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To: Cadaver who wrote (837)12/9/1997 4:39:00 PM
From: Greg Butcher
   of 852
Cad, I went short on MEH at 33 1/2 good news came out today pushing it up 1 1/ had a nice Island Reversal....a pattern that I see
always taking a stock down. If I could ask your opinion please..what do you think of the chart? below is the news that came out today.

12/09 06:59 Midwest Express Holdings Reports Record November Traffic For Jet

MILWAUKEE, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Midwest Express Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: MEH) today reported November traffic data for Midwest Express Airlines and Skyway Airlines, highlighted by a 20% increase in traffic on a 7% increase in capacity for its jet operations.

"Both the industry and Midwest Express continued to benefit from strong travel demand and a higher fare environment in November," said Timothy E. Hoeksema, chairman and chief executive officer of the Milwaukee-based airline holding company. "We posted record jet revenue passenger miles, available seat miles and passengers boarded, as well as a 6.8 percentage point increase in load factor."

Midwest Express Airlines

Midwest Express Airlines' revenue passenger miles (RPMs) increased 19.9% for the month of November 1997 to 109.2 million from 91.0 million in November 1996. Available seat miles (ASMs) increased 7.1% to 172.8 million from 161.4 million ASMs in the same month last year. Load factor was 63.2% in November, up from 56.4% a year earlier. Passengers boarded increased 15.8% to 128,276 from 110,790 in the same month last year.

For the first 11 months of 1997, Midwest Express reported a 13.5% increase in RPMs to 1.3 billion from 1.1 billion in the first 11 months of 1996. ASMs increased 12.4% to 2.0 billion from 1.8 billion in the same period a year ago. Load factor for the 11-month period was 64.1%, up from 63.5% last year. Passenger boardings were up 10.8% to 1,513,892 from 1,366,911 in the comparable period last year.

Skyway Airlines

For the month of November 1997, Skyway Airlines, The Midwest Express Connection, reported 5.3 million RPMs, a 2.4% increase from 5.1 million in November last year. ASMs for the month decreased 1.5% to 12.3 million from 12.5 million a year earlier. Load factor for November was 42.8%, up from 41.1% in November of 1996. Passengers boarded during the month decreased 0.5% to 23,199 from 23,312 a year ago. Skyway results were impacted by one fewer aircraft in scheduled service year over year, with one aircraft currently used for maintenance programs.

For the first 11 months, Skyway Airlines posted a 3.3% decrease in RPMs to 63.9 million from 66.1 million in the same period of 1996. ASMs decreased 1.6% to 145.9 million from 148.2 million in the comparable period a year ago. Load factor for the first 11 months was 43.8%, down from 44.6% last year. Passenger boardings were down 4.4% for the 11-month period to 287,679 from 300,904 in 1996.

Midwest Express Holdings, Inc. is the holding company for Midwest Express Airlines, a premium-service airline headquartered in Milwaukee. Operating since 1984, Midwest Express Airlines caters primarily to business travelers and serves 23 cities throughout the United States and Toronto, from its bases of operations in Milwaukee and Omaha, Nebraska. Astral Aviation, Inc. -- a wholly owned subsidiary of Midwest Express Airlines -- operates Skyway Airlines, which serves 25 cities, providing passengers with connections to Midwest Express Airlines' jet service and point-to-point service between select markets. Midwest Express Holdings is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MEH. More information is available at

Traffic Statistics
Monthly Results*

1997 1996 % Change
Passengers Boarded:
Midwest Express Airlines 128,276 110,790 15.8%
Skyway Airlines 23,199 23,312 -0.5%

Midwest Express Airlines 109,184,621 91,044,857 19.9%
Skyway Airlines 5,254,945 5,129,692 2.4%

Midwest Express Airlines 172,787,620 161,361,176 7.1%
Skyway Airlines 12,276,377 12,466,971 -1.5%

Load Factor:
Midwest Express Airlines 63.2% 56.4% 6.8 pts.
Skyway Airlines 42.8% 41.1% 1.7 pts.

Year-to-Date Results*
Eleven Months Ended November
1997 1996 % Change
Passengers Boarded:
Midwest Express Airlines 1,513,892 1,366,911 10.8%
Skyway Airlines 287,679 300,904 -4.4%

Midwest Express
Airlines 1,289,526,882 1,136,076,886 13.5%
Skyway Airlines 63,896,362 66,080,208 -3.3%

Midwest Express
Airlines 2,010,792,884 1,788,725,604 12.4%
Skyway Airlines 145,896,411 148,196,247 -1.6%

Load Factor:
Midwest Express Airlines 64.1% 63.5% 0.6 pts.
Skyway Airlines 43.8% 44.6% -0.8 pts.

* Scheduled Service Operations

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To: Greg Butcher who wrote (838)12/10/1997 8:34:00 PM
From: Cadaver
   of 852
Greg....I dont get your strategy. why would you short something that has a saucer shape? Saucers are bullish. Umbrellas are bearish.

MEH is supported by 20 day and 50 day moving avgs.

Good news etc. is immaterial.

Haven't you read headlines like: "Dow rises inspite of employment numbers" and "Dow falls on employment numbers" in the same newspaper?
Fact of the matter is one can never know all the fundamentals. But one certainly has access to all the technicals.

