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   PastimesAsk da_cheif

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From: Ahda2/17/2016 6:04:12 PM
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Keith Lawrence at facebook contemporary some of his work is very interesting. It is modern but clear cut and understandable
Ask your wife if I can go with her on vacation next year?

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From: Ahda3/4/2016 3:05:02 PM
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What do the charts say about the yellow brick road?

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To: Ahda who wrote (8097)3/17/2016 5:45:50 PM
From: da_cheif™
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5k coming

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To: da_cheif™ who wrote (8098)3/21/2016 3:12:18 AM
From: John Pitera
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How about the gold/silver spread trade..... I'm thinking silver is looking cheap on the spread trade

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From: Ahda6/1/2016 5:03:56 PM
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First all your work is appreciated.

Second take your choice I suppose tornadoes are fast and furious however it takes months to recover.

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From: Ahda10/21/2016 12:55:15 PM
   of 8145
No hurricanes in your area tonight just moonshine then crawl? Works are lovely.

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To: da_cheif™ who wrote (8098)1/18/2017 10:08:23 PM
From: Ahda
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To: Ahda who wrote (8100)10/16/2018 5:29:25 PM
From: John Pitera
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To: John P who wrote (21467)10/16/2018 5:21:45 PM
From: John P of 21477
This one is for my Kimberly...and for ASHLEY as well....

It's My Most distinct highest of Honors and High Points of my Entire Life to be able to Introduce You...

well heck.... I already done dawn introduced her...... and y'all be pretty pleased to meet her yourself......

As Carlos Santana Says about Cream in the movie "Beware of Mr. Baker" this is HOLY GHOST MUSIC....

check it out........... and as they say right before Morgan gets shot and killed in the 1993 Movie MUST SEE

TOMBSTONE.... things is getting a little spooky around here....



OH YEA...... AND a bit of stock stuff...... the big winner.... John Delorean's 1970 Dodge Charge with it's

442 Hemi......... a Muscular car for a Muscular performance by lady SHAW and the BIOYOM......

errr..... little flashback there.... $BTK....4.42%!!!!!! wow... smokin' my chips cashed in....

1 year daily techbook ta.... right off the old 200 day ma.... 9 months is 200 days.... the length of the human

gestation period....

5 year weekly sell the top of the channel and buy the bottom.....

13 year weekly

ok kids so what have we learned.... look at the individual components and look for super cheap out of the money calls expiring this friday and make a hundred bagger.......

after i get back from the beach we'll take a look at which IBB OTM Oct call is gonna have a shot a hitting
a Babe Ruthian Triple Grand slam........ and this is like casino gambling so us 1/2 of 1% of your portfolio
for you lottery ticket...... let me see if I can get lucky and pick us out one to burn some money on.....


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To: Mongo2116 who wrote (8064)10/16/2018 5:32:01 PM
From: John Pitera
   of 8145
luv it.... many thanks for the gif....

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To: robert b furman who wrote (8091)10/16/2018 5:34:14 PM
From: John Pitera
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To: POKERSAM who wrote (8061)11/26/2015 9:58:49 PM
From: Gene C. of 8103

blue horse is going to phone in his secret money burner option lotto ticket....


let me crunch the numbers......

careful this might get loud.....

LOL the look of sheer and complete terror in the eyes of The Edge and Jack White as

Jimmy page employes all of ALEIStair Crowley's MAGICK.............. the dark arts performed by

Jimmy......Jimmy is as causual as if he's debating whether it's going to be Earl Grey or Darlingjing at
tea time.... with crumpets and scones.......

and then....... as Richard Pryor used the one of the funniest lines ever delivered by any comedian anywhere.... this is after he had purposely set himself on fire and lived to joke about it....

"I put the base pump down...... and it jump back up in my hands............ ROTFLMAO.........

and do indeed "Beware of Mr. Baker"

# 3 J Page
# 2 being GOD ---E Clapton
## Robert Johnson

## -1 .......hhmmmmmm that's for when the sun goes down....

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