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   Microcap & Penny StocksDD Central on ECNC (formerly BETT)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 10:20:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: Popiye (43 )
From: Popiye Monday, Apr 27 1998 5:23PM ET
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Spoke with Anita (1-800-262-2331) IR for BETT located in Las Vegas. The following are some points we discussed:

1. BETT is a Missouri Charted Corporation, but their office is in California. They will be sending out proxies to shareholders to change their charter to Nevada due to better tax incentives within the next few months. The news releases are sent from Las Vegas because the PR and IR is in Las Vegas.

2. 1 May 98 they expect all legal forms, ATM bank and financial authorizations to be completed and ready to roll into testing.

3. First week of May they expect to start testing. I only asked them if testing was in the USA.. answer was yes. Testing should be completed also within the month of May. Upon completion they expect the companies that were being tested to sign-on with immediate revenues. Then, to close the other companies in the wings.

3. a) ET & T owns 60% of BETT and they are providing technology to
b) Smokey Mountains Technology is a subsidiary of UNICOMP (UCMP)
and they are providing technology to BETT. I do not know how
much UCMP is involved, but I like it a lot.
c) BETT is also marketing catalogue sales from merchandisers;
also, wagering in 6 states the now are legal via ATM. IMHO
expect this to increase - gambling is in for state tax base.

(Wagering: how about everything, like horses, football, lottery,
casinio games, etc...IMHO / a little hype here)

4. BETT wants to become a fully reporting company as soon as possible
because they know NASDAQ requirements. Sounded to me like that will
a very high priority after testing.

5. IMHO the next 40 days will be very exciting for the company. They
will transform from a shell(?) to a company with clients and
revenues. I expect positive testing results before the end of
MAY, and a client base with revenue.
Please call Anita, ask your questions, and post them. Best

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 10:21:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: Fli-by (47 )
From: Popiye Thursday, Apr 30 1998 6:03PM ET
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Received the Business Plan from BETT today. I'll type the first page, "only" 27 pages with graphs. I will omit the graphs etc as I work along.

Betting Inc is founded on the following premises:

1. That by 2001, everyone who gambles today will have some type of phone line or wireless or computer device that will allow payment of bet by ATM card or smart card. This will be same day pay per day.

2. The these wagering transactions will be originating from homes, offices, hotel lobbies (hotel rooms IMHO), cars, in other words from locations that are "remote" from the gaming (gaming they mentioned reading through the business plan: track, sporting events, lottery) operator.

3. That these wagering transactions will be self serviced (no opertors except you and I) in that the player will not call or talk directly with the gaming operator but will instead simply set up their own transaction using a financial card such as an ATM card or a smart card to send "real-time" cash to the gaming industry. (BETT is the interface)

4. That these wagering transactions are "personal" and "encrypted" and will be electronically sent to the gaming operators (business plan is global with BETT interfacing).

The classification of this equipment is PERFECT equipment, that is, Personal Encryption Remote Financial Electronic Card Transactions.

5. The present global wagering marketplace is 800 Billion dollars per year. The project global wagering marketplace in 2001 is 1 Trillion dollars.

6. Of this marketplace, we project the PERFECT wagering market at 250 billion dollars. In other words, 25% of the wagering will be PERFECT wagers.

7.Since PERFECT wagers are remote (home, office, hotel, car..) and are effected without speaking to a gaming operator, then the gaming operator needs to know that a wager has been paid for, who has paid, what has been wagered, and the amount paid (BETT interface)

The gaming operator then needs to respond back to the player with an acknowledgement of the wager. (that is the end of page one folks)

Note: (((my words)) also, I'm only an investor here folks. No attachment to the company.

Page two refers to there needs to be an INTERFACE or service that acts as the connecting point between the bank host processing centers (BANK Hosts + ET & T Host+ EDS Hosts + XYZ Hosts) that processed the ATM card or smart card wager and the (all) GAMING OPERATORS and (all) customers who need to acknowledge payments.

