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   Microcap & Penny StocksDD Central on ECNC (formerly BETT)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:10:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (297 )
From: Val Ryjouk Thursday, Jul 23 1998 3:28PM ET
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News !!!
Thursday July 23, 1:08 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
Betting Inc. Bets That 7 Out of 10 Internet Gaming Users Will Bypass the Internet With Hardware SLICK Solution for Sending Cash ATM Card/Smart Card Wagers to Gaming Operators
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 23, 1998--Betting Inc. (OTC BB:BETT) has partnered with Novtech, a Florida electronics firm, to develop the first SLICK working model.

The secured-line Internet computer keyboard (SLICK) will bypass the Internet completely. Looking like a regular keyboard, the SLICK will feature a card-reader insert for ATM cards, credit cards and stored-value smart cards; a modem; and a printer.

The SLICK will use the consumer's home phone to send a data transaction toll free to the ET&T bank host for bank-card authorization. The Internet merchant will be contacted over a private network to respond back with acknowledgment of SLICK payment. No information crosses the Internet.

Bypassing the Internet with bank and personal data, the SLICK solution will deliver DES encrypted ATM card PINs or card read credit card or smart card transactions to the ET&T host for authorization. The SLICK will print a receipt that could also be the Lottery receipt, theater ticket or plane ticket.

''In light of how the U.S.A. Data Code was just broken by a $200,000 machine in 56 hours, it is obvious that the Internet will always be at risk. We believe that the everyday nontechnical Internet user will choose the simple SLICK solution to bypass the Internet with both their bank data and personal data,'' stated Tom Hughes, chairman and chief executive officer of Betting Inc. and ET&T.

''A SLICK transaction will enable the consumer to send same-as- cash transactions to Internet gaming operators, or to pay a utility bill, or to send an electronically read credit card to pay an Internet merchant, which is a cost savings to the merchant plus offering convenience and safety for the buyer.''

Working with its partner Novtech, Betting Inc. is targeting September to demonstrate SLICK transactions processed by ET&T ( to a potential strategic partner.

Betting Inc. is targeting November to begin selling the SLICK to Internet consumers.

Carnegie, Cooke & Company

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:15:00 AM
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To: Popiye (302 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Sunday, Jul 26 1998 7:08PM ET
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Hi Popiye and Betting Shareholders,
I received this information from Tom Hughes, the CEO of Betting Inc. and ET&T. He asked that I post it on the thread for your information.

"Introducing the PERFECT industry into Countries

Phase 1.

Shop While You Wait begins free distribution of Pay Master devices at public locations. Partners generate 8% of each catalog purchase.
Public exposed to PERFECT transactions. Utility, Phone and other companies take note.

Phase II

Within 3 months of introduction, the first bill pay pilot begins which is promoted by utility or phone companies.

A. Payment of bills by ATM card and PIN using the same Pay Master terminal
B. Payment of bills by stored value smart card using the same Pay Master terminal

The finance industry begins to promote stored value universal cards for non banked to use. Huge Float.

Phase III

Within 8 months of first launch of Shop While You Wait, Pay Master has migrated into homes promoted by utility, insurance, phone and mortgage industry. Pay Master by this time is under $60 in cost to manufacture.

SLICK and Pocket Pay are entering from Internet and Wireless Business market respectively.

Phase IV:

Government blessed regulated wagering. Why? Instant taxation of players winnings.

Human nature can not be legislated but it can be regulated. That is
exactly what will happen with PERFECT wagering.

News: The Consulate General of Uganda contacted me and wants to
introduce PERFECT in Uganda. They will manufacture their own equipment and will begin with the entry level application of Shop While You Wait. Followed by Pay Per Play wagering.

Betting Inc. will gate the wagering transactions from the Uganda
ET&T host to the gaming operators. The government will tax the players winnings.

This will begin to open up PERFECT Africa.

SBI will be our Global PERFECT Bingo Partner.

Conclusion: PERFECT will be promoted by hundreds of millions of dollars willingly spent by utility, phone, insurance, mortgage, and other industries. PERFECT devices will globally migrate into homes as bill payment devices but will soon be used for regulated wagering with instant taxation of the winnings.

