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   Microcap & Penny StocksDD Central on ECNC (formerly BETT)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()8/16/1999 6:54:00 PM
From: Jorjenzak
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VERY releived and excited to be back on track!!!


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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()8/16/1999 6:55:00 PM
From: Jorjenzak
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To all: From Tom via Manny

I just got my daily Tom informational phone call. Thank God for cell phones. Here are some questions and answers:

Q - What is the status of eSportsbet?
A - Mr. Wexler is in Costa Rica and should call Tom tonight or tomorrow. Target date is Aug 15.

Q- When can Tom's live Broadcast be seen?
A- The studio has scheduled Tom for somewhere in the vicinity of Aug 19 to 21. 200 plus stations will carry the live Broadcast. There will be brokers and traders in attendance at the live demonstration. This show will also be available on the Internet

Q - Will there be a press release re: our big news?
A - Tom is working tonight with several people on a press release for Aug 12 or 13 which will address news that will solidify the future progress of eConnect.

Q - When will the E be gone?
A - With luck tomorrow, more likely Thursday. NASD is not known for its speed. But it will be gone!!!

Thank you, Tom,

Manny - I R Wall Street

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()8/16/1999 7:04:00 PM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: BIG WAX (1290 )
From: M Vavolizza Saturday, Aug 14 1999 6:54PM ET
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Hey Wax,

Mr. Gray is the Director of the Sydney Management Fund, a very prestigious financial institution down under. He will be linking us in to This company is a $20 NASDAQ traded stock that has gas and oil holdings. Mr. Gray will also link us to eSafe which with E T & T will merge, and eSafe will go public in Australia - attempting to raise 10 million dollars for the newly formed ETTA. Mr. Gray is known throughout the Pacific Rim, and he will entree us into England and Hong Kong. (I'm tempted to make a King Kong pun here; I guess I just did).
My point is - when Tom re-releases a clearer Press Release Monday, I think we will all realize that Mr. Gray is no chump, no chimp. If touting him as a gorilla was hyperbolic on Tom's part, then I believe it won't happen again. Tom does listen to his "constituents." But, Wax, think of it this way. We will raise 10 mil, we will go global. Maybe, it "ain't" a gorilla by the definition of some. But, others feel this could be the beginning of th end of eConnect's financial scraping for venture capital. I personally say, let's not look a gift gorilla in the mouth. No matter how we categorize its species, it remains financially potent IMHO.

manny vavolizza I R ECNC

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()8/16/1999 7:05:00 PM
From: Jorjenzak
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From: Fatt Matt Saturday, Aug 14 1999 9:02PM ET
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I have a lot to say about what this does, but I know you are focusing on why they need $10 million. I see this as management going for the gusto and I like it! They were screwed and blind-sided on the Canadian deal for money..

With this deal, they are going for the big time. With JVC they have proven they will be accepted and the product works and people will use it. Proven is the key word here..Acceptance.

With the $10 million PP they will go GLOBAL, the ECNC dream. Read the part of that PR that CIMA didn't post - ETTA to Implement Same-as-Cash(TM) Internet Service in 100,000 Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and United Kingdom Homes in Time for the 2000 Summer Olympics.
--Don't you think it might take a "little" money to implement something like this. This is only the beginning of it all...It's going to be HUGE -
eConnect Projects Substantial Revenues in 2000 From JVC Secure eMail Service. This will probably gross them around $20 million...(my estimate based on filings)

Plus, in regards to the PP, I think that the Sydney Fund will be handling this and probably take a huge position in it. (I could be wrong. There will probably be a re-release/re-write to clear this up)

Now, what did you see that you didn't like?


