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To: Gary Korn who wrote (18)12/18/1999 5:23:00 PM
From: neverenough
   of 90
EGRT looks like an easy 60%! After the IPO they have 34,443,481 shares outstanding, at 10 9/16 it's Market Cap stands at 364M, a far cry less than the 1 billion that was paid for BlueMountain.

IMO, EGRT deserves a MC of at least 600M, which gives us a price of 17.

I got in at the close Friday at 10 5/8, 17 by years end should be no problem...

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To: neverenough who wrote (19)12/18/1999 6:45:00 PM
From: Gordon Gekko
   of 90
THE DAY AHEAD: EGreetings: IPO today, acquired tomorrow?

On what is likely to be the last actual trading day of the
IPO season, eGreetings Networks (Nasdaq: EGRT) is
trying to slip one by investors with a business model
that isn't likely to last long. No need to worry though,
eGreetings probably won't make it six months before it's
bought out.

The time between an IPO and merger is getting shorter
all the time. (Nasdaq: YESM) goes public
in September and is bought in December by CMGI
(Nasdaq: CMGI), which incidentally has a habit of
plucking young companies off the public markets.

When you look at eGreetings regulatory filings you have
to wonder why it even bothered with an IPO. Revenue for
the nine months ending Sept. 30 were $1.5 million with
a loss of $22 million. EGreetings gets most of its
revenue from advertising and direct marketing and its
largest advertiser just split (more on that later).

EGreetings, which offers online greeting cards and plans
to meld content with commerce and direct marketing, is
offering 6 million shares priced at $10, the top of its $8
to $10 range. The lead underwriter is CS First Boston.

EGreetings offers 5,000 digital greetings with graphics,
animations and music that consumers can personalize
and send for free. Sound familiar? It should because
eGreetings is in the same business as, which was acquired by
Excite@Home (Nasdaq: ATHM).

If had to find a buyer as (Nasdaq: AMZN), Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:
YHOO) and a host of others entered the greeting
business, what makes eGreetings think it can

It can't compete and that's why it'll be gobbled up or
broke before one of those sappy animated cards stops

The IPO is just an interim step for eGreetings. An
acquisition is a wild card right now because eGreetings'
largest shareholder Gibson is currently being acquired.

We are taking a leap in figuring eGreetings will be
acquired but we're not jumping the Grand Canyon here.

Here's a likely scenario we cooked up:

EGreetings relies on Gibson Greetings for about 36
percent of its content. American Greetings, Inc. in a
deal announced in November, however, is acquiring
Gibson. American Greetings also is the parent company
of, which competes with
eGreetings. Once American Greetings is done acquiring
Gibson, American Greetings may decide it doesn't want
to own shares of a competitor. AmerIcan Greetings
could buy eGreetings outright or dish it off to another

"As a competitor, American Greetings' interests may
diverge from our interests, and it may take actions that
would harm us competitively, despite its status as our
largest stockholder," the company said in filings.

And if American Greetings doesn't sell or acquire
eGreetings, it's highly likely the company will need
some company to rescue it. EGreetings said
Excite@Home, which cut advertising ties to eGreetings
in November, accounted for 40 percent of its already
skimpy revenue for the nine months ending Sept. 30.

"We do not anticipate receiving any future advertising
revenues from Excite@Home," the company said.


So what company could rescue eGreetings?

We know who the buyers won't be.,
America Online (NYSE: AOL), Excite@Home, Microsoft
(Nasdaq: MSFT) and Yahoo! (Nasdaq: YHOO) all offer
digital greetings as part of a larger package or
e-commerce deal. Hallmark and are
also competitors, but aren't likely to be interested.

That leaves either a portal without greeting cards or a
company with direct marketing skills that can turn
eGreetings into a commerce doorway. Process of
elimination leaves Lycos (Nasdaq: LCOS) or CMGI. Our
bet would be CMGI. And why not -- CMGI is buying up
everything else.

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To: Gordon Gekko who wrote (20)12/20/1999 9:17:00 AM
From: blankmind
   of 90
great article. pre-market bid 10 15/16 ask 11.

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To: blankmind who wrote (21)12/20/1999 7:47:00 PM
From: Mark The Trader
   of 90
This stock had so much activity on the sell side today and it held at $10 for a lot longer then I thought it should have. Its a dog but then every dog has its day , but I would
not feel comfortable committing much money to it.


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To: Mark The Trader who wrote (22)12/20/1999 9:47:00 PM
From: HandsOn
   of 90
I only have a small position but agree re Today. Either MM's accumulated higher shares first day or underwriters are supporting the stock. Either way I was glad to see it Today, website is impressive based on number of hits EGRT should be a winner when it gets discovered soon.

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To: HandsOn who wrote (23)12/21/1999 12:39:00 AM
From: Mark The Trader
   of 90
Actually I was not paying real close attention to who was supporting the bid , I tend to think it would have been the Underwriters. I had Medscape a while back , averaged down on that dog and got out at almost break-even . When an IPO starts out like this it may need further selling before it trades up .


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To: westpacific who wrote ()12/22/1999 11:14:00 AM
From: Bob Duncan
   of 90
Kicking myself here for not doing more DD. This companys fundamentals are horrid. Praying for a buyout at this point.

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To: Bob Duncan who wrote (25)12/23/1999 1:26:00 AM
From: Glen Arnelien
   of 90
EGRT - 38% rise in daily visitors to 228,000/day!

"Further boosting the year's online Christmas frenzy, greeting card companies American Greetings Corp. (NYSE:AM - news) and Egreetings Network Inc. (NasdaqNM:EGRT - news) both saw a jump in daily traffic as folks opted for the quick and easy way to send friends and family holiday tidings.

American Greetings' site ( saw an 88-percent jump in average daily visitors topping 141,000 a day, while Egreetings (, the newly public electronic greeting card service, saw a 39-percent rise, raking in 228,000 Web surfers each day."

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To: Glen Arnelien who wrote (26)12/23/1999 3:48:00 PM
From: blankmind
   of 90
so does the rally continue for egrt and the shakeout end? amazed and happy to see 10 today.

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To: blankmind who wrote (27)12/23/1999 7:57:00 PM
From: Jim B
   of 90
wow.. great day.. wish I had gone ahead and bought this back in the low 8s today.. instead I was liquidating positions to move to all cash for the weekend..

congrats to those who got the bottom :)


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