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To: Tom Clarke who wrote (2944)8/26/2001 6:28:21 PM
From: Thomas M.
   of 23279
<< After my adventures in the Ravello gardens (CBS’s Bryant Gumbel was his usual low-key, courteous self and did not pull the cord), I headed for Terre Haute by way of Manhattan. I did several programs where I was cut off at the word "Waco." Only CNN’s Greta Van Susteren got the point. "Two wrongs," she said, sensibly, "don’t make a right." I quite agreed with her. But then, since I am against the death penalty, I noted that three wrongs are hardly an improvement. >>

Nicely put.

<< Yet when discussion shifts to Iraq, any daycare center in a government building instantly becomes "a shield." Think about it. (Actually, there is a difference here. The administration has admitted to knowledge of the presence of children in or near Iraqi government buildings, yet they still proceed with their plans to bomb – saying that they cannot be held responsible if children die. There is no such proof, however, that knowledge of the presence of children existed in relation to the Oklahoma City bombing.) >>

This term is also popular among the disinformation police on this thread.

<< "A lot of people say there’s too much personal freedom. When personal freedom’s being abused, you have to move to limit it." On that plangent note he graduated cum laude from the Newt Gingrich Academy. >>


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To: Carolyn who started this subject8/27/2001 5:38:17 AM
From: 2MAR$
   of 23279
OT : A new book out by Tom Cassini & Timothy Wallis
entitled "Ordinary Heroes"

photographs & interviews and
of some 47 living Medal of Honor recipients .
A story of ordinary people , doing extraordinary
feats of valor , and the modest lives to
which they return...

For those that value courage and interested in some
of the admirable Americans that showed much integrity
and valor in the defense of America , perhaps might
find it an interesting book and some of the stories
inspiring & touching .

* Unfortunately the authors chose to publish themselves,
so not widely known about . The website is rather sparse
unfortunately .

Recieved moving reviews from Walter Chronkite , Kurt Vonegut, Tom Brokaw , Stephen Ambrose .

A million old soldiers will fade away , but a dream
goes on forever....



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To: Nadine Carroll who wrote (2941)8/27/2001 5:48:24 AM
   of 23279
Re: the Jewish political world does not include Europe last time I checked...

Check it again... Jews are not shut out of European politics, quite the contrary (just ask French statesmen Lionel Jospin, Charles Pasqua,...) Actually, Europe is on the horns of a dilemma: its closet pro-Israeli bias conflicts with its demographic pattern/trend: more and more Muslim minorities are flooding into Europe's biggest cities. Hence the cultural gap between Judeo-Christian elites who share a common anti-Muslim containment prejudice with Israel and an ever larger Muslim constituency among Europe's urban populace... For the sake of "civil harmony" European policy-makers must take up a pro-Palestinian pretense while they sustain Israel economically through the back door.

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To: Tom Clarke who wrote (2945)8/27/2001 5:52:44 AM
   of 23279
An exhilarating paper indeed. That guy O'Rourke is right on the money.

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To: Tom Clarke who wrote (2945)8/27/2001 6:06:37 AM
   of 23279
Your turn to get a kick out of it...

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To: GUSTAVE JAEGER who wrote (2950)8/27/2001 8:24:41 AM
From: Andy Thomas
   of 23279
this skolnick fellow has some food for thought:


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To: Nadine Carroll who wrote (2686)8/27/2001 10:21:48 AM
   of 23279
Re: Gustave, I do not see evidence to support your conclusions. I think your "Byzantine alliance" leaves one very major player out of the calculations...Turkey. Turkey is a rising regional power, coming into a natural alliance with Israel....

Saturday August 25 1:40 PM ET

Turkish Tycoon Stabbed to Death

By BURAK BAKTIR, Associated Press Writer

- The chairman of one of Turkey's largest business holdings and a prominent member of its Jewish community was found stabbed to death Saturday, police said.

A suspect apprehended a few hours later confessed to the killing of 72-year-old Uzeyir Garih, police said. The suspect's name was not released, but local media quoted police sources as saying that he was a mentally disturbed Turkish youth and a drug addict.

Garih headed the ALARKO group, a heating, ventilating and air conditioning company that also does construction in Turkey and central Asia. The group also is involved in tourism and seafood, and has joint ventures in England, Russia, Switzerland and Austria.

He also wrote a column for the English-language Turkish Daily News in which he supported Turkey's expanding relations with Israel and Ankara's bid to join the European Union.

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To: Andy Thomas who wrote (2942)8/27/2001 11:11:25 AM
   of 23279
Re: Gary Condit.

Sounds like your fellow Condit messed with classified material... Throw him in jail... right next to Pollard. (better than a death row ticket, after all...)

Colleagues Trust Condit On Intelligence Committee

Week of July 30, 2001

Gary Condit serves not only as a member of Congress, but as a member of the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee. He is elected to Congress by his constituents back home, but he is selected for the Intelligence Committee by his Democratic congressional colleagues-a selection that is accepted by the Republican majority, which could vote to remove him. On the Intelligence Committee he has access to our nation's most highly classified secrets. Last week we asked some members of both parties to explain their thinking on keeping Condit where he is.

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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (2947)8/27/2001 1:07:45 PM
From: Carolyn
   of 23279
Thanks, Mars, for posting this!

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To: Carolyn who wrote (2954)8/28/2001 6:24:24 AM
   of 23279
'Real Jews'

By Peter Snowdon

It wasn't difficult to get in touch with the Betar. I'd imagined that any organisation which went round Paris shouting racist slogans and issuing communiques claiming responsibility for beating up Arabs must be relatively low profile, if not completely underground. Of course, the Front National do that kind of thing, and they're in the phone book. But they do it on behalf of the French people. The Betar do it on behalf of Eretz Israel.

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