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To: sense who wrote (197551)3/21/2023 10:20:22 PM
From: TobagoJack
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am wondering the sort of opportunities awaits going forward

reminds me of a video I co-produced / co-directed back in 2002 11 22 Message 18263271

reposted later Message 32739067

and now reposted again, as we seem to be in a ground hog day doom loop

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To: carranza2 who wrote (197564)3/21/2023 10:30:25 PM
From: TobagoJack
   of 206945
Re <<Trump ... fun>>

I have always thought Trump to be great fun, from the get-go

He has not disappointed

Message 30378943

To: Haim R. Branisteanu who wrote (114962)12/27/2015 6:13:30 PM
From: TobagoJack1 Recommendation of 197572
re <<Trump has no real intention to be president>>

maybe not. what you suggest seems plausible. of course as the momentum builds he may and can easily change his mind, just for a bit of fun, as he strikes me as the sort who can easily say, "what the heck" and take seat in white house, issue executive order to burn all debt record, and once implement, resign.

in the mean time we must ready ourselves for the doubtless plentitudinous 2016

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To: TobagoJack who wrote (197570)3/21/2023 10:41:25 PM
From: maceng2
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JPM's Nickel purchase brings new meaning to

"Not worth a plugged nickel"

JPMorgan Chase's nickel worth millions that turned out to be stones | Zee Business (

The English phrase 'not worth a plug nickel' means something that is worthless, obsolete, or has no value.

There couldn't have been a better example of it than JP Morgan Chase's purchase of nickel worth $1.3 million that turned out to be stones.

The irony was that the company purchased this nickel years ago and learned about this blunder only last week.

What is the issue all about?

The matter involves a warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where JPMorgan Chase-owned bags supposedly carrying tons of nickel were kept for many years.

As reported by Bloomberg and other media outlets, the company was unaware of the material kept in bags in the warehouse.

And it was only when the London Metal Exchange (LME) revealed last week that the sacks weighing approximately 54 tonnes of nickel in an unnamed warehouse had failed to comply with its standards.

The LME didn't reveal the name of the company, but it was later learned that the bags belonged to JPMorgan Chase.

Who will foot the bill of the loss?

Since the blunder has come to light and JPMorgan Chase is likely staring at embarrassment, the question is: who will suffer the loss — JP Morgan, or the company that owned and controlled the Dutch warehouse when nickel was first deposited there?

The logistics company, Access World Group, was owned by Glencore PLC at that time.

Access World issued a statement about the incident, saying it was inspecting "warranted bags of nickel briquettes at all locations" and that it believed the issue to be "an isolated case and specific to one warehouse in Rotterdam."

However, since the logistics company is responsible for checking the goods it is carrying in its warehouse, Access World Group can be the victim and is likely to pay a hefty amount to JPMorgan Chase.

Around the time of the 2008 recession, a lot of Wall Street banks, including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group, were quite active in trading in the physical market.

They traded in oil, metals, and sugar. But, the new regulation that came into effect post-2008 recession forced the banks to pull back from trading commodities.

JPMorgan is still a prominent player in trading precious metals like gold, and other metals like aluminum, copper, and zinc.

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To: THE ANT who wrote (149823)3/21/2023 11:20:39 PM
From: TobagoJack
   of 206945
Following up to the 2019 private tour of the off-limit area of the Kremlin

I note today first time I saw on video the particular hall used (note light fixture, floor pattern, and windows, and more carpets :0) all decked out and lit up bright, accompanied by music

reference source

Message 32269002

To: THE ANT who wrote (149823)8/4/2019 2:58:27 PM
From: TobagoJack2 Recommendations of 197574
It was quite nice to meander through a tour of the Kremlin without the public ruining the atmospherics :0)

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To: TobagoJack who wrote (197570)3/22/2023 12:00:37 AM
From: maceng2
   of 206945
Dogs and ticks.

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To: maceng2 who wrote (197576)3/22/2023 12:13:22 AM
From: TobagoJack
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Re <<The debt is not the bomb, the debt is the fuse. The explosive charge is the derivatives. What you’re talking about in the banking collapse is not a domino-like collapse, it is a nuclear-chain-reaction-type collapse. It’s not the bank size that matters, it’s that it’s cancer.>>

... in such a case no one has enough gold-gold

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To: sense who wrote (197410)3/22/2023 12:22:37 AM
From: Maurice Winn
1 Recommendation   of 206945
Sense, you got that wrong too. I'm happy to determine motivations as best as I can. But that doesn't mean mind-reading is correct because you imagine what you think the person is thinking is correct. You imagine you have mind-read Vladimir while writing that you have listened to translations of what he has said.

