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   Microcap & Penny StocksDD Central on ECNC (formerly BETT)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 11:58:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: blkjk7 (245 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Wednesday, Jul 1 1998 7:02AM ET
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Hi All,
The following was also sent by Tom Hughes, so we would have a better understanding of BETT's foundation:
"Betting In is founded on the following premises:
1. That by 2001, everyone who gambles today will have some type of phone line or wireless or computer device that will allow the payment of a bet by ATM card or smart card. This will be same day pay per play.
These PERFECT devices will have migrated into the home as a bill payment method for the banked consumers who will use their ATM card with PIN or as a bill payment method for the non banked consumers who will use stored value added cards to run bill payment and purchases from the homes.
The utility, phone, cable and other industries will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to educate their consumer base to not send checks if banked or to not walk into public locations if non banked.
These devices which are capable of moving instant electronic cash to pay bills will of course also be capable of wagering in real time.
2. That these wagering transactions will be originating from homes, offices, hotel lobbies, cars, in other words from locations that are remote from the gaming operator.
3. That these wagering transactions will be self serviced in that the player will not call and talk directly with the gaming operator but will instead simply set up their own transaction using a financial card such as an ATM card or a smart card to send real time cash to the gaming company.
4. That these wagering transactions are personal and encrypted and will be electronically sent to the gaming operators. The classification of this equipment is PERFECT equipment, that is, Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Electronic Card Transactions.
5. The present global wagering marketplace is an estimated 800 billion dollars per year which includes reported and unreported income. The projected global wagering marketplace in 2001 is 1 trillion dollars.
6. Of this marketplace, we project the PRFECT wagering market at 250 billion dollars. In other words, 25% of the wagering will be PERFECT wagers.
7. Since PERFECT wagers are remote and are effected without speaking to the gaming operator, then the gaming operator needs to know that a wager has been paid for, who has paid, what has been wagered, and the amount placed. The gaming operator then needs to respond back to the player with an acknowledgment of the wager.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 8:44:00 AM
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To: Dan Meckenstock (255 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Sunday, Jul 5 1998 6:17PM ET
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Hey Dan,
Here is a reply to your question on regulatory from Tom Hughes:
"Now that we are close to actually deploying the Shop While You Wait locations, we are focusing on finding bank sponsorship for gaming operators who wish to receive an ATM card with PIN payment.
"This is standard procedure. Mellon is approving Ladbroke but we need a smaller and more aggressive bank to start sponsoring gaming merchants.
"Remember, that as far as the United States is concerned, the transaction is replenishing only...the actual bet is placed by the player over a regular phone with the gaming operator.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 8:47:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (256 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Sunday, Jul 5 1998 9:15PM ET
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To all, This is more information provided by Tom Hughes, CEO of Betting Inc. to keep you informed about the progress of BETT.
"The present plans for Betting Inc.are dependent on the release later this month of the first Pay Master terminals at Shop While You Wait locations.
"By July 17th, we (ET&T) are expecting the color proofs of the 24 page Shop While You Wait catalog. In this catalog, a major baseball team will be featuring some of their sports merchandise. The rest of the catalog will feature upscale products ranging from kitchen to outdoor items. The baseball team is now approving the press release and we hope to release it within the next 10 days. Betting Inc. will be part of the press release.
"By July 27th, the first of 100 free terminals will begin to be deployed into the marketplace and will be located at high traffic locations where people find themselves waiting.
"These locations would be such places as medical offices, hair salons, hotel lobbies, airport lounges, employee lunch rooms, etc. While waiting, they can shop with their credit card or ATM card with PIN from the printed catalog. We, the JV, generate 8% of each purchase, the location generates up to 2% of each purchase and the sales force who placed the free terminal will generate up to 3% of each purchase.
"These terminals can also be used for opening or replenishing gaming accounts- which is legal and is done every day by credit card. Now, the player will pay a flat fee of $6 and use their ATM card with PIN or stored value smart card (which doesn't exist yet). In 8 states, such as Pennsylvania, the terminal could legally be used to pay per play an Off Track bet as home bets are placed every day.
"From a logistics viewpoint, before a gaming operator can be paid by an ATM card with PIN, they must first be sponsored by a member bank within one of the ATM networks. This is no different than the sponsorship required for a grocery store etc.
"On our web site (, we will be putting up a new page directed towards the need of USA based gaming operators to be sponsored in order to receive an ATM card with PIN transaction.
"Once a gaming operator such as Ladbroke, who is presently undergoing sponsorship by Mellon Bank, is approved, then a Shop While You Wait terminal can move cash to the sports operator.
"The transaction is driven by ET&T and gated by Betting Inc.
"The same business strategy can be applied to the United Kingdom, where we are presently in discussions with a potential partner who will play the same role that Unicomp plays in the United States.
"Once we (ET&T) have a stronger funding position from our 504 D, we can then begin to negotiate from a stronger position."
Well gang, What do you think of Betting Inc and ET&T's progress at getting these companies going. It sounds real exciting to me. I am glad the Mr. Hughes is taking the time to keep us informed. Go BETT!! Happy investing. Scoobey

