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To: rdmsqito who wrote (224)8/24/1999 10:51:00 AM
From: rdmsqito
   of 510
Trans World Entertainment and Juno Sign Exclusive Music Retailer Agreement: Trans World To Market Music, Videos, And Electronic Games To Juno's Millions of Members
Business Wire - August 24, 1999 09:36
NEW YORK/ALBANY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 24, 1999--Trans World Entertainment Corporation (Nasdaq: TWMC), a leading retailer of entertainment products, and Juno Online Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: JWEB), a leading provider of Internet-related services, today announced that they have signed an agreement for Trans World Entertainment to market entertainment products to Juno's millions of members through its e-commerce site, TWEC.COM. The alliance provides TWEC.COM with exclusive rights to sell CDs and tapes over the Juno service, and non-exclusive rights to sell videos, DVDs, electronic games, and related accessories.

TWEC.COM will advertise its entertainment products to users of Juno's Internet services through a coordinated campaign of interstitial, pop-up, and banner ads. Additional placements will include sponsor and partner blocks on the home page of Juno's portal site (, sponsor blocks in the site's entertainment section, and links to TWEC.COM content at various other locations. To fully capitalize on Juno's subscriber base--more than 7.2 million total Juno accounts have been created since 1996--TWEC.COM will implement a survey of the Juno member base to establish consumer preferences and target subscribers with specific offers and promotions that match their listening choices.

Robert J. Higgins, chairman and chief executive officer of Trans World Entertainment, said, "We're very excited about this relationship and recognize that Juno's position as a leading ISP will provide us with broad exposure to our target audience with specific interests in entertainment. This will offer us a significant new retail channel for our music, video, games, and DVD product lines."

"When choosing which entertainment retailer to partner with, one of our priorities was to maximize the value we could offer our subscribers," said Jordan Birnbaum, Juno's senior vice president of business development. "Trans World came out on top because of the sheer size of their inventory, and because their customer support system is one of the best in the business. We wanted Juno members who had a question about the services offered by the partner to know they could get answers as quickly as Juno answers its own members' questions."

In addition, Trans World Entertainment and Juno plan to develop "members only" programs to enhance the affiliate relationship, such as promotions at Trans World Entertainment retail stores, coupon distribution, concert information, and special discounts.

About Trans World Entertainment

Trans World Entertainment is the leading music retailer in the United States, operating 969 retail stores in 44 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as well as an e-commerce site, Mall locations include Record Town, Camelot Music, The Wall, Saturday Matinee and F.Y.E. Freestanding locations include Coconuts Music and Movies, Strawberries Music, Spec's and Planet Music.

About The Web's Entertainment Center (TWEC.COM)

TWEC.COM is the online hub for Trans World Entertainment's retail stores. With worldwide distribution spanning 16 countries in addition to the United States, the site features all of the music CDs and cassettes, video games, DVD and VHS (PAL and NTSC) home videos that are available at its retail stores, and more. TWEC.COM is home to Trans World's "On Stage" series, featuring live concerts, online chats, in-store artist appearance schedules, in-studio performances and entertainment media that is on-demand.

About Juno Online Services, Inc.

Juno Online Services, Inc. is a provider of Internet-related services to millions of computer users throughout the United States. The company offers several levels of service, ranging from basic dial-up Internet e-mail--which is provided to the end user for free--to full, competitively priced access to the World Wide Web. Since the launch of Juno's basic e-mail service in April 1996, more than 7.2 million total Juno accounts have been created. Juno's revenues are derived primarily from the subscription fees charged for certain billable services, from the sale of advertising, and from the direct sale of products to Juno subscribers.

Certain statements in this report set forth management's intentions, plans, beliefs, expectations or predictions of the future based on current facts and analyses. Actual results may differ materially from those indicated in such statements. Additional information on factors that may affect the business and financial results of TWEC.COM can be found in filings of TWEC.COM with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This press release may be deemed to contain forward-looking information. Any forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements, including without limitation any statements as to future events or future financial results of Juno, may be significantly and materially impacted by risks and uncertainties. In evaluating such statements, readers should specifically consider various factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those indicated, including without limitation factors described in Juno's reports and documents filed from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CONTACT: Trans World Entertainment Corporation
Jim Litwak, Executive Vice President of Merchandising
518/452-1248 ext. 7240
The MWW Group
Media Relations:
Charlotte Ostor, 201/507-9500
Investor Relations:
Robert Ferris
Juno Online Services
Becky Yeamans, 212/597 9005
Edelman PR Worldwide
Kate Kennedy, 212/704 4520

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To: rdmsqito who wrote (225)8/30/1999 9:55:00 PM
From: Proud_Infidel
   of 510
Status of Hotmail privacy unclear

August 30, 1999
Web posted at: 7:02 p.m. EDT (2302 GMT)

By Robin Lloyd
CNN Interactive Senior Writer

(CNN) -- Microsoft's Web-based e-mail service, and possibly the entire concept of free Internet mail, suffered a damaging blow to its integrity Monday when a security breach came to light that made it so anyone's Hotmail messages could be read.

