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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435887)7/1/2021 1:20:45 PM
From: Broken_Clock
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Consent Factory, Inc. Manufacturing consent for private and public sector clients for over 250 years

The War on Reality So, the War on Reality is going splendidly. Societies all across the world have been split into opposing, irreconcilable realities. Neighbors, friends, and even family members are bitterly divided into two hostile camps, each regarding the other as paranoid psychotics, delusional fanatics, dangerous idiots, and, in any event, as mortal enemies.

In the UK, Germany, and many other countries, and in numerous states throughout the US, a “state of emergency” remains in effect. An apocalyptic virus is on the loose. Mutant variants are spreading like wildfire. Most of society is still shut down or subject to emergency health restrictions. People are still walking around in public with plastic face shields and medical-looking masks. The police are showing up at people’s homes to arrest them for “illegally gathering outdoors.” Any deviation from official reality is being censored by the Internet corporations. Constitutional rights are still suspended. Entire populations are being coerced into being injected with experimental “vaccines.” Pseudo-medical segregation systems are being brought online. And so on … you’re familiar with the details.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, and a few other countries, and in various other states throughout the US, there is no apocalyptic pandemic. People are just going about their lives as normal. OK, sure, there is a nasty virus going around, so people are taking common sense precautions, as people typically do for any nasty virus, but there is no “state of emergency” in effect, and no reason to radically transform society into a paranoid, pathologized-totalitarian dystopia.

This state of affairs, in which two contradictory, mutually-exclusive realities exist, is … well, it’s impossible, and so it cannot continue. Either there exists a devastating global pandemic that justifies a global “state of emergency,” the suspension of constitutional rights, and the other totalitarian “emergency measures” we have been subjected to since March of 2020 or there doesn’t. It really is as simple as that.

Except that it isn’t as simple as that. It is easy to forget, given the last 16 months, that people have been bitterly divided, and inhabiting mutually-exclusive realities, and regarding people who don’t conform to their realities as enemies for the last five years. I’m not talking about political disagreements, or even socio-cultural differences. I’m talking about contradictory realities. Things that actually happened, or didn’t happen. Things that exist, or do not exist.

I’m not going rehash the whole War on Populism — I covered it extensively at the time — but that’s when the current global-capitalist War on Reality was officially launched. It wasn’t just the usual lies and propaganda. It was a full-scale ideological assault. By the end of it, people actually believed that (a) Donald Trump was a Russian agent, (b) that he was literally Hitler, and so was going to stage some sort of “coup,” declare himself American Führer, and launch the “Trumpian-White-Supremacist Fourth Reich,” and (c) that he had actually attempted this by sending a few hundred unarmed protesters — violent domestic extremist grandmothers, father-and-son kill squads, and bison hat loonies — to “storm the Capitol” and overthrow the government during the so-called “January 6 Insurrection.”

So, when GloboCap rolled out the “New Normal” reality, they weren’t exactly starting from scratch. Millions of people — not just Americans, because the War on Populism was a global campaign — were already living in a new reality in which facts no longer mattered at all, where things that never happened officially happened, and other things that obviously happened never happened, not officially, or were “far-right extremist conspiracy theories,” “fake news,” or “disinformation,” or whatever, despite the fact that people knew that they weren’t.

But the goal of GloboCap’s War on Reality isn’t simply to deceive the masses and divide them into opposing camps. Rulers have been deceiving the masses and dividing them into opposing camps since the dawn of human civilization. This time, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

OK, bear with me now, because this gets kind of heady.

The War on Reality is not an attempt to replace reality with a fake reality. Or it is that, but that is only one part of it. Its real goal is to render reality arbitrary, to strip it of its epistemological authority, to turn it into a “floating signifier,” a word that has no objective referent, which, of course, technically, it already is. You cannot take a picture of reality. It is a concept. It is not a physical object that exists somewhere in time and space.

But let’s leave that last point for a later discussion. This is not the time to get lost in semiotics. For most people, for most practical purposes, reality is … well, reality. It’s objective. Material. It actually exists. It exists independent of our beliefs. It isn’t just an arbitrary, empty signifier that doesn’t actually refer to anything, but which we use, strategically, to assert authority, or to impose ideology on society. If that were the case, there would be no reality. Nothing would be true, everything would be permitted … which is a bunch of postmodern Marxist nonsense.

But just imagine, for a moment, if that were the case … if what determined reality was actually just a question of power rather than facts. Imagine that reality was just a concept that we used to mark the current limits of our knowledge and ideological beliefs. Our doctors — oncologists and virologists, for example, but they could be any kind of doctors or scientists — would be not all that different from medieval alchemists, who totally believed in their reality at the time, as did the patients they were treating, but which we know now was not reality at all, because our reality is the real reality. I mean, it’s not as if people, five hundred years from now, are going to look back at our medical practices and scientific knowledge, and laugh, like we do at those medieval alchemists, right?

