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   Technology StocksSLNN, Development partner with ORCL/JAVA

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To: vestor who wrote (4)4/19/1999 4:21:00 PM
From: MMJC
   of 25
Any news still forthcoming today??

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To: MMJC who wrote (5)4/21/1999 7:59:00 AM
From: vestor
   of 25
The news came out a day late, 4/20 .... Check it out....

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To: mark fuller who wrote (1)4/22/1999 1:52:00 AM
From: Francois Goelo
   of 25
Mark, What's SLNN net profit for 1998, if any? FG

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To: Francois Goelo who wrote (7)5/2/1999 12:53:00 PM
From: architect*
   of 25

in the middle is Sara's version

1998 profits $6 million on 12 Million O/S,

there are *those guys* on the Sara thread that question information issued by Sara on one of their own IPO's, cheers John

from SLNN website

SolutionNet International, Inc.

Fact Sheet – April 6, 1999


Corporate Structure:

Total Shares Outstanding: 12,175,000
Float: 1,675,000
Warrants: 1,000,000 @ $5.00 per share

Company Subsidiaries: SR Singapore Pte., Inc. 100%

Corporate Offices:

Marina del Rey: Head Office
San Jose (Silicon Valley): US Development Office
Singapore: Programming Development Center
India: Sub Contracting and Programming
Farmington Hills: Marketing (Eastern USA)
Australia: Marketing

Products: SolutionNet Focuses on Two Important IT (Information Technology) Solutions, which are both Platform Independent, Capable of incorporating Smart-Card Technology, and which utilize State-of-the-art "thin-client" Browser Technology.

E-NET Internet Banking (Electronic Banking): Internet-based, fully secured, online banking system which provides the bank's corporate clients with convenient and secure access to their accounts around the world and around the clock. Banks can also use E-NET for sharing information between branches.

E-NET Internet Banking was nominates by Oracle Systems S.E.A. Ltd. for the 1998 National IT Awards.

EMI (Electronic Medical Information): Enables the healthcare industry to apply Information Technology to provide better and more meaningful service through the unification of both clinical and administrative information, drastically reducing massive costs, repetitive work, and the burden of paperwork on the patient.

EMI features: Clinic Administration, Billing System, Electronic Medical Records, Telemedicine Support, Medical Analysis & Reporting System, Systems Administration, Smart Card Access, and Security.

Services: SolutionNet is also a full service consulting and programming house providing end-user Internet Technologies, ERP Solutions, Y2K Conversions, Multimedia Applications, Technology Integration and Systems Integration, Offshore Resource and Consultant Training.

Other: SolutionNet and its subsidiary SR Singapore, Pte. Ltd. are internationally renowned for there high quality IT (Information Technology) solutions, focused towards the integration of the Internet with the Banking, Medical, Finance and Telecommunications industries

Partial Current Institutional Clients Include:

Citibank N.A. Johnson & Johnson

Sun Microsystems Commerz Bank

COMPAQ Asia Pte. Ltd. Western Digital Pte Ltd.

ABN AMRO Bank Deutsche Bank, AG, Singapore

Siemens Components Pte. Ltd. Credit Suisse First Boston Bank

Revenue: SolutionNet International, Inc.

Numbers are actual numbers based on a past and present consolidated figures from SolutionNet, International, Inc. and SR Singapore Pte., Ltd


1995: 53,000 SGD (Audited)

1996: 1,222,950 SGD (Audited)

1997: 2,600,000 SGD (Audited)

1998: 6,000,000 SGD (Currently being Audited)

1999: 20,000,000 SGD (Projcted)

2000: 40,000,000 SGD (Projcted)

2001: 80,000,000 SGD (Projcted)

2002: 120,000,000 SGD (Projcted)

* SGD denotes Singapore Dollars
* $1.738 SGD per $1.00 USD

The contents of this report are the opinions of the management of Sara Hallitex Corporation and have not been reviewed or approved by any Securities Exchange Commission or other regulated agency. Statements in this release are made pursuant to the ‘Safe Harbor' provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward looking statements involve risk and uncertainties, including without limitation, continued acceptance of the Company's services, increased levels of competition for the Company and dependence on the performance of the Management of the Company.

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To: Francois Goelo who wrote (7)5/2/1999 1:40:00 PM
From: architect*
   of 25
Clarification of my last post,

The $6 million is *revenues*,

the news releases at this link estimates

1998 *profits* @ $2 million
1999 *profits* @ $5 million,

then go to newspaper article from The Business Times dated 2/26/99

in this article Mr Suresh the CEO is quoted as saying

"he expects profits to rise to about $5 million this year from $2 million last year."

cheers, John

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To: architect* who wrote (9)5/2/1999 2:08:00 PM
From: Francois Goelo
   of 25
John, thanks. Do we have any confirmed (even unaudited) figures for 1998 yet? FG

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To: Francois Goelo who wrote (10)5/2/1999 3:22:00 PM
From: architect*
   of 25

Garrett has promised additional financial information in the near future.

It is my understanding that audited financials for some years and unaudited financials for other years are in process.

Sara anticipates a filing for NASDAQ listing and plans to take SLNN to NASDAQ as well. Looks to me that both SLNN and Sara would easily qualify.

It's on my list to call, and question if there is a time projection on the release of financials and registration with the SEC.

IMO this is the next milestone for Sara and it's IPO's.

Based on *estimated figures* it should give this one a boost.


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To: architect* who wrote (11)5/10/1999 3:23:00 PM
From: Toby Zidle
   of 25
Real-time quote at 15:17 (EDT) is $14 5/8, with volume of only 100 shares. If SLNN is to make the NASD national market listings, we'll have to see much heavier trading than this.

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To: Toby Zidle who wrote (12)6/2/1999 12:31:00 AM
From: Toby Zidle
   of 25
Perhaps someone can comment on this problem:

I got my SLNN shares via the spinoff from SHAL. From a tech analysis perspective, SLNN doesn't look good at all. I decided to get out while the stock is still (temporarily) above $13. After I placed my Sell order, my broker called me back and advised that the SLNN stock is 'restricted' and can not be sold.

Does anyone know anything about this? Is the stock restricted because it is unregistered - or for another reason? When is the restriction period over? With both SLNN and SHAL falling in recent weeks, I could sell SHAL, but not SLNN. With all the talk of how good the SHAL spinoffs would be, it seems pointless if you can't take your profit or protect yourself from price erosion when you want to.

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To: Toby Zidle who wrote (13)6/2/1999 10:03:00 AM
From: jjs64
   of 25

Sad to say, but my belief is that you got "restricted stock" in the form of a dividend. This is done as part of a "registered spinoff" a technique Garrett "KRABman" Krause uses to create new POS BB companies.

(Actually, Garrett uses a twist on the registered spinout, but the results are the same). IMO You are holind what is very likely worthless paper.

Your best bet is to re-examine the SHAL release and make sure that they specified that the stock dividend was restricted. If so, you are stuck, if not, speak to your broker's compliance officer.

My other recommendation is to read flodyie's Truthseeker Report on SHAL. It is VERY enlightening.

Buyer Beware!

PS From a fundamental perspective SLNN is a total POS.

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