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   Technology (GMTN) Selling Earth-friendly Energy

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To: dotcomboy who wrote ()6/5/1999 3:04:00 PM
From: Scoobah
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Hey Dot Comboy, after doing a little research, I found this little tid bit from Ralph Nader. This IPO looks like one to avoid based on this;

Cogeneration Buyer's Guide
Friday, October 23, 1998
Ralph Nader Group Says California's 'Green Electricity' Is a Hoax on Consumers
WASHINGTON -- Electricity being sold as environmentally friendly in
California's newly competitive power market ''is largely a hoax on
consumers,'' an enviromental-consumer group charged Thursday.
Public Citizen, which was founded by consumer activist Ralph Nader, said
that while customers pay an average of $10 extra per month to get so-called
''green electricity,'' the purchases do little to enhance the environment.
''The 'green' is going mostly into the pockets of marketers,'' said Joan
Claybrook, the organization's president.
The criticism brought a sharp response from California utility officials,
as well as some other environmentalists and renewable-energy advocates who
said Public Citizen's analysis was flawed.
''The green markets are, in fact, working and working well. Public Citizen
is completely out of touch,'' said Jan Smutny-Jones, director of a
coalition of renewable energy producers.


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To: Scoobah who wrote (2)6/5/1999 5:37:00 PM
From: dotcomboy
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This IPO will be a good one, GMTN is doing something worthwhile -->

Check out their page.. Got some info from the Etrade thread (no msg #, will try to find) Saying that they're doing some *serious* advertising in California. The reason for the planned IPO is to fund expanding operations. (they are only operating in a few states right now) It seems to me that this is the first IPO of an Internet-Energy company, so my guess is that the market will eat this one up!


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To: dotcomboy who wrote (3)6/5/1999 5:52:00 PM
From: Scoobah
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Shall I interpret that to say that you feel the Ralph Nader report is invalid?
You can do what you like of course, but on the strength of the Ralph Nader report, and the difficulties involved in moving people off the grid as it is, i can't see how someone will be interested in such little savings, especially when they find out it really isn't green after all.

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To: Scoobah who wrote (4)6/6/1999 1:38:00 PM
From: dotcomboy
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GMTN - questionable company, good return on IPO day here's why->

The reason for the huge returns on the IPO date of the internet stocks aren't because they're all good companies (believe it or not!) The Investing public is not betting on the present, their betting on the way-way-way-future. Example: Media Metrix, great IPO-day preformance, jumped around 150% (maybe more, I will check) and in their prospectus there's a line that read something to the effect of "We may NEVER make any money." there are countless others to back that up.. (PCLN, the one that comes to mind, they also state in their prospectus "We may never be profitable") Same thing with VUSA (value
In closing, I will try my darndest to be in on GMTN, flip on day 1, and that's the end of it. This one IS NOT a long-term hold.


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To: dotcomboy who wrote (5)6/6/1999 7:07:00 PM
From: Scoobah
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makes sense.

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To: dotcomboy who wrote (3)6/7/1999 4:37:00 PM
From: BillCh
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Haven't heard any green electricity ads so far. I have heard about lots of scams in the electricity marketing field, so personally i will stay away from this one.
One positive could be that there are now green mutual funds that may put $ into this class of company, eventually.

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To: BillCh who wrote (7)6/7/1999 4:42:00 PM
From: dotcomboy
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Where are you located? I've spoken to several people in the greater Los Angeles area that have heard a good deal of GMTN ads.


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To: dotcomboy who wrote (5)6/11/1999 8:33:00 AM
From: QuietWon
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Reasons why it will do well *** MUST READ ***
10. First of its kind
9. To fund other operations
8. Energy sector already beaten up, so downside somewhat limited
7. Heard the ipo to be priced around $10 - can't go much lower (EDGR has, but EDGR do well ultimately)
6. Business model - lower cost of distribution
5. Business model - energy 'portal'
4. Business model - partnerships with on-line related, affiliated , complementary companies
3. Earth & consumer friendly -- an informational mechanism
2. If you build it, they will come
1. The Wyly family is building it - putting $80 million in. This family has bucks and are winners!

I will get every dman share I can get!!

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To: QuietWon who wrote (9)6/17/1999 11:47:00 AM
From: Bob Zeleznik
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I just started using IPO Edge on so I don't
have a feel for how good they are at predicting things. But
they're report on GMTN is favorable:

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To: Bob Zeleznik who wrote (10)6/18/1999 9:44:00 PM
From: Melismatics
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Bob,IPO Edge also gives Red Hat a MINUS 4 (with MINUS 5 their WORST POSSIBLE rating): if you read the Red Hat thread herein, it would seem that either the general investor sensibility of Silicon folks is totally off base . . . or else IPO Edge is? Anybody out there know more about them, and why their assessments seem so contrary to those one finds here? (Kind of like comparing Motley Fool to Barrons . . . as the Fools themselves just did in their take on Barrons' "Amazon.Bomb" cover story. Not that both don't have their uses, which hones my point: to what uses can IPO Edge be put?)

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