"I have a Hotmail account," said Adam Bruce, an Atlanta computer specialist who monitors user groups frequented by hackers. "This scares the heck out of me. Now anybody and their brother can read my mail."

Web-based e-mail has been a hot item for even Internet novices since it became popular in the past few years. It is free and can be used on any computer with a phone or cable line to the Internet. Hotmail's primary competitor has been Yahoo! Mail.

The breach that surfaced Monday initially worked via several Web addresses, which simply prompted for a Hotmail username -- no password was needed. Once a username was entered, the Hotmail account appeared and the mailbox was available.

Microsoft shut those Web sites down, but hackers posted other Web addresses later in the day that gave entry to accounts. A game of cat-and-mouse ensued, with Microsoft claiming to have won by shutting down all back doors and manually checking all its servers for unauthorized access.

David Wagner, a computer security researcher at UC Berkeley, called the incident "really embarrassing" for Hotmail and Microsoft.

"I've always said don't use Hotmail for anything that is at all personal because we have no idea if they have any commitment to security," he said. "Now I'd say we know they have no commitment to security."

Wagner's advice is simple: "Don't use Hotmail for any e-mail you would be embarrassed to see as a headline."

By the day's end, Microsoft vowed that the incident would not recur.

"With this update we made changes that would prevent this from happening again," said Deanna Sanford, lead product manager for Hotmail.

"There are always going to be hackers out there and you can't make guarantees but we do our best that people feel safe and secure using our products."

Hotmail boasts 40 million customers. Yahoo! refused to give out its client numbers, but claimed it was not subject to the same breach that hit Hotmail.

Microsoft took at least several hours to respond

The exact cause of the Hotmail breach remained unclear Monday, but it endured at least for several hours after Microsoft learned about it.

Bracing for Cyberwar

Hacking Primer

Hacking: Two Views




TIME: Counterhacking 101

Related Sites

The company learned of the breach in the early hours Monday, Pacific Daylight Time, Sanford said, via a report that originated in the Monday edition the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

The breaches via initial Web sites allowed CNN Interactive to open all accounts it tested through 11 a.m. EDT. But e-mail messages couldn't always be opened. Hotmail was down for nearly two hours Monday morning to respond to the initial situation.

By mid-day, most of the URLs or Web addresses that gave entry to Hotmail redirected users to a Microsoft security screen, returned an error message or returned "Forbidden" messages.

The sites had been situated all over the world but all used the same Hotmail gateway program.

Later another URL gave access to accounts for about an hour in the afternoon. Hotmail remained active but Microsoft shut down that hole within minutes of receiving the address.

In all cases, the breach allowed users to read and forward a member's old messages, read new messages and send e-mail in some cases under the name of the user -- assuming the member's identity.

Hotmail reportedly has had trouble with security breaches in the past -- including one that allowed hackers to swipe passwords.

All Hotmail users will receive e-mail from the service notifying them of the situation, Microsoft's Sanford said, and telling them that the trouble is over.

Bug or hack

Internet security experts put the blame at the feet of Microsoft, although the breach involved the work of hackers.

The trouble with Web-based e-mail like Hotmail is users must trust a large company to store their private messages, Wagner said.

"It's a tempting site for hackers to hack. If they have one bug, if affects lots of people," Wagner said.

Richard Smith, a computer security specialist, said the fault for the security lapse may lay with Microsoft.

"It looks like a bug at the Hotmail servers," said Smith, president of Phar Lap Software Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "They are logging in through some sort of back door."

Bruce said the error came in Hotmail's failure to check for authentication if a direct Web address with a Hotmail username were sent into its servers.

At mid-day, a Microsoft statement indicated that hackers had gained access to its Hotmail servers to create the breach. But that was not the case, Bruce said.

"People have noticed a security breach and know the correct URL to tell the server," Bruce said. "The fault seems to lie in the Microsoft programmers that wrote the code for Hotmail," he said.

Wagner said one of the Web sites gave access to test servers for Hotmail that lacked firewalls. Sanford said that was one possible route to the accounts but servers were updated to prevent future unauthorized access.

