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To: Dealer who wrote (59898)11/30/2003 12:34:57 AM
From: Sully-
   of 65232
Interesting tidbit........

Why are cookies named cookies anyway?

Cookies do seem a rather odd name for something used for computers. But, the answer is actually quite simple. Years ago, sometime in the '70s, Xerox made a computer system that made use of quite a novel idea. It saved some of the data about the user who was logged in on the client side rather than the server side. This was pretty darn new for the time.

The data was saved in a small file called a "cookie". In fact, these files were held within a place on the machine called a "cookie jar". Now, the reason Xerox took the name cookie for their invention is somewhat clouded in legend, but here is the one telling that seems most reasonable:

It seems that hackers at that time really were into "The Andy Williams Show". On this show was a character called the "Cookie Bear", played by Janos Prohaska. He would follow Andy about and ask for a cookie only to be rebuffed by Andy saying "No cookie, not now, not ever!". In honor of Cookie Bear the Xerox programmers decided to call the little file a cookie.

Since this character appeared on the show during the early '70s that would seem to be some evidence (ok weak but...) that this is the true origin rather than the cookie monster on Sesame Street as some have suggested. Especially since Cookie Monster of Sesame Street fame allegedly is named after the aforementioned Cookie Bear making "Cookie Monster" the origin a retcon or retroactive continuity.

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To: RR who wrote (59863)11/30/2003 8:47:46 AM
From: Clappy
   of 65232
There was a poster once on here that figured out who
Frank P. Hoosen really was, but I don't communicate with
him anymore.

Since I don't recall Keith ever mentioning the dude, I'm
assuming that poster would be me. And as far as not
communicating with me anymore, I still read what you write
and if you are reading this silly message of mine, then we
are still communicating. <g>

Here is what I remember finding out about your friend.

Frank P. Hoosen - (1943 - ?) Decorated war hero
responsible for saving 17 of his fellow soldiers who were
being held as prisoners of the Cold War.

Later, became a successful businessman after inventing the
three pronged electrical receptacle outlet used in all
homes today. Soon after he invented the two pronged
adapter that allows three pronged plugs to be plugged into
the older two pronged ungrounded outlets.

Other inventions include the electric time clock used to
turn on and off Christmas lights, and the little blinker bulb
that makes the Christmas lights flash on and off.

His most famous invention is the Whoopie Cushion who he
reportedly first jokingly demonstrated on a good friend of
his at a national law convention held at the University of
Arkansas. Hoosen is also the Razorback record holder in
the hundred yard dash after being chased later that day by
that flatulent friend of his who had the prank played on.

This same lawyer friend is currently reported to be
defending his friend Hoosen in a class action suit by a
bunch of goobers who are angered that they spent the entire
weekend decorating the front of their homes with Hoosen
Brand Christmas lights but suffer the familiar problem of
half the string remaining unlit. They are claiming damages
due to the amount of time and labor it takes to trace the
entire string of lights looking for the faulty light bulb.
They also are claiming damages due to their darling little
children who now repeat the same cuss words as their
parents including the phase "Razzin' Frazzin' No Good
%#$@&*^% Lights!!!" (This is a hint of what Clappy's day
was like yesterday.) Hoosen claims it is the Chinese's
fault for manufacturing them with low tolerances of

Hoosen is currently testing out two other inventions of his.
The first is called the "RR Hammer" which is shaped like a
judge's wooden gavel. However the complicated electronics
inside cause 90% of all judgements to go the the side of
the corporation being defended. It's other primary use is
to temporarily quiet the sound of whiny democrat weenies
with a polite wallop to the noggin.

The second invention is a devise called the "Automatic
Critter Feeder" that puts peanut butter on preloaded
cartridges of Ritz Crackers and shoots them out like a
Skeet Clay Pigeon thrower.

I found this info here:

This is only a partial list of Frank P. Hoosen's
acomplishments and will try to furnish more info when I
have more time. The list is endless.


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To: RR who wrote (59897)11/30/2003 9:11:28 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Morning Porchers! Cool 38 degrees this morning for the sunrise walk down in the hollow.

Slight breeze and the sky is crystal clear.

Looks to be a wonderful day shaping up.

We're going to go cut the Christmas tree a little later. Mrs. RR and boys were decorating the house all day yesterday and are still going at it this morn. There's stuff everywhere. Hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner.

Where did 2004 go?

Have a super day everyone!


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To: Dealer who wrote (59898)11/30/2003 9:24:11 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Morning Dealer! I saw your post last night and checked on some of those listed in the index.

What a run on those China stocks. Wow.

I'm in PTR and TDF. May have look at more individual stocks or a another closed end fund with a greater holdings in China than TDF.

Thanks info, Dealer.


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To: Sully- who wrote (59899)11/30/2003 9:31:11 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Morning wstera_02! Cookies? Interesting. You must have had some extra time on your hands. (g)

Oh, I know..... you probably had a mouthful of'em, and got to wondering about the name and did a google! That's it!

Speaking of food...... I smell breakfast burritos being cooked! Yee-ha!


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To: Clappy who wrote (59900)11/30/2003 9:42:30 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Ha! Where do you get that stuff, Clappy!

Nope, Frank P. Hoosen goes back many years. On SI, he goes back to the Dell days. That will really make some of the old timers on SI scratch their heads. Funny. Just like when I use to keep our buddy Voltaire trying to figure out who I really was from the ole Dell days on SI. Uh, that's before QCOM. Long time ago.

Frank P. Hoosen is an interesting fellow.

Anyway, close, no cigar!

BTW, I tried that link you gave on Hoosen, but it didn't work. Was it suppose to? (g)

Have a great day, Clappy.


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To: Cactus Jack who wrote (59893)11/30/2003 9:43:31 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Ugly, jpg, ugly. LSU spanked us. Ugly... ugly.... RR (eom)

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To: Dealer who wrote (59894)11/30/2003 9:49:10 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Dealer, look at the gaps on EGHT. Scary. Hey, and look at ye ole RMBS bump up a mere 5 bucks!!!

Ah, opportunities..... opportunities.

Ain't capitalism great.

Don't get greedy.


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To: Murrey Walker who wrote (59895)11/30/2003 9:53:27 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Hoooowdy Murrey! How was your turkey? Great! Had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday, Murrey. I sure you did, too.

Don Tyson are probably bird "soul mates", huh? Uh, well, I have done some work for him....... (g)


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To: Dalin who wrote (59891)11/30/2003 9:57:48 AM
From: RR
   of 65232
Ramblin! How can ya miss your mast?!

U mentioned ToysRus..... the news had a clip of a line of folks that had been at a ToysRus store all night. One lady tried to cut in line and there was a squabble. Funny to listen to them go at it. I suspect it made nationwide TV.

What a hoot.

Uh, hope Santa brings you a mast!


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