Take care,


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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:17:00 AM
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To: Popiye (310 )
From: Val Ryjouk Monday, Jul 27 1998 11:03AM ET
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Monday July 27, 10:34 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
Betting Inc. and SBI Communications Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance To Pursue PERFECT Bingo
First Order of Pay Master Equipment Placed at $5 Million Over a 12 Month Period
Global PERFECT Bingo Marketplace Estimated at $1 Billion Plus
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 27, 1998-- Betting Inc. (OTC BB:BETT) and SBI Communications Inc. (OTC BB:SBID) announced a strategic alliance to pursue PERFECT Bingo.

The first order of Pay Master equipment is placed at $5 million over a 12 month period. The global PERFECT Bingo marketplace is estimated at $1 billion plus.

''PERFECT Bingo is a personal encrypted remote financial electronic card transaction that the player sends by ATM card or smart cart to Globalot Bingo,'' said Thomas S. Hughes, chairman and chief executive officer of Betting Inc. and ET&T.

''Betting Inc. will be providing the interface between the bank host processor such as ET&T and Globalot Bingo. Additionally, SBI will be sharing Betting Inc. gaming revenues generated when competitive Bingo companies are paid by PERFECT Bingo.''

The Betting Inc. SLICK, Pocket Pay and Pay Master ( will allow the consumer to effect PERFECT Bingo transactions by either opening or replenishing their accounts with ATM card or smart card or actually pay per play while watching their monitor or television screen.

''We are going to aggressively pursue global PERFECT Bingo and will be ordering over the next 12 months 10,000 Pay Master devices from Betting Inc. for a package offer to our customers,'' said Ron Foster, CEO of SBI Communications.

''We are also very enthusiastic about participating in global PERFECT Bingo revenues as our competitors are paid by PERFECT Bingo transactions. The SLICK will open up Internet PERFECT Bingo and the Pocket Pay will allow wireless PERFECT Bingo.''

Carnegie Cooke and Associates (for Betting Inc.)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:22:00 AM
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To: Fli-by (321 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Monday, Aug 3 1998 1:34PM ET
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Hey Fli-by,
I received the following from Tom Hughes regarding his background:
"As requested, my background in the 70's after graduating from Boston University with a BA, was in the fields of advertising agency work, marketing, and sales.
I live in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and in the 80's, I was an
agent for and later managed B actor's, which then led me to forming ad hoc networks of television stations where my staff and I traded B films with no prior cable or tv exposure in return for advertising time. Clearing stations from NYC to Raleigh,NC, we would then sell the time as an ad hoc network.
During this period, I learned about the coming small Direct Broadcast satellite dishes and realized that if a customer could pay cash for a program the same day of the satellite feed, then the customer could in effect go back to being a non addressable DBS home.
By 1992, I had formed a company, ET&T, to pursue this and soon realized from a banking associate that the banks had created the vehicle required for same day non reversible cash transactions called the ATM card with PIN.
The missing element was a user friendly terminal that would be marketed by the utility, mortgage,insurance, direct response, and publishing industries as a home device for bill payment by ATM card and PIN.
Include a printed receipt per transaction and the additional safety and convenience of the consumer being able to insert their credit card into the terminal and pay electronically.... then you would have a personal encrypted remote financial electronic card transaction, a PERFECT transaction.
In fits and starts, sometimes with no money for months, I have raised and spent over $1 million dollars hiring electrical engineers, software developers, hardware developers and many others designing the Pay Master and developing the bank Host processing center to pursue this new industry. The still to be developed Pocket Pay and SLICK will address the needs of the wireless and internet PERFECT transaction respectively.
When the first consumer uses the Pay Master to effect the first Shop
While You Wait, or bill payment, or Betting Inc. transaction later this month, then the multi-trillion dollar global PERFECT industry, which pays its investor participants on a second by second fee generated no accounts receivables transactional basis, will begin.
Take care.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:24:00 AM
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To: Fli-by (324 )
From: Val Ryjouk Tuesday, Aug 4 1998 1:13PM ET
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Tuesday August 4, 12:12 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
Betting Inc. Introducing PERFECT Industry to Uganda for Mass-Market U.S.-to-Uganda Electronic Commerce
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 4, 1998--Richard Williams, the honorary consul general of the Republic of Uganda to California, has announced that Betting Inc. (OTCBB:BETT - news) will bring to Uganda the Pay Master, which, along with the ET&T bank host processing center, will start up the applications of PERFECT (personal encrypted remote financial electronic card transactions) wagering and PERFECT shopping transactions.