As ever, Internet privacy issue is muddy

Ari Schwartz, a policy analyst with the Center for Democracy and Technology, said the security hole in Hotmail was troublesome because Web-based e-mail is a good privacy solution for people sending personal e-mail at work. But no e-mail is totally secure, he said.

"There is a question of how secure you can make any e-mail system," Schwartz said, "especially if people are trying to hack it all the time."

At this point, there is no legal precedent to protect e-mail users from privacy violations, said David Sobel of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

"It's not clear that a Hotmail user whose privacy has been compromised really has any recourse against Microsoft for what might be found to be negligent engineering of this feature," Sobel said.

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To: Manx who wrote ()11/9/1999 3:14:00 AM
From: ruey220
   of 510
I'm surprised that this board is dead. JWEB is undervalued
I expect it to be 1/4 the goodness of AOL. Same Business
model, they are following AOL path, however, they are
going DSL meaning they are trying to beat AOL marketing

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To: rdmsqito who wrote (217)12/20/1999 1:28:00 AM
From: 2MAR$
   of 510
Juno offers $9.95/mth Web access or free with ads

NEW YORK, Dec 20 (Reuters) - Juno Online Services Inc.
<JWEB.O> on Monday said it will broaden its Internet access
offerings to include free ad-supported and lower-cost monthly
services in the latest move to put pressure on premium-priced
services such as market leader America Online Inc. <AOL.N>.
The company, which started out as a free e-mail provider
and now counts roughly 2.5 million active e-mail users, also
said it planned to cut the cost of its full monthly access
offer to $9.95 from the going industry rate of $19.95 a month.
In addition, Juno said it would introduce a high-speed
Internet access service known as Juno Express in early 2000
with details on pricing and potential partners to follow. In
October, it announced a deal with minority owner News Corp
<NWS.N> to supply programming to the upcoming high-speed
The three additional Internet access offerings will come in
addition to its standard offer of free e-mail access, supported
by advertising. The $9.95-per-month offer includes 150 hours of
access in exchange for viewing a limited number of ads.
The New York-based company counted 400,000 billable
subscribers to its Internet access services at the end of
September, the most recent period for which figures are
available and up from 270,000 at the end of June.
The company has signed up 7.6 million subscriber accounts
of which 2.9 million were active in the third quarter.
Juno positions itself as a mainstream provider of Internet
services, competing with the likes of far larger AOL, Earthlink
<ELNK.O>/Mindspring <MSPG.O> and Microsoft Corp's <MSFT.O> MSN
in an effort to attract millions of newcomers online.
Other U.S.-based free Internet access providers include
ad-supported NetZero <NZRO.O> and online-shopping supported
WorldSpy Corp of White Plains, N.Y. NetZero claimed 1 million
users of its free Internet access service in September.
America Online competes in the budget-priced Internet
access category with its CompuServe brand and recently has
struck a range of deals with PC makers and retailers that offer
variations of either subsidised PCs or low-priced Web access.
Shares of Juno closed off of a point on Friday at
16-3/8, little changed from its initial public offering price
of 13 in May.
((-- Eric Auchard, New York newsdesk, 212-859-1840))
*** end of story ***

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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (228)12/20/1999 8:32:00 AM
From: Glenn Petersen
   of 510
As predicted by Steve Harmon in mid-July:

Message 10527767

"I expect Juno to turn the switch on for free Internet access also since it's not difficult for Juno to do."

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To: Glenn Petersen who wrote (229)12/20/1999 4:54:00 PM
From: 2MAR$
   of 510
man this stock is jumping after hours, haha! $39

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To: 2MAR$ who wrote (230)12/20/1999 5:14:00 PM
From: Walcalla
   of 510
Juno Online Services Reiterated `Buy' at PaineWebber

Princeton, New Jersey, Dec. 20 (Bloomberg Data) -- Juno Online Services
Inc. (JWEB US) was reiterated ``buy' by analyst James Preissler at
PaineWebber Inc. The 12-month target price is $120.00 per share.
NYSE/AMEX delayed 20 min. NASDAQ delayed 15 min.

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To: Walcalla who wrote (231)12/20/1999 5:41:00 PM
From: Americo Burgos III
   of 510
JWEB is definitely on fire. Yee-haw and Merry Christmas! ROTFL!

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To: Americo Burgos III who wrote (232)12/20/1999 6:00:00 PM
From: Rajiv
   of 510
Fills for an order to sell 2000 shares - 330, 200, 370,
100, 5, 50, 100, 300, 100, 200, 30, 115, 25 and 75

We are talking serious money here..


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To: Americo Burgos III who wrote (232)12/20/1999 6:03:00 PM
From: Lucky888
   of 510

Opened 10% short here @ 40 1/4.


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