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 8:51:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (263 )
From: Archie Goodwin Tuesday, Jul 7 1998 8:25AM ET
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(BSNS WIRE) Betting Inc. Contracts Newcom Technologies to Develop Wirele
Betting Inc. Contracts Newcom Technologies to Develop Wireless Pocket Pay for
Multibillion-Dollar Global Mobile Wagering Market

Business Editors/Gaming & Telecommunications Writers

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 7, 1998--Betting Inc.
(OTCBB:BETT) announced that it has contracted Newcom Technologies
( to manage the development of the patented Pocket
Pocket Pay is both a pocket-sized terminal and phone, capable of
sending transactions using a wireless ATM card with PIN, a stored-
value smart card or a card-present credit card to the ET&T
( bank host for processing.
The goal is to develop a working model over the next 90 days and
then demonstrate to a potential strategic manufacturer a live
transaction being processed by the ET&T bank host.
The Pocket Pay is expected to make a tremendous impact on global
personal mobile wagering, and will generate instant pay-per-play cash
for gaming operators; substantial instant paid fees for Betting Inc.
and Newcom Technologies per Pocket Pay transaction; and instant
taxation of the player's winnings, as the wagering transactions are an
open track from the player's bank to the state, government or private
gaming company's bank.

CONTACT: Betting Inc.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 8:54:00 AM
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To: Dan Meckenstock (266 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Tuesday, Jul 7 1998 7:26PM ET
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Hey Dan; The following is a response to you from Tom Hughes;
"1. We agree. Betting Inc. will be purchasing Pay Masters from SWYW at cost plus 10% markup. We will then give away the terminals to Sports Lounges.
2. There is no reason to limit the betting aspect to sports lounges. A patient at a doctors office can just as easily replenish her sports account as a second transaction after first purchasing from the Shop While You Wait catalog. A business person spending time waiting for a meeting to start in hotel lobbies, will use the Pay Master to shop from and 5 minutes later use it again to replenish his sports account. He then has to find a phone to place the bet.
3. On these transactions, the Pay Master is driven by the bank host processor called ET&T. All Pay Master transactions of any type will first call the ET&T bank host. This is a standard procedure done millions of times a day with credit card and ATM card authorization.
4. ET&T, once we have received the card authorization back from the bank, now needs to let the gaming operator, in the case of an account replenishment transaction, be alerted that actual non reversible cash has been sent to his account. Instead of calling to the operator, we call to an interface service called Betting Inc. ET&T pays Betting Inc. a fee to command the gaming operators computer to respond back to Betting Inc. with an acknowledgment of payment received. Betting Inc. then alerts ET&T which has been standing by with bank authorization of the card. The acknowledgment and authorization are then shipped back to the hotel lobby or sports bar Pay Master, which then prints a receipt.
As the PERFECT industry expands, other bank hosts centers who are competitive to ET&T will choose the service of Betting Inc. as s cheaper and more efficient route then to call the gaming operator directly. It is far more efficient to have one main line connected to an interface service such as a Betting Inc. which then has many lines connected to the world of the gaming operators.
5. ET&T's stock if free trading. The exit strategy is there from day one.
6. Have Dan speak to any utility company about the possibility of being paid from the home by an ATM card with PIN or stored value smart card. They will crawl through the phone line to learn more. As the Pay Master is flooding into the market as a Shop While You Wait terminal, the phone and utility companies will quickly understand that the same unit can also pay a phone bill from a dentist office or a hotel lobby. Then, the major marketing campaigns will begin and ET&T and Betting Inc. will be there to catch the transactions flooding from the homes.
By giving away the terminals as a Shop While You Wait device, we drop the price of manufacture to below $100; expose the general public and the utility companies to these devices; and we make money in the process.
The PERFECT devices such as the SLICK, Pocket Pay or Pay Master will migrate into the homes as a bill payment device being pushed by the local phone company, but once into the home...wagering will begin. Yes...but it will can't be stopped...and the winnings will be taxed automatically by the State and Federal powers"
I have a couple of questions for Tom Hughes:
1. It sounds like the gaming transaction is normally the second transaction. Is a SWYW transaction required before a gaming transaction can occur?
2. Is the "terminal and the Pay Master the same device?
3. Can a transaction be made from a regular phone connected to a phone line?
If anyone on this thread has any question regarding Betting Inc. or the 504 D funding, this is your opportunity. Ask away. Go BETT. Scoobey

