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To: afrayem onigwecher who started this subject8/4/2004 10:41:00 PM
From: StockDung
   of 978
Subject: Re: Hot Stocks Forum & the Waaco Kid
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Newsgroups: misc.invest.canada, misc.invest, misc.invest.stock, alt.invest.penny-stocks
Date: 1995/11/04

In article <47ee6i$> writes:
>Subject: Re: Hot Stocks Forum & the Waaco Kid
>Date: Sat, 04 Nov 1995 04:08:38 GMT
> (Corey Borolien) wrote:
>>In todays mail from George Chelekis he mentions
>>a hot internet stock picker with a very large following.
>>He refered to him as "the Waaco Kid" and his newsletter(?)
>>as "Hot Stocks Forum". Who is he talking about, and where
>>do you find this guy?


The Waaco Kid has NOTHING to do with VTS anymore since the BCHP incident.
If you've noticed the VTS web page does not have a link to the Waaco Kid.
It was pulled at the Waaco Kids request.

Google Home - Advertising Programs - Business Solutions - About Google

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To: afrayem onigwecher who started this subject8/4/2004 10:44:36 PM
From: StockDung
   of 978
From: Kevin Ross (
Subject: Re: FLRO is HSF ***PICK; up on Mon. 11/6; opinions?
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Newsgroups: misc.invest.stocks, misc.invest.canada
Date: 1995/11/06

More info
Below is a release from "The Waaco Kid's" Hot Stocks Forum
Earnings are supposedly going to be released Thur. Nov 9

Contact the Kid via e-mail at November 6, 1995

COMPANY CONTACT: Larry Grossman, CEO - Ph. 708-564-5400.
Pegasus Westergaard; Emil Westergaard - 212-947-3853
M.H. Meyerson: Ron Heller - 201-332-7668


Northbrook, IL - The shares of FluroScan Imaging Systems
(FLRO/OTC) are on the move again, up today to 9-1/8 on mid-day volume of
nearly 100,000 shares, following disclosure by the company to the Waaco
Kid’s Hot Stocks Forum that earnings are expected to be released Thursday.

Friday’s volume was 8,000.

A spokesperson for the Forum said price and volume are expected to
continue to rise this week in anticipation of record 9-month revenues of
million, which would exceed any previous 12-month period for the
company. A short-term target of 11 to 13 has been set by the electronic
internet collaborative. .

The company has also disclosed it is now manufacturing 50 Fluroscan
2 units, priced at $35,000, which is the first real-time X-ray system
available for a doctor’s office and 50 Fluroscan 3 units, priced at
which is an enhanced, computerized version of its original unit for
For the first time, with these units, doctors, orthopedists, emergency room

technicians, veterinarians, podiatrists and others can set bones while
viewing the progress in a real-time setting, and can even repair bone chips

in a less-invasive procedure not requiring surgery.

The Forum quoted John Westergaard of Pegasus First Call as saying
'this has the elements of being a very big idea: a state-of-the-art
technology that puts out 90% less radiation than conventional X-ray
systems and is materially cheaper to operate because it doesn’t reqauire a

radiologist', and who cited its partnership with Norian Corp. as

Westergaard says he anticipates 50% growth in sales this year and
the next two years, and said the strong balance sheet and proprietary
technollogy could result in $100-million in sales in a few years.

The Kid has a global internet following.

-- [c] Copyright, 1995, The Waaco Kid's Hot Stocks Forum. All rights
reserved. 24-Hour EMBARGO required for all content herein.

All replies should go to:

The Waaco Kid's Hot Stocks Forum (HSF) is a voluntary, private worldwide
editorial collaborative for savvy investors only who each serve as

Nominations submitted in HSF Format (below) are encouraged for each of the
following categories:

*** PICK = "Story Stock" (tout, news, developments) with strong potential
immed or short-term target. Over 80% reach target price within time periods

*** ALERT = immedi or short term high volatility. NOT a selection. Stock
could move up or down or gap. Extreme Caution.

***PEOPLE'S STOCK = Our highest rating. A highly undervalued stock with
strong Story. CAUTION: May be volatile. Please watch closely.

***HOT PICK = Highest Externally-Generated Rating. Guest presentation by a
newsletter editor or publisher who believes stock has significant potential
for immediate or short-term gain. CAUTION: May be volatile.

