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To: levy who wrote (42)11/28/2000 3:39:08 PM
From: Jon Tara
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I don't find anything strange about it. Maybe the company changed it's name, or maybe it has different divisions for dealing with machine sales, service, etc. I would assume they are all really the same company, in any case.

And I certainly wouldn't read anything in the fact that they are in Little Rock. LOL! But then again...

But, who cares? It's not a public company. If it were, I would sure want to short the stock!

(We are talking about the company that made the punch card system in use in Florida.)

Back to companies that we CAN invest in - looks to me like Global is about to break-out from it's post-election high. The pullback was pretty modest.

I bought 3500 shares in the pullback. Didn't think it was going to go back to the old prices. Looks right now like I was right.

One point in the most recent article posted here was incorrect - Global does not trade on the OTC-BB in the U.S. It trades on the pink sheets. The symbol is GLELF.

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To: Jon Tara who wrote (43)11/30/2000 2:37:49 AM
From: TheLineMan
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I heard that the Canadians have the superior technology when it comes to voting equipment. If anybody can find out more about these devices that utilize pencils and 'X's let me know. We could be onto something big here.

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To: levy who wrote (42)11/30/2000 11:28:05 PM
From: Susan G
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scoop alert: levy - this just in from msnbc <g>

Wisconsin made a decision tonight to replace their punch card voting machines - the same kind they used in Fla apparently...Brian Williams just reported that they have chosen new machines that which us LASER read ballots, as they felt they were the most accurate....

time for you specialty...sleuthing <g> Which companies sell laser machines, seems to me others will chose these "high tech" machines also to replace the freaking industrial age machines SOME states have been using <g>

I'll Bet Connecticut where we used the same old mechanical machines that most of New York State also uses will follow suit. And if Gore losers, betcha Lieberman writes the order up for CT himself, LOL.

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To: Susan G who wrote (45)12/1/2000 6:49:01 AM
From: levy
   of 69
Susan I am done researching this out...if you read over the thread you will see the only play is GSM....they do use a so called laser method...the stock is up 75% since election and holding strong...more people seem to be discovering this investment idea......I for one either get in at the cellar or not at all so in this case I am staying out as I thought of the idea a few days to late in my opinion....the stock may go up much further but as we have seen with all the internets they sure can fall as well...

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To: Susan G who wrote (45)12/1/2000 7:43:17 AM
From: levy
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hursday November 30, 8:18 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Global's Election Technology Successful In U.S. And
Canadian Elections

VANCOUVER, B.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 2000--Global Election Systems Inc. (GSM:TSE.) announced today that
over 14,500 of its AccuVote optical scan and touch screen systems were successfully used by 854 voting jurisdictions in 35
states and the Province of Ontario during the November elections, which included the razor-thin U.S. Presidential election.

During the recent US Presidential election, Global's newly acquired VoteRemote absentee ballot processing system counted
over 1,000,000 ballots in California and Washington.

Bob Urosevich, President and Chief Operating Officer, said that management is very pleased with the overwhelming success
demonstrated by Global's products in what turned out to be the most hotly contested election in America's history.

Obviously, the closeness of the U.S. Presidential election has focused the world's attention on the electoral process,
Urosevich added. The residual effect of that attention has created awareness for the need to replace outdated technology. We
are encouraged with the acceleration of electoral decision-makers for potential new business opportunities arising from this

In the weeks since the November 7th election, Global has fielded several hundred calls from the media, political operatives
and financial professionals.

Most of the inquiries relate to Global's current voting system technologies, said Larry Ensminger, Vice President of
Corporate Development. There is now an enormous interest in existing voting systems that have features and functions that
address over-vote protection and precinct-based processing as opposed to central count processing. Global's products have a
solid track record of easily addressing both of these critical issues.

Touch screen technology has drawn considerable attention from a large number of interested parties. History was made in
California's Los Angeles County as voters cast ballots on Global's AccuVote-TS (touch screen) system in their choice of
seven different languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese for the first time.
The choice of multiple languages was also combined with unassisted voting for the visually impaired.

The positive response to the ease of use of the AccuVote-TS and the quick tabulation time demonstrated could result in new
opportunities for touch screen technology in California as well as other parts of the country.

