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To: Terry Maloney who wrote (435195)7/2/2020 9:01:29 PM
From: MythMan
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Yeah that's been happening.

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From: ggersh7/6/2020 1:11:25 PM
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From: S. maltophilia7/6/2020 2:53:07 PM
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Market getting to you?
Have some lemonade (LMND)

From their S-1 filing:

Our Mission

Harness technology and social impact to be the world's most loved insurance company.

That's a thing?

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To: S. maltophilia who wrote (435198)7/6/2020 4:20:48 PM
From: Broken_Clock
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It is here in Russia....

"Racist" College Researcher Ousted After Sharing Study Showing No Racial Bias In Police Shootings

by Tyler Durden
Mon, 07/06/2020 - 14:49

The vice president of Research and Innovation at Michigan State University, physicist Stephen Hsu, has been forced out of his position at the university after daring to show actual facts from a 2019 study that show there to be no racial bias in incidents of police shootings.

Hsu wrote on his blog on Sunday that “The [Graduate Employees Union] alleged that I am a racist because I interviewed MSU Psychology professor Joe Cesario, who studies police shootings.”

"Cesario’s work…is essential to understanding deadly force and how to improve policing," Hsu said.

Cesario's 2019 study found "that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot."

The conclusion of the study was that “contrary to activist claims and media reports, there is no widespread racial bias in police shootings.”

Cesario's study was then cited in a June 3 Wall Street Journal op-ed called "The Myth of Systemic Police Racism". The MSU communications team highlighted the mention of Cesario's work days later and on June 10, the GEU "blasted" Hsu for sharing the research, claiming that it "did not alight with public statements issued by MSU," according to blog The Police Tribune.

GEU Vice President Acacia Ackles said: “It is the union’s position that an administrator sharing such views is in opposition to MSU’s statements released supporting the protests and their root cause and aim.”

That's when Hsu said the social media attacks began: “This started as a twitter mob attack, with very serious claims: that I am a Racist, Sexist, Eugenicist, etc.”

He also said he was under attack for blogging about research involving genetic differences of races. The GEU subsequently circulated a "Fire Stephen Hsu" petition that demanded Hsu's firing.

The letter said: “The concerns expressed by the Graduate Employees Union and other individuals familiar with Hsu indicates an individual that cannot uphold our University Mission or our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion."

It continued: "Given this discordance with university values, Stephen Hsu should not be privileged with the power and responsibility of recruiting and funding scholars, overseeing ethical conduct, or coordinating graduate study.”

While more than 800 signed the petition to get him fired, days later Hsu had compiled over 2,000 signatures in a support petition.

“Over just a few days, 1700+ individuals from around the world signed the support petition… Among the signatories are hundreds of professors from MSU and around the world, and an even larger number of PhD degree holders,” Hsu said.



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The support petition read: “We highlight that there is zero concrete evidence that Hsu has performed his duties as VP in an unfair or biased manner. Therefore, removing Hsu from his post as VP would be to capitulate to rumor and character assassination.”

“The power is in your hands to reaffirm free inquiry and free expression as the core values of the academic institutions and show how they align with the other values to which we are all committed and have spent time and energy promoting,” it continued.

It concluded: “The voices demanding Hsu’s removal are exactly wrong in pitting diversity and inclusion against free inquiry and freedom of speech. Instead, true diversity flourishes best under conditions of free inquiry, because such a philosophy demands that everyone have a seat at the table and that views be evaluated on the basis of cogency of the supporting reasoning and strength and internal consistency of the accumulated evidence rather than the identity, power, number, or vociferousness of the people expressing them.”

On June 19, Hsu was asked to resign from his position. He consented, but wrote on his blog: “I do not agree with his decision, as serious issues of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Inquiry are at stake. I fear for the reputation of Michigan State University.”

Days after Hsu stepped down MSU President Samuel Stanley said: “When senior administrators at MSU choose to speak out on any issue, they are viewed as speaking for the university as a whole. Their statements should not leave any room for doubt about their, or our, commitment to the success of faculty, staff and students.”

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To: S. maltophilia who wrote (435198)7/6/2020 5:58:27 PM
From: ggersh
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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435199)7/6/2020 10:12:07 PM
From: S. maltophilia
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It seems that the study in question lumps in the vast majority of FOIS's which are suicide by cop by mentally unbalanced persons, who, being more or less evenly distributed by ethnicity, are majority white. If you back those out, you get results in agreement with BLM's thesis.

This article has a Correction and Letters. Please see: Making inferences about racial disparities in police violence - January 21, 2020 Young unarmed nonsuicidal male victims of fatal use of force are 13 times more likely to be Black than White - January 21, 2020 Correction for Johnson et al., Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings - April 13, 2020

This and other articles is why I don't spend time reading ZH .

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To: S. maltophilia who wrote (435201)7/6/2020 11:42:31 PM
From: Broken_Clock
   of 435784
2 points

Why is attempting to determine if there is racial disparity in FOIS a "fireable" offense?

The authors clearly state that information is hard to obtain and in many cases incomplete, therefore unreliable.

It seems to me that attempting to codify what data there is, eliminate incomplete data, etc. and then begin the process is a good approach, considering the times we live in. Or, we could sit on our asses and watch the county burn.

I think they made some good points:

None of this seems unreasonable to me:

We report three main findings: 1) As the proportion of Black or Hispanic officers in a FOIS increases, a person shot is more likely to be Black or Hispanic than White, a disparity explained by county demographics; 2) race-specific county-level violent crime strongly predicts the race of the civilian shot; and 3) although we find no overall evidence of anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparities in fatal shootings, when focusing on different subtypes of shootings (e.g., unarmed shootings or “suicide by cop”), data are too uncertain to draw firm conclusions. We highlight the need to enforce federal policies that record both officer and civilian information in FOIS.

Regarding #3 above, it would appear no matter who has been President, the data needed remains elusive. I guess we can conclude it's easier to militarize the police than it is to get them to take accurate notes when shooting civilians.

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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435202)7/7/2020 12:19:40 AM
From: Graystone
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Hsu's position

The problem is that Hsu didn't just choose to interview and interject on some subject.
He choose a very delicate topic and a study that skewed a specific point.
You can make a headline out of anything but seriously, the last few months have been bad.
The videos don't lie and the militarisation is real, Stormtrooper facism seems to be popular in America.
That right there is a gang in jack boots going after the normal people they are paid to protect.
I understand the chief of that jackbooted gang is defending them all, they were in danger apparently.
It is unfortunate that the atmosphere is what it is in America.
But knowing and understanding that, why choose to stomp in there and poke a nest?
That he seems surprised he got forced out and tagged is perhaps indicative of his general understanding.

Anyone who doesn't acknowledge systemic racism in both Canada and the US has a problem.
There is a reason the demonstrations have had big turnouts, people care.
Deciding to get some attention with a headline from a skewed article didn't pay off for the guy.

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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435199)7/7/2020 9:58:14 AM
From: Horgad
   of 435784
"that the race of the officer doesn’t matter when it comes to predicting whether black or white citizens are shot."

I know it was the main point of your post, but that doesn't really surprise me. Cops are biased and use lethal force exactly because they are cops. It is about the attraction to the job, the screening process, the training, the camaraderie, etc. In other words, with some exceptions, a black cop is just a cop that happens to be black.

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To: Graystone who wrote (435203)7/8/2020 10:50:57 AM
From: Broken_Clock
   of 435784
IOW, highlighting the point that the PC culture is ruling thought in the US and Canad...which doesn't make it right, logically or reasonably sound or moral.

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