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To: StockDung who wrote (954)4/28/2005 12:43:42 PM
From: Mighty_Mezz
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Holy Moly!

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To: Mighty_Mezz who wrote (955)4/29/2005 6:22:51 PM
From: StockDung
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LOM inquiry causes newsletter writer to "flee" U. S., says SEC
April 15, 2005 A newsletter writer has "fled" the United States to avoid being questioned by the SEC about alleged securities fraud by offshore investment firm Lines Overseas Management, it has been claimed.

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From: StockDung5/7/2005 6:12:56 PM
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Only a Limited Number Can Participate at Any Given Time

The Technology That So Accurately Predicts the Path of Hurricanes Can Also Predict Where Stocks Are Headed...

And it's Making a Small Group
of Savvy Investors Very Rich

This may be your one-and-only chance to gain access
to the computer-based "predictive" trading system
that recently turned $21,846 into $423,202 within
six months - and has been wowing institutional
investors with its amazing accuracy.

Dear Investment U Reader,

I'm writing you about a marvelous opportunity...

One no serious investor will want to pass up.

It's an opportunity to become part of a very select, very small circle of informed individuals who enjoy private access to recommendations derived from a predictive trading system that - until now - has only been available to a few institutional traders, money managers and brokers.

The impact this system can have on your wealth is nothing short of remarkable.

I believe you'll be as astonished by its amazing accuracy as I was. Its ability to rattle off one winner after another could forever change the way you invest from this day forward.

This is a trading technology that up until today has never been made available to every-day investors. Yet as you're about to discover, it's the very same technology the country's biggest brokerage firms use to add billions of dollars to their bottom line profits.

In fact, I'm so confident in this system's ability to at least double your invested money or better over the course of a year that I'll pick up the cost of an entire second year's subscription to the service on your behalf if you don't.

I'll tell you more about that in a moment...

But first, let me tell you about the exciting system that many have described as "their very own secret window to the future".

Automated Trading... Entirely Mathematical...
Nothing is Subjective

It's a computer-based predictive trading system that identifies real time, quantitative patterns in the historical price movement of equities - then uses a set of algorithmic "rules" to predict the future direction of a given stock.

Using vast amounts of historical data and complex programming code, this computer program is able to "forecast" which way a stock is most likely to move based on past trading patterns in similar market conditions - much like giant computers are able to track the future path of a hurricane based on the storm's history.

But that's not all.

It's able to take that data and calculate an astonishingly precise and accurate "buy in" price... as well as very specific "target profit prices" the investment is expected to reach... and the timeframe you can expect to wait for your profits.

Just the other day, for instance, the system predicted Petsmart would jump to $28.50 or higher once it reached the buy in "trigger" price of $27.50. Sure enough Petsmart shot to a high of $28.93 for a nice 5% gain - a mere 24 hours after hitting the prescribed "buy in" price.

This Petsmart success came fast on the heels of a very solid gain in PalmOne, where that stock soared from the buy in price of $22 to over $26.50 in a week - a solid 20% gain. And that's saying nothing about the money you could have made trading the recommended options...

No wonder people using this system say it's like having a window into the future of the markets. And it works with any equity investment - stocks, index funds, ETFs... you name it.

Just plug any equity into the system...

And it'll tell us with amazing accuracy what to buy... at what price... what price it's going to reach... and how quickly it's going to happen.

It's as simple as that...

There's absolutely nothing subjective about any pick.

Human emotion never enters the equation.

Aptly named the ESP Profit System ("ESP" for "EarlyWarning Stock Predictor), its uncanny ability to know precisely when a stock is about to move is this system's hallmark.

Up to 90% Gains In Two Hours!

Another great example is Biotech Holder's Trust just the other day. On March 14 the system detected some unique activity with the stock that suggested a substantial move was imminent. It issued a "buy" at $131.75.

Two hours later - the stock closed at $142.75 - a better than 7% gain.

Take a look at a BBH chart from that time frame...

But that's not all...

At the very same time the BBH stock recommendation was made, the system also urged traders to consider the BBH July $130 call option. Needless to say, that option soared - from $8.50 to over $16 in an hour... a better than 90% gain!

The very next day we were rewarded again, this time with Research in Motion, which the ESP Profit System recommended to buy when it reached the target price of $62. Five trading days after one of the "buy in" target opportunities was hit, Research in Motion stock zoomed to over $80 a share.