***SPOTLIGHT = A stock with special characteristics which you may use to
bring to Forum's attention when using HSF Format below:

HSF Format = Please provide symbol, exchange, name, address, phone,
contact, sector, price, bid-ask, last vol., avg. spread, avg. vol., 3mo
hi-lo marks (chart), recent news, analyst opinions, published touts, tout
or analyst target & term, descr. of business, instit. holdings, 4wk, 3mo,
6mo,1yr price %s, insider buy-sells, share #, float #, plus your comments.

GLOSSARY: Immediate Term = 1 to 5 days / Short = 1 to 2 weeks (up to 4) /
Near = up to 3 ms / Intermediate = up to 6 ms / Long = over 6 ms.

The Waaco Kid's Hot Stock Forum and it's stocks have been featured by
Inside Wall Street, Wall Street Edge, Dick Davis Digest, Dow Jones Wire,
Reuters and other national media.

Views stated in The Waaco Kid's Hot Stock Forum are those of each writer
and editor only, and are not meant to be recommendations. Writers often
hold positions or other vested interests in stocks discussed and are asked
to disclose that in posts but may not always do so. Recipients are advised
to do their own due diligence before investing. HSF is for sophisticated
and savvy investors only who have the time and ability to keep a close
watch on highly volatile stocks. Please, NEVER place pre-market orders.
Thank you & Good Trading! --- Waaco.

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To: afrayem onigwecher who started this subject8/4/2004 10:47:00 PM
From: StockDung
   of 978

From: Bill DeMorrow (
Subject: Waaco Kids Last Roundup
This is the only article in this thread
View: Original Format
Newsgroups: misc.invest.stocks
Date: 1996/07/05

Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 20:55:22 GMT






'SOMETHING INTRIGUING HAPPENED to the stock of Guardian Insurance Financial
Services back in January. In the universe of news sources available to
investment professionals, such as Dow Jones News/Retrieval Service and
Bloomberg Business News, nothing significant was brewing,' noted Business
Week in its feature financial story on May 27.

'Yet, for no apparent reason, Guardian stock began to climb --2 1/8 on Jan.
10, 2 3/4 on Jan. 16, then 3 and 4 1/2 and up to 6 on Jan. 24.

'What happened? A press release issued by the company at month's end said
the rise was 'partly attributable to a favorable review by an electronic
newsletter.' But to followers of a band of stock traders on the Internet,
there was no 'partly'' about it ... the Waaco Kid Hot Stocks Forum had
picked Guardian.

'And when the Waaco Kid speaks, investors listen--and buy.'


'The Waaco Kid works simply. Every member--or ``co-editor'' ... has the
right to distribute stock suggestions to all the other members of the list.
A small nucleus of members ... makes ``picks,'' or formal recommendations

'Wall Street pros have long reveled in their power to move the market. Now
it's the little guy's turn,' concluded the article.


Members of the Waaco Kid's Hot Stocks Forum have another unique edge.
Co-Editors have the right, until all slots are gone, to also join the Waaco
Kid's Hot Stocks Investment Club, whose participants have to agree their
intent is to 'lose all my money'. A pioneer on-line investment club, and
a member of both the NAIC and NCII, the 'Kid', as the Club is widely known
on the Street when it regularly announces where it is positioning, has
recently reorganized to become even more aggressive. The elected President
of the 'Club' is known throughout the internet by his trademark moniker
'Billy the Kid' (who else!?).

Members of the Forum, as it is called by co-editors, are also all invited
to participate in the 'picks' through two committees -- the 'Pick
Evaluation Team', and the 'Newsletter Evaluation Team'. The PET looks at
undervalued, underdisclosed, undertraded, underfollowed and underdiscovered
stocks which are often trading below book value or low P/E ratios, to find
ones where management is entering an aggressive era or where news and
developments which can drive the stock price appear imminent!
Members get close to the management -- and sometimes management will agree
to host an on-line
conference call for Forum members to learn first-hand about the company's
plans and ambitions.

The NET group develops exchanges with newsletter editors and publishers so
the Forum can be on the front lines when new hot newsletter picks are
published! The Forum's 'pick' sources have included the Dick Davis
Digest, Business Week, Tomorrow's Stocks, Strategic Investor, The Phantom,
Pegasus First Call, the Kon-Lin Letter, Today's Investor, the Bowser
Report, SSH Guru, Ground Floor, and the Red Chip Review, to name a few.