BETT will be the interface to banks, gaming operators and individuals whom wager. They plan to be international interface.
IMHO like it.

BETTING HAS NO COMPETITION!!!! I have a call into the CEO making sure this is correct. Anita to get back to me very soon. I will call her friday and get status.

My hands are tired. Let me know by private email if you want me to continue.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 10:23:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: LPasko (0 )
From: Popiye Friday, May 1 1998 12:39PM ET
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Page two of Business Plan:

In a "Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Electronic Card Transaction" (PERFECT) wagering transaction, there needs to be an interface or service that acts as the connecting point between the bank(s) host processing centers that have processed the ATM card or smart card PERFECT wager and the gambling operators who need to acknowledge payment.

Betting Inc. is focused on being the Gate or Interface for the PERFECT wagering industry, and will charge a fee per PERFECT wagering transaction.

Betting Inc will receive the incoming command from the bank(s) host(s) processing center such as ET & T (EDS Hosts, XZY Hosts), who is the majority shareholder of Betting Inc, or from other banking host centers, that a PERFECT wagering transaction has occurred and who the gaming operator is that Betting Inc needs to contact for acknowledgement of the transaction.

The banking host(s) such as ET & T will stand by and wait to receive back the gaming operator acknowledgement of the PERFECT wager, which is received by Betting Inc who then passes on that data information to the bank host who will then ship (send electronically) the completed packet of information, bank authorization and gaming operator acknowledgement back to the waiting PEFECT device which will print a receipt (hard copy) for the player. See Appendix A. to understand teh complete PERFECT transaction.

It is important to note, that the PERFECT device being used for wagering, will have a migrated into the home or office (hotel room, etc..) as a convenient and safe way of using CREDIT CARD as a card read transaction, which is the lowest charge rate to the merchant and which gives the consumer the added safety of not giving out the credit card information to a $ 6.00 per hour operator.

This is the First vital point to focus on throughout the extent of the business plan.

The fact that the average person will be exposed to a PERFECT device from the local utility company to the catalog company to purchasing PERFECT equipment through multilevel. PERFECT devices will be used for many of which is PERFECT wagering.

If you accept the forgoing discussions as being reality by 2001, then continue to read this business plan to learn more about the multimillion dollar PERFECT wagering market place, the PERFECT equipment that is now being introduced into the marketplace, and the supporting bank host system that will authorize PERFECT wagering transactions.

Well folks, my fingers are getting tired again. Later in the Business Plan discusses the funds they will receive for the transactions. IMHO it is good - but some of you financial wizards can break it down for us when I get to it. By the way, the March 98 Business Plan does say this also: There are presently 10 Million shares authorized.
9,600,000 have been issued. Of this issuance, 4,500,000 shares are free trading.

Will contact Anita this afternoon to find out if all the banks have provided their authorizations for money transfers. Best wishes:)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 10:24:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: Popiye (54 )
From: Popiye Monday, May 4 1998 5:54PM ET
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Pages three - Eight of the Business Plan:

The Business Plan discusses PERFECT Sports Wagering, PERFECT Wagering, PERFECT Lottery, PERFECT Slot Play, Country to Country to Country PERFECT wagering and tournaments. Paying for items at home including utilities - Note: this is also a big player IMHO.

Their is a good explanation to how the system(s) function.

Competition to Betting Inc.

At present, Betting Inc. has no competition per MAR98 Business Plan.

1. No PERFECT transactions are occuring today.
2. There is no competitive PERFECT equipment today.
3. The only existing PERFECT host processor is ET & T.

PERFECT Equipment Exclusively Licensed by Betting Inc.

Betting Inc. has exclusively licensed for the global application of PERFECT wagers the following propriety equipment from ET & T.

1. The PAYMASTER. To be used with a land line phone. In production.

(The Business Plan also mentions four other electronic machines that are in development.)

The Business Plan discusses Betting Inc management structure.

The Business Plan discusses Management.

The Business Plan also discusses 6 month potential with companie(s) that will be involved with testing, there is also 2 other testing concurrently which I read within a few weeks. Also, a national company with over 250k customers. Appears a real sprint once they start testing.

