to make its way into the 80's of a bell curve. Now there it sits to the far left in that same curve. I put a comparison of the distribution charts from Jan 2018 and now. IT helps support what you are saying now and were saying back when. That avg was recently 28, now 33 ish but a long ways from 60 in Jan 2018.

Unfortunately many live in hope versus reality.

I was a seller in GE in 2016 in the 30's. Other than 1 canary buy which I used as a market while tying to a deep in the money it's acting as considered. I'm in no rush. In fact I just did some work on it this AM which I will use to implement a buy when the time comes.

Patience brings great rewards to the upside as AMZN holders off year 2002 learned. And so too to the down as many learned off the lows of 2009 as to when to buy. I still remember ol F at .87 cents.

BUT again here and now.. TIS GONNA BE TRICKY cuz some will go down and STAY DOWN for YEARS.


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To: scoot1212 who wrote (31425)11/4/2018 1:14:07 PM
From: rogermci®
1 Recommendation   of 39381
Scoot, how long have you been professionally involved working in the investment business? And based on your posts I would assume you're currently short the stock market? As you know from my posts, I'm currently for the most part fully invested.

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To: scoot1212 who wrote (31425)11/4/2018 1:37:58 PM
1 Recommendation   of 39381
The bulls that are left are drinking somebodies kool aid. Who will be the last bull standing? The thing to watch for is calling the bottom at every bounce. Doing whatever is necessary to keep a bullish EW count as we decline. My proprietary BS indicator is a long way from its extreme so we are not near a bottom.
The perma bulls will keep singing "Keep On The Sunny Side" till the end BUT they will look more and more silly as time goes by. Only when they look like utterly ridiculous losers will we be near a bottom.
My first target for the bottom is 1810. This number will be revised to the downside should it become necessary

As long as the F&G index is showing the driving force in the market is extreme fear there can be no sustained rally.

It appears we are coming off the top of wave (2) at 2756. If correct this means we are in (3) of [3] of A down.
The target for (3) is 2470. The target for [3] is 2444.

JMHO, BWDIK, My best guess, in a perfect world, Do your own DD.

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To: techtrader73 who wrote (31424)11/4/2018 2:06:25 PM
From: skinowski
   of 39381
what will you do if you don't get a trump bump 2.and dems take the house or if the reps hold it and market still goes down?
That's the difficulty of trading based on fundamentals. Even if you are right about what may happen, there is still no telling how the markets may react to the news.

I have a good friend who's actually making a good living trading on fundamentals. Very smart. But, he also took a couple of big hits, in 2000-02 and 2007-09. It's a pretty hard life, to do what he's doing.

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To: J_K who wrote (31419)11/4/2018 2:37:56 PM
From: skinowski
   of 39381
Andre is always interesting. If he's right and DAX rallies, the US indices will NOT go down crashing. So, it's a good indicator.

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To: rogermci® who wrote (31430)11/4/2018 3:01:41 PM
From: scoot1212
   of 39381
roger, I've been at this for 34 years. I try my best to refrain from giving buy and sell recommendations or alluding to them, on the web. Everybody's circumstances are different. For example, I could be bearish but my clients could own legacy stocks that are hedged. So, I would be long and short, and appropriately so. Don't like the idea of getting sued in this litigious world for my opinions. I also believe we are in an upward correction, which should not go to new highs before more substantial down trend takes hold.

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To: scoot1212 who wrote (31434)11/4/2018 3:02:35 PM
From: scoot1212
   of 39381
Roger, one other thing. There's nothing wrong with being fully invested right now. It's just a matter of "in what?" ;)

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