Let me put it this way:
News will affect stock price only if the stock is ready for it.

Dont worry about news. It doesnt mean a thing as far as immediate price is concerned. News only affects the long run.

Use this rule for shorting 3 months or longer:
Wait till the price falls below 50 day moving avg. There must be at least one sharp downward move. The 50 dma must not be just above the 200 dma. Sometimes, the price cuts thru the 50 but bounces off the 200 dma.

Use this rule for shorting less than 3 months:
You can also short during corrections of a rapidly rising stock. What happens is that the stock is still strong, but is currently overbought. If the chart looks parabolic and if nearly every buyer is thrilled at how much money they've made in that stock, then it is a good candidate for correction shorting. When the stock goes parabolic, wait until it opens with a large gap up. Short the stock within 15 minutes of open. It will likely crash to just below the previous day's open. Cover in a couple of days when the volume shrinks.


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To: Cadaver who wrote (839)12/12/1997 12:30:00 AM
From: Greg Butcher
   of 852
Cad, Thank you for the explanation, I even printed it and added it to my TA notes.

I never knew the difference of the patterns. now I do..I covered with a very small loss up another 1/4 I know how to pick em, or what!!


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To: Greg Butcher who wrote (840)2/5/1998 12:26:00 AM
From: Tom Kinakin
   of 852

Here is a great new short for you.

It is my opinion, as a Registered Securities Advisor, that there is no way that Thermo Tech can justify its current share price and the market will recognize that in short order. The larger shareholders and the stockbrokers with substantial positions on their books now know the truth regarding the recent Court Ruling.

These speculators must now realize they have been deceived by Thermo Tech regarding the Court Ruling. Soon enough they will also realize some or most of Thermo Tech's other claims of the new financings, joint ventures, sources of waste supply and capacity of operations leading to profitability may be just as deceiving as the two news releases referred to above.

This stock should sell-off significantly starting in the next day or two. The share price must crash below one dollar soon and I have no doubt that the 50 cent level will be tested in near future. That will give shorters attractive opportunities for profits.

I cannot see the share price holding the current levels so there is very little risk in shorting Thermo Tech at this time. The Court has ruled Thermo Tech breached its contract with Trooper Technologies and it is liable for costs in this action plus damages to be decided when the trial resumes. This is a classic opportunity to profit in a stock's price that has nowhere to go but down.

My next newsletter will go into greater detail about Thermo Tech's problems, the shortcomings of management and the hype from the IR department.

In the meantime, if you have a margin account, short-sell TTRIF until the share price is below $1.00.

Tom Kinakin
Registered Securities Advisor

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To: Tom Kinakin who wrote (841)2/8/1998 9:10:00 PM
From: David S.
   of 852
CCSI - Chromatic Color Sciences. smells like day old fish.

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To: David S. who wrote (842)3/4/1998 11:52:00 PM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 852
SHORT (TXCC),(INTC) down 10+ On Asia, forcast well below

The chips and electronics will dump tomorrow!

(TXCC) deals with Semiconductor business largely!

"Intel said its first quarter earnings shortfall was
primarily due to the part of its business called OEM (original
equipment manufacturer) turns, where PC makers order and receive
their chip inventory within one quarter."

The chart says that this could drop on right triangle.

TranSwitch Corporation designs, develops, markets and supports highly integrated digital and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the data communications and
telecommunications markets. For the nine months ended 9/97, revenues rose 21% to $18.8 million. Net loss fell 31% to $2.3 million. Revenues reflect sales of new ATM
products and strong demand for the SONET product lines. Lower loss reflects higher gross profit and lower R&D costs as a percentage of revenues.

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To: David S. who wrote ()3/5/1998 1:27:00 AM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 852
(TXCC) Is a great short if you know TA, many do not have a sense for it whatsoever, it takes years of watching each and every day very closely.


Did you have a bad day?

Typo's are common, sorry for the mixup, but I have worked in the market. Have you? I am just curious. Anyway just watch and learn.

Why waste time arguing.


PS David you sound like a real opportunist, seems almost all your comments are negative and have an attack sort of air about them, here they are baby!

Negative everyone? Your posts make you look jealous of others, whats with the comments, I just know how to deliver the message!

You said all this
Interests and
pulling legs off spiders, one by one
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I know more than I think I know
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To: Bruce Cullen who wrote (844)3/5/1998 2:12:00 AM
From: Lachesis Atropos
   of 852
A newby's picks for corrections

I am currently shorting


Hopefully the bad news will take some of the air out these.
I feel like am standing in a bull stampede. I'll hold for a
few more days.

Any comments.

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To: Lachesis Atropos who wrote (845)3/5/1998 2:29:00 AM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 852
I feel the same way on some of my shorts.


Bull stampede should end today

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To: Bruce Cullen who wrote (846)3/5/1998 2:45:00 AM
From: Lachesis Atropos
   of 852
Thanks for the empathy.

I was bagdering bulls all day on the Yahoo
DIMD group. Bulls get real defensive when you
tell them that a correction is due.

I am new to these groups and find that longs cherish
their illusions and defend them inspite of anything.
The discussions don't tend to be very objective.
I am accustom to the newsgroup techy groups. They seem
to be more open minded and less attached.

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