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To: Follies who wrote (170076)4/2/2021 4:23:25 AM
From: TobagoJack
   of 188010
the minute a usa-based based bitcoin ETF comes to be, volatility of BTC should drop, firstly by BTC going up, and then up some more, transparently, as all have birdseye view of the queue of eager buyers

given team Biden's eagerness to compete w/ team Jinping on money-printing. much goodness should aggregate to Layer #1 BTC, ETH and I hope, Caspers, and to Layer 2 of whatever, all and everything to do w/ ownership

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To: Aladdin Sane who wrote (170096)4/2/2021 4:28:14 AM
From: TobagoJack
   of 188010
the tax-paying electorates are being tee-ed up for warfare by all means, and all can be bum-rushed to make a contribution

now that a beginning is being made, once the laws are in place, only the actual numbers need to be changed to up the tempo of war

Biden’s Biggest-Ever Investment Plan for U.S. Still Trails China
Tom Hancock
2 April 2021, 12:13 GMT+8
What President Joe Biden touted as a historic U.S. federal investment program that will position the country to win the global innovation race still leaves it well behind China’s continuing, giant infrastructure upgrading campaign.

While the top-line for Biden’s American Jobs Plan is $2.25 trillion, China’s government and private companies pour the equivalent of trillions of dollars each year into new infrastructure ranging from transport to communications networks, water projects to manufacturing.

If spread evenly over the eight-year timeframe, Biden’s plan would be a little over $280 billion a year. By comparison, in China, just one source of public funds used mainly for infrastructure investment -- local government “special” bonds -- will total 3.65 trillion yuan ($556 billion) this year.

Looking purely at research and development, China’s is current second in the world behind the U.S. in terms of annual investment, but is aiming to increase total spending by private companies and state agencies to 3.76 trillion yuan in 2025, the government said last month. That would be 1.3 trillion yuan more than the amount spent last year.

Biden’s program includes $180 billion of government funding for R&D. According to Biden that is the biggest increase in such spending outside of defense on record, but some question whether it is enough.

“That doesn’t sound like catching up to me,” Jared Woodard, head of Bank of America’s research investment committee, said on Bloomberg TV Thursday.

“American Jobs Plan”China’s annual spending
$620 billion for transportation

($77.5 billion a year)

Transport investment 2020:

3.4 trillion yuan ($522 billion)

$650 billion for cleaner water,

high-speed broadband and

other community initiatives

($81.3 billion a year)

Telecoms 2020: 407 billion yuan ($62 billion)

Water conservation 2020: 770 billion yuan ($117 billion)

$50 billion for domestic

semiconductor manufacturing

State-owned semiconductor plan:

As much as 200 billion yuan ($30.5 billion)

$40 billion upgrading

research capacity in laboratories

China added spending on basic research 2019-2020:

14 billion yuan ($2.1 billion)

However, it’s difficult to directly compare spending in the two countries, as much of China’s outlays are tied to accommodating the millions of rural residents who move to cities for the first time each year.

China’s economic output per capita is about a sixth of U.S. levels, and in many cases the country is for the first time building infrastructure like urban apartments, water treatment systems and airports that the U.S. has had for generations.

Read More: Biden Starts Infrastructure Bet With U.S. Far Behind China

“China is a developing country and the area for investment in infrastructure is larger than in a developed country,” said Justin Lin, a former chief economist at the World Bank who also advises China’s government. “In the U.S. they have the infrastructure, but it might be old and needs to be improved. So the scope for investment in high-income countries is lower.”

But in other cases, such as high-speed rail, China’s infrastructure is already more advanced than America’s -- the Asian country’s high speed rail network was almost 38,000 kilometers last year. Building is also cheaper in China, so the spending goes further. For example, the construction cost of the Chinese high-speed rail network is about two-thirds of the cost in other countries, according to a 2019 World Bank study.

Biden’s plan will likely be reshaped significantly in Congress, and take months to pass. Advocates say the increasing focus in Washington on competing with China will usher a step-up in innovation and research that goes beyond the proposed federal spending, with incentives that spur private companies to step up as well.