Also the Business Plan provides two transaction examples.


What I see is a company that is marketing long term consumer home usage to also pay utility bills, (i.e., water, sewer, electrical, etc..) via their PERFECT system by ATM/Debit/Smart Card). Believe the company envisions consumers will want to pay for bills at home via EDI-EDS.

And yes wagering is also part of the business plan. But I do not know which one is really more important at this junction.

With my computer system's analysis background the concept:

We have a very small electronic machine at home by the telephone that allows me to buy items and pay for bills (utility, wagering, catalog) via communications links to the bank for verification, then to vendor for payment and I get a printed receipt (hard copy) at home.

Possible to envision american culture heading in the direction of easy and convient home purchases.

Did not have time to talk IR - Anita (1-800-262-2331) today regards when testing is to be started - if they have received all the authorizations. Will call tomorrow.

As mentioned before, I do not work for the company. I am an investor trying to dig deeper into the company. And yes I am a shareholder.

Best wishes:)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 10:26:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: Sriram Bala (65 )
From: Popiye Thursday, May 7 1998 11:46AM ET
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Siram, Two websites:

Called Anita, company says very close to testing. She told me to call her Thursday:)

Any questions call Anita @ 1-800-262-2331

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 11:11:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: Fli-by (68 )
From: Popiye Thursday, May 7 1998 1:03PM ET
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Hi.. yes I did.. she was on her way out the door and told me
an answer to a question that I had: Betting Inc does not have
competition. She additionally requested I call her tomorrow:)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 11:18:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: ComVest Research (88 )
From: Popiye Thursday, May 21 1998 5:41PM ET
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Mr Thomas S. Hughs is the Founder of ET & T and of Betting Inc.
I do not have a breakdown of Mr. Hugh's business background.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 11:20:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: Popiye (105 )
From: Micropicker Tuesday, Jun 2 1998 1:09PM ET
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BETT does have competition (sorta, kinda).

BETT does have some competition, including WINR, GLOW, etc.. What makes BETT attractive to me is the placement of the Shop While You Wait terminals, which lowers BETT's overhead. BETT's system can also be used for other secure cash transactions--the business plan is quite impressive. One of the reasons BETT can say they have no competition is that the way they handle the transactions is unique. I feel it is a better way than the competition and will ultimately prevail over that competition. I can't wait until the "positive" news hits.

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 11:30:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: ComVest Research (164 )
From: Prosperous Soul Saturday, Jun 13 1998 10:10PM ET
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DOJ: Gaming bill too broad

By Dan Goodin
Staff Writer, CNET NEWS.COM
June 12, 1998, 5:45 p.m. PT

A bill pending in the Senate that would prohibit Net
gambling is inconsistent, overly broad, and subject
to constitutional and other legal challenges, an
attorney for the Justice Department said.

The comments, made in a letter sent at the request
of Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), are the latest
criticism of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act,
sponsored by Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Arizona). Kyl has
said bill is needed so that existing gambling
laws--which prohibit the transmission of interstate
bets via wire communications--can keep pace with
the growing use of the Internet.

But critics have charged that the bill goes well
beyond that, carving out prohibitions that would be
singular to Internet gamblers. The Justice
Department's letter, authored by assistant attorney
general L. Anthony Sutin, agreed.

"If this legislation were to be enacted, the federal
criminal law would significantly differ in the way it
treats two individuals who place identical wagers
with the same recipient, depending on what method
of transmission the bettors use," Sutin stated.
"Legislation should, absent some articulable reason,
treat physical activity and cyberactivity in the same

Specifically, Sutin wrote, Kyl's bill would apply to
any person using the Internet or other interactive
devices to take or place wagers. Existing laws
apply only to people "in the business of betting or
wagering." As a result, people who engaged in
so-called fantasy football or office pools might be
guilty of federal offenses under the new law,
according to Sutin.