Sorry, I got a little off track there. I was trying to explain the ultimate purpose of this global-capitalist War on Reality, and I wandered off into an ontological swamp, which isn’t going to get us anywhere. So, let’s get back to imagining reality, not as what we all know it is (i.e., an actual, material thing that exists), but as a construct people use to validate certain officially-sanctioned beliefs and perceptions and invalidate other beliefs and perceptions, more or less like a system of morals, except instead of dividing things into to “good” and “evil,” it divides things into “real” and “fake.”

Now imagine that you were an immensely powerful, globally hegemonic ideological system, and you wanted to impose your ideology on as much of the entire world as possible, but you didn’t have an ideology per se, or any actual values at all, because exchange value was your only real value, and so your mission was to erase all ideologies, and values, and truths, and belief systems, and so on, and transform everything and everyone in existence into de facto commodities that you could manipulate any way you wanted, because they had no inherent value whatsoever, because their only real value was assigned by the market.

How would you go about doing that, erasing all existing values, religious, cultural, and social values, and rendering everything a valueless commodity?

Well, you wouldn’t want to destroy reality completely, because people wouldn’t stand for that. They would freak right out. Things would get ugly. So, instead, you might want to go the other way, and generate a lot of contradictory realities, not just contradictory ideologies, but actual mutually-exclusive realities, which could not possibly simultaneously exist … which would still freak people out pretty badly.

Naturally, there would be one official reality that you would force everyone to rigidly conform to at any given moment in time, but you would change the official reality frequently, and force everyone to conform to the new one (and pretend that they’d never conformed to the old one), and then, once they had settled into that one, you would change the official reality again, until people’s brains just shut down completely, and they gave up trying to make sense of anything, and just tried to figure out what you wanted them to believe on any given day.

If you repeated that process long enough, eventually, nothing would mean anything anymore, because everything could potentially mean anything … at which point, you could basically tell people anything you wanted and they would go along with it, because what the hell difference would it make? A narcissistic billionaire ass-clown could be a Russian agent and literally Hitler. A half-assed riot could be an “insurrection.” Children could be born “systemically racist.” Men could menstruate.

But wait … it’s gets better.

You could stage an apocalyptic global pandemic that only happened in certain countries, or in certain parts of certain countries, and that more or less mirrored natural mortality, and that didn’t drastically increase historical death rates, but was nonetheless totally apocalyptic.

Perfectly healthy people could become “medical cases.” You could count anyone who died of anything as having died of your apocalyptic virus. You could tell people in no uncertain terms that medical-looking masks will not protect them from viruses, and then turn around and tell them that they will, and then, later, publicly admit you were lying in order to manipulate them, and then deny you ever said that, and tell them to wear masks.

You could experimentally “vaccinate” millions of people whose risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from your apocalyptic virus was minuscule or non-existent, and kill tens or hundreds of thousands in the process, and the people whose brains you had methodically broken would thank you for murdering their friends and neighbors, and then rush out to their local discount drugstore to experimentally “vaccinate” their own kids and post pictures of it on the Internet.

At that point, you wouldn’t really have to worry about “populist uprisings,” or “terrorism,” or any other type of insurgent activity, because the vast majority of the global population would be scramble-headed automatons who were totally incapable of independent thought, and who had no idea what was real and what wasn’t, so just repeated whatever new script you fed them like customer-service representatives on Haldol.

It doesn’t get much better than that for globally hegemonic ideological systems!

OK, sorry, I think I got lost there again. I’m not sure what I was trying to say. I’ve been a little foggy lately. I’m not sleeping so well. It’s probably Long Covid. Or maybe it’s just that time of month. Whatever. It’s not like it matters anyway. Still, I think I’ll go down to my former local bookshop and get myself tested.

Have a nice day in … you know, reality!


CJ Hopkins
June 29, 2021
Photo: The sign over the entrance to Disneyland

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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435888)7/2/2021 1:39:06 AM
From: Litore Lapis
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To: Terry Maloney who wrote (435885)7/2/2021 8:28:53 PM
From: Broken_Clock
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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435890)7/3/2021 10:48:10 AM
From: Terry Maloney
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I'm not going to argue infowar shit with you dude, it's pointless. If I thought it would do any good ...

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To: Terry Maloney who wrote (435891)7/3/2021 3:26:20 PM
From: Broken_Clock
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Maher is now cancelled to Infowars status?


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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435892)7/3/2021 3:51:31 PM
From: Terry Maloney
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No, but you are. I just don't live in your black and white world.