''We will assemble the Pay Master in Uganda, and look forward to our people being able to effect Uganda-to-the-United States mass- market electronic commerce thanks to the introduction of the PERFECT industry in our country and carrying the PERFECT industry into other sub-Saharan African countries,'' stated Williams.

Particular emphasis will be put on wireless PERFECT transactions and the taxation of the merchant revenues generated from PERFECT purchases and PERFECT wagering winnings.

''We are strong believers that the PERFECT industry will be global within 18 months. Uganda is the first country to understand that,'' stated Tom Hughes, chairman and chief executive officer of Betting Inc. and ET&T.

''With the ET&T bank host in Uganda talking with the USA bank host, mass-market same-day payment transactions between Ugandan and United States citizens is now possible. Combine that with the new technology of bonding two home telephone lines into providing seamless video images, which we now have access to, and you have the true beginnings of a global village.''


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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:28:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (339 )
From: Val Ryjouk Wednesday, Aug 19 1998 4:13PM ET
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Wednesday August 19, 1:08 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
Betting Inc. Signs Exclusive Agreement With EZ Communications to Develop Global Multibillion Dollar Home Video Wagering Using a Mass Market Video-Telephone Technology
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 19, 1998--New technology that can bond two regular home phone lines for receiving or delivering a real-time high-quality video picture will be introduced by EZ Communications by this fall.

A simple kit consisting of a camera that sits on either a TV set or computer monitor combined with a special modem that combines two home phone lines into one line will now make possible mass market high-quality video telephones.

A consumer can purchase the video telephone kit, which will be available by this fall, for less than $700 and enjoy quality video streaming images of a friend or business associate calling from a distant location.

''The EZ Communications video telephone kit can now make a computer monitor or television screen into a home gaming club if one wishes to,'' said Tom Hughes, chairman and chief executive officer of Betting Inc (OTC BB:BETT - news).

This will create the business of ''PERFECT video Ante Up'' where the consumers can use their home cash pay devices to send ATM card or stored-value smart-card payments to an ''Ante up dealer'' who is holding the bets of players gaming with each other anywhere in the world. The dealer will then electronically send the winnings to the winners' bank accounts.

Picture 40 players per round playing Bingo from 40 different homes, purchasing their Bingo cards via ''Ante Up Gaming'' and all connected through Betting Inc.

Betting Inc.'s ''PERFECT'' Bingo Gaming partner, Globalot Bingo, can run an unlimited number of 40-player games all at the same time owing to this new ''Ante Up Video Gaming Inc.'' by EZ Communications and its EZ Comm. Video Telephone Kit.

ET&T will drive the incomig ATM card and stored-value smart-card real-time cash Bingo card purchases which will be bank-authorized and paid to the Ante Up Dealer, from Globalot Bingo, who hosts the game and services the players.

Globalot Bingo then will electronically send the winner's cash to the winner's bank account, and generate a receipt printed by the PERFECT equipment such as Pay Master or Slick (

The personal encrypted remote financial electronic card transaction (PERFECT) devices distributed by Betting Inc. and processed by ET&T, combined with the EZ Communications video phone, will generate substantial transaction revenues for the company with PERFECT Video Ante Up and other video telephone transactions such as home-to-doctor medical consultations, at-home viewing of symposiums and special education courses.

Instant electronic fee collections and transaction revenues processed by ET&T and, in the case of PERFECT gaming, routed by Betting Inc., present a very attractive stimuli to develop new software and technology for even greater applications of the company's EZ Link Video phone system, stated Jeff Lerner, president of EZ Communications.

Perfect stands for Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Electronic Card Transactions.

Betting Inc., 800/252-2331
EZ Comm., 310/348-9297
Globalot Bingo, 954/227-0844
ET&T, 310/377-2803

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:34:00 AM
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To: Carl (359 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Thursday, Sep 10 1998 6:28AM ET
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Hey Carl and BETT shareholders,
I received the following information from Harry Hargens regarding the Pay Master.