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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()8/16/1999 7:06:00 PM
From: Jorjenzak
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From: M Vavolizza Sunday, Aug 15 1999 1:54PM ET
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To all: Here are the answers to 6 questions I relayed to Tom from the Thread. Tom E-mailed these to me yesterday, I was going to wait till tomorrow morning to post - but my AOL has been acting up; so here goes:

1. "I (Tom) will be reworking the press release. I have been very busy with the eSafe signings. The first Press release on ETTA was the presentation of the 'heavy' details. Now I will put out a streamlined version on Monday."
2. Re Hallsboy's question: "eSafe will be raising $10 mil in an IPO.
eConnect will be raising $10 mil by selling REGISTERED SB2 eConnect stock to investors through a private placement. The price will be$1 per share plus $1 warrant that can be exercised with no strike dates until Dec 31, 2000."
3. JVC projects 2,000,000 On Line Benefits customers. Of that, a LARGE portion is expected to pay $5.99 for the secure E-mail service. "We have been told that 100,000 customers have already signed up. We receive about 50% of the $5.99 as our Royalty."
4. Tom reiterates that PICOHOLDINGS is a $20 NASDAQ traded stock that has gas and oil holdings in Australia that Sydney Fund Managers controls. "lian is a good friend with the chairman and will be seeing him on Aug 17."
5. "The 10Q was filed on Friday. I will verify with you (Manny)."
6. "Mr. Gianbruno did not have a large block of stock.
Consultants with S-8 stock hold no more than 200,000 shares max. Shareholders with larger blocks are (closely monitored by me)."

From Tom via Manny I R Wall Street ECNC

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()8/16/1999 7:07:00 PM
From: Jorjenzak
   of 266
Oooops...I was wrong. ETTA is the name of the strategic alliance of ECNC and eSafe...not a public company. eSafe IPO expected soon...not sure what that means. Per Tom.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()8/16/1999 7:09:00 PM
From: Jorjenzak
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From: M Vavolizza Monday, Aug 16 1999 11:38AM ET
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To all:

Tom, in an effort to supply accurate information, has created today a double pronged attack. The P Rs will be the streamlined version from now on. However, concurrently Mr. Huhes will send Scoobey and myself an explicated version with greater detail for the THREADS. Scoobey will get this out to you. The Information Highway is looking clean and green>

Manny Vavolizza I R Wall Street

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote (230)8/16/1999 10:35:00 PM
From: Matt Brown
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A better version of that, with spell check and all is freely avaialbe at -

under Reports...

FM (I know my spelling is rough..that is why I run spell check on the web versions :-)

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To: Matt Brown who wrote (251)8/17/1999 3:54:00 PM
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The following is Tom's long version of the PR:

Los Angeles, Sydney, Australia: eConnect, OTC:BB:ECNC, and E-SAFE, have targeted 100,000 homes to implement consumer Same-as-Cash Internet and non Internet commerce.

An average revenue of $100 per month per home is projected. This is an aggregate amount of different fees being paid by merchants to receive Same-as-CashTM services for receipt of bill payments, and impulse purchases. These fees are electronically received by eConnect and E-SAFE. No accounts receivables. Substantial fees will be generated from gaming companies who are receiving Same-as-Cash payments.

E-SAFE and eConnect are targeting a preliminary implemented Same-as-Cash system in the first 3 countries of Australia, Hong Kong and United Kingdom by a November to December 99 time frame. Immediate services of Same-as-Cash catalog, bill payment and wagering will begin. and will also begin testing Same-as-Cash receipts for the 2000 Summer Olympics to be held in Australia.

E-SAFE has been launched by Sydney Fund Managers Group by Managing Director Iain Gray. Sydney Fund Managers was established in 1986 and is a public but unlisted specialist investment company whose name is well recognized and respected by the global investment community.

eConnect and E-SAFE have formed the alliance of ETTA (Electronic Transactions Technologies Australasia) to aggressively pursue both Internet and non Internet eCommerce opportunities. E-SAFE and eConnect will be deploying an existing $75 device into target homes that will enable the Internet consumers to use their ATM card and their bank assigned PIN to effect a Same-as-Cash sports wager or impulse purchase. The transaction will be driven by proprietary bank host centers owned and managed by the alliance of eConnect and E-SAFE.