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To: Terry Maloney who wrote (435893)7/5/2021 1:07:41 AM
From: Broken_Clock
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Oh, so when Maher says it, believe it.... when anyone not in the cult says it, it's Russian misinformation.

Pretty much cover all bases did I?

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To: ggersh who wrote (435884)7/5/2021 5:19:28 PM
From: Broken_Clock
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To: Terry Maloney who wrote (435893)7/9/2021 8:01:19 PM
From: Broken_Clock
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The B & W world is the one you live Mr. Maloney.

Any person who crosses the line will be censored and canceled.

Liberal Author, Censored by Twitter and YouTube After Questioning Fauci, Considers Suing

By Petr Svab
July 8, 2021 Updated: July 8, 2021

Women’s health and civil liberties author and journalist Naomi Wolf has had her Twitter account suspended and YouTube channel frozen after she raised questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine side effects, the constitutionality of lockdowns, and the candor of Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

She now considers legal action, she told The Epoch Times.

“It’s premature to give details but I am in discussion with a legal team about a lawsuit against Twitter,” she said via email. “I’ve also been approached by another legal team about joining a class action lawsuit against several social media platforms.”

She hasn’t been given any explanation as to what piece of content that she posted on the social media platforms triggered the suspension, despite her multiple attempts to reach out to both Twitter and YouTube, she said. In fact, she received no explanation whatsoever from either platform. Instead, Twitter told the media that she was spreading vaccine misinformation. She considers that both false and defamatory.

Google, which owns YouTube, and Twitter didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Wolf’s case highlights the escalation of social media censorship over the past several years. While the giant tech companies started with purges of voices that the establishment considered right-wing fringe, such as radio host Alex Jones and activist Laura Loomer, the list of taboo topics has now expanded so far that censors are coming after people like Wolf, a liberal feminist and life-long Democrat who used to be published by establishment press, including publications like The New York Times and The Guardian.

Her Twitter account was suspended around June 4, shortly after she posted a video of her husband, a private investigator, reading a publicly available CV of Prof. Ralph Baric, a coronavirus researcher. The bio indicated that Baric’s projects received tens of millions in funding from NIAID.

Fauci testified to Congress that NIAID didn’t fund any “gain of function” research, referring to experiments that enhance viruses, such as by modifying them to infect a different species. But Baric’s CV listed several NIAID grants that have been disclosed as a source of funding for gain of function research in a 2015 paper co-authored by Baric that describes an experiment in which a bat virus spike protein that didn’t work on humans was grafted onto the SARS virus, resulting in a new virus that was not only capable of infecting humans, but also resistant to treatment. The research was also funded by the EcoHealth Alliance group, which in turn received millions in funding from NIAID.

Some of Baric’s research has been conducted in partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which also received some EcoHealth Alliance funding. A leak from WIV’s facilities has been identified by a number of experts as a possible origin of the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party) virus that causes the COVID-19 disease and has claimed over 3 million lives over the past 15 months, according to official statistics.

Fauci at first dismissed the lab leak theory, but recently, as the story gained more traction, said he is no longer ruling it out.

Shortly after Wolf’s Twitter account was suspended, YouTube blocked her from accessing her channel, called “Daily Clout.” It’s not clear why YouTube took the action and why at this time. Much of the channel’s content over the past year has been dedicated to criticism of COVID-19 lockdowns and the prospect of vaccine passports. The last video was posted in late May, more than a week before YouTube’s action.

Wolf said she’s read carefully the terms of service of both Twitter and YouTube and isn’t aware of breaking them.

Inconvenient Voice As a former political consultant for campaigns of former Vice President Al Gore and former President Bill Clinton, Wolf sees her line of inquiry crossing vital interests of her own party.

“Dr. Fauci is clearly … an important part of the Democrats’ brand and their reelection strategy, right? They’re going to run on having beaten coronavirus and he’s being made the face of that,” she said.

While she’s not alone in asking pointed questions, her reputation as a liberal makes her criticism particularly inconvenient, she acknowledged.

“The talking point of the administration is, this is a Republican attack, political attack on Dr. Fauci. Well, it’s not a political attack coming from me. I’m being a reporter and asking questions all serious reporters should be asking. So I think that makes me not a convenient voice to have in the mix,” she said.

Media Blitz Within a few days of Wolf getting censored, several media ran stories labeling her as being “anti-vaccine” and said she was de-platformed for posting misinformation about vaccines. She denies doing that and being any such thing, noting both she and her children are vaccinated.

She called the reports “extremely inaccurate” and “defamatory,” noting that her social media posts were quoted “way out of context.”

It seemed to her the articles all used the same source information, “as if from a press release,” though she didn’t want to elaborate further in order to avoid speculation.

