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To: Adrian Wu who wrote (32308)5/1/1998 10:52:00 PM
From: Kenith Lee
   of 1263855

The price list you posted suggests the market prefers K6 over Celery. Merchants are out to make money, not to waste time and resources on research and intentionally get stuck with inventory. Merchant will price a product as high as he can move it. This is what supply and demand is all about. Maybe you should learn how to read the bottom line.

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To: Kevin K. Spurway who wrote (32313)5/1/1998 10:54:00 PM
From: Investor A
   of 1263855

Maybe Intel is having trouble yielding 266 Mhz Celeron parts.

Intel is recycled the rejected PII-333, 350, 400 parts and make them as the so-called Celeron-266. It is a smart financial move from Intel, IMHO. :)

Thank you, Intel!

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To: Yousef who wrote (32299)5/1/1998 11:44:00 PM
From: Paul Engel
   of 1263855
Yousef..Re: "AMD's business model of buying wafers/parts from IBM and then re-selling is also questioned in this link ... I believe that some of us on this thread had already discussed that issue. "

Yes...AMD must pay IBM a PROFIT plus fixed and variable costs to IBM which may WIDEN AMD's losses on a per part basis.

Tsk, Tsk.


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To: Yousef who wrote (32302)5/2/1998 12:12:00 AM
From: Paul Engel
   of 1263855
Yousef - Re: ""3DNOW - More Losses Later" (tm Yousef)"

That's a great one!

For AMD, it's "Now" or never!


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To: Ali Chen who wrote (32307)5/2/1998 12:16:00 AM
From: Paul Engel
   of 1263855
Ali #2 - Re: "Please go count your profits quietly in your woodworking garage, and let me count my profit/losses myself,"

Very perceptive!

Yes, I have profits.

Yes you have profits/losses!


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To: Adrian Wu who wrote (32311)5/2/1998 12:21:00 AM
From: Paul Engel
   of 1263855
Adrian - Some more info on Quake and CPU Support

You may be interested in this article about Quake.


Friday May 1, 10:01 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: LBE Systems, L.L.C.

LBE Systems Releases QUAKE - Arcade Tournament
Edition; Unique New Deathmatch Level Offers Updated
Enemies; New Weapons

DALLAS, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- LBE Systems, L.L.C.(TM) announced today the release of the arcade version of id Software's QUAKE. QUAKE(R) -- Arcade Tournament Edition brings id Software's unique new deathmatch level, ''The Edge'' to the arcades.

The arcade version of QUAKE, scheduled to begin shipping on May 15, will run on the world's first multi-player arcade game network, SparkyNET OS(TM).

''QUAKE -- A.T.E. gives a large number of QUAKE players an opportunity to experience the excitement and thrill of playing multi-player QUAKE in the arcades,'' said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, of id Software. ''QUAKE -- A.T.E. is designed to operate on high end Intel Pentium(R) II
PC systems to enhance the game experience and immerse the player into the QUAKE environment.''

''QUAKE -- Arcade Tournament Edition is a great example of taking a popular PC home game and bringing it to the arcade'' said Intel's Albert Y. Teng, director coin-op market development Intel Corp [Nasdaq:INTC - news]. ''QUAKE arcade players will clearly enjoy the
same incredible graphics and unsurpassed network game play they love on their home PC, even more on the Open Arcade Architecture version.''

About QUAKE -- Arcade Tournament Edition

With original QUAKE characters and weapons, ''The Edge'' is unique to the arcade version of QUAKE. id Software's new deathmatch level gives QUAKE players the opportunity to play a deathmatch level not available on the PC.

In a multiplayer deathmatch you not only seek out and destroy your friends (well, enemies) in their easily identifiable skins, but you have to watch your back for the multiplayer bots. These bots are artificially intelligent robots that go head to head with the player in deathmatch.

New single player game features include a new arsenal of weapons and updated enemy
animations to enhance the game play experience in the arcade version of QUAKE. An
automatic continue feature allows game players to continue in single player mode without
having to restart at the beginning of a level each time they die. An enhanced scoring system
increases the competitive nature of tournaments.