Again, the chart tells the story...

Best of all, it can identify a wide range of opportunities capable of producing a wide range of gains:

The short-term opportunities could produce 2% - 5% in a few days... like very recently when Amazon went from the entry price of $35.20 to over $37.50 in two trading days. That's a better than 7% gain on the stock - but the near-term options moved over 30% on the pop.

Mid-term recommendations could produce 10% to 20% gains on the stock, to over 70% on the options - like Quantum Corporation, which jumped from $2.20 to over $3 in three months. That's a 40% gain on the stock - and a roughly 110% gain on the 5-month call option.

The longer-term picks can generate substantial profits: 30%, 40% and 100% in a few weeks. Like El Paso Corporation, which rose from $7.95 to $11.19 over an eight-month period. And Canadian Natural Resources, which went from $30 to $46 over the same time frame. Gains like these have the potential to produce over 300% on an options play!

Skeptical? So Were We

Needless to say, a strategy this precise - this consistently accurate - is bound to produce skepticism. After all, as Executive Director of The Oxford Club, I meet a lot of financial "gurus" and see a lot of investment "systems". Very few live up to the hype or expectations. But this one was different. It was introduced to us by one of our most trusted and long-time options trading experts - who arranged for us to meet with the system's developer, Dean Albrecht.

What Does Predicting a Hurricane's Path
Have To Do With Your Future Wealth?

Plenty, Says the System's Creator...

Included in several ESP Profit System email recommendations we saw this past September were weather maps tracking Hurricane Charley's path across the Atlantic Ocean.

At first we just thought ESP founder Dean Albrecht was one of those avid storm trackers anxious to share his analysis with us. But we quickly learned it was more than that...

We learned that the very same forces forewarning us of Hurricane Frances's deadly storm track were the same ones working to make so many ESP Profit System subscribers rich.

"It's the same principle," Dean explains. "Weather forecasters are able to predict a storm's strength and direction by downloading data containing millions of instances of reoccurring storm patterns into very powerful computers, and assigning algorithms - sets of 'predictive' rules that say, 'if this did this before, then this is most likely to happen next.' And because today's lightning-fast, super-powerful computers and sophisticated software can process this information so quickly and accurately, forecasters are able to predict a storm's movement with so much more accuracy than they could 10 years ago."

So what does all this have to do with stocks and your getting rich? Dean explains:

"Nowhere is this type of analysis better suited than to the financial markets. After all, every stock... every index fund... every ETF has a definable and measurable history of data, whether over 5 minutes or 5 months. By marrying this information with the algorithms we've developed and refined specifically for the financial markets, we're able to predict with amazing accuracy not only which way a stock is going to move - but by how much… and how soon.

"The result is a system that's right a great deal of the time. Not because of any subjective ideas we or anyone else might have had about the stock... but because the system ran the data against the algorithms and came up with a clear and definitive track.

A great example of the predictive powers of this system is the recent BBH success. Even though the Biotech Holder's Trust soared in a matter of hours because of very positive industry news, the ESP Profit System was able to identify unusual activity - possibly from insiders - and match that activity up to other times the stock had soared... then issue a firm recommendation. Within hours, the stock jumped $10 a share - and the option gained 90%.

Watching the ESP Profit System really is like having your own private window to the future!

Dean - a self-professed "numbers geek" with an impressive financial background - was President and CEO of one of INC Inc.'s 500's fastest growing privately held companies in America. The company did financial research on behalf of giant brokerage houses and trading firms. It was there he learned of the enormous potential of quantitative research - and the power data and algorithms can have to uncover stock movement patterns and predict future advances and declines.

In 2003 he left to begin "building" his system. He began by gathering together a team of brilliant and eccentric computer programmers and statisticians - Ph.D.s in mathematics, computer science, physics, and so on.

Their task: build a "thinking" computer that could digest millions of facts, figures and data about the past movement of any given stock... and then predict where the stock is going to move next based on that information.

Naturally, we were skeptical when we first saw it.

But the successes were too numerous to ignore. So I asked several of our research directors to tear the system apart. I wanted them to look at all the past trade recommendations - and then go back and see if they moved in the direction the program said they would... how often they met the predicted profit targets... and how often they did it in the time frame predicted.

Of course, we weren't expecting perfection. But in a startlingly high number of situations - it was dead on. I'm talking about cases where the system was able to name a stock - even one in an obvious downward spiral - and know within hours when it was about to move the other way.