“This is the largest play I’ve seen in my economic career to on-shore industries, to build up nascent industries, to grab global market share in areas where we could beat our competitors” Jared Bernstein, a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said in a Bloomberg TV interview Thursday.

— With assistance by Lisa Abramowicz, and Jonathan Ferro

(Updates with more detail on R&D spending from fourth paragraph.)

Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal.

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To: TobagoJack who wrote (169981)4/2/2021 6:17:40 AM
From: Haim R. Branisteanu
1 Recommendation   of 188010
TJ that is during and after the wars, and it is real!!

Oren Moverman is the son of a long time friend of mine, from NYC, served in the IDF, (1984- 1988) I think, and moved back to NYC (

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To: Joachim K who wrote (170106)4/2/2021 7:26:40 AM
From: Julius Wong
   of 188010
Nice golf and country club.

Buy at a good price.

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To: TobagoJack who wrote (170103)4/2/2021 7:31:26 AM
From: Julius Wong
   of 188010
Phase 1 money?

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To: bull_dozer who wrote (170105)4/2/2021 7:33:47 AM
From: Julius Wong
   of 188010
Coinbase is said to hire former SEC director to run its capital markets unit
Mar. 30, 2021 1:26 PM ET Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN) By: Josh Fineman, SA News Editor 2 Comments

Coinbase Global ( COIN) reportedly hired Brett Redfearn, who most recently was the director of the SEC's divison of trading and markets, to run its capital-market division.

Redfearn's hiring, which was reported by the WSJ, comes as the company prepares to go public.

Recall March 20, Coinbase said to have delayed public listing after CFTC fine.

Recall March 9, Bitcoin takes off with Coinbase reportedly valued at $90B.

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To: Julius Wong who wrote (170102)4/2/2021 7:51:01 AM
From: Aladdin Sane
   of 188010
Most likely.. looks like even some moderate Dems are reticent though.. earmarks .. or pork barreling :)

As much as our system up here has its flaws too.. if Trudeau were elected with a majority.. normal state of affairs.. instead of a minority government.. there would only be some ritual debate and it would pass slam dunk.. right now Mr. Trudeau in a minority position is closer to normal state of US government.. except Mr Trudeau needs really only convince one or two party leaders.. so a few earmarks are possible..

Ah.. politics.. ain't it grand lol

Some times it feels like the electorate only counts at election time lol

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To: Julius Wong who wrote (170065)4/2/2021 7:59:09 AM
From: Aladdin Sane
   of 188010
Biden going for public perception.. this also important for mid terms neh ?

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To: TobagoJack who wrote (170110)4/2/2021 8:06:26 AM
From: Haim R. Branisteanu
1 Recommendation   of 188010
1. Compare where the US was 60 years ago and where was China at that time not to mention the "Cultural Revolution" of Mao that destroyed almost everything that was build.
2. the US has 330 Mill people China has 1,400 million so calculate per capita investments.

I could go on but I think those two points are sufficient.

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To: TobagoJack who wrote (170098)4/2/2021 8:12:43 AM
From: Aladdin Sane
   of 188010
Cannot disagree with differences.. said it myself many a time..

Just hoping for US folks' sakes Mr. Biden at least comes close on infrastructure..

Spillover likely to help Canada

As an aside but related.. bought CP Rail last week..

Message 33260423

And excerpt from a PM to SI buddy


So I looked at the network map for KC southern that CP is taking (hopefully).. Mexico is nice I guess.. but they run right along the Gulf coast through Houston .. So thinking that Keystone XL is dead.. long enough to be of value.. rail might work..

Creel the current guy liked this when still Hunter's protégé.. but Hunter was adverse because of course the tank car investment is poof if a pipe goes through .. Now I see no pipe... and I see the the oil companies will need to go longer term commitment so CP order book will be stable.. (Hunter's fear of pipe going in gone.)


Looking ok so far

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