Overall, for 50 'picks', the Kid's stocks have never once fallen back
(prior to rising) after a 'pick', and have risen from a low of 2% to a high
of 775%, leaving an enviable average gain of 101% for 50 selections.


What's next for the 'Kid'? The Waaco Kid is now a prominent fixture on
the i.Star-licensed 'MegaSite' [tm] for financial information, news and
features at

As a caricature, 'the Waaco Kid' is a can't walk straight and chew gum at
the same time' rascal who 'HYPNOtyzes' his stock selections, and whose
worldwide 'Waaco Sightings', which websurfers can post, are legendary.
Recently, Waaco began casting about at the New York Licensing Show for a
licensing agent, and may one day be featured in your favorite comic book or
in his own full-length animated motion picture. Who knows?

But for now, he is rapidly expanding, with more and more features that
already created comparisons in Business Week with 'The Motley Fool'; and
when the all-new '' website is fully loaded with graphics
sometime this coming week, he will also have his own 'Waaco's Galleria' of
5U companies in a new soon-to-be announced arrangement with another
well-known internet organization, more emerging details of his as
yet-untold exploits with the likes of Pecos Bill and Judge Roy Bean, and,
are you ready
... a 24-hour on-line investment Chat room just for the 'Kids'!

When the 'Kid's' picks and alerts are published, the 'Kid' imposes a
24-hour moratorium on all of its co-editors to prevent hysterical buy-ins
by individuals unexposed to the educational aspects of the Forum --- the
'Textbook Investment Method (TIM)', etc.

Afterwards, the 'Kid' announces its selections to the Street through its
thousands of trader stations and other electronic distribution networks, so
that over time, the 'Kid's valuations come to be recognized and accepted by
professional traders and institutions, where those valuations, to date,
have been proven time and time again.

Often the 'Kid' is way ahead of the curve, however. For example, Business
Week's example, Guardian (now Genesis), via the ticker symbol GIFS, as an
emerging reorganization at the time the 'Kid' stumbled upon it, didn't even
know its own book value at the time. It's over $14, and growing! Yet,
after the initial flurry -- the price easily shattered the Kid's target --
the Street pushed its price back down because the book value isn't even yet
verified by a Street-recognized accounting firm. Now, GIFS is preparing
to become fully reporting, apply for a full listing and is expected, in
time to announce that its new recognized accounting firm, rumored to be
Ernst & Co., has validated its figures.

Where do you think that stock will settle when that happens? So that is a
classic Forum 'positioning' pick. No rocket science. Just hard work,
diligence, and patience.


The Kid's full record, with all of his sources, will be posted this weekend
on the website, or you can request it by e-mailing!


More recently that patience and belief in its valuation paid off when
Quantum Learning Systems (QLSI) rocketed 775% after weeks of patient
trading by the Forum. Even though QLSI burst through the Kid's target,
Waaco recently sobered up to put down a riot when some ornery varmints
threatened those gains. That became quickly known as 'The Shootout at the
AOL Corral', and only added to Waaco's already Waacko legend and ardent
following. A believer in truth, justice and the small investor's rights,
Waaco just deputized hisself and stepped right in with both guns blazing.

Some were surprised to see that he still had it in him, but those of us who
have followed ol Waacky's explOits for the past year are often amazed but
never surprised at any thing that critter might do.

One thing for sure, he ain't much to look at but he sure as heck knows how
to pick them


If you want to be inside where the action is, and to see all the new
developments as they occur via a stream of daily e-mail transmissions and
discussions between co-editors sent right to your e-mail box AS THE
DEVELOPMENTS OCCUR, you need only request the Financial Independence Day
Special via e-mail to to get the special forum giving you
3 months of the Forum for only $10.

This special lasts only until midnight Sunday. As a special bonus, for the
rest of July you will also receive, absolutely free, the daily
HotStocks@StreetLevel which over the past six months has posted more than
500 stock symbols, from one to six a day! These have an average daily
run-up of 6% and a 3-month average gain of 25%. About five of these
actually DECLINED after posting. HSSL regularly appears on trader
stations, Bloombergs, network radio, fax, e-mail, websites and JagNotes.
It's priced at $60 per month, and is yours free for the rest of July if you
subscribe to become a Waaco Kid co-editor.
The Kid is regularly $10 per month, but it's yours through this weekend
only, as we begin to build circulation, distribution and an even greater
small investor powerhouse, for $10 for a full three months.

For full details and the Kid's record, write and get
ready to join the Waacky and Wonderful World of the Waaco Kid!