Swarms of people imagine they have mind-read what he wants to do.

What's terrifying is that these morons then, based on their false premises and also on bung mind-reading, are ready and keen to go to the mat and end in MAD. It's an amazing process given that it will result in the end of their lives and the lives of most other people too.

But I know from decades of observing such processes that people do in fact prefer to be dead, rather than change their minds or admit other ideas might be right. Suicide is a direct and fatal outcome of such fixed thinking. Feelings of belonging and identity seem to be more important than survival of self and family to perhaps most people. I've been aware of that process for over 6 decades now.

I've learned to accept it and not bother casting my pearls before swine. Simply repeating things to them is pointless. They are fixed in their ideas and will die before they change. So it goes. I have a go at explaining alternative thinking and facts, possibilities etc, but simply repeating it doesn't change their minds.

Scott Adams today explained drug addict thinking regarding free fentanyl and the problem that the drug addicts will ignore the huge risk of adding horse tranquilizer [I suppose ketamine]. Simply telling them that they have huge risk of death is ignored "Yes, but didn't I tell how much better the high is with the combo?" Addiction to ideas seems as solid = "You know that continuing to attack Russia will result in nuclear Armageddon and 95% reduction in humanity?" Drug addict "Yes, but I've mind-read Putin and he's Hitler reincarnated, wants to reconstitute the USSR, conquer Europe, take over the world, eliminate Ukraine and be a totalitarian dictator everywhere. He woke up one day and decided, totally unprovoked, to invade and conquer a sovereign country with sacrosanct borders, a war of choice, with no point at all, just like Hitler invaded Poland and everywhere else. Give him an inch and he'll take over the world. If we buy gas from him, we are his slaves so we have to bomb the Nordstream gas pipelines from Russia. If we sell anything to Russia or buy anything that's as bad. We have to defeat Russia, execute Putin, then put him on trial for crimes against humanity, break up Russia into tiny bits, confiscate all their atomic bombs and make it forever a non-entity. It'll be a cake walk."

The drug addicts are immune to other ideas. They aren't immune to death and atomic bombs though.

Unfortunately, that seems to be what people do every generation or so - go crazed and start onslaughting, imbued with self-righteousness.

Good luck with that.

I'm hopeful that more sane people will prevail =
Emperor Pooh Xi,
Middle East

not all want to die to show Putin who is boss. In fact, the USA/UK are looking distinctly dangerous and insane. Dunno what's wrong with the Euroserfs who largely are going along with it = women in charge are a very bad thing it seems. My theory is that they LIKE wars and are happy to see men murdering each other, mating with the winners. It certainly explains what's happening.

At least we don't need to accept the bullshit that if women were in charge things would be hunky dory. Victoria Nuland, Hillary and co-conspirator Harridan Harpies got Nobel Peace Prize Obama [who has excellent melanin content] to launch the attack with the Biden crime family, McCain, Graham and other criminals banking $billions.


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To: Maurice Winn who wrote (197578)3/22/2023 1:31:37 AM
From: TobagoJack
1 Recommendation   of 206945
Re <<Putin ... Xi>>

Now clear that I was too early by ~3.5 years to gather w/ the boyz for powwow, even as I was at the right place for the powwow Message 34232053

Same hall, but no one shook our hands, and the lighting was not optimal :0) also, no music

... but yes, I can sense the trajectory of the Force even as I remain agnostic

I figure that back in 2019 I must have taken a wrong turn whilst looking for chow and got lost in the halls and hallways of the Kremlin

Alas, if only I was ~3.5 years late in taking wrong turn.

In any case, for sure the chow eventually found good, and a guess, collective-west dignitaries likely shall not be chowing in the Kremlin for awhile

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To: maceng2 who wrote (197576)3/22/2023 2:37:55 AM
From: TobagoJack
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I wonder what the two boyz in the background of pic know that we do not

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To: Maurice Winn who wrote (197578)3/22/2023 4:50:38 AM
From: TobagoJack
   of 206945

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