269% Potential Gains - In Just 16 Days

Case in point - a recent play on Starbucks of the many opportunities we watched develop from day one.

The system said to look for this coffee giant to end its month-and-a-half slide lower and move sharply higher very quickly. With the stock trading at $50.15, it issued three specific price targets: near-, mid- and longer-term. It hit the first one ($50.75) within the hour. It hit the second one ($51.13) within a week... and ran past the third target ($53) all the way to $54.75 in 16 trading days. See for yourself:

Had you bought the one-month-out $50 call option, you could have turned a $10,000 investment into as much as $36,923 - all in under three weeks' time. That's a 269% gain!


But Starbucks is just one example of just how powerful this system is... and how knowing which way a stock is going to move before it happens can make you rich. There are many more, as you will see throughout this letter.

And after watching the buy and sell triggers for the past six months now and let me say:

This is the closest thing to a "money switch" I have ever seen. Just flip it on and watch the profits begin to flow!

That's why I'm so willing to give you a full year of this service absolutely free if you don't at least double your invested money over the next 12 months. More on that a little later...

But first, let me tell you more about how and why this strategy could have such a profound impact on your wealth in the weeks and months to come.

It Works Very Simply

The technology that's at the heart of this system is nothing short of remarkable.

Powerful computers loaded with sophisticated, specially developed software scour the market, looking at millions of pieces of historical data on the markets mostly volatile stocks, index funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). By identifying certain movement patterns in the data, it's able to ask a series of algorithmic "what if" questions concerning the future movement of that stock. When an evolving trend is identified, the system issues an opportunity alert - and identifies the timeframe of the opportunity: short-term (1-7 days)... medium-term (1-4 weeks)... and long-term (1-6 months).

Imagine a system that can consistently tell you when a stock is about to move anywhere from 2% in a day to 100% in a matter of months! Consider the power - and the moneymaking opportunities - that gives you!

Steady, Consistent Gains

For instance, just the other day, the system predicted a sharp move higher in Level 3 Communications - and told investors to look for a move from $2.85 to $3.05 over the next three to seven days.

What happened?

Precisely what the system predicted - Level 3 popped to nearly $3.10 in four days, earning a 7% gain in less than a week. Had you instructed your broker to buy 10,000 shares at $2.85 (a $28,500 investment) - and sell the instant it hit $3.05 - you could have made a quick $2,000. Had you bought one of the short-term options your profits could have been even greater - in excess of 40%.

But that's not all...

Next it predicted a movement in a pair of Exchange Traded Funds - the S&P 500 Spider Index (SPY) and the Diamonds Trust (DIA). Right on cue, both ETFs zoomed higher. The SPYs leapt from the recommended buy price of $117.90 to the target price of $119.80 in three days, while the Diamonds jumped from $105.05 to $106.40 in just 4 days.

These are substantial moves for exchange funds to make in such a short period of time. Again, the associated options produced even better gains.

Not finished yet. Next recommendation said, "go long" in the XAL Airline and XLF Banking indexes. What happened? Within a few days, the XAL Airline index rose from 47.50 to 50.11 and the XLF Banking index popped from $29.75 to $30.32. Near-term options soared - as much as 35%.

A $25,000 investment in each of these stock plays could have produced more than $4,400 in profits in less than a week - while a mere $5,000 investment in the associated options could have made you up to $8,500.

As fast as these gains came, please understand that the ESP Profits System is not a day trading strategy. Many of the longer-term recommendations this system uncovers - and their associated option plays - can produce even bigger opportunities for profits.

An earlier play on Research in Motion jumped from the "buy" signal price of $56.27 to over $90 in two and a half months -a 60% gain. But look at the options. A $60 call option three months out costing $6 would have been worth over $30 - a 500% gain!

Millennium Pharmaceuticals popped from the $10.64 "buy" signal price to $14 in just under five weeks - a 32% gain. A $10 call option three months out costing $2 would have been worth over $4 - a 100% gain.

Amazon went from the "buy" signal price of $37.95 to over $43 a share a month later. That's a solid 13% gain. But again, the options soared. A $37.50 option three months out costing $2.50 could have been worth $5.50 or more - a 120% gain.