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 8:58:00 AM
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To: Dan Meckenstock (269 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Wednesday, Jul 8 1998 12:44PM ET
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Dan, this is a response to you from Tom Hughes as follows:
"1. The Patented Pocket Pay (5,754,655) will be both an ATM card with PIN DES encrypted, stores value card and credit card phone and modem.
The consumer loads the cards with a reader, detaches the reader, and slips the Pocket Pay into their pocket.
We would love to have Motorola make the Pocket Pay and take a cut per transaction. Anyone who can get up to a decision maker at any company and not mid level management non decision makers...we can offer you a very attractive deal.
Keep in mind the basic premise: We are in the processing business...not the equipment business. Other than to jump start the PERFECT industry.
2. ET&T is privately held. No trading symbol. But the 504 D is not restricted according to our attorney. Betting Inc. 144 stock is restricted from sale for one year. ET&T will purchase Betting Inc. 144 stock from anyone on the thread who wants to sell at 20% over the days BID on October 1, 1998 and December 1, 1998.
The ET&T 504 D is for $1,000,000. It has not been shopped and we just had Alexander Securities, a respected brokerage house in LA, agree to represent it. Call me at (310) 377-2803 for details. 2,000,000 shares at $0.50 per share."

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:02:00 AM
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To: Dan Meckenstock (275 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Thursday, Jul 9 1998 6:27PM ET
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Hey Dan and all BETT investors,
Tom Hughes says that this thread is keeping him on his toes. You and the other member have come up with very good questions. The following is in response to your questions, Dan:
"1. Exactly, The goal is to remain transparent to the consumer who does not need to know about either the bank host ET&T driving the transaction or Betting Inc. which is connecting to the gaming operators.
2. Existing cell phones can not send ATM card with PIN transactions. Only GSM 2+ phones can send smart card authenticated transactions. No phones are designed with the simple solution of keeping the cards in memory and only entering PINs as a volatile memory input.
3. We concur with your assessment and are looking for a gamer that is interested in partnering with us at the Gate level and will receive a cut on every transaction being sent to competitive companies.
4. In the United States, we are collecting $6 for account replenishment or opening...the actual bet is placed by the player with their service. The fee of $6 compares favorably with the present fee to the player of $10 plus 3% to 5% of the funds being sent by credit cards to either open or replenish accounts.
5. Find me the odds maker, and we'll make him a partner. You can also participate as a finder on a continual residual basis.
6. Taxes refers to the following example: You check into the Hilton in Miami and in your room find a PERFECT device. You use it to pay the phone bill back in Michigan with your ATM card, purchase an item off television, and then decide to play the Florida Lottery with a $10 bet using your ATM card. You win the equivalent of a scratch off for $250. The Florida Lottery bank send the winnings to your bank less Florida and Federal taxes. Your receipt prints in the hotel room for your tax records.
7. Any gamer can be a PERFECT wagering merchant. We are speaking with two interested parties at the CEO level. One is a $100 million dollar company and the other is $300 million."
Dan, Thanks for asking very detailed questions. The more informed information we can get out on the thread, the more confident and knowledgeable the BETT investors will be.
I have a question regarding the taxes withheld on winnings. I know that in Nevada winnings are not reported to the government unless the winnings are over $1,500. Will there be a cut off under which taxes will not be withheld?
Tom, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer all the question that have been raised on this thread. We do appreciate the honest answers. Long and Strong on BETT. Scoobey

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:07:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (293 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Wednesday, Jul 15 1998 6:14AM ET
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To All Betting Inc. Shareholders:
The following is the contents of the Press Release issued by Shop While You Wait and ET&T:

Monday July 13, 3:32 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

Los Angeles Dodgers Contract With
Shop-While-You-Wait -- SWYW -- To Sell Dodgers
Merchandise Through SWYW

ATLANTA/LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 1998--Shop-While-
You-Wait announced that the Los Angeles Dodgers will begin marketing selected Dodgers merchandise through Shop-While-You-Wait (SWYW) catalogs, which will be distributed by SWYW in the greater Los Angeles market area.

SWYW will begin placing electronic terminals in August in locations
where people find themselves waiting with time on their hands, such as car washes, airport lounges, hair salons, employee lunch rooms, hotel lobbies, etc. While waiting, consumers can use the SWYW terminals to purchase items from the SWYW catalog, using their credit cards.

''Shop-While-You-Wait makes a wide variety of exciting Dodgers
merchandise more readily available to our fans,'' said Mike Nygren, director of Dodgers Merchandise.

SWYW plans to quickly cover the Los Angeles area with terminals placed in high-traffic locations. Terminals will be placed at no charge in qualifying locations.

''We are thrilled to have a quality organization like the L.A. Dodgers as one of our first clients,'' stated Harry Hargens, president of SWYW. ''Today's consumer is under more and more pressure and has less and less time to take care of basic needs such as shopping.