Global is an industry leader in the election equipment marketplace with over 850 jurisdictions in North America utilizing its
AccuVote (optical scan) and AccuVote-TS (touch screen) voting systems. Its product line also includes VoteRemote, a high
speed automated absentee ballot printing and processing system and the CMIS voter registration system. Global's recent
acquisitions and strategic alliance with Indra, SSI of Madrid Spain, a worldwide systems integrator has enabled the Company
to participate international bids involving nationwide voting system projects.

Global Election Systems Inc.'s shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ``GSM''.


Clinton H. Rickards, Director
Global Election Systems Inc.
Telephone: 604/538-1206
Facsimile: 604/538-8424
Cathy Hume or Olav Svela, Investor Relations
Hume, Kieran Inc.
Telephone: 416/868-1079
Suite 350-1200 West 73rd Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6P 6G5, Canada
Tel 604/261-6313 Fax 604/261-9226

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To: levy who wrote (46)12/1/2000 5:28:07 PM
From: Jon Tara
   of 69
That's a beau-ti-ful flag there, though, Levy! :)

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To: levy who started this subject1/25/2001 1:51:55 AM
From: Jay Arkay
   of 69
AMEX listing for Global Election Systems
This should greatly increase the accessibility of Global shares for US investors. Compounded with the ongoing news for the company and its leading technology plus the favourable situation over the next several years for sales of voting equipment and software, the shares should do very well. (They were up 21% today alone, and on very high volume.) Do your own due diligence. Also check the long-running and active forum on Global at the Canadian Stockhouse website:

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To: Jay Arkay who wrote (49)1/25/2001 7:47:51 AM
From: levy
   of 69
yes I saw that and stock up in response

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To: levy who wrote (50)1/30/2001 5:10:54 PM
From: Jay Arkay
   of 69
Global hitting new 52-week highs
Volume has also been strong on the TSE, nearly 200,000 on Monday, and over 200,000 today (Tuesday). There is a sharp upward trend in the share price, which should only be accentuated by the start of trading of Global on AMEX shortly. It has been accepted for listing on AMEX, but first trade date there is not yet announced--could be next week. With the start of trading on AMEX, increased understanding of this company's unique position and strengths by American investors, and the likely surge in business as counties begin to modernize their election equipment (likely aided by $100s of millions from Congress), Global shares (ASE: GLE) should soar. American investors who can access the TSE or buy in the US under symbol GLELF would be wise to do so prior to the likely run-up following the start of AMEX trading. This is not a flash in the pan or short-term holding; it looks good for great returns over several years. Do your due diligence ( has an active Global forum (TSE: GSM) but don't stop there). Jay

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To: Jay Arkay who wrote (51)1/30/2001 5:23:40 PM
From: Jon Tara
   of 69
I was quite pleased with the manner in which Global pursued their AMEX listing. Unless I missed something, they just submitted the application, and kept quiet about it. Good to see a company that avoids the usual hype and nonsense that seems to surround applications for listings.

I bought some GLELF at what I thought was a pretty risky price, of $1.57. This was right after a very significant run, and felt it could have a very significant retracement. It retraced, but not as much as I expected, so glad I did get in when I did.

(And what a pain in the butt buying it - I called TD Waterhouse, thinking they could buy it on the TSE, since they are Canadian-owned brokerage. They fumbled-around for a few minutes, and figured-out that it could be bought on the pinks as GLELF. I took a big breath and had them go ahead and buy at market.)

I don't normally buy low-priced or OTC stocks, but my research led me to this as the only pure-play in election technology. They have significant market-share, and the price (P/E) was right, and I figured some kind of U.S. listing would be forthcoming.

One point of confusion that should be cleared-up in the market shortly is that until this week, I thought this was a Canadian company, and that that might be somewhat of a detrement in the U.S. market, with some "patriotic" forces wanting to buy systems from an American company. But it appears that they are headquarters in W's backyard, in Texas. They are listed on the TSE, and have their annual meeting in Vancouver, so I can see how people can be confused... (LOL, I'm STILL confused - why do they have their annual meeting in Vancouver?) I guess they listed where they could get listed.

I don't think a double within the near term (say, within a month of the listing) is at all unreasonable.

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