About SparkyNET OS

LBE Systems SparkyNET OS arcade game network is an easy-to-use, cost- effective system
that is designed to stand up to the rigors of the arcade environment. SparkyNET OS provides
for a server-less multiplayer environment to supports up to 16 arcade units without adding any
dedicated servers. Sixty-four arcade cabinets can be networked together with the addition of
a SparkyNET Host Server. In addition, SparkyNET OS provides operators with an
easy-to-use interactive interface to easily update software, maintain scoring tables and report
accounting data. Additionally, it supports multiple coin door options including tokens, card
readers and bill acceptors. SparkyNET OS gives the arcade operators greater flexibility in
adding content and PC based arcade units.

''LBE Systems mission is to provide operators, both big and small, an opportunity to take
advantage of the flexibility of PC based arcade systems,'' said John Fowler, President of
LBE Systems. This flexibility will allow them to create an exciting environment to play the top
multi-player PC games on high end networked computer systems. These systems are
generally unavailable in a majority of homes which will bring game players into the Arcades
and FECs to have fun.''

''With their model of adapting hit PC games like Quake for multi-player arcade play, LBE
Systems is clearly at the forefront of the burgeoning PC- based coin-op movement,'' said
Ross Q. Smith, Quantum 3D executive vice president of sales and marketing. ''The home
version of Quake is amazing, but the arcade Quake experience -- at 60 frames per second
on a Heavy Metal system with your friends right next to you is something altogether different
and better. The Heavy Metal products are the only systems that are specifically designed to
meet the functionality, performance, environmental, and cost requirements of the coin-op and
LBE markets. And when you play arcade Quake on a Heavy Metal, you'll know why we did

About the Hardware

Quake -- A.T.E. will be available in a standard 27'' VGA monitor cabinet and a deluxe 33''
VGA monitor upright and a deluxe upgrade kit with a VGA monitor and graphics. A sit down
cabinet will be offered in the near future. LBE Systems and Quantum 3D have teamed up to
produce a video card that will allow operators to use existing CGA monitors. The result is
LBE Systems' unique Legacy Kit that addresses the concerns of operators to protect their
current investment in cabinets and monitors. The SparkyNET OS arcade network software
and Quake -- A.T.E. come bundled with the cabinets and kits.

LBE Systems has selected Quantum 3D's Heavy Metal model HM233G and Quicksilver 2
OS 233 to power its line up of products. Both of the Quantum 3D's are shipped in custom
enclosures that are optimized for the rigors of the arcade environment. Compliant with the
Open Arcade Architecture platform, the HM233G includes an Intel Pentium II(R) processor,
Quantum 3D's Obsidian2(TM) 90-4440 AGPTV real time 3D graphics accelerator, the
professional version of the Obsidian2 S-12 AGPTV, and the Company's Game Control
Interface (GCI(TM)-2) -- designed to interface coin-op and industrial input/output control
devices to a PC.

About the Companies

id -- Freud's primal part of the human psyche and one of the hottest game shops on Earth --
has been rocking the gaming world from Mesquite, Texas since 1991. As a renown leader in
the industry, id Software has forged frenetic titles such as Wolfenstein 3-D, DOOM, DOOM II,
QUAKE and, most recently, QUAKE II. With their intense graphics and mind-blowing
adventure, id's games have continually broken retail and shareware sales records. And, in
keeping with tradition, id's advanced QUAKE II engine is leading the next revolution in 3-D
interactive games with both single and multiplayer technology. Check out more about id
Software at

LBE Systems, L.L.C., headquartered in Richardson, Texas, with a development studio in San
Francisco, publishes and markets PC based arcade games that run on the company's
proprietary arcade network operating system, SparkyNET OS(TM). LBE Systems is
dedicated to providing quality content in the form of games, entertainment programming and
information to the Arcade / FEC marketplace. LBE Systems is a member of Intel's Open
Arcade Architecture Forum and a contributing member in the definition of the Open Arcade
SDK within the forum. For additional information check out LBE Systems at

LBE Systems(TM) and SparkyNET OS (TM) are Tradenames and Trademarks of LBE
Systems, L.L.C.

QUAKE(R) is a registered trademark of Id Software, Inc. The Id Software(TM) name is a
trademark of Id Software, Inc.

Quantum 3D, the Quantum 3D logo, Obsidian, Obsidian2, GCI, GDK, Gameframe, Heavy
Metal and Affordable Reality are trademarks of Quantum 3D, Inc. All other trademarks and
registered trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers. All Rights Reserved

SOURCE: LBE Systems, L.L.C.