This special is available only via e-mail, and only thru midnight July 7.

It is NOT available through our phone ordering service. Thanks.


-- [c] Copyright, 1996, by StreetLevel [tm], a division of NetCapital
Corporation, located on the Web at, rated 4-STAR
by the monthly magazine ''. All terms and conditions for usage
are strictly enforced and contained in the 'Registration Agreement' found
on our website.

StreetLevel [tm] is the exclusive electronic distributor for
HotStocks@StreetLevel [tm] / 'HSSL' ($60 monthly e-mail, $75 fax); The
Waaco Kid's Hot Stocks Forum [tm] / 'HSF' ($10 monthly);
StockClock@StreetLevel [tm] / 'SCSL' ($8 monthly); and IRx / Investors
Research Journal [tm] ($10 monthly beginning Oct / 96).

All subscriptions include membership in Investors Research Institute (IRI).
Call New York Society of Security Analysts at 212-912-9249 for
reservations to 2nd Tuesday IRI/NYSSA Wall Street Newsmaker Luncheon
(beginning Sept. 10 in World Trade Center).

All subscriptions are automatically billed semi-annually at then-current
prices (as posted here) at each next regularly scheduled billing date (no
refunds). Subscribers may opt for annual billing to lock in then-current
prices and bonuses. Currently, HSSL subscribers receive all services and
publications as bonus. HSF subscribers also receive StockClock [tm]. All
StreetLevel [tm] products and publications are informational only, and
opinions of each writer, who should be assumed to hold positions, and
should never be construed as 'buy' or 'sell' recommendations for any

For a 2-Week Free Trial call 1-800-241-9111, Ext. 329, or e-mail or Fax 516-427-4867. To affect billing changes or
unsubscribe, please e-mail or fax only. Thank you.

Bill DeMorrow
If this were a logical world men would ride side-saddle!

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To: afrayem onigwecher who started this subject8/4/2004 11:02:07 PM
From: StockDung
   of 978
To:Yuri Aminov who started this subject
From: buzzlite Thursday, Dec 26, 2002 11:51 PM
View Replies (1) | Respond to of 8000

Periodically I search the web to see if there is any justice re the gifs scam. Haven't found any justice yet, but it's always interesting to me.
The esteemed former editor of waaco kid seems to be here.
Then I searched Mohamed Zayed and found this. Surely it can't be the same one.

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To: StockDung who wrote (929)8/14/2004 3:23:43 PM
From: afrayem onigwecher
   of 978
Concorde America, Inc. Disclaims Prior Information Releases

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To: StockDung who wrote (925)12/18/2004 1:02:38 PM
From: tonto
   of 978
Gayle is a punk. His involvement internally at GIFS is well known. I have some documents regarding his communications...(s)

When GIFS was about to crumble and he was provided with the truth, he completely ignored it because he was invested and involved...

So, then the articles started about me being a jewel thief, corporate spy, on my way to Mexico...lolol...instead the offices at GIFS were raided and the company was shut down.

Zayed and Gayle were tight...

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To: tonto who wrote (932)12/18/2004 1:11:17 PM
From: scion
   of 978

To: TheTruthseeker who wrote (88832) 12/18/2004 12:05:16 PM
From: scionist Read Replies (1) of 88852

Message 20869325



10. Plaintiff Mark F. Backhaus purchased shares of Streamedia common stock pursuant to the Company’s Prospectus filed in connection with its IPO, which was commenced on December 22, 1999. His signed certification, executed pursuant to the federal securities laws, is attached hereto.

11. Streamedia is a Delaware corporation that claims to provide website owners and content publishers with cost-effective services and tools for streaming, or broadcasting, live and on demand video and audio content over the Internet. The Company also operates a so-called .broadcast content website,. Bijou Cafe, at The Company claims to have two primary components: it acts as an Internet content publisher and broadcaster, and as a business-to-business service bureau, to assist other businesses to publish and broadcast their content on the Web.

12. Defendant James D. Rupp ("Rupp") was the President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of the Company from its inception until October of 2000, when he resigned his management role, though he continued to serve as a director. In addition, Rupp signed the Prospectus filed in connection with the Company’s IPO. Rupp has been President and CEO of Capital Markets Communications Corporation a publisher of a number of Internet micro-cap stock
promotion newsletters including StreetSignals, TradeSignals, PowerSignals, AmexWire and the Waaco Kid.s Forum, among others.