Non Internet consumers will be offered the eBoxTM, a working eConnect proprietary stand alone terminal that simply attaches to a phone and will also send Same-as-Cash transactions. eConnect and E-SAFE will also be fast track developing the PocketPay, which is a mobile wireless pocket sized terminal that can effect wireless Same-as-Cash transactions but can also be used as a voice phone.

The E-SAFE and eConnect proprietary bank host centers will drive the PocketPay transactions and are presently driving EzyShop transactions. Internet consumers will also be offered a special keyboard that will allow them to use a second phone line and bypass the Internet entirely with their bank card data.

Same-as-Cash sports wagers will be initially received by while E-SAFE is applying for an Australian Internet sports betting license with the web site

Deployment of the inexpensive home Same-as-Cash equipment will be accomplished by alliances with utility and phone companies who wish Same-as-cash payments by both Internet and non Internet paths. E-SAFE has contacts with decision makers at utility and phone companies, gaming and catalog companies and is confident of establishing strategic alliances to pursue global Same-as-Cash eCommerce.

E-SAFE is seeking to raise $10,000,000 in a public offering and eConnect is seeking to raise $10,000,000 in a public offering.

eConnect has generated unaudited revenues and earnings and consists of two Divisions: eGaming, which is focused on the development of both Internet and non Internet gaming transactions through the implementation of Same-asCash TM payments by either ATM card and PIN for banked consumers and by the EzyCard TM for non banked consumers. Both types of transactions are enabled by proprietary eConnect equipment and Host processor. eGate, the second Division, is focused on the development of secure Same-as-Cash Internet transactions; EzyShop, the usage of the eConnect equipment to generate self serviced purchases from consumers sitting in waiting rooms and shopping from national catalogs; and EzyCard, a value added card to be used by non banked consumers using the publicly located eConnect equipment to effect self service bill payment, catalog purchases, and legally permitted self service lottery transactions.

eConnect and E-SAFE's, and, are the first recipients of Same-as-Cash wagers. Concurrently, E-SAFE and eConnect will offer such Same-as-Cash services to competitive gaming sites, and to non gaming Internet merchants.

This press release contains forward looking statements subject to the safe harbor act created by the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Management cautions that these statements may include projections and estimates of future performance and involve certain risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of factors such as changes in the marketplace, unanticipated competitive activity, a downturn in economic conditions, or delays in product development.

Contacts: E-SAFE: Bruce McWilliam, 011-61-2-9267-7555
eConnect: Carnegie Cooke, Anita Goldberg, 800-262-2331
ET&T: Prima Capital, Elias, 800-600-8599 web sites:

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Buy)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote (250)8/17/1999 3:58:00 PM
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To: Jorjenzak (1360 )
From: SCOOBEY-DO Monday, Aug 16 1999 11:46AM ET
Reply # of 1446

Hi Everyone,

Here is a message from Tom:

We either filed the 10Q on Friday or will be filing it today. I will not be able to speak with our attorneys until 10:AM my time.

The 10Q only reflects the acquisition of Rogel Technology as we were told by our SEC accountants that we could not include eSportsbet until the third quarter as they were a subsequent event to June 30.

For eSportsbet, the SB2 stock was not effective until July 12 and therefore we could not officially close in the second quarter on eSportsbet.

Rogel Technologies has been spearheading the development of Internet Same-as-Cash by ATM card and bank assigned PIN.

The royalites from the JVC Secure eMail will not begin until first quarter 2000. We have been delayed on closing the acquisition due to 777WINS first addressing an internal challenge which has now been met.

We expect to formally close the acquisition this week and 777WINS revenues and earnings will be reported in the third quarter.

EzyShop: On August 13, we received the go ahead from Tropix catalog...looks like a Sharper Image catalog to begin deployment to EzyShopper locations.

We can now start distribution to our SouthBay EzyShopper locations.

The SkyMall contract is still in legal and will be okay'd in about 10 days, and the Voyageur catalog(on American Airlines) was loaded in our Host as per their instructions but they still did not give us our signed contract back.

We should be seeing it this week. Tropix has signed our contract so we are starting with them first.



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