More Quotes and News:
Intel Corp (Nasdaq:INTC - news)
Related News Categories: computers, semiconductors

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To: Kenith Lee who wrote (32312)5/2/1998 12:24:00 AM
From: Paul Engel
   of 1263855
Kenny - Re: "It must be nice working at home for Intel"


I stay at home while Intel WORKS FOR ME!

It's a great feeling knowing that Intel has such a vast technology arsenal, enormous manufacturing resources, incredible market share...and I own a chunk of it all!


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To: Petz who wrote (32303)5/2/1998 12:37:00 AM
From: Brian Hutcheson
   of 1263855
Re. Celery
Also it was pointed out on a previous PR that many buyers that purchase a Celeron system thinking that they can upgrade to PII later will be disappointed since most boards sold with Celeron do not support PII ,

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To: Kevin K. Spurway who wrote (32313)5/2/1998 1:04:00 AM
From: Time Traveler
   of 1263855
Let's add some logic into this. If Intel has no problems yielding Deschutz with L2 cache, then Celeron which is Deschutz without the L2 cache would not have any yield problems.

Remember the 486SX which was a 486 without the math coprocessor? Despite all the ridicules by the analysts then, 486SX played a major niche of the over-all business plan which excelled Intel over the competitions.

Now, we have this Celeron which is a Deschutz without L2 cache. Again despite all the ridicules (what is new among all that jealousy of Intel's success), this chip actually does play a major role in the market niche it is designed for (sub-$$$ PCs), just like the 486SX. Well, the history always repeats itself. Just ask Time Traveler.

Does anyone have info on Intel wafer capacity? Try 20K wafers per week. After running the numbers, please share with us exposing any myths you come across.

Time Traveler

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To: Brian Hutcheson who wrote (32321)5/2/1998 1:29:00 AM
From: Paul Engel
   of 1263855
Brian - Re: Double Bad News for AMD

1. Centaur/IDT may ship their WinCHIP2 with 3DNOW technology/100 MHz bus right after the K6-2...cutting in to AMD's business and profits!

2. HP drops AMD chips (I never knew they used them!) in favor of Celeron - customers prefer the Real Deal - Intel Inside.

Check out the details!


Centaur sports AMD's bus,
3-D in WinChip CPU

By Rick Boyd-Merritt

AUSTIN, Texas - Centaur Technology has
started to sample a new version of its WinChip
C6 Pentium-clone processor. The chip uses
the floating-point instruction-set enhancements
for 3-D graphics as well as the 100-MHz Super
7 processor bus, which is defined by and
licensed from Advanced Micro Devices, and
geared to compete with Intel's MMX
instruction-set extensions and 100-MHz
processor bus of the Pentium II.

Centaur plans to officially announce in late May
its new version of the C6 as the WinChip 2.
The chip should hit volume production by early
July, just a few weeks after AMD's own
processor using the new instructions and
100-MHz bus is slated to hit volume
production. The 300-MHz AMD K6-2 will
officially roll out on May 28.

Turning point
Centaur's WinChip 2 is being made in a
0.35-micron process in which it is expected to
hit speeds of 240 to 266 MHz and be priced at
less than $100.

Beyond adopting AMD's bus and
instruction-set technologies, the WinChip 2
also sports a new floating-point unit, a second
MMX pipeline and a four-way set-associative
data cache. Branch prediction has also been
added to the processor. "We did a lot of
fine-tuning of the initial design," said G. Glenn
Henry, president of Centaur.

Henry said this year could be a crucial turning
point for clone X86 chip makers in their
struggles to penetrate the consumer-PC
market. "The next six months are very
important," said Henry. "AMD now has a
100-MHz systems bus and 3-D instruction-set
extensions. The question is will good
technology or Intel's marketing win. We will
have to wait and see."

A PC product manager for Hewlett-Packard
last week noted the company had discontinued
its first sub-$1,000 business system using an
AMD processor and launched in its place a
system using the new Intel Celeron chip, even
though that CPU has received relatively poor
benchmarks. HP concluded that its
AMD-based system sold poorly because
business buyers are reluctant to specify
systems without an Intel processor.

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