Then there's SanDisk Corporation, which went from a "buy" signal price of $22.30 all the way up to $31 in a month and a half, for a 39% gain. Options took off like a rocket. A $22.50 option trading three months out for around $2 soared to over $8.50 - a stunning 325% gain.
Up to $185,800 In Profits!

Let's face it, when you can know with near certainty which way a stock is heading and by how much - it's an opportunity to make a lot of money. A mere $5,000 investment in each of these option opportunities could have produced more than $185,800 in gains!

Of course not every trade comes out a winner. And it's important for me to tell you that I have seen a few recommendations hit their buy in price and go the other way. But because of the tight "stop" strategy Dean attaches to every play -- every recommendation has a fixed amount of risk, while the upside potential is virtually unlimited.

A case in point is the Starbucks play, which could have earned the system’s followers between 9% and 269% in 16 days – a depending on whether you played the stock or bought the option. That recommendation came with a 2.5% stop loss attached – which meant, if the stock ever fell 2.5% below the highest price reached by the stock, you’d be advised to get out of the play. Fortunately for us, Starbucks never fell 2.5% before reaching its profit targets...

But suppose the stock had moved the wrong way on us, the most you ever could have lost according to the Dean’s stop strategy was $250 on every $10,000 worth of shares you bought. Yet you could have stood to gain as much as $900!

Same capital preservation strategy applies to options. Typically there’s a 15% stop loss on most option trades – limiting your downside to $150 for every $1,000 worth of options you buy. Yet with our Starbucks recommendation, your upside potential for every $1,000 risked was $2,690 in potential gains!

No wonder this system has fast become the cherished secret of such a loyal circle of trading professionals.

This is an honest system that produces honest gains...

Click Here To Learn More...

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To: StockDung who wrote (957)5/7/2005 8:04:51 PM
From: Mighty_Mezz
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Horrors! The Hydra-headed Agora!

Clutch tight your purse and run away!!

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To: Mighty_Mezz who wrote (958)5/9/2005 9:14:57 PM
From: StockDung
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To: scion who wrote (582)5/21/2005 7:48:01 PM
From: StockDung
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Sky Scientific Inc., Boca Raton Alyce Schreiber, 407/362-9494

Sky Scientific Inc. makes announcement
Business Wire, April 24, 1995

Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it.
BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 24, 1995--Sky Scientific Inc. (NASDAQ:SKYS) Monday announced a 1 for 10 Reverse Stock Split effective Monday, April 24, 1995.
The Reverse Split was the result of a decision by the board of directors to reduce the outstanding capitalization of the company.

CONTACT: Sky Scientific Inc., Boca Raton
Alyce Schreiber, 407/362-9494

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To: Mighty_Mezz who wrote (958)5/21/2005 9:24:13 PM
From: StockDung
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To: StockDung who wrote (961)5/21/2005 11:03:31 PM
From: Mighty_Mezz
   of 978
What a pos he is! I hope he gets arrested.

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To: Mighty_Mezz who wrote (962)5/24/2005 11:33:23 AM
From: StockDung
   of 978

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To: Mighty_Mezz who wrote (962)11/6/2005 6:29:00 PM
From: StockDung
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Konstantine Sarafis
435 Allen Drive
Tsawwassen, BC
V4M 3B9

September 26, 2005
By email and courier to:
The Board of Directors of GeneMax Corp
c/o Wilfred Jefferies
GeneMax Corp
The Biomedical Research Centre
The University of British Columbia
2222 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z3

I have not had a response from you to my request, dated September 16, 2005, for the shares and options which are overdue under my employment agreement. I did however receive a self-serving letter which appears to be an attempt by the company and Dr. Jefferies to manufacture a case for my dismissal.

For a multitude of reasons, the least of which is the failure to deliver the shares and options owing to me, the actions of the company and Dr. Jefferies over the last several weeks constitute a repudiation of my contract of employment.
I accept the company’s repudiation and consider myself constructively dismissed. Effective from the date of this letter, I will no longer work for GeneMax. Please also accept this letter as notice of my resignation, effective immediately, from the Board of Directors of GeneMax.
I will be in touch with you in due course regarding the issues flowing from my termination. In the meantime, please forward my outstanding expenses which have been forwarded to Mr. Ed Farrauto, wages and any accrued vacation pay as well as my Record of Employment to my residence forthwith. I note that these payments are due within 48 hours under the Employment Standards Act.

I will, of course, provide any information necessary to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for the company.

/s/ Konstantine Sarafis
Konstantine Sarafis

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