13. Defendant Gayle Essary (.Essary.) was a founder, the Chairman and Vice President of the Company from its inception until his termination by the Company in March of 2001. In addition, Essary signed the Prospectus filed in connection with the Company’s IPO. Essary has also been Chairman of Investors Research Institute, an organization aimed at promoting the stock of microcap companies to individual investors. He is, and has been, an executive officer of several other companies that operate Internet stock promotion newsletters including HotStocks@StreetLevel, the Waaco Kid.s Forum and a number of others.

14. Defendant Walter Hollenberg ("Hollenberg") was the Vice President of Technology for Streamedia from July 1999 until sometime in 2000 and is listed in the Prospectus as an executive officer of the Company.

15. Defendant Nicholas Malino ("Malino") was the Chief Financial Officer of the Company beginning in November of 1998 and also served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from August of 1999 until his resignation in October of 2000. In addition, Malino signed the Prospectus filed in connection with the Company’s IPO.

16. Defendant Henry Siegel (.Siegel.) was at all relevant times a director of the Company and in October of 2000, Seigel became the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. In addition,
Seigel signed the Prospectus filed in connection with the Company’s IPO.

17. Defendants Robert J. Wussler and David J. Simonetti were, at all relevant times, directors of Streamedia, and they each signed the Prospectus filed in connection with the Company’s IPO.

18. For purposes of this Complaint, the individual defendants identified in ¶¶12-17 shall be referred to herein as the "Individual Defendants."

19. Defendant Capital West Securities, Inc. (.Capital West.) is an Oklahoma corporation principally located at 211 North Robinson Street, Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK, 73102-7101. Capital West is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as a lead underwriter and as corepresentative
for the underwriting group in the IPO.

20. Defendant Institutional Equity Corporation (.IEQ.) is an Oklahoma corporation principally located at 5910 North Central Expressway Ste. 1480, Dallas, TX 75206. IEQ is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as a lead underwriter and as co-representative for the underwriting group in the IPO.

21. Defendant Kashner Davidson Securities Corporation (.Kashner.) is a Florida corporation principally located at 77 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236-7724. Kashner is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as an underwriter for the IPO.

22. Defendant Nutmeg Securities, Ltd. (.Nutmeg.) is a Connecticut corporation principally located at 495 Post Road East, Westport, Ct 06880. Nutmeg is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as an underwriter for the IPO.

23. Defendant Schneider Securities, Inc. (.Schneider.) is a Colorado corporation principally located at 1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 900, Denver, CO, 80203. Schneider is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as an underwriter for the IPO.

24. Defendant Westport Resources Investment Services, Inc. (.Westport.) is a Connecticut corporation principally located at 315 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06880-4645. Westport is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as an underwriter for the IPO.

25. Defendant The Agean Group, Inc. (.Agean.) is a Florida corporation principally located at One South Ocean Blvd. Suite 300, Boca Raton, FL, 33432. Agean is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as an underwriter for the IPO.

26. Defendant Smith, Moore & Co. (.Smith.) is a Missouri corporation principally located at 400 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63102. Smith is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as an underwriter for the IPO.

27. Defendant Global Capital Securities Corporation, formerly known as EBI Securities Corporation (.Global.) is a Missouri corporation principally located at 6300 South Syracuse Way, Suite 645, Englewood, CO, 80111. Global is an NASD registered broker/dealer and acted as an underwriter for the IPO.

28. For purposes of this Complaint, defendants Capital West, IEQ, Nutmeg, Kashner, Westport, Schneider, Agean, Smith and Global will be referred to herein as the "Underwriter Defendants."

29. The Underwriter Defendants were the underwriters for the IPO, and were primarily involved in offering and selling shares of the Company to the public in the IPO.

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To: scion who wrote (933)12/18/2004 1:16:09 PM
From: tonto
   of 978
They forgot to mention that he claimed he was a confidante of LBJ too...(g) He had this bathroom story that he liked to tell...

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To: tonto who wrote (934)12/18/2004 1:32:32 PM
From: scion
   of 978
Essary seems to have been a "confidante" of many people....maybe he sees himself as "inside the tent..."

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To: scion who wrote (935)12/18/2004 1:41:05 PM
From: tonto
   of 978
lol. Essary would talk big through his "media empire", but then would cry about his old beater that he had to drive and he did not want his children to learn through the internet what he truly is...

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