''SWYW lets the consumer accomplish something productive in time that would otherwise be lost.

For that reason, we think SWYW will be very well received. We look
forward to saving time for consumers and helping merchandisers to
significantly increase sales and reduce costs.''

Plans call for the SWYW service to quickly expand across the entire
United States, and discussions are already underway with other

SWYW is a joint venture of Unicomp (Nasdaq:UCMP - news) and Electronic Transactions and Technologies.


Harry Hargens, 770/471-4944
Los Angeles Dodgers
Mike Nygren, 213/225-1690
Tom Hughes, 310/377-2803

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:10:00 AM
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To: SCOOBEY-DO (297 )
From: Val Ryjouk Thursday, Jul 23 1998 3:28PM ET
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News !!!
Thursday July 23, 1:08 pm Eastern Time
Company Press Release
Betting Inc. Bets That 7 Out of 10 Internet Gaming Users Will Bypass the Internet With Hardware SLICK Solution for Sending Cash ATM Card/Smart Card Wagers to Gaming Operators
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 23, 1998--Betting Inc. (OTC BB:BETT) has partnered with Novtech, a Florida electronics firm, to develop the first SLICK working model.

The secured-line Internet computer keyboard (SLICK) will bypass the Internet completely. Looking like a regular keyboard, the SLICK will feature a card-reader insert for ATM cards, credit cards and stored-value smart cards; a modem; and a printer.

The SLICK will use the consumer's home phone to send a data transaction toll free to the ET&T bank host for bank-card authorization. The Internet merchant will be contacted over a private network to respond back with acknowledgment of SLICK payment. No information crosses the Internet.

Bypassing the Internet with bank and personal data, the SLICK solution will deliver DES encrypted ATM card PINs or card read credit card or smart card transactions to the ET&T host for authorization. The SLICK will print a receipt that could also be the Lottery receipt, theater ticket or plane ticket.

''In light of how the U.S.A. Data Code was just broken by a $200,000 machine in 56 hours, it is obvious that the Internet will always be at risk. We believe that the everyday nontechnical Internet user will choose the simple SLICK solution to bypass the Internet with both their bank data and personal data,'' stated Tom Hughes, chairman and chief executive officer of Betting Inc. and ET&T.

''A SLICK transaction will enable the consumer to send same-as- cash transactions to Internet gaming operators, or to pay a utility bill, or to send an electronically read credit card to pay an Internet merchant, which is a cost savings to the merchant plus offering convenience and safety for the buyer.''

Working with its partner Novtech, Betting Inc. is targeting September to demonstrate SLICK transactions processed by ET&T ( to a potential strategic partner.

Betting Inc. is targeting November to begin selling the SLICK to Internet consumers.

Carnegie, Cooke & Company

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/27/1999 9:15:00 AM
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To: Popiye (302 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Sunday, Jul 26 1998 7:08PM ET
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Hi Popiye and Betting Shareholders,
I received this information from Tom Hughes, the CEO of Betting Inc. and ET&T. He asked that I post it on the thread for your information.

"Introducing the PERFECT industry into Countries

Phase 1.

Shop While You Wait begins free distribution of Pay Master devices at public locations. Partners generate 8% of each catalog purchase.
Public exposed to PERFECT transactions. Utility, Phone and other companies take note.

Phase II

Within 3 months of introduction, the first bill pay pilot begins which is promoted by utility or phone companies.

A. Payment of bills by ATM card and PIN using the same Pay Master terminal
B. Payment of bills by stored value smart card using the same Pay Master terminal

The finance industry begins to promote stored value universal cards for non banked to use. Huge Float.

Phase III

Within 8 months of first launch of Shop While You Wait, Pay Master has migrated into homes promoted by utility, insurance, phone and mortgage industry. Pay Master by this time is under $60 in cost to manufacture.

SLICK and Pocket Pay are entering from Internet and Wireless Business market respectively.

Phase IV:

Government blessed regulated wagering. Why? Instant taxation of players winnings.

Human nature can not be legislated but it can be regulated. That is
exactly what will happen with PERFECT wagering.

News: The Consulate General of Uganda contacted me and wants to
introduce PERFECT in Uganda. They will manufacture their own equipment and will begin with the entry level application of Shop While You Wait. Followed by Pay Per Play wagering.

Betting Inc. will gate the wagering transactions from the Uganda
ET&T host to the gaming operators. The government will tax the players winnings.

This will begin to open up PERFECT Africa.

SBI will be our Global PERFECT Bingo Partner.

Conclusion: PERFECT will be promoted by hundreds of millions of dollars willingly spent by utility, phone, insurance, mortgage, and other industries. PERFECT devices will globally migrate into homes as bill payment devices but will soon be used for regulated wagering with instant taxation of the winnings.

Take care,


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