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   Technology StocksAPA OPTICS(APAT)-fiberoptic upstar

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To: Bhag Karamchandani who wrote (7)2/7/2000 1:17:00 AM
From: Andy Yamaguchi
   of 34
AVNX uses thin film filter + interleaved technology. APAT uses fiber grating method. According to some of experts (last optic conf.), fiber grating is a better way and can push the technology to much higher density( 25ghz or higher). However , thin film filter seems has limitation. If APAT can do what they said, this company would be acquired by JDSU or others very soon. The stock shall be valued at least 100 a share.


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To: Andy Yamaguchi who wrote (8)2/7/2000 12:05:00 PM
From: Rhino Ray
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I am shocked at how little activity is on this board today with the stock rocketing. I bought some on friday and today. The 50Ghz DWDM is huge news. The only thing is that even the company said that it does not market well since they used to be strictly an R&D company. This involves patented technology from what I understand. They have a superior product but are lacking sales and marketing. This can either be purchased by bringing someone who did this for another company within the industry that has connections, or someone (JDSU) will buy them out. They better start thinking about it fast because this thing is going to sky rocket very quickly. The main thing is having the superior technology that is patent protected. The rest will come.


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To: Rhino Ray who wrote (9)2/7/2000 1:24:00 PM
From: CJ
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Hi Ray, I agree with you about the Company and the superiority of the product. Many Companies that build a better "widget" do not succeed because of lack of a good sales and marketing plan, and lack of sufficient capital to market the product. IMO, the 50 Ghz DWDM is so big and important that it will not be stuck on a shelf somewhere; but, assuming there is not immediate major Co. competition, one of the two options you suggested - create a sales/marketing force, or sell-out to a major - seems highly likely.

Congrats. on your buys Friday and today (I hope early!). Resistence @ 64 works real well for me..... for now! :)

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To: Rhino Ray who wrote (9)2/7/2000 3:06:00 PM
From: AmericanVoter
   of 34
Rhino Ray, I am not a gambling man, but I'd bet on APAT getting bought by one of the bigger ones... JDSU (I hope)... LU or CIEN ...

I wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement to that fact come out in the near future... if APAT is in such negotiations, then they would want their stock to be at or near a high, so I would expect that such announcment may come out after another announcement is made by APAT on where they stand with their 50GHz DWDM... meaning sales and marketing info. which would prop the price higher... oh well, will just have to wait...

long APAT...

best regards

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To: AmericanVoter who wrote (11)2/7/2000 5:10:00 PM
From: J. M. Burr
   of 34
Reuters had an afternoon article on APAT. The company president seemed surprised by the run-up. Naivete at work?

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To: J. M. Burr who wrote (12)2/7/2000 6:37:00 PM
From: steve mamus
   of 34
Glad this thread started.

Steve Mamus

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To: steve mamus who wrote (13)2/7/2000 6:42:00 PM
From: steve mamus
   of 34
Check out Red Herring this month. More information then I have read in a single place regarding this sector with special attention to privately held companies in this sector. Any other names folks?? Portfolio I hold.

+ lots of options especially selling puts


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To: Andy Yamaguchi who wrote (2)2/7/2000 7:09:00 PM
From: Jon Khymn
   of 34
Andy, good to see you started thread for APAT.

It was a hidden gem!

Good luck


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To: Andy Yamaguchi who wrote (8)2/9/2000 8:30:00 AM
From: t2
   of 34
Would this company be a good takeover target. Considering its low market cap and new product, I would think it is going to happen soon if the 50GHZ is that good.

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To: t2 who wrote (16)2/10/2000 9:32:00 PM
From: Bhag Karamchandani
   of 34
The short position for APAT as of 1/00 is less than 30,000 shares (see below)

Wonder if the recent price drop is caused by added shorts this week. Is there any way to get more uptodate info?

Also, since AVANEX identified their processor' customer does anyone know why APAT hasn't identified theirs??? Any guesses.

Any news from the Siemen's front??

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Item Ticker Company Name Month+ Shares Short Avg Daily Volume Ratio* Remark
1 APAT APA Optics Inc. 01/00 29,272 72,243 0.41
12/99 29,308 24,352 1.20
11/99 27,654 10,499 2.63
10/99 29,578 26,897 1.10
09/99 44,857 5,158 8.70
08/99 44,203 2,129 20.76

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