"Tom Hughes asked me to send you a copy of the SWYW catalogs, which have just been printed. I put a catalog and an update on SWYW in Priority mail yesterday afternoon, so you should receive it tomorrow or Friday.

"In addition to the info in the update I mailed, I should hasten to add that UniPay is trying to modify two units for SWYW, so we can get them into the field in September; but it is too soon to know for sure if this can be done by the end of September. There are several items being worked on, some of which address "child-proofing", others which address "idiot-proofing". Both are crucial to smooth operations in the field.

"Regarding child-proofing, Tom is working with a plastics company that is creating a protective cover with some sort of latch. This device will go over/around the paymaster in some secure fashion. This will keep small children from doing damage. We are not too worried about kids pressing keys and entering garbage data, since the latest version of the software ignores all keystrokes until a card is inserted; we are more concerned about kids tearing out the receipt paper, dropping small toys into the receipt printer mechanism, spilling juice on the machine, etc. The plastic cover should drastically reduce the frequency of such problems. I say "drastically reduce", rather than "eliminate", since mom and dad are also perfectly capable of spilling things on the machine after they open the latch... (The SWYW budget does include dollars for shipping out replacement machines when abuse causes one in the field to fail; dealing with these situations is a normal part of supporting equipment in the field. There will be a SWYW help desk which locations can call to request a replacement. As the scale of the SWYW operation ramps up, the help desk will eventually become a 24-hour operation).

"Meanwhile, I have worked with UniPay on idiot-proofing the unit. We have made the SWYW ordering software as simple as possible, given the amount of info that must be entered. The rule I have given the
programmers is that someone's grandmother, who has never operated a
computer and is afraid of the phone, must be able to operate this
device. The programmers refer to this as the "blue-haired-lady rule".

"Another concern in this area is the ease with which paper tears off
after printing a receipt. We found that the original plastic case
design does not do enough to guide the paper, so, unless you tear a
receipt off just right, the printer starts to misfeed and jam when
printing the next receipt. In the long run, we will make changes to the case design to fix this. For at least the first 50 units, probably more, we will use an external printer. This is the fastest way to get to market with something functional. This has forced us to add an external RS232 port, which is part of the reason we have some last-minute parts procurement going on.

"I would estimate that we have a 75/25 chance of getting two units with the external printer in the field by the end of September. I would say there is a less than 50/50 chance that the plastic cover is also ready by then. In any case, we are confident of having 50 units built before the end of October.

"If we have units with the external printer but no cover September 30, we'll go ahead and deploy them. Deploying a few units without the cover is not a bad thing. Since the plastic cover is an incremental cost, we need to determine if it is really needed. So, we should deploy some units with it, and some without, to compare the frequency of problems at the two groups."

I don't know about anyone else but I am very excited about BETT's future. I feel that BETT is interested in its shareholders and wants to keep everyone updated on Betting Inc.'s progress. Go BETT!! Scoobey