“It was a very Stalinistic experience,” she said.

Except for the Times of London, no outlet reached out to her for comment, she said. Even publications like The Guardian and The New Republic, which have previously published Wolf’s writings, ran their pieces without asking for her side of the story. Both publications didn’t respond to requests for comment.

One claim against Wolf was that she called a COVID-19 vaccine a software platform. She says she didn’t mean literal software. Her tweet referred to the Moderna website that calls the mRNA, a core functioning element of the pharmaceutical company’s COVID-19 vaccine, the “software of life.” She says that’s what she was referring to.

In another tweet, she suggested that perhaps the excrements of vaccinated people need to be separated from general sewage as they may contain the spike protein produced by their bodies due to the vaccination, which may then enter the drinking water supply. The comment was based on a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) document regarding the monitoring of potential “shedding” of “gene therapy products” by individuals receiving such treatment ( pdf).

Wolf called the document “terrifying.”

It defines gene therapy as “products that mediate their effects by transcription and/or translation of transferred genetic material and/or by integrating into the host genome and that are administered as nucleic acids, viruses, or genetically engineered microorganisms.”

The mRNA vaccines use nucleic acids carrying genetic material to prompt translation of a spike protein by human cells. The protein then triggers the human immune system to develop antibodies that help the body fight off COVID-19.

Viral RNA (ribonucleic acid) can be detected in wastewater.

The FDA document says, however, that “transmission to untreated individuals [via shedding] is an extremely low probability event.”

Responding via email, Wolf said her “describing being personally alarmed” isn’t vaccine misinformation.

“I think it’s clear that when I said the white paper was ‘terrifying’, that I personally found it terrifying,” she said. “I think these are fair questions to explore and honest emotions for me to share. I’m not a medical doctor—I am a citizen who has long written about the human body and the need to take care of it and to respect it.”

Concerns about spike protein shedding have so far been dismissed by experts.

In another tweet, Wolf recalled overhearing an Apple employee as saying that the company was working on a technology that could deliver a vaccine with “nanoparticles that let you travel back in time.”

Wolf said she almost immediately deleted the tweet. She thought that she probably misheard what the person was talking about. There is in fact a product on the Apple Watch called “ Time Travel” that allows the user, among other things, to go back in time to review one’s biometric readings. There is also an emerging field of developing “bio-digital interfaces,” imagining a future where “we will wear or ingest bio-digital technology to monitor and enhance our health and lifestyle,” according to MIT.

Uncontrolled Conversation Wolf has received a number of warnings from Twitter over the past several months regarding COVID-related content.

It resembled “behavior modification” in her view, as the language used conveyed a “very demeaning way to treat any customer.”

“It was like the platform was training a four-year-old. … ‘This is your second warning’ and ‘you have a time out,’ like you’re sent to your room,” she said.

One piece of content that was flagged by the social media was her reporting that a number of women have complained about menstrual irregularity after receiving the vaccine. The topic has since been broadly picked up by the media, quoting experts as saying the vaccines are still safe, but also acknowledging that there’s a lack of research on this issue.

Wolf suggested social media need to be more transparent about the extent to which they stifle discussion.

“If people are not supposed to engage in thoughtful discussion or even joking discussion or rhetorical questions and they’re not supposed to raise public health concerns, then people should know because I’m quite sure that would lead to an exodus to platforms where people can say, ‘Hey, I heard that post-menopausal women are bleeding or I experienced this myself.’ I mean, we have to be able to educate each other as human beings or else we don’t live in a free society,” she said.

In the past, her reporting helped to identify subpar or even dangerous health products that government authorities initially considered safe. Each time, the investigation started with informal, anecdotal reports from patients and consumers.

“A lot of really important information that made breast implants better or made contraceptives pills better or took vaginal mesh off the market arose in uncontrolled discussions,” she said.

She acknowledged she can no longer pursue certain leads with the same intensity now.

“Every day I get women emailing me testimony of menstrual disorders, like really dramatic ones. I’m scared to even report them because then I lose the last few platforms I have,” she said.

Wolf stressed she doesn’t believe this was the reason for her de-platforming.

“I mean, I talked about vaccines and women’s health and myocarditis [as a side effect of the COVID vaccines in some people] for the duration of the pandemic,” she said.

“It’s no secret that I was very critical of lockdowns, of what they were doing to the economy, to children’s mental health, transfer of wealth. I mean, I’ve been very vocal about all these things. That’s not when I was de-platformed. I was de-platformed when I posted Dr. Baric’s CV.”

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From: Broken_Clock7/10/2021 1:16:10 PM
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One of the defining characteristics of all totalitarian regimes is censorship of opposing views. This begs the question: who are the real fascists?

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