The assistant attorney general went on to criticize
other provisions in the bill that he said would create
problems, including one calling on the president to
encourage foreign countries to police their
jurisdictions for violations of the law.

"If we request that foreign countries investigate, on
our behalf, conduct that is legal in the foreign state,
we must be prepared to receive and act upon
foreign requests for assistance when the conduct
complained of is legal, or even constitutionally
protected, in the United States," Sutin explained.

He also challenged as potentially unconstitutional
some "vague" language in the bill that could be
"construed to apply to persons who do not have
the intent to participate in or assist illegal gambling

Critics of Internet gambling prohibition immediately
hailed Sutin's letter as vindication for their position.

"It's a very detailed analysis that not only points out
all the flaws in the specific legislation but bolsters
our argument, which is to come up with a
regulatory scheme," said Sue Schneider, editor of
Rolling Good Times Online, an online gambling
magazine. She pointed to legislation Australia
recently enacted that places strict regulatory
oversight on Internet gambling, rather than banning
it outright.

Kyl's office issued a statement that promised to
"examine" Sutin's comments "to see if they are
constructive." The bill already has been modified to
allow online horse betting and state lotteries. The
statement did not say whether the senator was
open to further changes.

"The Justice Department appears to agree with the
goal of and need for the legislation," the statement
noted. "In addition, the department admits that 'the
Internet may have diminished' the effectiveness of
current gambling statutes and that it supports
'amending the federal gambling statutes.'"

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()5/26/1999 11:34:00 AM
From: Jorjenzak
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To: ComVest Research (164 )
From: Popiye Saturday, Jun 13 1998 10:11PM ET
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Having been in the computer industry and information industry for more years (24) then 98% of the on-line public today and having the opportunity to academically study and teach the subjects of new technology; there are those that were also against the teletype, telephone, radio, television, and the computer, etc..

Today, with everything, their is a computer chip running it. More importantly - probably - politicians are trying to tax interstate commerce via communication media. We beat them with the internet due to explosive of growth.


Encryption is safe and security is pissing off the NSA, CIA, FBI and foreign foes. Because, we consumers have encryption software (128 bit) that would take A Cray computer 15 years to decipher a love note. Big brother wants to meddle in our affairs.

There is the moral issue. Gambling. Well - from the start, the first American revolutionary Army we had against the British was money gathered by a lottery by the colonists. Gee, they like to change the history books about the truth. So - for me, the moral issue is who wants to throw the first rock.

Then we have the ones that do not like the computer and information systems industry because it will take away the jobs. Blah - Blah - Not true. To them, go back to school and learn. Education is a life long process or park cars for a living.

The best... BETT business plan is NOTvia the WWW Internet format or protocols that we are using with Microsoft Windows Software. - They plan to use different hardware on the same circuits which is the same we use for Banking ATMs circuits..

So, think back when we go the the local grocery store and purchase a lottery ticket. How does our tickets get to Loto headquarters? .......... via computer communications circuits. Now it's okay for the government to do it - but not the private sector? Hope the picture is clearer.

I would like to play my lottery on Saturday night from home. I also would like to bet a fight, football game, baseball game, a lottery in a different state, horses, dogs, frogs and chickens. Actually I bet only the lottery - (and pennies) but the market share is there. Also how about betting Irish and Italian lottery once a year worth millions. What is the difference if we use a stamp or a communication's circuit. Only the delivery media. Before it was by foot, then horse and carriage, train, airplane, and now communication's circuits.

If anyone has the opportunity, please read the "Digial Economy", it can be picked up at your local library for free. The whole world is changing to a communication's world of information. The older politicians will be gone and the new thinkers will be in. Just a matter of time - and they can not stop it.

Another point about BETT, how about buying anything at home via a communication's circuit with one of BETT's devices. Same one you use when you use your credit card at a department store. The communications circuit. Do not let anybody blow smoke.
Additionally what makes BETT different is the encryption with ET & T and with Unicom that are business partners.

I feel better.. LOL. Tomorrow the surf will be up and I will be surfing with my boys on da beach. Best wishes:)

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