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:36:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (363 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Friday, Sep 11 1998 2:34PM ET
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Hi Carl and BETT Shareholders,
The following is a brief update on SWYW's Status from Harry Hargens. Remember that SWYW needs to be up and running to have Betting Inc. earn a fee as a gateway between SWYW and the bank.
"HOST SYSTEM: The host is up and running. Test transactions have been run successfully. The system is now ready for the first live transactions from the field.
"TERMINALS: The first 50 Paymaster terminals, to be used in the first SWYW installations, are under construction now at UniPay (UniPay is the subsidiary of UniComp acting as our vendor for terminal construction, hardware and software design services, and host operations. You probably heard many references to "Smoky Mountain" in the past; UniComp merged Smoky Mountain and another operation into UniPay this summer).
"UniPay has encountered lead times a few weeks longer than expected in the procurement of some of the electronic components needed, due to distributors being out of stock on some items that we expected to be "of the shelf". This is not unusual in the business of building electronic devices, does not indicate any sort of long term problem, and will only delay us a few weeks. Assuming no more surprises (good or bad) from component vendors, final QA of circuit boards and final assembly will start in the middle of October, so we should have units in-hand and ready for installation late in October.
"CATALOG/MERCHANDISER MARKETING: In general, we are keeping our effort to contact potential catalog companies at a low level for now. The feedback from our initial contacts with catalog companies earlier this year was almost universally, "Gee, that's very very interesting...please come back and talk to us again when you have some locations running...". In the SWYW business plan I wrote in February, I forecasted exactly this reaction; our experience confirmed my expectation. We will resume the pursuit of catalog companies and other merchandisers late this year, when we have proven results to show them. I expect us to add and experienced sales person to handle this full-time, rather than have Tom and I continue to do it in our "spare time".
"One exception to the above is in the area of sports marketing. Because of the publicity that SWYW received when we signed the Dodgers as a customer, we have had inquiries from several minor- and major-league teams in a variety of sports (baseball, hockey, soccer...) in the USA, and ever inquiries from as far away as New Zealand and Germany! So, while we probably won't sign up any traditional merchandisers until early 1999, we might sign up some additional sports teams as merchandisers before the end of 1998.
"LOCATION MARTKETING: We have met with several ISOs who are interested in the SWYW program, and are standing by to start signing up locations, as soon as we give them the final go-ahead. We don't want them to sign up locations too far in advance of our having terminals ready to ship, as this could cause confusion and concern, possibly causing some locations to lose interest before the units are installed. So, we will tell the ISOs to start their effort to sign up locations around September 28.
"I also expect us to add a full-time sales person to manage ISOs sales activities , and call directly on large organizations that control many sites that could become SWYW locations; e.g. large retail chains, hotel chains, airline, etc.
"A lot of people have been holding their breath, waiting to see if SWYW can successfully build and deploy Paymasters; and waiting to see if there will really be revenue generated from these SWYW locations. I look forward to everyone finally being able to exhale soon.
"Harry Hargens
"President, SWYW"

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:43:00 AM
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To: Dan Meckenstock (391 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Friday, Sep 18 1998 5:18PM ET
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Hi Dan,
The following is a reply from Tom Hughes:


1. The Shop While You Wait catalog is designed for use by a person
waiting at a public location such as a car wash or a hair salon or an airport lounge.

2. The only way to purchase from the catalog is by using the Pay Master unit. You can not pick up the phone and order.

3. When you are using the Pay Master unit, you insert your credit card to make the purchase. Or you can use your ATM card.

4. The same Pay Master unit will also be used to wager with at the same Shop While You Wait location. Betting Inc. will facilitate the
transaction to the gaming operator.


Thomas S. Hughes
Chairman and CEO

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:55:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (467 )
From: Dan Meckenstock Tuesday, Oct 27 1998 10:23AM ET
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Publicly Located Self-Service Betting Inc. Pay Master Units to Provide Internet Gaming Operators With Substantial Cost Savings Plus Better Credit-Card Security for the Players

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 26, 1998--Betting Inc. (OTC BB:BETT - news) has begun to distribute free Pay Master units at public- waiting-room locations in Redondo Beach, Calif., that will provide Internet gaming operators with a self-service unit that enables present Internet gaming customers to open or to replenish their accounts by nonverbal credit-card cash advances or by ATM-card or smart-card, nonreversible cash payments.

Opening gaming accounts or replenishing them are legal, nonbetting transactions.

Additional cost savings to the Internet gaming operators are offered by the new player -- sitting at a car wash or hair salon or hotel lobby -- simply using the Pay Master alphanumeric key pad to input his/her name, address and other salient information needed by the Internet gaming companies.

By using the publicly located Pay Masters, Internet gaming customers can elect to send ''card present'' credit cards, which is a lower merchant charge rate to the gaming operators and which also offers the player the additional security of not sending his/her home address over the Internet and alerting burglars to where the Internet gaming player lives.

The player will be charged a small fee per transaction for this service that will be electronically paid to Betting Inc.

The Pay Masters are initially being distributed for free at waiting-room locations in Southern California as an electronic device that enables waiting-room customers to self-service shop from printed catalogs.

Gaming material will also be distributed at these same locations for self-service-Internet-gaming sign up or account replenishment.

Betting Inc. is presently offering Globallot Bingo information at its Pay Master locations, and is in discussions with sports book and other gaming operators.

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