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   PastimesG&K Investing for Curmudgeons

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To: Mike Buckley who wrote (9711)12/19/2000 12:22:30 AM
From: Uncle Frank
   of 22706
>> I like to play both sides.

Errr, isn't that a little more than I need to know?

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To: Apollo who wrote (9662)12/19/2000 12:25:32 AM
From: FaultLine
   of 22706
Since when did you take the MCAT exam?

I have a Manx CAT, does that count?


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To: FaultLine who wrote (9713)12/19/2000 1:48:36 AM
From: Mike Buckley
   of 22706
I have a Manx CAT, does that count?

Can we all agree to get away from the subject once and for all of counting, hand counting, and recounting?

--Mike Buckley

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To: Mike Buckley who wrote (9711)12/19/2000 1:53:47 AM
From: kumar
   of 22706
I won a great dinner by betting that Bush would win.

u bet with your mom again ?


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To: James F. Hopkins who wrote (9703)12/19/2000 4:34:14 AM
From: unclewest
   of 22706
he just has some brain damaged

there is a lot of that going around.

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To: unclewest who wrote (9716)12/19/2000 4:37:00 AM
From: unclewest
   of 22706
"You've got to love New Yorkers - at least on this occasion!

A Kentucky Fried
Chicken location in New York City is running a
special on what they are calling a "Bucket of Hillary".....
(two small breasts, two very large thighs and a bunch of left wings)."

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To: Mike Buckley who wrote (9711)12/19/2000 6:53:03 AM
From: DownSouth
   of 22706
I like to play both sides.

You and cuf make a nice pair. Can be used as cuff links or book ends. Can work on the right or the left.

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To: DownSouth who wrote (9718)12/19/2000 7:48:31 AM
From: unclewest
   of 22706
Can work on the right or the left.

i believe id works better on the left than Mike or Frank.

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To: Uncle Frank who wrote (9570)12/19/2000 8:03:24 AM
From: nosmo_king
   of 22706
That's nice, but THIS IS THE CURMUDGEON THREAD, not the Market Direction thread. To make it worse, you don't have a profile. Please work on your sense of humor, fill in your profile, and read the thread header before you make any more off topic posts.


btw, happy holidays.

cuf et al:

This seems to be an all too common theme. A confused newbie to the mudge thread gets confused and ultimately gets the typical kiss-of-death, a "happy holidays" by a thread elder. What this thread really needs is:

Message 15046177


PS Congrats to Augustus on the birth of his new son, my new nephew!! (and a future mudge?)

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To: nosmo_king who wrote (9720)12/19/2000 8:03:53 AM
From: nosmo_king
   of 22706
FAQ. Version 1. And there are no plans for updates. (Sincere apologies to Fred Manzo.)

1. Opening Statement: Welcome New Visitors to the Curmudgeon Thread, the Thread About Nothing.

Before beginning, we'd like to make 4 points:

First, consider going somewhere else. There's no hope for meaningful dialogue on this thread. Once you have been acclimated to this thread, all hope is lost.

Second, as the threader states (moron), the only thing off topic is rudeness. Unless of course you are a "thread elder/old fart" in which case, anything goes (see cApollo posts, and,:

Third, please help us to learn more about you. Fill in your SI profile and provide personal and detailed insights into your life and interests. The old farts here need more fodder and their constant repetition of the same old topics is really becoming tiresome (see Apollo posts).

Let us know your true feelings:
Message 13795301

Fourth, this thread is meant to compliment the "main thread" (Gorilla and King Portfolio candidates), and is used by many of the same posters on that thread. It is often used to blow off steam or when things aren't going well with one's portfolio (see tekboy).

If you have a question, first check the header, or this message, and then, if you really think it's necessary, check with a seasoned curmudgeon at your own risk. I have no plans to help anyone. And if you’re wondering if you are a curmudgeon,:

Posters to this thread should have a firm grasp of advanced G&K metrics:
Message 13381495

...and of the “long-term-buy-and-hold” philosophy, typical of true G&K'ers portfolio (ignoring moment to moment movements in stock price):
Message 14183954

So, when the time comes, please post, and serve up some fresh meat.

2. Objective: There is no objective. Weren't you paying attention??

3. Index:
....1. Opening Statement (check, done)
....2. Objective (ditto)
....3. Index
....4. Definition of Terms
....5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (all of you)
....6. Common uses of the Thread
....7. Closing Statement.

Definition of Terms: (in no particular order)

Curmudgeon =1archaic: MISER 2: a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man; cuf’s favorite: anyone who hates hypocrisy and pretense and has the temerity to say so; anyone with the habit of pointing out unpleasant facts in an engaging and humorous manner."

Hermudgeon, et al:
Message 13876486

Discontinuous innovations (frontiers of technology):
Message 12944640

Gorilla Game Tribunal, with Judge DS, presiding: The People v. Uncle “Nostradamus” FranQ : (in January, it was funny, trust me)
Message 12609861

More from da Judge:
Message 12543377

Cuf’s turn:
Message 14320683

Remember, profanity is forbidden:
Message 12163730
Message 13489773
Message 13885423
Message 14148209

Pink feather boa gal:
see cjazzesq

Message 14072097

Sympathy (for threadmates):
Message 14075683

More Curmudgeon Sympathy (aka, The softer side of DS):
Message 13216395

Message 14069043

Da man:
Message 14081863

Da (always happy) man, rare curmudgeonliness:
Message 12303918

Did he really say that??
Message 13341868

Message 13485024

Medical discussions = tax deductions for
upgraded computer:

Message 13530741
Message 13957219
Message 13888892

Helpful suggestions for Mike’s computer problem:
Message 13945464

Market directions and investing:
Message 13833723
Message 14047326

Taking exception:
Message 13934873

The ultimate curmudgeon: cA, cDS or …:
Message 13892104

French 101: The opposite of water (trademarked by cDS, explained by
motorcycle man)
Message 14117270

Motorcycle man:
Message 14156438

Multilingual motorcycle man:
Message 14497884

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What is the Curmudgeon mantra?
Message 13728065

What’s a momo? (ref. also ET)
Message 12995676
Message 13880065

What is “the pot calling the kettle ‘black’”?
Message 14341712

What is a Theme Trader?
Message 13928253

What is the Curmudgeon Handshake?:
Message 12681632

Can’t say it in words?
Message 12175903
Message 13200997
Message 13221901
Message 14176773
Message 14302877
Message 13886202

…taking exception:
Message 14355027

Nice try, cJill:
Message 13881395

Who told Mike?
Message 13786093

How does one become knighted?:
Message 14116236
Message 14186263

Common uses of the thread:
Message 14375316

Closing statement:
Message 12986727

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